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Jivana Style Asian Greeting Cards
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Jivana Style - Asian Greeting Cards Press Release
2007-11-07 17:03:00
Concept with a DifferenceJivana Style has developed a unique card concept: Asian design led greeting cards for British, Asian and Multi-cultural audiences – fulfilling a gap in the UK market.Sam says: “Inspiration for my designs comes from growing up in Southall, a diverse and multi-cultural community; my experiences of traditional Asian culture and life as a British Asian Christian. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for Asian greeting cards, since the high street’s idea of Asian cards was limited to Eid or Diwali; I felt the stereo type needed to be addressed so I set up my business offering fresh new Asian cartoons and Henna inspired designs for everyday”Ranges include the funky Masala Girls and Desi Boyz – for Birthdays and general occasions and the Chutney Kidz – quirky Asian, Black and English cartoons in traditional Christian and Asian wedding attire – servicing the growing need for multi-cultural wedding cards.“Masala Girls” hit with ClintonsJiva...
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Jivana Style (Asian Greeting cards + Gifts) - BBC's Dragons Den Video
2007-10-24 17:10:00
Here is an edited version of Jivana Style 's Appearance on BBC's Dragons vanastyleasiangreetingcards
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Jivana Style (asian greeting cards and gifts) - Myspace Link - www.myspace
2007-08-15 16:47:00
Jivana Style Asian Greeting Cards and gifts is now on myspace !!!Check us out for your favourite character !Thanks for your timeJivana
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Jivana Style - Company Inrtoduction
2007-08-06 17:30:00
Fresh & Funky Unique Asian Greeting Cards - an exciting and original concept to the UK card market. Jivana style's contemporary Asian Birthday Cards are inspired by indian weddings, Henna patterns and asian culture fused with British lifestyle.Samantha Alfred has designed all Jivana Style 's Greeting cards, Indian invitations and Desi Gifts for British Asian and multi-cultural audiences: as a young trendy designer, Sam is extremely design conscious and has her ear to the ground, developing products as a direct response to the latest British Asian cultural and street trends.
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