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Fun, flowy illustrations done with Sharpies and Prismacolor markers--travel comics, floral and art nouveau designs. Also features an historical print media piece, i.e. woodcuts, etchings, engravings, etc., every weekday.


Golden Fleece and Medea
2008-04-21 22:34:00
I've been doing a lot of reading on Medea lately, trying to get my hands on everything that's been written about her-- her genealogy, her homeland Colchis (modern-day Georgia), the voyage of the Argo, the late Bronze Age...not to mention the theories that try to explain several aspects of the legend, most notably the Golden Fleece. Some say that the Colchians used goat hides to sift out gold dust from the river Phasis, while other say it's an emblem of various abstract ideas, and still others think it maybe the hide of some extinct species...theories abound! (Eugene Delacroix, Medea About to Kill Her Children 1838)Ancient sources other than the Argonautica Orphica and Apollonius Rhodus and Valerius Flaccus, who wrote down their own epics of the Argonautica, include Hyginus in his Fabulae, Apollodorus in The Library, Pausanias, Strabo in his Geography, Euripedes' Medea, the fragmented Neophron Medea, Sophocles' The Colchian Women and Medea, Hesiod's Theogony, Ovid's Metamorpho...
New Marie in the Making
2008-03-06 05:33:00
So, here's a new Marie I'm working on...a bit anachronistic like Sophia Coppola's. I like it so far...I've got a lot of projects in the works including a masked girl playing the cello in dreamy forest with poppies...ooh. And a scene from one of my favorite fairytales, East of the Sun, West of the Moon.
b-day jolly jollification
2008-03-02 04:22:00
Listening to: Amadou and Mariam--Gnidjougouya, M'bife BluesDrinking: Shiraz Feeling: like part of the universe, like the articulation of an essence, man, but there's probably something else contributing to that sensibilityWanting: Swedish pancakes and Morello cherriesSo, I've put another year behind me, into the tacitly determining when I'll be kicking said bucket. Honestly, I believe I have more experience than my corresponding years generally alott to those of the same age. Perhaps more understanding or more of a notion of where I stand individually in the collective animus, enough to know that I'm not all that important. Not necessarily experience. Nah, I don't know if I do or I don't. I live. And wouldn't be sad if I knew I was dying tomorrow. I would exist somewhere else, well, my physical makeup would exist, that is, even if my being failed to be self-aware as it is now. And in honor of my (and everyone's) integrality with that sort of biorhythm or circui...
Fountain of Youth
2008-02-29 03:58:00
So, I've been contemplating my mortality as the day of my birth draws near, thinking how I've come to think the way I do, how I've become interested in the things that in someway or another I deem relevant or deserving of my passion, and if there's such a thing as a way or path of intent leading to some sort of omniscience or truth at the end, if that's even epistemologically--or spiritually--possible. Jesus...well alas, my conclusion is privy to mine eyes only, considering they'd be in the visual--written word if otherwise. Nonetheless, I'll augment the first part of that sentence with an engraving: (Master of the Banderoles, Fountain of Youth , c. 1460)I've been reading about Hieronymus Bosch lately and so many different interpretations are put forth about the anomalous imagery of the artist in his paintings, especially the Garden of Earthly Delights. Usually the basic message is this: humanity is naive and wreckless and taking the shortcut to hellish destruction. One histo...
2008-01-25 00:58:00
Fun with Photoshop! Out to paint the town red...this weekend is Cindy and Carlo's a 6 hour drive up to New York...and some major adhesion to one tight schedule.
Let Them Eat Cake
2008-01-24 03:03:00
Holy crap! New art post! So, I've recently been on a Marie Antoinette kick and have decided to substantialize my fetish....and this is only NUMERO 1...I plan on doing quite a few more of these. The possibilites are endless...and upon googling "wig" and clicking to the images, I've found a new favorite pastime! I'm going to do a lot of illustrations involving Marie's myriad postiches.I have other visual stuff to post, but I'm feeling lazy, so I'll surprise you later.I think It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was better without Danny DeVito...the high school prom episode was priceless.
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More Instant Replays
2008-01-22 22:53:00
Well, I consider it my duty to record for posterity the trivial yet highly entertaining events that I've had the luck to witness during my quotidian life. So, in rehashing some of humanity's greatest hits from this past year, I continue with the annual recap I started yesterday. This time, I'll do a countdown, because I've never used that button on the posting tool bar and it's high time I do so.Silver Spring-Bethesda J2 Bus Escapade. Wow. This one's a classic...I get on the bus and notice the driver's a new guy, no one I've ever experienced anyway. His manner seems a little green, too courteous to be seasoned and too happy to be aware of all the esoteric laws of time and traffic and probability that is the world of public transportation. An hour late to work as it is, I sit down, ready to get a roll on. Unfortunately, the driver has other plands, and the bus remains stationary in the lot for about half an hour to 45 minutes, while Johnny Bus Driver herds people in. He fill...
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A Change of Pace
2008-01-22 03:03:00
So, I've decided to post my thoughts. For the first time since November. One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more consistent, more self-motivated. To follow through, rather than quit in the middle. I think that that habit--procrastination, letting boredom (with one thing) get the best of you--is genetic. When you walk into my Dad's garage there are two old hot rods torn apart, naked benches waiting to be stained, and an old Triumph that needs a tune-up. But that's nothing compared to the house...we've been working on that since I was in 9th grade...and shit still needs moulding, floor tiling, plumbing, yadda.Anyway, yes, consistency.Catch-up: the past few months in review.1. My dog fell off a two-story balcony. Super Juno. But luckily, she bounced off a lawn chair instead of colliding into the concrete. She was so flustered, she skated trance-like across the pool cover and into the little wooded area down by the resevoir. She didn't know how to handle that wild ride. I h...
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IF illustration
2007-11-14 23:14:00
I finished the "scale" piece for Illustration Friday much crap comes up during the week. Nothing too noteworthy happened today...except that I inhaled a quarter canister of Betty Crocker's Original Chocolate icing. Whenever I get a craving for chocolate, it's for choc. icing.Here's the results for this week's challenge:Off to chow at Les Halles (of Anthony Bourdain fame) and check out a hypnotist comedian. Hmm.
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2007-11-13 21:18:00
A modern piece by Fritz Eichenberg, Ecclesiastes ("And in her mouth was an olive leaf") is a more expressive piece, with an apparent gestural quality. One focuses on the apex of the triangular roof of the shelter, moves to the lower right, and swooosh, the skyward gesticulation of the most conspicuous figure (Noah's got a lot of white in him) carries the eyes around and up. The verse is from Genesis (8:11) and describes the juncture in time during the epic of the ark when a bird signalled to Noah that the rains had ceased. I guess the book of Ecclesiastes makes frequent references to Genesis and sort of reaffirms certain posits initially established in Genesis. Or maybe the figure is Ecclesiastes? Maybe someone has some insight into the title?Here's what Fritz has to say about the whole engraving process:I have made thousands of drawings for many purposes, I have made many etchings and lithographs, but nothing can compare to the excitement when again I hold in my hand a beautiful ...
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Woodcut--Ars moriendi
2007-11-12 19:59:00
Upon witnessing the truly spew-inducing (well, maybe not spew-inducing, but I definitely pulled out a few chunks of hair) panoply of warped, self-injuring stunts of the gifted Zamora the Torture King and also in the spirit of the crazy fun times had with Thrill Kill Jill and her beau Tyler Fyre, whose props include an array of swords, an albino python (think From Dusk Till Dawn), a synthetic confetti-filled placenta, and a whole lotta fire, I present this print:From the popular illustrated treatise The Art of Dying (Ars moriendi), this is a blockbook print of the Avaricious Man. All of the woodcuts feature a dying man lying in bed, accompanied by an angel, a devil, and other pertinent figures to show a particular form of temptation--which becomes dangerously alluring when one is at the end of his rope. The book outlines over the course of several chapters ways in which the ill-fated can overcome temptation and accomplish peace because "the devil with all his might is busy to avert f...
Hats Illustration...a little too late
2007-11-10 02:58:00
I found an old drawing I did that would have been a good submission for this past Illustration Friday project--Hats . And a good post for's not even finished, but the drawing turned out well. It feels good knowing you've designed a good composition...I'll be working on a submission for this week's challenge--Scale. Most likely, I'll post the finished pic tomorrow. But right now, I'm going to partake in some special copperpot vodka. I think I'll affect His Dudeness and make myself a White Russian. Maybe three or four. Because I don't f-in roll on Shabbos anyway.
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St Anthony Part II: Woodcut
2007-11-09 22:28:00
An extension from yesterday's engraving of St Anthony , this woodcut depicts the saint with a t-shaped tau cross with bells, flames, and a pet pig, which befriended him during his exile. He is associated with fire because of his encounters with the demons of hell.In this piece, the pestering demons are replaced by victims of the holy fire or "St Anthony's Fire," and detached limbs dangle above the saint and his entourage. The explanation? Sufferers of St Anthony's fire were racked with gangrene of the extremities, which resulted in the withering and eventual detachment of affected limbs. This image reflects the practice of hanging amputated limbs of victims above entrance portals of Antonite monasteries, called to act as hospitals and authorized to heal in the name of the saint.Unfortunately, body rotting and the subsequent dismemberment were not the only hellish indices rendered by the infectious bete noire. Hallucination, muscle contortions, convulsions, and an agonizing, burnin...
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St Anthony Part I: Engraving
2007-11-08 21:10:00
Today's featured print media piece (and tomorrow's, which will be a variation of the same topic) is a tribute to A, who bears the same name as the subject. St Anthony was a popular subject in Northern Renaissance art because his stoic endurance of pain mirrored Christ's Passion and offered a perfect example of forbearance in the midst of suffering and of emulating the path of Christ himself.Also known as St Anthony of Egypt, he is considered the father of monasticism and probably lived from the mid-3rd to the mid-4th centuries of the common era. The torments of St Anthony would have been well known to Renaissance audiences via the accounts in the bestselling Golden Legend and Lives of the Church Fathers, both of which borrow from the biography of Anthony by the 4th c. bishop Athanasius. Apparently the devil harrassed the man with images of women, demoralized him with laziness, and drove him crazy with boredom. Huh, hard to imagine such things happening out there. In the desert. A...
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New Marker Pic
2007-11-08 03:06:00
Whew. Finally finished the floral piece I was working on...time used at the expense of the comic. Hopefully I'll finish it by the weekend, at least. And I would like to try and get a piece finished for Illustration Friday, which would be my first submission to the collab. Hats is the theme...and I've got some pretty ideas floating around in my head.Caught American Gangster with Denzel and Russel Crowe. Josh Brolin was such a slimy pig--he had a bit role as a dirty cop. God, I love him. Especially in white polyester and a Magnum P.I. mustache. Fun-filled weekend ahead with a visit from A's dad, a night at the Palace of Wonders in seedy (in a good way--not really a fan of clean, conservative DC) downtown DC, and a concert. Off to dye my hair.
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Hiroshi Woodcut
2007-11-06 20:00:00
Woodcut (woodblock, again) time: this piece is not from the Renaissance, or even a part of the western tradition of art (strictly speaking), for that matter.However, the artist--Yoshida Hiroshi--was part of the Shin Hanga ("New Prints", c. 1910-1960) art movement, which sought to marry Western elements and trends with the traditional Japanese woodblock technique. Shin Hanga is sometimes called Neo Ukiyo-e because of the subject matter shared by both traditions, but Shin Hanga pieces tend to be naturalistic, displaying three-dimensionality using soft, airy color tones--characteristics at odds with the Ukiyo-e canon. Looking at Shin Hanga pieces, it's not difficult to see the influence of the European Impressionists.I love this print; it's gorgeous and if you happen to be in the D.C. area, even for a short time, I recommend a visit to the Freer and Sackler galleries. They're part of the Smithsonian, i.e. they're FREE.(detail of Kameido Bridge, from the series "Twelve Scenes of Tok...
travel comic pg 1
2007-11-06 02:11:00
Here's page number one of the comic I made for A about travelling everywhere. No text on the first page, and just one line on pages two, three, and four. I'm probably going to switch out the second panel on this page because the colors just don't match, and I know I could come up with a waayyyy better composition than stodgy lame-ass hills. What you see in that panel is just pure laziness. I wanted it to turn out like a scene in a recently viewed film...The Piano with Holly Hunter and Harvy Keitel. There's a beautiful panoramic profile shot of Anna Paquin running up and down these wavy hills...I just did NOT capture that quality I was looking for.Man, I love Harvy Keitel.
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Children of Luna
2007-11-05 18:39:00
Another woodcut (well, block-book) post, with a comic post coming later on this evening. The Children of the Planets pictorial series was a popular subject with Renaissance artists, and I chose this particular one because I myself am a child of Luna .During the 15th c. when this piece was created, the geocentric model of the universe was the established, accepted model, with the earth snug in the center of cosmos and surrounded by the seven spheres of the known planets, the fixed stars of the zodiac, and the empyrean heaven of God. Within this ancient order, human beings were intrinsically linked with the cosmos, and like the stars and planets, the body was thought to contain the four elements. Each element possessed essential qualities, which in turn were associated with bodily temperaments, humors, and dispositions. The element of water was cold and wet and linked with phlegm and the phlegmatic type.Luna, the moon was associated with phlegm and the realm of water. The children of L...
Woodcuts: Dance of Death
2007-11-03 14:58:00
Before A gets home, I figure I'd post a little something. To begin with, woodcuts have always been a huge influence on my art--print media in general, be it etching, engraving, or drypoint. And most especially the examples from the Renaissance on through the Mannerist period.So I frequently find myself buying books on the subject, and I've accumulated a veritable library. My most recent addition is The Dance of Death by Hans Holbein the Younger. I read the reviews given by people on amazon, which were mixed, but without hesitation, purchased it. Why? No matter what mildly disparaging things people say about "size" and "reproduction quality" blah blah blah, woodcuts nearly always reproduce awesomely. And when I got the book, I was not disappointed, and I think the small plates actually add to the book's appeal(approx. 2" x 3").The Dance of Death, danse macabre, Totentanz. Scenes of figures from every station of life and accompanying cadavers or skeletons. Holbein's is considered ...
Good Weekend
2007-11-03 04:10:00
Tomorrow A comes home from his Tanzania/Zanzibar trip...I cannot wait. This time it felt like two months rather than two weeks. Unfortunately, I haven't finished his comic, but I can safely say the work in its entirety will be posted within a week :) This project sort of invigorated my "sequential imagination"...I learned a lot and came up with some great concepts for the future. Confession: this is my first comic. Regardless, it definitely will not be my last.
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New Comic
2007-11-02 03:37:00
I've been working on a comic short all week and it's just about finished, so hopefully I'll be making it visible really's 4 pages and only three very short lines of text, but I think it's beautiful. Dedicated to A, because he's always travelling around the world (which is the subject of the comic) are a few teasers:(There'll be better quality pics later when I put it all together.)
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Small Illustration and a Few ACEOs
2007-10-28 20:48:00
A small illustration today. Inspired by art nouveau sea plants. And a few ACEOs that will hopefully be finished soon...I want to do a few others before I start putting any up for sale. So I can set the dates in advance when any particular one goes up for sale and interested parties will have a little bit of a notice.All of the ACEOs are inspired by Mucha figures. I love the line style he uses. Enjoy!
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Job and W.I.P.
2007-10-28 03:36:00
I'm excited about my new blog and am endeavoring on my second post of the day. A brief intro on the works presented: I've been working with Sharpies and Prismacolor markers for sometime now, as they're the main and most vital instruments involved in what I do for a living. Yes. I am an artist at Trader Joe's, hard at work on the murals, signs, and other creative squibs you happen upon during your special shopping adventures at our unique grocerteria. Anyway, upon realizing the versatility, fun, and utterly gratifying speediness that is the way of sharpies--and markers in general--I've decided to make them my new prime media. And here are the results so far...all my works in progress.From earlier today:And others: Excuse my scanner. It's crap. Oh yes, the second one--the cherry tree--is inspired by Nikki McClures "A New Materialism" which can be found as a print at the Cut and Paste Indie webstore.
First Post/flowers
2007-10-27 17:36:00
I'm not sure what I'll call this one...but since I'm not finished with it yet, there are ample moments to come for an onymatic (my word of the day, sent by email) epiphany. Hopefully it will be finished tonight and I can post the final outcome, but as of the moment, I need to go pick up the markers my dog has strewn all over the floor.Enjoy.
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