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Mil veces - A thousand times

Mil veces - A thousand times
Drawing blog with digital and old fashioned drawings
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2008-02-14 16:18:00
2008-02-08 00:43:00
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Out of the dark.
2007-11-23 19:42:00
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The reader.
2007-11-22 22:58:00
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Nr. 2
2007-05-31 02:48:00
I like this one, the first one was a little bit not so good, but this one is interesting.
2007-05-16 22:11:00
I already linked to this page but I think it's simply worth looking at the latest works he posted. The page itself as well is very beautiful, so have a look.
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Little shadows and outsider.
2007-05-15 23:12:00
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It is time they knew!
2007-05-02 19:21:00
Well first the important thing: is time they knew! It is time the stone made an effort to flower, time unrest had a beating heart. It is time it were time. It is time. (Fragment of Paul Celans Corona)...And now the profane part: Feeds, I know , it's annoying, but I committed an other stupid error which caused that my feed only was available as Atom o.3, so all of you with RSS, I hope it will be redirected by now and if it isn't subscribe once more (Oh my god I'm sorry!!!), I understand if you are tired of it, so am I. I hope I don't lose you as my readers! And yes, I'm hereby outing myself as an "almost-dummy".
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RSS & Atom.
2007-04-30 19:39:00
Hopefully the last of this kind of entries. I changed my "feed-story" so alkind of them point to the same feed-ur, thats why one of the nice icons there disapeared. You can still have both formats RSS & Atom . For those of you who already subscribed there should be no changes, you shoul receive your feed as yoou did before. Agh! I hope everything will be just fine and it will be about drawing from now on......
Colors and lines.
2007-04-28 23:59:00
Well I let it speek for itself...
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2007-04-28 14:25:00
From now on my site content is also available as a newsletter. Just fill in your email address below the feed icons and check the "Get email updates" button.
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Page Rank.
2007-04-28 03:40:00
Ha, ha-ha! I got a Page Rank , isn't that great? You really have to excuse my euphoria, but as I already said, I'm playing around here. Well, I came home and felt the need to look after my baby, which actually needs a lot of care and...guess what, yes I'm rated, I finally got the proof of my existence. Never again talking to my mirror again! No more looking at shop windows in search of my reflection. Isn't that great?! Well if you want to stare at my new PageRank button, similar as I stared at my Google Toolbar when I came home (I couldn't believe it, thought the thing has frozen or something) do so, it's next to the Blogger button. Enjoy ;-)
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Clickable header!
2007-04-27 22:13:00
Hi, for your commodity and because it is fun doing it I decided to create a clickable blog header. So if you are looking at something and want to get back to my main page just click the header to get back. I will soon remove the "Home" link as well as the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link on the bottom of the page. With the second one I 'v got a problem I couldn't resolve yet. Stay tuned...
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2007-04-26 22:02:00
Today I downloaded The GIMP after receiving a mail from Adobe telling me that their CS3 no is available for around 850.- Euro, full version of course. Well, I tested The GIMP for some hours and found it very stable or at least didn't I encounter any unexpected behavior (Mac version, all you need is X11, found on the OS X disc) and to me the program seems more intuitive than Photoshop. It is said that it doesn't offer that much possibilities like Photoshop, but who the hell is using more than 80% of it? The help section as well is quite nice organized, without unnecessary visual disturbances and a Font size which can be read easily. I always found it very insulting that a company selling this type of application, offers such a terrible organized and bad looking help section in a program suite as extensive as Photoshop. After the little things I've seen I think it's worth giving it a try, and hey, it's free!By the way, are you using Firefox? Download the new Google Toolbar,...
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My new toy.
2007-04-23 16:51:00
Well, well, well, look at this, my a little bit customized template. I got a new toy, it's quite funny! The only thing I have to do now is to post drawings and trying to finish my course of studys without any accidents...
About almost bald men and blogging
2007-04-20 23:34:00
"As if he still had all the hair on his head"Ok, I promised to write something about what I'm improving. First of all, seems like I'm a little sluggish, doesn't it? Do I want to say sorry? No, I don't!I started this blog without knowing what it exactly means। It's not only posting every day, something I'm not doing ultimately, but also getting in touch with the whole world of blogging, templates, codes, search engines, feeds, ranking sites and so on. I mean, I really was a very, very average user, not really a dummy but...For example, I never had the slightest interest in understanding or even writing the most simple snippet of code but...the times they are a changing. This means I'm spending a lot of time in the blogger help section, reading html-tutorials and on sites like Dummies' Guide to Blogger, Blogger Tips and Tricks and Beta Blogger 4 Dummies, the last one is really funny, it's maybe the blog with the worst layout I've ever seen, but at least the guy knows what ...
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Back home.
2007-04-17 01:07:00
I'm back home... He vuelto y estoy muy feliz... Me quedaré!...
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Storytelling, preview and numbers.
2007-04-03 03:38:00
Let me tell you a story about blogging. Today I went to bed on the edge of not posting nothing today, when it came to my mind how the hole thing started - It's about a month ago I created a blog for my class as some kind of social platform, as well as a discussion forum. As a side effect I created my first blog EXISTO! and as a side effect of it this one, wich is, at the moment, my baby. Yes, that's it, my baby, requires almost the same amount of time. For me it's about far more then just drawing, I just can't content myself with an out of the box blog with slightly changed colors and fonts. And of course I want to promote it. But...the thing is, I just hadn't got a clue about almost nothing. It's changing quite fast, but still, when I have solved a problem the next one is popping up. It's virtually like in my real life. And not just that, I always want more. That's good, especially for you, beacause I said tousand days, imagine, toouusaand daayys! I must have been fucking ...
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His ridiculous shadow.
2007-04-02 02:24:00
It's getting more and more absurd!...
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Carbon, chalk and wine. (and graphite)
2007-04-01 01:58:00
Which on is your favorite. Please vote I'm very, very curious ;-) Thanks for that!
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2007-03-29 01:49:00
Well, could have been a better one. Could actually have been a good one, but I'm so tired. Tomorrow is an other day......
2007-03-28 02:28:00
This touches my heart, particularly at the moment. I will do more of them, I'm searching for a way to represent this kind of scene in a suitable way. I'll surely work on improoving my tecnical skills to obtain higher liberty at the time of drawing. I also plan to colour this kind of drawing with watercolors, so stay tuned....
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Girl 2.
2007-03-26 01:41:00
Well this cost me a little more time. Actually I can do things like that but I'm just very slowly and need a lot of time. I like to draw male and and female this way, but I'm asking myself if this is the real thing. It's nice, but it's kind of superficial, isn't it? I don't now if this type of drawing really shows what the girl is all about. She is sexy, for sure, but there could be shown more about her. But there is somthing I especially like about this drawing. During the process I was thinking constantly in icons of Pop-Art and in 1950 pin up girls. I belive I understood how they are made, I mean, I knew it before, but right now I think I really got it claer. I appears to me that they are mostly made by highlighting the most important contrasts as well as some lines to point out the concept of what is "the beautiful girl", the rest of it makes our brain.
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2007-03-24 02:27:00
Well, well, well... I will write some very intelligent stuff, but tomorrow. It's friday, it's late...
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Exercise. Not yet finished.
2007-03-22 19:07:00
Hi, more human anatomy. I'm drawing Michelangelos slave. It's not finished yet, but I'd like to post it anyways....
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2007-03-21 02:09:00
I know, I know, I owe you some more and better drawings. I have been kind of absent for a couple of days. I'll pay my depts. At least do I have the impression of learning something with every drawing I make. That's already something, isn't it? It a pity, it started all good with this one, I began it in the bus after having produced a lot of unpostable trash of the lowest level, but being at home and feeling ashamed for not having posted drawings during the last few days, I continued it in a hurry. That's the result, I killed it as well. Anyway that's it, that's would be better to do things always with love or anger, passion, wathever, but somtimes I do them just like that and fuck them up.
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Astonishing discovery.
2007-03-16 02:35:00
As the title sais, I have made a astonishing discovery toda. But first I want to tell you that in the beginning I planned to post at least twice a week some drawings I'm making for my course of studies. Then I decided not to do it, because these are somehow already existing works. In other words you are getting fresh meat... But back to the discovery : I asserted that, if I'm drafting somthing like what you see below I'm actually learning a lot. Maybe not tecnically, but about the "scene" itself. In ohter words, by mapping that fast, I certainly commit a lot of mistakes, but as I'm not aiming to create a masterpiece it doesen't hurt me and I can always correct or redo it. In the end I obtain more knowledge about the object I'm investigating, then I do somtimes in a lot more time. In the future, when I plan "serious" works I will allways do this step first. Something else, don't you like this kind of candid and expresive stuff?
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"Draw me a lamb" - Spanish fine arts elite...
2007-03-16 02:20:00
Ok then,let's attack! For my beloved anonimous friend of children drawings, here some piece of art of the highest level ever seen! This is a napkin my class colleagues have made during a diner we had today. "Draw me a lamb - Dibujame un cordero", said the little prince. Here are the results. Are you afraid of putting the future of spanish art in these hands? And if you do so, what do you plan to do?...
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2007-03-15 00:13:00
You might have seen the Samuel Beckett drawing, I have made some prints today that, of course, are related to the drawing. So if you want to have a look at them, go to my other blog. Here's the printig plate, which is the most suitable part to post in this blog.Todays drawing, I dont know what to say... Just give me some time and I will produce something. I have been pretty busy with that printing stuff. Sometimes I think I must have had a moment of fatal mental derangement when I started this project - as if I woulden't have a life besides blogging on daily drawing. Hope I'm getting very, very famous with that lunacy ;-)
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"My shadow"
2007-03-14 01:33:00
He is haunting me...At the beginning I wanted to do something else - I was sitting on the flor, my head above the paper, drawing imaginary lines in the air, to get an idea of what exactly I intented to do, when at once I saw my shadow on the paper. It appeared to me like an icon, I like that and I'm obsessed by shadows....
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