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2007-01-12 04:00:05

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Poetry & Short Stories
2007-01-12 04:00:05
. A poem is a city filled with streets and sewers Filled with saints, heroes, beggars, madmen. Filled with banality and booze. Filled with rain and thunder and periods of drought. A poem is a city at war. It’s a barbershop filled with cynical drunks. A poem is a city. A poem is a nation. A poem is the world. . . If you have some poetry or short stories you wanna share: send an email or comment …..
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Interactive art event in Copenhagen * Cph reportage part 6
2007-01-12 04:00:05
More than a hundred artists from around the world inventing amazing interactive art. </div& amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;. There are actually more than 500 pictures from the event from which I used only the best. The bad news is: Over the last 15 years 300 artists (painters) left Denmark for Berlin ……. (remember Denmark has only 5 Mill. inhabitens). Why? In Denmark modern art and art expression doesn’t have the high standard of appretiation that it gets in Berlin. Furthermore, artists can have more competent conversations about art and their craft with other international colleagues in Berlin, because of the artist colonies and a constructive exchange of ideas that is nowadays almost unknown in Denmark to such a degree. Berlin, tradionally the center for artists in Germany, atracted lots of creative West-Europeans to move there, but also Eastern Europeans as well (especially after the breakdown of communism), which has made ...
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About: ?Avantgarde-trends? (Blog)
2007-01-12 04:00:05

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:::: FASHION :::: Ann Demeulemeester (Paris) - Anna Sui (New
2007-01-12 04:00:05
Anna Sui (New York) Spring/Summer 2007 - More . Ann Demeulemeester, Paris ; Spring/Summer 2007 More . Anna Sui (New York) Fall 2006 More
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Avantgarde-Trends (Tech) - Apple?s Steve Jobs: Reinvention o
2007-01-12 04:00:05
. More about the iPhone (1), iPhone (2) and Apple TV (1), Apple TV (2)
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2007-01-12 04:00:05
As part of the worldwide style scout (fashion style) network, I iust started the “Copenhagen Street Style ” department (for more about that see the blog facehunter from the famous parisian fashion photographer Yvan Rodic, with the worldwide blog-network of “Street Style”-Blogs). . . 9.1.07 - CPH shopping street, Illum Trend spotters are combing through the world of blogs in a feverish search for the next big thing. Mary Riekert reports. ON THE frontlines of cool, bloggers with street cred are the unwitting quarry of forecasters anxiously scanning the net in the hope of spotting just one thing: the next big trend.The forecasters have a wide net to cast in: there are an estimated 100 million blogs worldwide, about 450,000 of which are in Australia.Online encyclopedia Wikipedia says the concept of “cool-hunting” evolved in the early 1990s and refers to a new breed of forecasters who spot trends and add their interpretation to developments in fashio...
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Photography: R. Doisneau & La Chapelle
2007-01-12 04:00:05
Robert Doisneau - Picasso > More . La Chapel le - Naomi Campbell (A gallery with more of his photos are under construction - finished ca. 12. - 13.1.07)
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2007-01-12 04:00:05

> ?Inside the Actors Studio?
2007-01-12 04:00:05
Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino & Johnny Depp > “Inside the Actors Studio
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