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Blog of beautiful Computer Graphics Art, made with 2D painting or 3D animation software.
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"Cosmonaut" by Fausto De Martini
2008-05-27 04:41:00
(Large version of the image)Impresive modelling, texture and lighs, most of his works are very futuristic, take a look of his
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"Nobody is lucky in the same way" by Vasily Bodnar
2008-05-25 02:10:00
(Large version of the image)One of my favorite images, very good sense of humor and great 3D work.The artist has more pictures, just drop by his webpage
More About: Lucky
"Aspidium" by Axel Ritter
2008-05-22 23:29:00
(Large version of the image)Love the colors of it, composition and peace enviroment that it has.This artist has very nice pictures like this one.. check his galery
More About: Axel
"Abduction" by Steven Stahlberg
2008-05-19 01:36:00
(Large version of the image)Steven is one of the best women modeller, and a great inspiration. Model a pet, or a male, or a dragon has his own dificulty and time, but a woman, and a perfect woman is damn dificult, very thin lines or details make big diferences, form nice to beautiful.Anyway, here the master of modelling webpage:
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"Maximus" by K.jun(Hyung Jun Kim)
2008-05-14 22:10:00
(Large version of the image) This is a quite old 3D, but one of the best realistic characters I saw for a long time. This modeller is very skillfull and have an impresive galery, some of his pics have even wireframe version to see that he is not cheating XD, also to see how he modelled.Take a look at:
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"queen bee" by Pascal Blanché
2008-05-14 04:41:00
(Large version of the image) One of my favorite 3D artists, his work is just incredible, very original and creative. Check his webpage at:
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"Forward !" by Ilker Serdar Yildiz
2008-05-07 00:35:00
(Large version of the image)Ok, this picture got me from the begining, i like the colors, texture, actitude, characters...Great ilustrator, a must have to see his webpage.
More About: Forward
"First Lesson" by Kerem Beyit
2008-05-04 02:40:00
(Large version of the image) Dragons, and more dragons, this guy loves it, and he draw it very nicely, (impresive I could say). Take a look at his galery at CGchannel. 
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"Giuseppe" by Laurent Pierlot
2008-04-28 04:53:00
(Large version of the image) Great character design and modelling of this artist. Just check his webpage for more. galery
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"Pinky Robot" by Nicolas Lesaffre
2008-04-23 07:26:00
(Large version of the image)Pinky Robot , I didn't expect this 3d, sometimes the simple thing are the best.more info about the autor :
More About: Nicolas
"Snail" by Ania Celarek
2008-04-19 03:22:00
(Large version of the image)Funny situation, very nice textures, and lights makes a mood of ilustration.Ania has a nice webpage, lot of sense of humor and wiped things, I for shure gonna post more pics of her... excelent artist.
Back again..
2008-04-18 17:47:00
I'm very sorry, but I had a lot of work last month.  :/ no time to dig and search in the web.But now I will post more artists and pictures.Mau.
More About: Back
"The Sleep" by jerome lionard
2008-03-15 20:22:00
(Large version of the image) Very nice, I love the ambient and mood of the pic.. I never hear about this artist, but hope to see more in the future. Anyway check his webpage.
More About: Sleep , Jerome
"Depth of Feeling" by Yoichi Mimura
2008-03-05 01:01:00
(Large version of the image) Great japanise modeller, check his webpage for more pictures, tips and tutorials if u are a modeller or wanna become one.
More About: Feeling , Depth
"Inside Eightstitches Ship" by Darcy Brooker
2008-03-03 23:03:00
(Large version of the image) I love the scifi, i'm addicted to asimov books, this pic remember a bit, this australian artist has great 3D.. check his webpage..
More About: Inside , Ship
... by Jose Maria Andres
2008-02-25 17:57:00
(Large version of the image) Ok.. this one has no name.. but is a very funny character and situation. Check more pics form this spanish artist.
More About: Andres , Jose , Maria
"eun-kyoung" by Park Woo Young
2008-02-23 02:57:00
(Large version of the image) Realistic modelling, I love her expresion. This korean artist is very talented, check his portfolio for more pics.
More About: Young , Park
"Robin, my little maid of honour" by Sophia
2008-02-07 02:13:00
(Large version of the image) Sophia is one of my inspirations, her characters are deep and have a mystic personality. I love this pic. Take a look at her website and profile.
More About: Maid , Robin
"Taxi" by Maksym Khirnyy
2008-01-29 16:01:00
(Large version of the image) Back again.. I find this sci-fi pic, I love the ambience and lights. Check here for the interview and making of.
More About: Taxi
"Mermaid" by pascal blanché
2008-01-12 19:47:00
(Large version of the image) On of the great pics of pascal, most of them are 3D, one of my favorite artist. U must visit his website and check the portfolio.
More About: Pascal
"Rebirth of Elene" by sonala
2008-01-04 02:13:00
(Large version of the image) Soanala (Soa Lee) is a incredible artist, i remember from my early days as a 3d fan. take a visit at the webpage too.
More About: Rebirth , Elen
"One day flower" by Krzysiek Nowak
2007-12-27 15:36:00
(Large version of the image) Great image for the competition small is beautiful. His portfolio
More About: Flower , Nowak
"Sky Castle" by Dave Edwards
2007-12-24 17:48:00
(Large version of the image) Beautiful image, made in photoshop, reminds Hayao Miyasaki movies. Check his porfolio. Have all U a merry xmas..
More About: Castle , Dave , Edwards
"Theme Planet Lawyer" by Michael Sormann
2007-12-20 16:00:00
(Large version of the image) Old fashion tech, in an excelent character, nice mood and lights. His is working on an animated short, take a look at his webpage.
More About: Lawyer , Planet , Michael , Theme
"Mother Nature Spring" by Meats Meier
2007-12-19 03:41:00
(Large version of the image) Very artistic 3D image, made with Maya, Paint Effects and Photoshop. The artist is also works with 2D, and photos, check his webpage.
More About: Nature , Spring , Mother Nature , Mother , Meats
"Trapped!" by Daniel Lieske
2007-12-14 01:19:00
(Large version of the image) This is one of many adventures i had when i was a child, (sort of), i enjoy this pic and the theme. The artist is a great painter, check his portfolio and webpage.
More About: Daniel
"Emperor of Dragons" by Jung Won
2007-12-10 20:01:00
(Large version of the image) I love this series of characters,  in the forum are only 2. I think they are part of a korean video game, anyway they are great 3d characters.
More About: Emperor , Jung , Dragons , Drago
"sumer comes" by Natascha Roeoesli
2007-12-07 21:08:00
(Large version of the image) She is a swiss artist,  has beautiful work, most are characters in 2D,  she works with photoshop, painter and a tablet. This is just one of many that u could find in her website. Also there are tutorials and tips and her portfolio.
"The Pixie" by Sheb
2007-12-06 16:07:00
(Large version of the image) Nice fantasy 3D image, looks like an ilustration. he has more images at his portfolio
"Lost Pal" by Carlos Ortega
2007-12-03 01:44:00
(Large version of the image) One of the pics of this mexican artist, one of my favorite too. Check his webpage and portfolio
More About: Lost , Carlos , Ortega
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