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2am videos
2008-02-06 01:44:00
Keeps you smiling I hope!
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Fishhhh posterrrrr
2008-02-05 03:27:00
(click the bugger to see the whole thing)Poster I drew a while ago for Kate reads;"those that care don't matter,those that matter don't care."Its just something she saw on a wall in America and her wall had free space!Keep up the good work and more fun coming your way soon!------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------- -Extra crap from round the nets:Original video for Pow by Lethal Bizzle, lovely intro.Hello, Lethal Bizzle records?that actually is it not much has happened today.
Shoe Trees
2008-02-05 01:15:00
Sorry I've not posted for a while, plenty back-dated posts up and coming, plus a trip to NY which ought bring more goodies. Until then, enjoy!
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Give it to me
2008-01-09 00:53:00
Hohoho, Santa has a late present left in his stocking, its my Media coursework!! Before you hit Alt+F4 too quickly after that statement just have a check it ain't all that bad. Music video for Hold Music by Architecture in Helsinki (cut a minute out of the song because of time constraints what a shame!)The bands homepageHit me with your comments!
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2008-01-08 22:55:00
Its AS Media coursework at its finest! Just got around to uploading this from last year, hit me with what you think!
Robot3 makes things three times as fun!
2007-12-24 19:45:00
Just developed the first roll of HP5 i put through my brand spanking new robot3 the awesome kate got me for christmas (early present - i'm impatient;D) and have to say its such fun! Didn't fix long enough so some shots are blotchy but can't be helped. Plenty more to come when this little guy joins us on our dash around Amsterdam but until then savour the little selection of shots below, more can be found on my flickr!The Robot3 is a typical sequential shot cam with three lenses, gives the nice rectangle plus two square effect and is ridiculously simple to use, the handy little flip-up viewfinder is funky dunk too:D Grab one for something like a tenner on ebay or wherever you fancy. There's a Korean site here selling them that has gallons of pics of the camera itself and lots of information (if you read Korean!)
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juice box spin around!
2007-12-24 16:11:00
Found some old Vivitar autofocus cam with a flash we got from a charity shop some time ago. Stuck a roll of HP5 in and this was the result, left the reddish tinge of the film from the scanner on because in b&w over development meant there were these horrid blocks of shade all over. Anyway here's my bro:click it for bigger.
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The King of Drinks
2007-12-23 02:24:00
College gets delightfully boring on occasion!
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P & O are wank
2007-12-23 02:03:00
Not the ferries! No! The band, who actually aren't all that wank. They are interesting and progressive and, well actually will probably be a little bland for most but you might dig them. Its really just my brother and I jamming in the basement one day. More recordings with more sense of rhythm and timing to come! Until then below are links to our tracks which you can download, as well as our and a quick pic of our basement setup. Enjoy!Sperdo Part One.mp3Sperdo Part Two.mp3Sperdo Petroleum Jelly.mp3P&O on
Lightspeed Champion, Liz Green, Emmy the Great and More @ Alma De Cuba
2007-12-12 23:20:00
Last night brother, cousin and I (how sweet!) ended up toddling off to A gig at Alma De Cuba , a delightful if not slightly uptight and expensive bar in Liverpool, as part of the city's music week. It seemed the sort of place that might've been full of relatively high-nosed well-to-do posers, despite being on Seal street relatively close to the more down-to-earth Barfly, had it not been for the free entry price. Bare in mind I'm not having a go and could be entirely mistaken, at the gig though most people seemed lovely and ended up having a good, drink fueled, chat to a few of them! Speaking of drink the cocktails, Oh! The Cocktails! Hurrah for my far from thrifty cousin and his much appreciated generosity we tried quite a number of ADC's offerings, all of which were scrummy and made with flair to boot!On with the review proper. Liz Green took the first slot, why I'm not sure I suppose her delightfully low key vocals and soft melodies aren't seen to be the order of the ho...
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Steampunk MAME cabinet ~ part 1
2007-12-08 19:10:00
This project was started awhile ago and was intended to be my A2 product design coursework. However after realising the amount of work required to get this as I wanted I decided to work on it in my own time. Little work has been done on the project as of yet but I have begun work on the frontend skin. Using Maximus Arcade as the frontend I am hoping to create a fully complimentary skin for the cabinet. MA allows full customisation and can integrate flash video and, as such, is perfect for the project. It may be a while before I update anymore of this project but once finished I will release the skin and all plans for the cabinet for others to use if they require. On a side note I am not particularly a fan of steampunk, it just seems quite a fun challenge to mod modern technology into such a different style. See below for the skin intro video (crappy youtube res.) and a full res. screen cap. of the video:
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2007-12-08 18:03:00
A couple of quick desktop wallpapers of a spraycan I had lieing around, my alarm clock, a door in manchester, me scanning negatives and something I cooked up when Oink got busted. Big ol' review of the Alma De Cuba gig later on today, keep them peeled!(yes the're hosted on imageshack because I am a cheapskate and my hosting cost three quid for a year!)
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Self-initiated Gnod Street-teaming
2007-12-03 21:32:00
Here we are, print it out stick it up preach the word of Gnod!(click for bigger!)3" x 5" btw.
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iTunes crazy visuals
2007-11-26 03:38:00
While I don't normally use iTunes built in visualiser, as it generally outputs a lot of similar patterns which tire pretty quickly, after leaving it on full screen while finishing some coursework I found it creating some of the most beautifully jagged yet flowing visuals I've ever seen. What was I listening to to make such tasty eye candy? None other than Manchester's greatest; GNOD.check them out at their myspace ( and if you think they're all that come down to one of their gigs or buy a cd. I now realise this seems like a hackneyed and shameless plug for the band but in all honesty that was never the intention of this post. For those interested the track creating the most eye-popping retina-burning light-sweets are the four parts of Abstehen Der Ohren.In their immortal words I'm going to gnod off.
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Poisoned Turnip?
2007-11-26 01:03:00
Another quick blast from the past and example of how cousins pass the time.
The greatest PS2 mod ever
2007-11-25 21:40:00
Please take the title of this post as extremely tongue-in-cheek. As part of my cleaning up and venting I am putting any of my old bits and pieces online for all to see. When I found this old post on Macrumors it seemed fitting; a ridiculous project by me and my cousin that we'd look back on and wonder what we were thinking.Basically we had at our disposal a malfunctioning PS2, orange spray paint, a soldering iron and a large Tupperware. We followed the thinking that taking something apart then putting it back together tends to fix things but in our desperate bid to be different tried recasing it in a Tupperware. Rather than describe the project at length (there's little to say) below I have quoted the text from the original macrumors post, enjoy!It's pretty obvious that I'm a perfectionist, for example, take picture number one; the duct-taping is impecable. Also the tape on the disc-drive had to be placed at exactly 84° for that authentic look.Then we have image number two....
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the phantom bloody hourglass (i love you)
2007-11-25 17:52:00
You know those puzzles that leave you infuriatingly typing after hours of random taps, jabs, strokes and button presses (we're on a DS here)? One just cropped up while playing through the unbelievably good phantom hourglass, probably the game which has taken best advantage of the DS's unique features to date; as you will soon see.The puzzle in question basically involves two maps, i don't want to ruin this for people yet to play the game (get to it!) but it is a very small section, and after realising how stumped I was the game offered up the hint, through Link's now ubiquitous fairy, that I ought to press the maps together not having a clue what to do I finally gave in and read that the solution is to actually close the DS so that the two maps are literally pressed together! Genius!Normally this sort of situation would result in discovering an anal solution (regularly a 1px by 1px item in some P&C!) but this undeniably unique device left me smiling somewhat id...
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A Brief History of PR, prandom et al. ~part 1
2007-11-25 02:55:00
Since jumping online many years ago I have always done the teenage thing that is creating online IDs or sigs and, while I promise that the rest of this blog will do its best not to sway into the offputting and oft trite terrain of self-verification (hows that for you), it seems best to lay all my previous efforts to rest from the off.Starting with siggys. Not the delicious but infectious sticks many of us adore but the, most definately, trite images attached to various forum posts and user account pages scattered across the internet. While not something many would consider themselves proud of, while looking back over their unfortunate collection, why not have a quick retrospective over these ridiculously self-aware attempts to sum yourself up in a x by x pixels. Let the identity parade begin!This was the first of the IDs, back in '04 from the (shudder) deviantart days, and at the time made me think I was one hip cat! I was young and naive little else I can say. Already I feel...
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2007-11-14 03:25:00
If you fancy contacting with me, to say hi, criticise or comment or want some design / art done then please email me at:peterbasmalord@gmail.comHell to the spammers.Alternatively see the links in the about menu above for my profiles at some social networking sites if thats more your bag.
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2007-11-14 03:22:00
I'm Peter Basma-Lord.There I am, photo credit goes to the lovely Katie Gee.This blog has finally been created, after much meandering around different website styles and designs, as some sort of repository for any and all of my ideas and projects and general miscillany. Largely I hope that it will force me to actually finish some things, as readers will soon gather I have a tendancy to forget about something and move on once my short attention span dwindles. But hopefully no more!I live in an average village not too far from Manchester, it can be soul destroying but it can be beautiful depending on your viewpoint.I need people around to keep me going, and if the're talking passionately about something they love all the better.I enjoy videogames more than is healthy and there is a large place in my heart for the beloved Master System I grew up with.Musically I'm quite open to anything but am currently stuck on anything a little experimental and ambient which sounds more than a li...
2007-10-30 21:34:00
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