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GRAPHIC IDENTITY is a blog about Adobe Photoshop and Ilustrator tutorials, Digital Graphic Art, Photography, Web Design, Font or Typography
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Design Process of Danielku Logo
2009-10-28 08:01:00
A month ago, I was working on a brand identity project together with Daniel Keller. He is a music producer, blogger & audiogadget lover from Switzerland, who is also the owner of this project :D. I'm so happy that after long brainstorming process, the re-brand of Danielku logo is finally here.I just want to share the design process with you and I would love to read your feedbacks too :)Read MoreThe Design ConceptThe idea was to bring a simple logo that correlates to Danielku slogan: "Music in Colors". As a start we think of a colorful music note. There were some facts to develop the basic concept into raw sketches: Daniel loves house/electro/dance musics and he produces music with drumpads.Visual Concept Throughout the Sketches We tried to deliver the design concept with different arrangement of type, slogan text and the illustration part of the logo. Nevertheless, the music note could be very much closer to the basic idea compared to all which had been brought on using raw ske...
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COLOURlovers: It's Coffee Time!
2009-10-08 04:36:00
It's Coffee Time Originally uploaded by pninaN To be honest, I'm not a real coffee addict. You know, even many people believe that drinking coffee is unhealthy, still there is the goodness of coffee if you consume it in a decent way :P But we are here not only to talk about how energizing to have few cups of coffee in your daily creative activities, because I also wanna share 10 color palettes from COLOURlovers ... and it's Coffee Time! These could be another goodness of coffee. The Coffee Theme color palettes collection could be useful for your design inspiration. Add me to your COLOURlovers circle and tell me which one is your favorite color palette ;) Brown Water Color by COLOURlovers Coffee With Love Color by COLOURlovers Coffee Lovers Color by COLOURlovers My Morning Frapp Color by COLOURlovers Nice hot Capo Color by COLOURlovers Coffee Ma' Color by COLOURlovers Coffee Break Color by COLOURlovers Coffee and Merlot Color by COLOURlovers Coffee Cream & ...
Free Folder Menu Tabs
2009-09-16 04:07:00
Hello . I come back again with another Free Design Box files. A set of Folder Menu Tabs in PSD file format. The set includes 10 different sizes and 10 gradient variations menu tabs. They are sleek, and there's a shading effect layer for each tab. You will have multi-layered and well arranged menu tab vector shapes based on color choices. PSD file example (demo) to use the folder-like menu tabs is also available. Therefore you can set a box under the default state of it, along with the shading shape for each tab. I use Arial font for the demo file. You can resize or rotate these tabs to fit your design needs. Choose a typical size of tabs or even combine any different tabs to put together on your website with just easiest way to do it All of Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files are FREE (for personal or commercial use). But please read: Legal Usage to employ Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files before you decide to download the files. Leave your comment as ...
A Fully Customized TweetMeme ReTweet Button for Your Blog Post
2009-09-05 10:21:00
The thumbnail for this post is using Birdies~Cute Free Twitter Icons Just few weeks ago, I added a TweetMeme Button to Graphic Identity Blog post. As you know already, that Twitter has became a big community to exchange links about latest news, pictures, blip of songs, and of course a blog post. These exchange is made happened by some ReTweet actions chain. If you have a particular blog and you are familiar enough with this ReTweet term (or you can make it short as "RT"), then you may want to know about how to add a TweetMeme ReTweet Button to your blog post. It will track the number of RTs made for each blog post. Actually the instruction to install the TweetMeme Button is clearly stated on Tweetmeme Help page. But I just want to let you know that I've combined several codes all together, so you will know that it is a fully customized TweetMeme RT button. First of all, let's try to understand some options that make TweetMeme button as a smart RT add on for you blog. Custom...
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Photoshop Pen Tool Resources
2009-08-27 01:05:00
Pen Tool is a powerful tool in Photoshop that every designer should master. It is not difficult to understand how this tool work, but it would challenge most of us in its practical uses. Here are some resources links that may help you to figure out some Pen Tool tricks and its best practices for your creative design. Feel free to drop another links in my comment box if you have another favorite Pen Tool resources to share. Thank you ;) Pen Tool graphic is designed by Markus Nielsen Creative Tip: Adobe Pen Tool Cheatsheet by A simple PDF file cheatsheet that shows how easy Adobe?s Pen Tool to be used across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (CS2/CS3) . Photoshop Pathing: How To Use Photoshop Pen Tool by A very quick tutorial for pathing out a simple object from its background. Making Selections With The Pen Tool by It is a very good tutorial especially if you are a Photoshop beginners. Because it has lots of inform...
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Create your own Gmail theme
2009-08-15 05:47:00
I've been using "Shiny" theme for months. It is a theme provided in Gmail theme settings, which has glossy Web 2.0 style design in every corner of it. But then I want to see something different, because I always checking my Gmail everytime I'm online, I thought it would be a great idea to create my own Gmail theme in simplified look. I wanted to have custom Gmail theme that has similar color schemes as my Twitter background. A Dark grey-scale theme with soft green color in some parts. Wanna try to create something like mine? I'm using the web-safe default color schemes, so all you need is do the same thing as I did on your Gmail theme setting dashboard and save it. If you don't know how to create your own Gmail theme, just read this Gmail Help answer page for a start ;) Custom Gmail theme dashboard settings When you hover on some parts of Gmail section boxes with your mouse, you'll see a tiny button in every corner of each box. Click the tiny arrow so you can see the Color...
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Real-time replies notification using Twitter Web
2009-07-25 08:21:00
Twitter web has been improving its features for better usage. You used to click @your_username at your sidebar to find out who has replied your tweets. But right now you can save your time by making good use of "Real -time results" of Twitter search system. I wanna share this tips to you today, but before that :D, I also want to tell you that Graphic Identity's Twitter background is featured on Twitter Backgrounds Gallery in Brands category. You can give a vote love if you like ;) Here is how to get real-time replies notification using Twitter web I assume you've registered to Twitter, and please do sign up if you haven't. Once you're logged in, find the search box on the right sidebar and type your username after the "@" character. For an easy example, I'm gonna use this query: @your_username. Save the search query by clicking the green button on the top of your tweets updates section. Twitter will confirm this and you can also check your Saved Searches section at Tw...
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5 Fresh Free Typefaces
2009-07-09 03:56:00
I just wanna share you what I found recently. 5 Free Typefaces that are relatively new to have a look. FILE? always produce typefaces with contemporary looks. Introducing the brand new FILE? as a new released typeface by This typeface is applicable for any type of graphic design. Nata rounded 0.1 Nata rounded 0.1 is a Beta version of David Botella' first Typeface. Bulky and round, and also absolutely perfect to use for any typographic designs. Big Boned Big Boned is the Alpha version typeface that has bold shapes and it is a result of a playful experimental typeface by Titillium Titillium is a high quality sans serif typeface, which has professional looks and suitable for display or text purpose. It comes with various font-weight in a set. There is also available Titillium extra-black version to download for free. Museo Sans Museo Sans is a derivative typeface of the well-known Museo. Just note its geometric glyph...
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Rolet: A Typeface Design by Simon Page
2009-06-27 14:08:00
It's been a tough week with many ideas on my mind for the next tutorial. Then I suddenly landed on a great spot of Flickr group: Vectortuts Group Pool. My eyes scanned down on some new submissions and this typographic poster design has caught my attention. The typeface poster was designed by a graphic designer from the UK, Simon Page . What's so special about this poster is that, Simon Page has used his own typeface creation, called Rolet. It will be available soon in vector form. Vector typeface has became widely used by many designers recently to present designs that has POP feel and contemporary or maybe even to create an extreme design look. Rolet is an interesting typeface design which has some kind of 2D layered shapes that are twisted, and the twist produced a smart 3D typeface in overall look. Just interesting! Take a sneak peep on this Rolet Typeface Design . Have your say if you like ;)
Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop Action
2009-06-25 08:35:00
This morning I surfed down the net to find pencil sketch effect tutorials. There are obviously lots of different techniques to produce this kind of effect into a photo. I followed several tuts, to compare the results and I felt like I needed to find the very quick one, yet it should have great result too. So, I came across this (relatively old) tutorial post at Jeff Flowers' Written by Jeff Flowers himself :). He wrote a smart tutorial which is very easy to follow about "How To Turn A Photo Into A Sketch ".Source Photo: Danny North on FlickrI decided to create a set of photoshop action based on this step by step tutorial. In Step 3, Jeff Flowers set the radius blur into 6px (Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur), but in this photoshop action, I set it into 15px. Jeff has also noted that: this all depends on your image.Even you will have instant graphic effect using this photoshop action set in a blink of an eye, I think you would still need to understand how this effect is produced. ...
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Random Gradients vol. 1
2009-06-14 03:55:00
Hello I?m here again. Sorry for leaving you for the past couple of months. I was terribly busy and hardly find any chance to update Graphic Identity blog. I wish you guys still be here for more. I really appreciate your visits somehow, and will love to hear any comments or questions on my post. I finally managed to create a set of gradient freebie. There are 100 gradients included and they're free to download for personal and commercial uses. I've created random solid colors (no particular style or whatsoever). Because I'd like to experimet a bit, and perhaps next time I could come out with more spesific gradient styles. You can read: How to install Photoshop Gradients Tutorial, If you don't know how to install a .GRD file to your system.Thank you for my facebook friends (Permana, Yuyun, Jojo, and Snuf or @snufsnuf) who have suggested me with brilliant color schemes and hexa codes for a start ;) You guys are ROCK! :D Have your say and don't hesitate to drop me your idea for the...
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40 Unique Designs with Photoshop Action Scripts
2009-04-01 21:31:00
How many of you have learned hard from tons of Photoshop tutorial resources just to know the trick to create an awesome graphic effect? If you are a newbie to Photoshop, sometimes it will take time to understand the whole tutorials. But do you know that Photoshop Action s can do the trick for you? or even the magic :)For you who don't know about Photoshop Action, it is actually a series of commands that you play back on a single .ATN file, and it works on menu commands, palette options, tool actions, and so on that is automatically done in few clicks. We introduce you a time saver but also a very powerful Photoshop Action pack from PhotoshopActionScripts .com. It is an easy software that allows you create amazing realistic 3 Dimensional cover graphics in minutes, such as E-Covers, Book Covers, Music Box, MP3 Player, Gift Bag or CD Covers, and much more.There are 40 different professional designs that should be very useful for you.All you have to do is to transform your 2D graphic int...
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50 Modern & Minimalist Patterns
2009-03-02 13:11:00
Pattern makes beautiful your design, and as I came by to, I just couldn't stop to see tons of colorful patterns that I wanted to search from the beginning. Finally, I decided to collect patterns that related to Modern and Minimalistic Design and make some groups for easy find. I hope these cool patterns from will help you designing graphic or web project that echoes modernity and simplicity in the visual look.Give the "love" vote to your favorite patterns, make comment or love Graphic Identity at if you already there ;).If you want to share your favorite pattern, feel free to drop a link on the comment section guys, and shall we begin the Pattern Parade!DOTSColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversColor by COLOURloversLINESColor by COLOURloversC...
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5 Top Picked Fonts from Fontstruct
2009-02-15 00:45:00
Fontstruct is a great font website where you can build your own font using simple flash based editor, and then share your font design so everyone can download it for free. Today, I just want to share some of the Top Picked fonts that belong to wonderful font designers found in Fontstruct.Enjoy the weekend ;)mostly by kix Bolts by jadaze Ligne Claire by SquarePeg madie by funk_king Unbranded v.2 by aaronamar
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Latest Design Resources Round Up Posts
2008-12-30 02:39:00
New year is only several days to go, and before the year will change into 2009, I want to share some latest posts that are ultimately stunning. I hope it would inspire us to move forward in the next year. Let's celebrate for better design community in the internet and wishing you all more success on the year of 2009!Flow Wallpaper inspiration by 50 Brilliant Design Articles of 2008 in 23 Categories + 40 Reader Submitted Posts 17 Collage Themes Web Design25+ Best Illustrator Tutorials & Articles of 200825 Modest Websites With a Muted Colour Scheme40 Impressive Product Ads You Don?t See in Magazines45 Really Fantastic Desktop Wallpapers40+ Inspirational Non-Profit Website Designs10 Steps to Improving Your Photoshop Skills15 inspiring ambigram logos30+ Great Adobe AIR Apps for Designers and Developers79 Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs
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Tutorial9?s first annual giveaway: The Gift of Knowledge
2008-12-23 02:06:00
Are you ready for more design contest giveaway?Giving a knowledge would benefit other people, so why don't you just start to give?Tutorial9 presents a sweet Gift of Knowledge GIVEaway contest where you can share your own special gift of knowledge through writing & submitting design articles. If your article is great enough and included, Tutorial9 will donate $100 to Save the Children organization. By this means, you give a gift of knowledge to Tutorial9, and at the same time you are also giving to charity. Now, isn't that sweet? :)You can win TONS of great prizes. Another prizes that worth $5,000 will be also given away by Tutorial9 for the best authors who write articles with best quality.What to writeTutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Blogging, XHTML, PHP, AJAX, CSS, or Web Development.Write a roundup featuring your favorite books, typography tutorials, or featuring creative blogs.Write a post that teaches other people how to blog better!Create a set of Photo...
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7 Design Related Video Tutorials
2008-12-18 10:50:00
»» If you've missed so many resourceful articles or probably want to learn better about designing tips and tricks, then perhaps these video tutorials will help you ;)Without further talks.. shall we see the round ups of 7 Design Video Tutorials :Video Screencasts #47: CSS ShorthandPhotoshopUser TV Episode 164 ?Educating Clients to Say Yes? PresentationQuick Tip #5 - Converting Anchor Points In IllustratorjQuery for Absolute Beginners: Video SeriesHow to Create Glowing Elegant Lines'KILLER' PHP Video Tutorials for Web Designers
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Votes Love in December 2008
2008-12-14 00:27:00
Just few weeks to go and we are all will enter the new year of 2009. As time passed by, would you share some votes love for our friends here? :).Your votes are counted and will help them to win ~ a big thank to you if you've already made your vote.If you have been nominated for a contest, and need a support, just leave a comment or contact me by email.Thomas Ulbricht is nominated for a Shorty AwardThomas is the creator of:Sharebrain.infoDevmarks.comBrainsites. info andShirt&Stuff.comSo far, he has received 5 nominations in design and 1 nomination in tech categories. To nominate Thomas for a Shorty Award, you can just send a tweet. For instance:@shortyawards I nominate @sharebrain in #design category coz it is a great webdesign resource that should be awarded! (but please write something of your own).Kindly register to if you haven't. Nominations close at midnight, December 31st.Wireless Cell Accessories is the finalist of Pepperjam Network Store Builder contestColli...
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Exploitation & abuse of Indonesian women domestic workers
2008-12-10 02:01:00
We all know that poverty are the basic problem that leads to bigger problems, a social problem. Poor people are trying hard to survive by doing anything they can think of. As Indonesia has been one of "third countries" that facing these problems, many Indonesian women had also face to reality to work as domestic workers for more family income. But not all of them are lucky enough to get descent job. Indonesian women domestic workers, either who work as a migrant or local employment are often become the victim of human rights abuses. Although, Indonesian government have set legal remedies to protect them, but the violence has been happening still and the effect is remotely limited. In many cases, several of them are reported dead by serious violence, received beatings, tortured everyday in several years and because they choose to die or try to run by jumping from the top of building. They are forced to work beyond the limit only for $100 salary per month, and sometimes without pay fo...
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Design You Love: Group Writing Project
2008-11-22 10:31:00
A few weeks ago, I've participated on a design event at Design er Daily?s first Group Writing Project . As Mirko has announced the winners, still I want to share another entries of Designer Daily?s Group Writing Project which should be interesting read for your weekend. They are grouped by categories. Correct me if I may has grouped these following articles in wrong categories please ;)Thank you Mirko who has put this event and gathered all of the participants in a such fun group writing project :D GRAPHIC DESIGNA few things we can learn from Andy Warhol by Pixel Pixie.La Gruyère insolite? by Ronald Sautebin.Beer commercials: From the men in beige to the Man in Black by Kate.3 sexy journal designs by Kyle Steed.Paper Inspirations by Lauren Marie.It?s such a creative logo by Angie Bowen.?We made history? by Lyonel Kaufmann.Saul Bass by Julia Spangler.11 pre-launch group writing projects logos by Jacob Share.TYPOGRAPHYType in Québec city by Ni Hao Ma girl.Font we LOVE by Mohd Rafie.Str...
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»» Corel Draw Text Effects - Part 2
2008-11-18 16:39:00
1. Chrome Text EffectDo you all get worried because of color combination in order to get Chrome effect in texts that you are using? Fine check this out to get it out...2. Gold Text EffectHere you check about how to get Gold effect....3. Neon EffectI am really got interested in this text effect because of it's nature of design. It is that much cool and a great one to have it. Fantastic effects are used here to get Neon effect.
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Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni
2008-11-18 16:30:00
Are you searching for the best eye glasses in cheap prices? ZenniOptical which has released the new Eyeglasses for the holidays, I really recommend checking the Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical to know more about it. The glasses are very cheap and of good quality too. As you know ZenniOptical is The popular online eyeglasses shop, so don't waste any more time and check the $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. All the products are nice and well satisfactory to us. So you all check it out and make use of it in a better way.
»» How to Create Icons in Illustrator - Part 2
2008-11-18 15:56:00
1. Help IconYou all know about this icon and many of us are used these things too. The main part is the glossy effect of the icon. Check it out....2. XBox 360It is very famous, I know many tried there level best to do it of your own. But it's such simple here try this one..3. Folder IconWe all are familiar with this one, but this is slightly different. Check it...4. Translucent IMThis is one of the main notable thing, because it is that much special through the shape it is having.
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Master Papers
2008-11-18 15:40:00
Do you wanna write well prepared essays? Then fine check this post. It will be easy for us if anyone support us in writing essays. Though we have lots of ideas in thinking, we fail to put in the form of words while writing. We find problems in writing what we have in mind. It will be comfortable for us if any groups or companies help us in giving out essays. While I was browsing in net in search of the companies, I really got impressed by the famous company Master papers. I found that Masterpapers is a leader in the custom writing industry. Also I read many posts written by the customers. I was impressed by the feedback given by them. None of them posted a negative comment on their essays. When I visited their website,, I found many interesting features that they support. They are the best in giving out unique content of essays. Not only they stop by just giving out essays, but also provide the tips and procedures to be followed while writing. This will be useful fo...
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»» Photoshop Patterns - Part 4
2008-11-18 10:38:00
1. Renaissance2. Brusheezy Exclusive3. Glitters Patterns 4. Pack 31
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IT Consulting
2008-11-18 02:42:00
For a change in this blog we will see some interesting news and matters about the IT Consultants. Now every company is growing fast due to one main reason. Even though many fields are growing very enormously at various sectors, IT is one of the main thing which is just like a pillar to this world. So for a change in this post we will see about the site which is a IT consultant company. Here many people have started to use computers all over the place, so they might get some doubts is doing some complex things. This company provides some IT solutions for all the things. Here we can see things such as network management, desktop support, cisco consulting, microsoft consulting etc,. The site is designed in such a way that we can able to get some useful information about all the realistic matters related to IT sector. So you all check this site and make use of it in a better way.
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»» Photoshop Icons - Part 5
2008-11-18 02:41:00
Are you searching for cool icons? Do you wanna know how to do it? Then fine I will list out some of the cool icon tutorials, just check this out and make use of it.1. Vista FirewallAs we all know this is the Vista firewall icon, just looking like a shield right? Try to make it as your own.2. Statistics IconThis is such a wonderful icon, because the glossy effect of the icon is really awesome and at the same time the corners of the icon is really good.3. Mac Os X Mail Icon StyleSuch a beautiful one to see. The stamp like look is superb and nice too. Just check it out this cool icon....4. Traffic Cone IconYou all know about this right? Are you trying to make it of your own? Then try this tutorial out, it is very simple and cool too...
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2008-11-18 02:39:00
Here for the sake of all money earners through blogging, in this post we will see about the site which provides the widest variety of marketing channels, methods and niches to create the complete online marketing solution. For those of you who don't know what Clickbooth is it's an affiliate and CPA advertising network where you can earn some extra money from your site. Clickbooth Webinars also conducts one of a kind, free webinars, in which top Internet marketers are interviewed to discuss what it is they?re doing online to achieve their successes. The webinars usually last about one hour, every two weeks. It Clickbooth blog got several advantages over other ad networks like the easiness to get updates from the ad company and they understand blogs. As a blog reader you also get invitations to seminars like the Clickbooth Affiliate Mastery Webinar where you got to know how the professionals do it with landing pages. As an affiliate you always need some advices from ...
Landlord Insurance
2008-11-17 16:46:00
Of a change in this post we will see about an insurance site. Here we are going to see about landlord insurance is an insurance policy that protects the landlord?s investment. The main part of the investment is the building that is being rented to generate income. The basic coverage for a landlord policy offers coverage for the building. That would include damages caused by fire, smoke, wind, lightning, hail, explosion, fire department charges, emergency removal of property, and damage from vehicle, damage from an aircraft, and riot or civil commotion. There are basically two different types of policies a landlord can buy. The first is a peril policy. A named peril policy will only cover a loss if it is specifically stated in the policy as a covered peril. For example, if loss due to a power outage outside the building is not listed, it is not covered. The second type of policy is a comprehensive policy or open peril policy which will cover a loss unless it is specifically excluded ...
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»» Corel Draw Tutorials - Part 7
2008-11-17 16:09:00
In this post we will discuss some of the Corel Draw Techniques, which will be very useful for all the Corel Draw beginners.1. Designing 360 Degrees"We need a circle with a 6 inch radius and we want marks around the edge of the circle at 1 degree increments that are labeled." Here's how it's done in CorelDRAW 9. Also shows you how to give it a 3D appearance with the EZ Metrics add-on.2. Creating Complex ShapesLearn how to combine basic shapes to create more complex shapes in CorelDraw 7 and up.3. From CorelDRAW to the WebDetailed information on converting your CorelDRAW illustrations to GIF images for the Web. Based on version 8.4. Getting Rid of That Darned White BoxHow to remove the rectangular background from bitmap images you'll be importing into CorelDRAW.5. Removing the BackgroundHow to remove the backgrounds from images in CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint for versions 5 and beyond.6. Using a Matte Color In Transparent GIFs"Using a matte color for a background will help blend the e...
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