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An Antiquarian who travels the French Countryside in search of antiques. I love to share my finds whether they cross the Atlantic in my container or dans ma tete.


A Première for Louis Vuitton
2008-02-28 21:45:00
This is a first.La première fois Louis Vuitton has aired a commercial. Interesting too, there are only glimpses of the product.I happen to like it, so I just couldn't pass on posting a copy. Here is the You Tube VideoThe agency is Ogilvy and it was shot in Shanghai.The music is from Gustavo Santaolalla of Argentina.Don't you love that music... I've got to get one of his CD'sTo get the full effect go Louis Vuitton's website and watch the movie.So, Where is Life taking you?
meilleur maintenant
2008-02-27 16:05:00
I hope so!I changed my blog header and the width of my blog this morning.What an ordeal...for me anyway...but I hope you like it.I know it is a little big..hubby says too big.j'adore grand!Same way with those French antique accessories, I love over sizedstatements.Mr. Google tells me only 5% of my readers have monitorsless than 1025, so I decided to go the max.So this post is a test to see if I can post bigger pictures.This is a copy of our Spring Flyer for the store Any other blogger out there wanting to increase the width of your blogthat aren't HTML savvy, this site was the easiest for me.Now it's on to Gadgets and WidgetsI would welcome your comments and feel free to vote in the polllocated on the sidebar. Merci!!
Frenchifying The Kentucky Derby
2008-02-25 21:50:00
Here in Kentucky when the snow begins to melt, our thoughtsturn to The Kentucky Derby . Life revolves around Horses,Hats, and Highballs.Its always fun to tie in with the city celebrations, but Ido like to Frenchify things a bit !Well Thanks to Bristol at Honey Bend Vintage, for planting theseed for my Derby Hat Swap at European Antique Market.Please click on the flyer, as I'm having trouble today!If you happen to live near Louisville we would love for you toparticipate. Bring your hats in to the store (the earlier the better).We'll embellish the store with hats in preparation for the soiree.Chef Gregoire of Mirabelle Gourmet Catering will be servingup his delicacies.We are also raising money for "Mom's Closet", a resource centerdedicated to developing the potential of single mothers throughencouragement and education. Mom's Closet was founded byShelia Day, the wife of famous jockey Pat Day.Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of Milliner'sand young girls.Since the Middle ...
parlez-vous français ?
2008-02-18 16:30:00
Well I ventured 150 miles from home this past weekend,but at times...felt I was on the other side of the pond.I went to Nashville to visit with some friends and checkout the Antique & Garden Show. Just want to share some inspiring photo's with you today.Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge.This is the Italian Garden at the entrance of the show.It definitely gave me Spring Fever! Even though I walkedaway empty handed it was a nice show.I tried to buy some Staffordshire Spill Vases with King CharlesSpaniels, but the dealer would not budge on her price.Oh well, gives me a reason to continue my hunt.And this would be the reason I collect Spaniels.Zoe, our baby, in her stroller. She loves to travel.This is a photo of The Iron Gate in Franklin.The two photo's above are from à la Maison Sheila Smith, the proprietress is a friend of mine.She just opened her shop a few weeks ago.She's French Style with a New Orleans Flair.The store is located at 2108 8th Ave. Southor you c...
Couleurs de Putty
2008-02-12 17:50:00
In the early 90's, I purchased an old building(pre 1860) in the Highlands of Louisville with the anticipation that someday, I would open my own antique store there. I fondly refer to her as myShabby Chateau since she does strut a turret!Needless to say with older buildings there is always lots of work. It just takes time & money!Well that day arrived in October 2006 whenI moved into my Shabby Chateau full timeand took the entire building. (Long story prior to that).Anyway, hubby and I have taken out dropceilings, cut new openings and continue to paint,paint, and paint some more.My point being...what used to be the frontapartment upstairs is screaming for attention!The lady above will be my inspiration.I absolutely love her couleurs.I call them the Putty Couleurs of the Côte d’Azur.I find myself strolling the back passagesof Nice in search of that fabulous antique,roaming the hills of Antible sneaking peaksof Secret Jardins, and sipping wine on theboardwalk while lost at sea ...
Sneak peaks
2008-02-10 20:16:00
This is just a never-ending job.Thought I would give you some sneak-peaksof the shop as Spring arrives.Plus..I need a break!I found these great little pliable grapevinesthat are quickly turning into an obsession.I've started looking for multiples in the shopthat I can tie together.Paper bound books! I just can't get enoughof them !I used a zinc roof finial to hold hydrangea's.I kind of like that wild look.I have a real weak spot for ZINC !Zinc window frames, urns, garden pots, roof finials,trim, architectural pieces, etc.In an earlier post I wrote an article aboutZinc. You can access it here /2007/01/zinc.htmlI'll take anything that is covered in moss,bunnies included.A 19th century Louis XVI Trumeau,a gilt demi-lune table and a 19th centuryItalian candlestick with partial giltremaining. An Iron Garden Table, pair of Louis XV originalpainted chairs and an early 20th Century stoneUrn (complete with French moss). If you click on these photo's y...
A Woman in Vibrational Essence
2008-02-07 21:00:00
As I flow along in this stream of life, my canoe isconstantly being bumped.Sometimes I encounter others who want me tostop midstream and struggle with them,against the current.Then there are others who say, "let's ride"!Let's ride with the current, just see where ittakes us, and appreciate the beauty along the way. Seems I have entered this place called the"Blogosphere", where there is an inordinate amount of others saying, "Let's ride".One woman, riding with the current, is Corey Amaro.What a wonderful outlook this woman has on life.I want to ride along side her downstream and besplashed with her essence! I think you will too!She has a beautiful way of blending the duality of the physicaland the spiritual.In Corey's words, there is a thin line between heaven and earth.Corey's description of this photo:When the ground was rocky, dry, barren, and uneven.She bent down and tied a velvet ribbon on her ankle."There!" she said, "That's better."Knowing where to focus can make a world...
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Antique & Garden Show of Nashville
2008-02-01 15:10:00
Mark your calendars for February 15, 16, & 17th.There is a lot going on in Nashville !If you have never been to the Antique & Garden Show you are missing a spectacular event !The florals and landscaping are a must see !For more information you can visit the websitehttp://www.antiquesandgardenshow.c om/ The same weekend is theCountry Home Antiquing FestivalVisit their website at tival/index.htmlAnd now for the best part :)If you happen to be going, Louisville is only a 2 hourdrive from Nashville. My store is 2 milesfrom I-65. We would love to meet some bloggers,so if your in the area, stop by for a glass ofbubbly!Have a Wonderful weekend andHappy Chandeleur Day!
Tables de Bistro
2008-01-30 20:20:00
There are just some things that speak the French Languagewith a bit of added romance...One of those things, for me, happens to be Tables de Bistro .Bistro tables just capture the "essence of France" and no French Maison is without one. Whether you find them indoors, resting at the sidewalk cafe, or surrounded by flowers in the garden, they seem to always be extending an invitation. An invitation to share andcreate more of life's treasured moments.Rectangular, square, or round, they possess the perfect dimensions for intimate conversations and Santes!Their delicate forms are never obtrusive, butever so gently lend their beauty to the moment.I love the way they represent life. The joyful moments they have known, and some strugglesthey have endured, but always more beautifultoday for having had the experience.If you have never shared a conversation overa Bistro Table, add it to your bucket list.It's one of life's simple pleasures!These are some photo's of my Bistro Tablesat "Euro...
Je t'aime Rouge
2008-01-25 21:15:00
Many times it is the simple things that warm the heart.My last trip to France, I was with my friendGenevieve and her son, Charles.Genevieve was tearing up a bit at the thought oflosing her little boy to the Université de Genève.Charles hugged his mum and softly said,"Je t'aime Rouge ". (I love you Red)That was the first time I heard that expression.The memory warms my heart and always bringsa smile to my face.Have a Wonderful Weekend !
Little Eye Candy
2008-01-24 22:36:00
plaisir pour les yeuxDidn't really have time to write so just a littleeye candy.That is Jeff Leatham in the bottom photo.Jeff , an American, is the artistic director for the Four SeasonsGeorge V Hotel in Paris.His floral designs are absolutely amazing andusually carry his signature (which is the tippything).He has also authored three books on floralarranging with great tips, such as...filling the vase with sparkling water insteadof tap.You can visit his website at www.jeffleatham.comfor additional information or take a strollthrough the hotel at llery/PS. That is my grand daughter, Cady, in the lastpicture. Isn't she a princess? I hope to post later this weekEnjoy!
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Feast & Fête est Fabuleuse
2008-01-14 18:31:00
Suzette says, "Let them eat crêpes".FYI...Rhymes with steps, not drapes. Manger des crêpes à la chandeleur apporte un an de bonheur."Eating crêpes the day of la Chandeleur will bring a year of happiness" One thing I do know for sure is the French lovea party and another is fast approaching.February 2 is "Chandeleur Day".Also referred to as "Fête de la Lumière", Crêpe Day,and the Catholic holiday of "Candlemas". Another one of those pagan winter solstice celebrationswith similarities to our Groundhog Day. À la Chandeleur, l'hiver cesse ou reprend vigueurOn Candlemas, winter ends or strengthens.French tradition is to also do a bit of fortune telling.It is customary to hold a gold coin in one handwhile flipping the crêpe in the pan with the other.If the crêpe lands in the center of the pan, goodfortune will follow throughout the year.So, in celebration of crêpes, more photos frommy store. I'm beginning to notice a pattern hereof Food & Fashion. Can you tell I like to e...
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Sourcing Antique Inventory
2008-01-12 17:02:00
Have you always dreamed of owning your ownboutique or perhaps having a booth at the localantique mall or maybe you already do !Twenty five years ago it was just that, a dream forme. What started as a dream, now consumes my life, BUT that is a conscious decision on my part. That is whatI want.. to live, breathe, continue to dream, continue to livemy life, surrounded by all things "Country French".When I first started selling antiques, searchingfor inventory consumed most of my time. Markets and malls by day and auctionsby night. Merchandising and marketing were placed on the back burner. If I had time I'dget to that, but I had to have inventory. I lovedgoing to the markets, but frustration began toset in when I crunched the numbers. I wanted toactually be able to support myself selling antiques.I had one of those Eureka moments. Could I spend12 hours and walk away with a few pieces that wouldyield me a net profit of $100?I had spent 26 years in retail management and operations, so t...
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Postcards of France
2008-01-05 20:00:00
l'heure est arrivée to pensez le printemps!As I sit here and contemplate re-arrangingand merchandising 14 rooms and two patiosat "European Antique Market", I find myselfflipping through postcards of France , thatexist in my mind. As my mind searches for those "Country French"details that bring me a sense of wonderment,I find myself ...pinching lavender and delighting in its scent as it wafts through the air.hearing whispers of intimate conversations,shared with friends while gathered aroundthe perfect proportions of a bistro table.touching the delicate scrolls of the 19th century daybed as she guides my hand in discovering her form.tasting the marvels of Mother Nature asshe shares with me the essence of the grape.seeing the past thanks to creative handsthat leave their works behind, the presentbecause I am here, and the future as it beginsto take shape in my mind.Snapshots of places I've been and moments I've shared tend to surface and vie for attention.Gently nudging me to expre...
Le Jour de l'An
2008-01-01 13:56:00
Best Wishes for the New Yearand Cherished Memoirs from the OldBronze "Fourteen year old Dancer"Edgar Degas"Choreograph your own steps, be the Ballerina, master the ballon, and create your own Ballet, for the stage is yours for the taking".Happy New Year & Bonne Annee
Twelfth Night Cakes & Crowns
2007-12-29 22:00:00
Now Christmas is past, Twelfth Night is the lastTo the Old Year adieu, Great joy to the new !Feast of Epiphany, the Magi, the Three Kings,Little Christmas, ancient rituals tied to the winter solstice,whatever one chooses to call it, the "Twelfth Night"is approaching January 6.A wonderful ancient custom of fun and frolic, where the norm in social order turns topsy-turvy.A kingdom where Bean Kings and Pea Queens rule.Good Luck is bestowed on all.What began as a pagan tradition, the "TwelfthNight" was a celebration of the Winter Solstice.While "Twelfth Night" customs spread throughoutEurope there were many variations, but one elementthat remained the same was the choosing of a Kingor Queen by means of good fortune. The most prevalentbeing the eating of cake and the lucky one whofound the bean would be King for a night.The most famous King Cake is the Frenchversion "Galette des Rois" a french pastry filledwith frangipane (made from almond paste, butter,eggs, and sugar). Inside the cake ...
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Boiseries...Beautiful Thoughts
2007-12-27 23:18:00
Every creation begins with a thought. Imagine a blank take some beautiful,passionate thought and express it visually uponthat wall.Viola! A Boiserie is created.I can only imagine the beautiful thoughts of thoseartisans as they layered their passion upon theseonce thoughtless walls.Hotel de Varengeville 1735There is one common thread that I find, that defines"Country French" style and that is passion !I think many Americans have this preconceivednotion that "Country French" is decorating withToile de Jouy. Marketing! you gotta love it!"Country French" is more a way of life, thandecorating with Louis XV or a certain fabric.As I travel through the countryside of France,it never ceases to amaze me how many peopleare living their passion. Whether it is the simplefarmer who hawks his harvest at market,the family that lovingly tends the vineyard,the Chef that is insulted when you don't finish yourplate, or the artist passing the day at a cafe,while capturing life on canvas.Thei...
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une peu d'inspiration
2007-12-15 21:38:00
While sipping my Cafe au Lait this morning,I got inspired to play with some photographs.I have a tendency to buy antiques and brocantethat are within the same color family. I justreally like muted, chalky, dusty tones and anythingthat has it's original paint. I like colorsthat are weathered, reminiscent of the architecturein Nice, or a lot of places in France for that matter.These are all items from the store except forthe paper covered encyclopedias.I just had to include them because I adoreold white paper bound books.I fell in love with these when I saw them. They residein the home of Mr. Thomas Briggs, a noted Interior Designerfrom New York. He covered them with parchment paperthen added the gold embossed labels. How clever is this?I just had to share. I've got it on my New Years Decoratingprojects list to cover all my ugly books in my office withparchment paper.And then there are les poires. When it comes to colornobody does it better than Mother Nature. I love goingto the m...
Dis Moi
2007-12-14 17:31:00
AAH, the Language of Emotion, communicated inoh so many ways!Forms, colors, textures, all being combined in aneffort to express ourselves emotionally.In this virtual world in which we are living, itcomes as no surprise that there is a re-newedinterest in TYPOGRAPhY which has slowlyspread to include all forms of enhancing ABC.In my earlier post this week, I listed TEXTILESon my French Fashion List for AntiquesAll forms of TYPOGRAPHY are #2 on that list.There are many great example of Typographyout there in the form of old menu's, theaterposters, cookbooks, signs, wine labels, etc.The two items above are listed on Ebay.Wouldn't a collection of old French recipesor menu's be great framed. Talk aboutadding ambiance to that Country French Bistrokitchen.And when Sak's Fifth Avenue creates an Ad Campaignwith scrolly text, I'm thinking people will WANT IT.This was created by Marian Bantjes. You can see more ofher work at love these Hand-painted vintage shoes...
All I want for Christmas is Santa's Sack
2007-12-08 12:47:00
I'll leave the goodies inside Santa's Sack to the little ones.Just give me the Sack!I'll bet that it's made from Jute or Flax!Probably jute, like a Gunny Sack.Being the Antiquarian that I am, much ofmy success hinges on being able to guessupcoming trends and get into the marketBEFORE the price skyrockets.Tooting my own horn a bit, I've been fairly successful at trend spotting. Of course it helpsthat I spend so much time in France and weknow that when it comes to fashion, whether onthe runway or in the home, France is Avant-Garde!Well, on myFrench Fashion List for Antiques,one of my top ten has to be Textiles, specificallythose made from Jute or Flax fibres.Don't you just love nubby textures? And oh so,authentically Country!Somewhere along the line, we Americans startedcalling Jute burlap. I think we are the onlycountry that refers to it as such. In India it iscalled the "golden fibre". I prefer to call it"Toile de Jute". It's uses are as endless as your imagination.It's most...
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la Fee Verte Flies Again
2007-12-07 13:43:00
Giving a Whole new meaning toHanging of the Greens!The Belle Epoque Era of France has returned!Absinthe is legal again in the US, after a 100 yearban.Bohemians rejoice!Seems a small artisan distillery in California, , has been battling Washington for some time. These guys arepassionate about reviving the ancient art formof blending spirits. They received the stamp of approval last week, which was quicklyfollowed by a celebration of the distillers employeesdrinking from the bottle with crazy straws.Sorry I missed it!There were a few other labels approvedearlier this year as mentioned in a USA Todayarticle. el/news/2007-09-27-absinthe_N.htmThe little green fairy seems to be gaining momentum now.One of my favorites , Edgar DegasThe Wormwood PlantVan GoghSurely, a new art movement is on the horizon.Albert MaignanTo learn more about the history of Absinthe you canvisit Liqueurs de France at your t...
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la Fête de Saint Nicolas
2007-12-04 15:44:00
On the Eve of December 6th, many children in Europe will be chanting;St. Nicholas, mon bon patron,Apportez-moi beaucoup de bon-bonsPlein mes bas et mes souliers:Je serai sage toute l’annee. St. Nicholas, my owner,bring me lots of candyFill the bottoms of my soles:I will behave all year French children will place their shoes near thechimney tomorrow night, in hopes thatSt. Nicholas will bring them gifts.St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, (now known asDemre, Turkey), lived in the third century.Born to wealthy parents, he used his inheritanceto help the needy.Throughout the centuries many stories havebeen told of his life and deeds. These legendswill be passed to younger generations, asfamilies across the world gather on December 6th. The most famous story tells of a poor man with three daughters. In those days a young woman's father had to offer prospective husbands somethingof value( a dowry). Without a dowry, a woman was unlikely to marry. This poor man's daughters, withoutdowri...
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Come with me on a Virtual Voyage
2007-12-02 21:39:00
Well if you didn't make it to the Christmas Open Houseat "European Antique Market" in Louisville yesterday,we had a wonderful day.The Kir Royales were flowing and everyone enjoyedthe fabulous Profiteroles from "Chef Greg" athttp://www.mirabellecatering.orgThere were lots of discussions about Country French decorating, French Christmas traditionsand antiques.I did manage to get some photographs ofthe store, so I put together a slide show ofsome rooms.So grab yourself a glass of your favorite bubblyand join me on a Virtual Tour of the store.If you would like to view the full size pictures,just click on the "View all Images" buttonunder the video. Enjoy!
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Bring on the Catwalk
2007-11-28 13:28:00
It's a hectic week at the shop so my post will be short.All the decorating for Christmas before Saturday.This is one of those weeks when my physical appearance probably does not get the attention it should. I use to worry about that, but I don't thinkI will anymore.The other night I ran by the local TJ Max to pickup some holiday napkins and ran into one of myclients. She informed me I had glitter all over my face and in my hair. I was a little embarrassed!Well little did she know I was ready for the runway!This is Haute Couture!I'm not going to fret over my hairor my bangs being too long.And all those little pieces of fir and pine twigsthat end up on my head, c'est tres chic! All I really need is the dress, but hey, I've gota Christmas Tree skirt.Well I do have to run...The House of Dior might be calling.I'll see what kind of fashion statement I canmake today.Chow
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The French Farm Table
2007-11-20 12:22:00
Instant AmbianceIf you long to create a Country French Ambiancein your home there is one piece of furniture that canmake your decorating job much easier. An AntiqueFrench Farm Table , aka, trestle table, harvest table,and Refectory table.Some of our fondest memories will be createdduring the Holiday Season as we gather aroundthe table and partake of the feast. Ever wonderwhy most of life's most special moments takeplace while we are eating? Must be ourEuropean roots.The one thing I absolutely adore about theCountry French Lifestyle is that it revolvesaround the table. And.. more times than notit happens to be a Refectory table. The Refectorytable came about in the 16th Century, so nameddue to it's use in Monasteries, where the eatingroom was known as a Refectory.Most in Europe were made from hard woodssuch as Walnut and Oak. These woods wouldwithstand abuse.Most are made from separate planks that have beenjoined together, resting atop chanfreiné (beveled)legs. The art of joining h...
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