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interesting blog packed with emotion.a collection of short stories and poems, by a young British author
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2007-08-30 09:55:00
I wanted to thinkThat all the time we spent togetherWas special.Until I realized, that all the time we spent together,Was why we are all apart. I wanted to think we intimately loved each other,But with no hugs or kisses for years I?m not so sure. I wanted us to bond as adultsLike we did as children.But even sitting at the same tableWe all remain distant.I wanted us to at least be in each other?s thoughtsBut recently minds seem elsewhere.
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Mr. Man
2007-08-30 09:42:00
Though he causes chaos and madnessWherever he goes,He is still the most beautiful thing I?ve ever seen. Women fall for himAnd he catches them in strong arms.He speaks softly in their earsTill their bodies and souls submit Ripping and tearing lives apart,He barely breaks a sweat.With such ease and elegance,He joins and then abandons. He builds up empiresAnd watches them crumble,Only to emerge from the rubbleAnd build moreHis enemies can?t defeat him.He is too mysterious.His only weakness,Is himself
In love with a queen
2007-08-19 09:56:00
Last night I had a dream I was sitting with youAt the top of your palaceLooking out at all your kingdomYour fields, your cities, your people.You rule my heart like a nationI yearn to be close to you.I fight wars for you.I give my life and soul for you.When I breatheI breathe you.Gladiators and princes are shunned by youAnd who am I,But a common man with a dream.
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alone in his mansion
2007-08-19 09:54:00
Swim with me in a pool of French wine Then let?s dry each other with blank cheques We can tear up pearl necklaces And use the pearls for marbles Let?s have pillow fights With cashmere pillows. In the mansion alone I?m just other one of his possessions But little does he know how I like to play!
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The sound of the crying boy
2007-08-14 14:25:00
I was held captive by your anger Your outbursts of rage Kept me chained to you You kept me Where no one could hear me scream You lied about the tears on my face All anyone saw Was your helpless movements Under your duvets of depression You turned the sky?s black And brought rain to the ground Time stops and I surrender my being to you You take every emotion from me And leave me empty Your house is filled with deception Where the woman in captivity Lies really as the monster of the soul Winter leads to winter And pill leads to pill I marvel at the irony of the world They all seem to look at you And not see your claws or tail Can they not see what you?ve done to me! Would they even care if they did Your mind lives in nightmares The nightmares of your sleep And the nightmares you brought to the world Attached to you I see all the seasons of your suffering I see all your grey mornings And your sleepless nights But who sees mine! Wh...
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real love in a real world
2007-08-13 16:58:00
You don?t need to makeMy dreams come true.It?s enough that you let me dream You don?t need to give me everythingJust be my everything I don?t need usTo be something out of a movie.It?s enough just watching movies with youIt?s sometimes hard to hold everything togetherBut as long as we can hold handsEverything will be alright
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that girl
2007-08-13 11:49:00
She dances to Ray CharlesAnd moves like ElvisSmiles to Stevie WonderAnd loves to Bill WithersShe writes like BabyfaceAnd sings like WhitneyWith the coolness of TimberlakeAnd the body of BrittneyShe smokes like Bob MarleyAnd has smoothness like UsherBut she?s also hardcoreLike T.I and BoneCrusherShe hangs out in my roomWith boys 2 men playingWhen we switch to R.KellsI know that she's stayingShe?s the perfect AlbumLike the Fugees the ScoreShe?s essential to my collectionLike Tupac Shakur
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2007-08-13 10:08:00
Whispering secret feelings Passing through chambers of silence People once danced here In these halls of emptiness Names erased from triumphs and victories Painted over with defeat Books and clothes lay abandoned History rejected and left behind The source of a unique spirit Leaves the house reluctantly It lives now only in memory The vibrancy and ambitions of boys Filled the house and streets with light But now they are gone And all there is, is a relic In place of a boys castle
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ink flows like water
2007-08-07 10:20:00
The letters trickle out of me Into a stream of words That leads to a river of sentences And a lake of paragraphs That flows into an ocean of poems
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Without words
2007-08-05 10:54:00
It?s about the times when you don?t need wordsWhen there?s nothing you can sayThat can capture the beauty of the momentLooking into each other?s eyesHolding each other tightThere?s nothing a word can addTo the feel of love
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Dreaming at the bar
2007-08-05 10:42:00
Playing it coolMy heart poundsAs I see you across the barI imagine myself approaching youBuying you a drinkMaking you laughTaking you to the dance floorAnd dancing the night awayI?m so caught up in the thoughtI even imagine, taking a taxi home with youI would put on some jazzRoll up a jointAnd then who knowsBut just thenYour man turns up at your sideSo I order some shots and forget aboutThe moment that could have been
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2007-08-02 13:02:00
I wish I was a chocolate bar Then all girls would want to undress me They would want me first thing in the morning And last thing at night Even if they claimed they didn?t want me I would know they were lying They would tell their friends that they no longer have me But in secret they still would I guess the only downside Would be they?d feel guilty about me But the pleasure of having me Would take care of that
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She brings out the animal in me
2007-07-31 08:11:00
She makes me buzz like a beeAnd makes me proud like a lionWe have fun like monkeysBut take it slow like snailsShe?s mysterious like a catThough she barks like a dogShe says I?m repetitive like a parrotAnd that I hug like a bearShe thought I was a trickster like a snakeSo she watched me like a hawkBut she knows she is too much of a foxFor me to cheat onShe knows she has me in her webIf I ever did cheatShe would crunch me like a lobsterShe?s not a cow thoughShe gives me spaceJust not enough to crawl to farWe mate so muchThat we have practically become nocturnalShe?s dirty like a pigBut has the class of a Persian catIf she could she would keep me in a cageIt worries her when I?m in the wildShe knows I?m on heatAnd might pounce on somethingGiven half the chanceThe way I see itOur relationship is black and whiteLike a penguinIf I don?t behave like a ratAnd follow orders like a sheepI will be welcomed in to her nest of love
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2007-07-31 08:09:00
I?ve never understood why chemistryIs used to describe chemistryIf you are sexually compatible with someoneYou wouldn?t say ?we have good biology?If you like the same material things as someoneYou wouldn?t say ?we have good physics'But somehow chemistry made it from a word of scienceTo a word of love
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2007-07-29 16:42:00
I dream of walking into arms With accepting eyes Of being loved and nurtured Just for being me I dream of confiding without fear And dream of a tender touch on my face Letting me know that I?m cherished I dream of someone seeming me for what I am Seeing past the facade And experiencing my true essence. But most of all I dream about sharing so much That I reach a place where rejection doesn?t exist And all there is, is love and acceptance
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late night thoughts of the once loved
2007-07-25 10:12:00
She lies with him while I lie alone Slowly kissing and cuddling They look into each other?s eyes Forgetting all about me I wake up sad in the middle of the night They wake up in each other?s arms And make love Whilst I smoke alone They exchange secrets and dreams Whilst I live in truths and nightmares She makes him feel like a million dollars She makes me feel worthless. I think about them About her smiling at him About them holding hands About their intimacy Tears come to my eyes When I?m reminded of what once was And what will never be I once had a diamond But now all I have is pictures The pictures by my bed And the pictures in my heart.
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The Moment
2007-07-25 08:01:00
I study every dimple and freckleI marvel at the color of your eyesMy hands glide across your backAnd stroke your soft hairI move my lips close to yoursWe breathe from each other?s mouthsGently kissing from time to timeNo words are saidThey are only thoughtAs we share this perfect moment together
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It's a dogs life
2007-07-22 13:58:00
I saw two dogs making love in the park I almost felt jealous He didn?t have to go through foreplay or buy her a meal He probably didn?t even know her name
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just good freinds
2007-07-22 13:57:00
I?m glad I?m not the jealous type If I was, I would probably be paranoid About the fact my girlfriend shares a bed with another man I guess it would be foolish to think anything is going on So what if they both lie naked Listening to Barry White, with strawberries and champagne handy Isn?t that what all good friends do
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poking jesus
2007-07-19 08:21:00
I saw Jesu s walk on water on youtube So I facebooked him He hasn?t got back to me yet He?s too busy designing his myspace page If he is really G-d he should be able to multi task But I guess it?s hard to type When you have holes in your hands
life on stage
2007-07-19 08:18:00
Bring down the curtain Let?s go back to the beginning Act one Scene one I?m not happy with the play so far It has too many mistakes Its only saving grace Is its tragic ending
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life potion
2007-07-19 08:16:00
My life has been mixed into a potion Filed with different ingredients Love, hate, jealousy, arrogance It?s a very complex concoction It should not be drunk if pregnant And ability to drive may be impaired
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Inner Monologue
2007-06-20 23:24:00
I guess there?s no harm in dreaming, no harm in believing the best thing in the world could happen to you. No harm in closing your eyes and imagining you?re already there and that all these great things are already happening to you. I think that we all close our eyes during the day and just pray inside that things could be different. Walking around I see people looking and staring at the sky, staring blankly at a coffee mug, just staring, dreaming, just hoping that somehow their dreams will come true. We all share in it together. We might not talk about it; we might not open up what it is we want and how we feel. We?re all in this world just feeling that, connecting silently to the quite dreams that are going on.I think I can?t really help myself from dreaming, I don?t know about anyone else. I guess life just didn?t turn out how I expected it to. Its not that life is terrible or a tragedy, I guess everything that I envisioned and wanted, there?s only so much of it that comes true f...
personal exhibitions
2007-06-07 11:11:00
All of us in this world are artNo exceptionsThe paintings of our lives have buyersWe just haven?t found them yetSo its time for us allTo open up our galleriesAnd exhibit ourselvesTo take the beauty that is our livesAnd frame it
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your very own poem
2007-06-07 11:01:00
If you think this poem is about youYou are rightI wrote it just for youEvery word carefully chosenSo that it applies completelyAnd only to youI hope you like itI had you in mindWhen I designed itYou might at this point have doubtsAnd think the poem wasn?t solely written for youI urge you not to be so ridiculousAnd appreciate you have had a poem writtenJust for you
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Inner Questions
2007-06-07 11:01:00
I ask the child in meWhat he thinks the adult looks likeThe child smilesBecause the adult is frowningI ask the adult in meWhat the child feels likeThe adult smilesBecause the child is freeI ask the child in meWhat the adult feels likeThe child criesBecause the adult is sadI ask them bothWhat they learned from each otherThe child doesn?t understand the questionAnd the adult doesn?t understand the answer
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warped thoughts
2007-06-04 20:51:00
Warped thoughts move throughAt an unknown paceGliding through my mindLeaving invisible shapesTo pass over all the cellsWithout a trace of reasonEyes open and closeBut thoughts only open and multiplyAnd confusion is born and born againWithout dyingSomewhere in the whirlpool of mass chaosIs reason and logicBut the jagged pieces of remaining ideas and imagesAre placing a block between the real and the illusionThe clear and unclearSearching through my own mindIs a journey larger than searching galaxiesWith space seeming tiny and irrelevantCompared to the processing machine of the soulIn the decade where everyone tried to find themselvesI tried to find my mindI felt even more lost than themThey at least knew where was foreign and where was homeI hadn?t even got that far
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The Milking word run on
2007-06-01 11:56:00
Before you milk theCow that stole myMoney making ideas from under myNose is bleeding allOver the city arePlanes of existenceRemember to wash yourHands off my girlfriendSo they will beClean yourRoom to move from placeTo place the bucketUnder the cowIn order to notSpill over to the next stanza
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Highway Health
2007-05-21 17:00:00
There?s no roundabout way of saying thisWe were at a crossroadAnd she took a turn for the worstShe now faces an uphill struggleWe hope she gets to the light At the end of the tunnel
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The cool kids at school
2007-05-21 13:56:00
The cool kids at schoolAre ruling the townWith their sporting heroesAnd token class clownThey?re making it hardFor me to surviveFrom nine in the morningTill quarter past fiveThey?re all into drugsBut they never get caughtAnd they?ve turned our common roomInto a popular fort.They?re not very cleverThey?re not very niceAnd if you?re not with their crewThey won?t look at you twice.I bought cool new clothesAnd gelled back my hairBut it didn?t make a differenceThey didn?t seem to care.I even bought drugsand shared them for freebut as soon as they?d used themthey just took off and ditched me.So I started to go to the local cool barAnd made adjustments to my brand new cool carBut despite all my effort I couldn?t quite make it I had all their clothes but I couldn?t quite fake it.So I stopped trying to make my life more elegantAnd went back to being just irrelevant
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