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'The erratic rants of a shifty art student.' Touching on everything from Adobe Creative Suite resources to design tips and tricks and everything about the industry in between. Learn about the graphic design industry along side the student herself.


Illustrator: Shapes 101
2008-02-29 23:24:00
This is a very simple thing to make in Illustrator and should definitely help you guys get your feet wet if you are a novice and Illustrator is still intimidating to you. During this tutorial you will deal with shapes: how to make them, lock them, and merge them. Let's get right to it, shall we?Make the shapes. On the left of the screen you will see the toolbox containing your selection tools, type tools, and pretty much everything else. Click and hold down on the rounded rectangle tool. The menu will expand giving you more shape options. Select the ellipse (circle) tool and make a circle on your artboard about 100 x 100 pixels in size.Select the hexigon tool and click the artboard. A window will pop up giving you the option to specify sides. Choose 3 sides and click OK. Shrink and stretch it accordingly and drag it down to the bottom left corner of the circle. Alt click and drag the triangle to make fangs. Repeat this by making and duplicating a rectangle half the size of the fang...
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UPDATE: Changes in The Art Blog
2008-02-15 20:19:00
First off, how ya doin'? Nobody seems to ask that anymore. Now let's get to business. I've been given an offer by my teacher that I cannot refuse. I will be releasing a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter filled with resources, reviews and other designy goodness for the benefit of the other art students, and I'll be posting the newsletter here on The Art Blog . Yes, there will still be everything else, but there will also be newsletters. You guys can certainly benefit from them too, so what have you got to lose?Also the header image will be changing very soon, I'm starting to feel a sense of blandness toward this design after I finished a few designs for my other blogs. I may link to them in the future, but right now I'm still going by the whole "never mix business with pleasure" philosophy. So basically be lookin' out.
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Photobucket be damned!
2008-02-14 04:26:00
I know I've been slacking on the blog lately but readers you must realize - I'm a student and laziness is part of the job. At any rate, I've found a few useful and all around freakin' sweet resources that I'd like to present to you guys. Always remember: Unless stated otherwise, all of the recourses I present are free because I'm broke and according to economical statistics so are you. Without further filler text here we go:CARBONMADECarbonmade is the ultimate in free online art portfolios. The portfolios themselves are ad-free and very well stylized, so you're well presented until you can get your own web site. The only reason why I say it's a good temporary solution as opposed to a permanent one is because there are limitations in regards to how much you can present. As a free user you can have up to 5 categories with 35 images hosted, but if you're a newbie designer that should be more than enough. They also have a Whoo! (I love that) account you can upgrade to that give...
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The Scribbler
2008-01-30 02:55:00
Stumbleupon does it again! I found this awesome little online doodad while surfing the net and picking my nose. It's pretty basic. You doodle an image and it redraws it for you Etch-A-Sketch style, and the results are typically fantastic. This would be great if you have a Wacom Tablet, and if ya don't (which I obviously don't) it's still fun to play with.Here is my doodleThis was the Doodler's ResponseIf you have a lot of gaps in your drawing be careful, or you'll end up with a lot of stray lines. Remember this is Etch-A-Sketch style; there will be linage.Doodle With GapsI've seen a lot of sites with applications that do this sort of thing, but each one is a bit different and offers different behaviors and ultimately different results. Click here to go to the Scribbler.
Retro Mabacre
2008-01-10 14:25:00
As is often the case, I got incredibly bored and my old man directed me to Digg for momentary entertainment and I saw these creepy ads from times past. I think at this point that material of this nature should be called 'retro macabre', considering that our grandparents were clearly hardcore.You filthy whore.First up we have this little coffee ad. Nothing sells coffee like tapping into the wife-beating demographic.Victory BondsWho knew Nazis had such bony fingers.Uh...The worst part is, this made your granny want some pork chops.The generation responsible for and that responded to this kind of advertising is currently being stored in various incompetent old people prisons (i.e. nursing homes). I see a serious bed-pan-throwing retaliation in our near future. These people don't fuck around. The complete list of 'Ten Creepiest Old Ads' can be found here.
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The Rosetta Stone
2008-01-01 04:01:00
For those of you who don't know what the Rosetta Stone is, it's a big freakin' rock etched around 196 B.C.E. and found by some French guy in the 1700s. Basically, it's a stone with three different types of hieroglyphs chiseled into it, one translating the other before it. Why am I schooling you guys? Well because, I found a kickass rub of it somewhere in the abyss that is the internet. Trust me guys this is a deal; it's the best look you can get of it without pressing your face against museum glass. Check it out here.
BOOK: The Abandoned
2007-12-21 11:45:00
I've actually had this graphic novel for a while but for some reason it took me...oh I dunno...a year to decide to write about it. That's a year's worth of ADD folks. Anyway here it is:The abandonedHere's the jist: Somewhere near Savannah, Georgia there's some kids working in a creepy ice cream shop (mind you everything about Georgia is a little creepy, I know I share a state line with those guys) when a hurricane blows through and suddenly all the town folk are all kinds of zombie-fied. Don't know why. When it comes to Tokyo Pop it's usually best not to ask questions. Either way, the art is kickass, the gore is satisfactory, and the characters look like real people as opposed to tweaked-out big-eyed 90 pound sticks with tits. Yay zombies.
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WHAT'S UP: Micro Buttons
2007-12-20 01:45:00
Ever wondered what the hell kinda font people have been using for those tiny 'link to' buttons? Well, out of absolute boredom I figured it out. All hail the almighty Google blah blah blah.These tinies are called 'micro buttons'. Though they are not for the visually inept they do provide a good bit of linky information in a stylish manner and they take away very little of the site's design. Hell often times they add to the site's design. Here are the specs for making your own:The standard micro button size is 80x15.The universal font used for them is Silkscreen by Jason Kottke.Most of the time these buttons have a small white cut to the left to display initials or whatever, but they come in all styles.Happy button making and remember: Uncut Columbian is only uncut if you're in Columbia.
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Movie: Dead Leaves
2007-12-19 01:58:00
So I was flipping channels the other night and the Sci-fi Channel was running Blood: The Last Vampire. Whatever. I've seen enough emo vamp paraphernalia in my day. I flip back about 30 minutes later and I was slapped in the face by this:Dead Leaves . I never cought why it was called that because i was too busy being captivated/stunned and holding my sides from the laughter. I've seen a lot of weird movies in my day but this one takes the cake. I couldn't look away. The whole thing has something to do with the two main characters, Pandy and Retro, breaking out of a prison on the moon. And you know I couldn't help but notice that the guy with the T.V. on his head (Retro) was really friggin' hot. I don't even have to ask if there's something wrong with me.WATCH IT!!
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HTML: Crash Course
2007-12-18 23:30:00
This post is all about tags. I'm sure a lot of you are damn tired of having 'Hosted by Photobucket' appear at the bottom of every picture you link to, so I'm gonna tell you how to bypass the sickening commercialism attached to all of your hosted photos. Your dead dog shouldn't be hosted by Photobucket.Copy the direct link url located below your image on the Photobucket website. Navigate to the place where you want to place your image and follow these steps:Insert this short code and paste the url you copied in place of (url):<img src= /posts/" (url) ">When you're done, you should have something like this:<img src=" e.jpg">Same goes with linking text instead of just slapping a long ugly link down. This is what you write:<a href=""> ;This is a link.</a>This is what you get: This is a link.For a while you'll have to reference the code and c...
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Phenomenal Piece
2007-12-18 21:41:00
You absolutely have to see this. Scroll in to see all the action. Mad props to the creators.Click here.
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Martina Strobel: Vector Artist
2007-12-17 17:54:00
StumbleUpon can be a very beautiful thing when it comes to finding artists like this. Martina Strobel is a vector artist who, in my opinion, utilizes every ounce of potential vector drawing can provide. Her placement is flawless, her shading is superb, and her concepts are phenomenal. Props to Martina Strobel (cool last name by the way).Check out her website here.
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Meet An Inmate
2007-11-23 23:46:00
Tired of the bar scene? Internet dating getting you down? Then Meet An inmate is for you! Choose from thousands of attractive young bachelors who may have killed a guy and find your one true love today! Here are some excerpts from some of our exciting inmates waiting to hear from YOU!Tony, 27"Yeah I like long walks of the beach, fine dining, painting, and wearing your skin."Sam, 31"Evening ladies and thank you for your interest. I enjoy picnics, hiking, cuddling on cold nights, and women with hands that preserve well in formaldehyde. Call me!"Okay so this was a pretty ballsy move on my part. But ya gotta admit: this is how breakouts start and stupidity ends (with a blunt object to the head). Either way, if you're tired of all the technology and feel like putting snail mail back in business, or are just bored out of your mind, writing to an inmate who really likes yer feets could be the way to go.Go to Meet An Inmate.
Ron Mueck: Hyper-realist Sculpter
2007-11-21 21:31:00
I'm quite sure by now you've heard of this guy. Not much needs to be said about the artist because of his obvious creative capacity. The work speaks (and somehow emotes) for itself. Yes, this is a sculpture.Ron Mueck does not appear to have a website, and if this is the case I gotta respect the guy's modesty and elusive demeanor. If you want to see more of his work consult the almighty Google.
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Business Card How-to
2007-11-19 23:35:00
Everybody needs a good business card, especially designers. In an occupational field based on looks, the first impression means everything. Think of the graphic design industry like the model industry, expect you don't have to puke every time you eat a cracker.Business card stuff you outta know: Create the image in CMYK color mode Set the size for 3.5 x 2 inches at 300 PPI Save it on a flash drive as a PDF For something simple go to Kinko's Pick out a cardstock and go grab a coffee.I dig the Kinko's because it's convenient and cheap as hell. Six cut sheets run you about 13 bucks. But of course, you can set it up there but your designs options will be limited and you'll pay around 40 friggin' dollars for the same number of cards. Now that you know how to set up your own you can save some money. And I suggest you do; gas ain't gettin' any cheaper.
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Photoshop Brushes | Installment 01
2007-11-17 18:07:00
After little anticipation here are links to what I consider some of the best sites for acquiring free and royalty-free Photoshop Brushes . Just so you know I measure resource quality based on how easy it is to get what you need, how safe it is, and how not crappy the navigation and functionality of the site is. Here they are: - I came here to investigate and got distracted for about half an hour. Good stuff. Brushes - Click on the icon and you'll be tken to a page where you can download. - What they lack in quantity is made up for in quality. They have a lot of unique brushes you'll likely only find there. : PS brushes - The page takes a sec to load but it's worth it. All brushes are unique, but you have to acquire them from linked sites. The pro side is you find cool artists by navigating. The con side is you have to navigate. - Navigation sucks but some things in life you just gotta work for. Photoshop R...
Font Resources
2007-11-15 20:51:00
A good graphic designer is nothing without their fonts, and that among other reasons (boredom) is why I am linking you to some of the best places to find free and awesome fonts at your disposal.Check out: is presently my favorite font site because they offer a wide variety of fonts without a ton of mind-numbing ads. is probably the best known, but when downloading be careful of the word 'shareware' is not only vast in selection but the site is quite shinyBe wary of: - The popup windows give away a potentially malevolent purpose and when downloaded the zip files contain unidentifiable files. Font - The file download format is .exe (execute) and unless you're ballsy you don't want to take a chance on what it might do In fact be wary of ANY files that download as a .exe file format. If you want a virus that's hansdown the easiest way to get oneWell there you have it. Happy hunting and remember: always be wary...
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Intro To Introductions
2007-11-13 08:49:00
Hello inquisitive readers and welcome to the blog. As you can probably gather by now the company is a bit 'different' I mean run by a sole college student halfway through an art degree. *Ahem* anyway...Here are the reasons why I've chosen to start this company and this blog: I figure if I explain the design process from idea to paper you guys might learn something new You might also learn about the industry because I know I'll eventually have something print-related to bitch about. I want to show you my shiny things I have a moderate case of OCD and I have to freakin' log everything.Well there you have it.
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About The Artist
2006-12-19 06:34:00
I never know where to start with these damn things *sigh*. Because when put on the the spot my mind either draws a blank or fuzzy circles I'll start with a list of random facts and reiterate from there:I'm left-handed.I am an Aries. Outright.I was raised in the mountains.I've been drawing sense the day I could hold a pencil.The more bizarre, the longer it retains my interest.I like shiny things - also zombies.I have an unhealthy fascination with the undead (see above).By religion I qualify as an Occultist.I've never been unsure of anything in my life, but I have been wrong.1I'm left-handed. My father is the only other lefty in my bloodline, and though he didn't teach me much else, he did teach me how to open doors, and to this day I have to turn a full circle to walk through a doorway. And no, other lefties do not do that. My dad's a doofus.2I'm unbearably driven to do whatever I set my mind to, no matter how stupid or far fetched. Aries is the leader sign f the Zodiac and w...
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Kerri's 10
2006-12-18 23:04:00
Lemme get it out of the way: I create a lot of art. A lot of art. Yet seemingly I only turn out a finished product once in a blue moon or two. Why is this, you ask? Well because: I hold myself to nearly impossible standards. No, I don't think I'm the shit. I think my work is shit, so I do it and redo it and redo it until I finally shove it into the public and ignore it thereafter. My Professor has a serious concern for this but I've also heard it's not uncomm0on for artist to go through this cyclical editing process. Crazy? Maybe. Compulsive? I think so. But where would art be without change? Art is change my friend and I wanna make it happen. With that said, These are the current (and frequently updated) top ten pieces I've managed to squeeze out of that weird little spiral in my head. Enjoy.10The Spirit TreeI created this one in Photoshop CS2, may weapon of choice, about a year ago. Had a dream, drew a picture, you know how it is. It may not be the most impressive piece I've...
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