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Marc Moss is an artist who lives in Missoula, Montana. Marc Moss creates and shows art in the Missoula, MT area including - painting, collage, and photography. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Marc Moss has been living and creating in the local contempor
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Patina- Process
2010-02-01 01:47:00
Patina- Process Originally uploaded by love not fear
Preserving Missoula?s History ? ?The Merc?
2010-01-19 05:34:00
This, from the Missoula Cultural Council newsletter… The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is working with Macy’s to save many of the artifacts of “The Merc”, some dating to the 19th century.  The Museum is asking the community for its memories, its photographs, its memorabilia, and its stories of “The Merc.” Anyone who has been a ...
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The Man, Burning Man 2009
2009-12-11 04:12:00
The Man, Burning Man 2009 Originally uploaded by mr. nightshade When I wrote about Burning Man a while back, I meant to include a link to the amazing gigapan photo of the Man burning. Check it out. The Man Burns [link]
2009-12-03 05:19:00
Recently, I hastily wrote about my experience with the Misosula Art Museum and the process and aftermath of submitting to their 2010 art auction.  My intention in writing was to criticize the coolness with which the museum notifies hopeful artists who are not chosen for the auction.  I should have stated that in a paragraph and ...
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Burning Man ? Decompression
2009-11-30 15:03:00
And the art! There was so much of it. And all of it free to be experienced and viewed by all. It really got m thinking about the directions I want to take my art - both in what I make, and in how it is consumed. Should I sell it? Should I donate it for sale to worthy causes? Should I give it away? Can I approach my art with a combination of these ideas? These are questions that I am still asking myself, and still answering. I, and my art, is in an evolutionary process, one that will never end, and one that excites me like I've not been excited about my art for a long time.
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Graceful Rejection ? The Yellowstone Art Museum
2009-11-27 23:27:00
Many artists I respect in Missoula encouraged me this year to submit work for consideration to be included in The Yellowstone Art Museum ’s art auction.  The YAM is in Billings, and I have visited it before.  It is a wonderful museum. The submission process was a little more hands-on than the MAM’s, as I had to actually ...
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With All My Heart
2009-11-15 22:24:00
With All My Heart Originally uploaded by love not fear Recently, I submitted this piece and this piece to the Missoula Art Museum’s art auction. I’m not a very well known artist among “serious” art collectors in Missoula. I don’t expect my name will draw huge dollars in an auction. But, I think the work is ...
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Spontaneous Construction ? Silent Auction
2009-10-13 06:06:00
Every Year, Home Resource Celebrates Art and Community at their Spontaneous Construction Event …and this year was no different.  The pieces created on the day of SponCon 2009 were as diverse as those who created them.  Beautiful coffeetables, chicken coops, a couple of kaleidoscopes, a working Dobro and a waterfall powered composter just to name ...
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Adapt ? New Paradigms for New Art
2009-08-26 05:20:00
And now I think that I?m finished with it. I don?t know. I said that if the donated love letters and post breakup emails didn?t come in, the project would die. And the letters and emails aren?t really coming in. I?ve tried a donation center at the show, I?ve tried Craigslist postings, I?ve Facebooked it and Twittered about it trying to solicit letters for the project. All failed.
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The Leaving and the Left ? Teardrop on the Fire ? Process
2009-08-06 05:34:00
The Leaving and the Left – Teardrop on the Fire Opening Exhibition 08.07.09 ? Noteworthy* Paper&Press
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Call to Missoula Artists for Public Art
2009-07-11 00:09:00
For immediate release: June 24, 2009 CONTACT: Joan Jonkel, City of Missoula Public Art Committee PHONE: 728-0345 or 721-1835 EMAIL: CALL FOR ARTISTS – Traffic Signal Box Project The City of Missoula Public Art Committee invites artists residing in Missoula County to apply for a public art project to create art on traffic signal boxes (TSB) located throughout Missoula. ...
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Free! Art in the Alley - June 1st Friday
2009-06-09 00:00:00
The evening was about gifting, about appropriating public space, about making art accessible to everyone, exciting and affordable.
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Tender, Laughing and Lovely
2009-06-02 20:48:00
Tender, Laughing and Lovely Originally uploaded by love not fear I used this photo in this piece. The only work I did on it in the digital darkroom was to adjust levels, contrast & brightness.  The distressed effect of the photo in the final piece is from the glue that I used to apply it to the ...
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Magic Love
2009-05-29 07:01:00
...learning much about the logistical process of putting these pieces together. One major struggle I'm having is that the metal upon which I'm mounting everything is so thin, I'm having to mount the metal itself onto a piece of wood & hanging it with wire means it pulls away from the wall quite a bit.
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One of my Favorite Days Ever
2009-05-25 07:49:00
One of my Favorite Days Ever Originally uploaded by love not fear Back in the studio after what seems to me like a long abscence. Completed four new pieces. Will write more about the process soon.
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ˇVIVA! - The Open Field Artists do it again
2009-05-15 20:12:00
"Driven by the Jan. World Social Forum in Brazil to deliver the global south's message to their northern homeland, the Open Field Artists present ˇVIVA!, a multi-media evening of dance-theatre, visual art, live music and vocals..."
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Once Upon a Time (detail)
2009-04-23 19:44:00
Miss Zula’s and Marc Moss are proud to announce a Marc Moss retrospective this First Friday, May 1st, 2009. Reception 5PM - 8PM. Abstract paintings, collage, assemblage and photography, all affordably priced at recession special prices. Just in time for Mother’s Day and Graduation. Looking forward to seeing you there. Miss Zula’s 111 North Higgins Missoula , MT 59802
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2009-04-13 06:03:00
Acceptance Originally uploaded by love not fear See all you Missoulians at The Dana Gallery 05.01.09.
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2009-03-31 17:02:00
Computer Central, 136 East Broadway Avenue., is pleased to present "Art-Stravaganza!", a spring cleaning and art clearance sale/exhibition by Marc Moss. Paintings, collage, assemblage - IT'S ALL HERE! Marc Moss originals, nothing over $100. Please join us for a reception, First Friday April 3rd from 5.30 - 7.30 PM.
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Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Review - Sunday February 15th, 2009
2009-02-27 16:00:00
February 13th through the 22nd, The Wilma Theatre was overrun with filmakers, volunteers, and fans of the documentary film. I was one of the fans (and volunteers), and here I?ll be sharing with you thoughts from some of the almost fifty films I saw this year. The festival is growing and getting better ...
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Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Review - Saturday February 14th, 2009
2009-02-26 16:00:00
BSDFF 2009 Review:  Saturday February 14th February 13th through the 22nd, The Wilma Theatre was overrun with filmakers, volunteers, and fans of the documentary film.  I was one of the fans (and volunteers), and here I’ll be sharing with you thoughts from some of the almost fifty films I saw this year.  The festival is growing ...
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Molly Murphy, Missoula Bead Artist, to go to Phoenix for the 51st Indian Fa
2009-02-25 15:50:00
Good story in today’s Missoulian about Molly Murphy , the local bead artist.  She’ll be travelling to Phoenix , AZ in March for the 51st Indian Fair & Market.  Read the story here.
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Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2009 - Day 1
2009-02-14 18:46:00
The Wilma Originally uploaded by BigSkyDocFF Thriller in Manilla Directed by Joe Dower, 2008 I was too young to remember the details of these fights when they aired, but remember them being on TV. I never realized how much of an asshole Ali was, betraying his friend after Frazier supported him for years when he couldn’t box. ...
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The Leaving and the Left - Artist Statement
2009-02-06 02:00:00
Rusty metal, worn wood, decayed wires. Love, when it first sparks, burns hot. Love needs heat to form, just as metal does, and glass. If the fire burns too hot, it burns itself out. When allowed to cool, it forms a solid recognizable thing that is affected by the ravages of time, and becomes more beautiful as it is exposed to the elements.
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Art is for the People: Interview with Shepherd Fairy
2009-01-30 16:47:00
via Wooster Collective.
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The Island of deMented Toys
2009-01-27 19:24:00
Growing up in the rust belt, I’ve always been fascinated with dilapidated things, worn out parts, rust and decay.  I could never figure out how to paint like that, and I’ve always wanted to. Sunday, I attended Michael deMang’s The Island of deMented Toys workshop at the ZACC in which we destroyed old toys and created ...
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2010 Governor?s Arts Awards
2009-01-24 21:56:00
Swim with Me Nominations are now being accepted online for the Governor ’s Arts Awards 2010. The Governor’s Arts Awards program honors outstanding citizens and organizations in Montana whose achievements in the arts benefit all Montanans. The governor presents the Governor’s Arts Awards through a partnership with the Montana Arts Council and the Montana Ambassadors. Anyone or ...
Butte, America World Premiere
2009-01-22 04:37:00
But the story is more than just a story of workers and a boomtown gone bust. The story is a human one about the bonds that hard work can forge within a community, how hard work can actually become the defining element of a community. Those bonds and that sense of identity can be destroyed when work dries up. In the case of Butte , the work dried up as a result of corporate greed, when finally, mining left the town forever.
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2009-01-20 22:35:00
Bye-Bye! Originally uploaded by Dina Marie
119/365 - Dr. Sketchy Missoula
2009-01-20 00:42:00
I know that there are plans for a 24 hour sketch-off in October @ the Ceretana as well. 24 straight hours of models and drawing. THAT is going to be a blast.
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