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Articles hacked? LOL
2008-01-29 14:26:00
Ok..ermm..actually my busyuk asked me to help her looking for the best hotel that their family can stay in Labuan. I use Yahoo! search engine to find the targeted site (i dont know why i use Yahoo!..-_-!)..then my eyes got attracted to this word “hacked” after i use “” keywords…so i click the link..then the ...
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WinXP Theme - Zune Theme
2008-01-26 10:47:00
Zune Theme is a new theme for Windows XP based on Microsoft’s Zune Player and Royale Theme. Everything just like Royale Theme, except for the colour. Zune Theme is more techny with orange and black combination. I’ve tried it only for a few minutes before switch back to my previous theme. =P. Different people different ...
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New Proton Saga 2008 SE
2008-01-19 14:03:00
Theres some people said that there are 2 version of New Proto n Saga 2008 . Standard and SE. Here some pictures of New Proton Saga 2008 SE. Taken from cg uploaded by mclarenx. Model’s spec still unknown (at least for me). Correct me if im wrong. Proud to be Malaysian huh?. =P ...
Best Forex Trading System
2008-01-13 22:58:00
Attention to forex trader!. I’ve an excellent forex trading course to share with you. Have you ever heard the statement the trend is your friend? Have you ...
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New Proton Saga 2008 - Latest update
2008-01-13 13:48:00
Latest picture about New Proton Saga 2008 . Got from a forum. Sorry cannot upload the full picture. U can get it by click the link. Pic 1 Pic 2
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Morning with stupid chief of security guard
2008-01-07 14:06:00
Ok..firstly i know..this topic gonna be out of the niche..but its ok i think..i just cant get rid off the annoying face of that -censored- ( i just call him “laden” because his name somehow got related with that osama bin laden..kakaka..) the story..i woke up late..then i rushed to the academic tower to ...
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Business card - an experiment
2008-01-03 21:28:00
My colleague a.k.a my gf asked me to help her design a few samples of business cards for her interview. Then, i started to look for some brushes, fonts and guide and end up with three samples which i think can be labeled as “sucks”. Here i just post two samples because the other one ...
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New proton BLM full specification
2007-12-31 23:34:00
Here is the update for New Proto n ? post. The information taken from cg. For more information, you can visit and ask Proton Edar service. Look at the price, very competitive. Proton BLM full specification: Engine= CAMPRO 1.3 + Intake Air Fuel Module (IAFM) Engine output= 70KW(94BHP)/6000rpm Rev=120/4000rpm L x W x H= 4257mm X 1680mm X 1502mm Cabin size= ...
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Hello 2008!
2007-12-31 15:20:00
Grey for everyone Blue for my friends Pink for my “ma buchuk!” Wish all of us for the better year in 2008 =P
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Smorty - highly recommended
2007-12-31 13:41:00
Want to make money from your blog?. If yes, then i suggest you to try Smorty. Smorty offer an opportunities for blogger to get paid just for blogging known as blog advertising. Its a trend now. Generally said, Smorty act as a medium that meet up the advertiser who wants to promote their company, website ...
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Nice game to try
2007-12-30 23:48:00
I’ve been playing this flash based game recently and only manage to survive for 285 seconds. Poor me. How long can u survive?..=P Click here to go to the game site  
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Photoshop simple tutorial : Make your own fav button
2007-12-29 23:08:00
Finally, my first tutorial. As i promised before. Simple ..i guess =P. Fyi, the .psd file is included and i use Adobe Photoshop CSIII. Well, in this tutorial, u will make this : The steps 1. Create new file with size 80px * 15px. Select white for background. Name it as u please. Then name ...
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Make your own fav button 8015
2007-12-28 22:27:00
I love fav button. Others too i guess. It is art which represent the creator’s creativity and interest. I’ve been searching for the tutorials and guides on how to make fav button but failed to find any. At last i learned it by myself. Maybe i should make a tutorial then but i have not ...
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Fav button!
2007-12-28 15:09:00
I made this fav button for my other blog by using PS III..
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Make your own ebook - FREE!
2007-12-22 17:34:00
The title is enough i think to explain what this post is all about..basically this ebook teach us how to make an ebook by using simple methods and some other tips that related to making business by using, u will get three ebooks free as a BONUS and free membership at is the ...
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2007-12-21 14:11:00
Another nice website…just fall in love with their vector wallpaper and yummy icon..smooth, clean and simple..worth to click..
Alique?s - Dec desktop
2007-12-21 14:05:00
Its been a few weeks after my last post..quite busy but not so busy actually..its sem break..bored like one left except me, a cat and students that either have no money or not-homesick-type of ppl..kekeke..neway..this is my latest desktop..december..simple.. Some additional info : Wallpaper from -> Icon from (at the top of the screen) -> ...
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Happy : new prepaid mobile plan for malaysian
2007-12-09 07:10:00
Happy in da houz..yupe..its a happy time for prepaid user..another ‘happy‘ plan for whats the deal?.. Happy’s dealz : RM0.99 perminute after 99 seconds RM0.01 perminute from 1 to 99 seconds RM0.10 persms - not a great deal i think.. 60 days validity - some people bother some people dont.. Happy’s services and rates : How/where to get? : Order online ...
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Alique?s fav - screensaver
2007-12-08 12:04:00
My favorite screensaver.. 1. PixelBreaker : PolarClock v3.0 - flash-based..yummy!.. 2. World Clock Screensaver - display 5 different time zones + local time.. 3. Grid Based Clock Screensaver - superb!.. 4. Gruella’s Pet Screensaver - fluffy snail wondering on your sound!.. 5. Maddog : Flurry - beautiful.. 6. 9031 : Fliqlo - my fav..very useful..especially for exam and dateline mode..(hint : use arrows to change the ...
Alique?s fav - online storage
2007-11-27 17:26:00
Here i listed down 4 online storage that often used by me to store my files.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Basically, all of it provide 1GB storage (Driveaway provide 2GB) and support many data type like pdf, image, zip and so on.. u can try it..of course for free.. ...
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Fozzy e-bookz..
2007-11-27 15:55:00
Learn one of the famous trading the Fozzy below.. Fozzy TS e-book
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