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Face Your Pockets [Mix Match]
2008-03-02 12:42:00
click to enlarge picture Find Yor Pocket type and enjoy...
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World War II Posters
2008-03-02 12:34:00
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38th Annual Creativity Awards Event
2008-03-02 12:23:00
Date: June 1, 2008 (In 91 Days) Place: United States, Louisville, Pendennis Club Description: Ad agencies, publishers, graphic designers, photographers, freelance designers, illustrators, producers, directors, web designers and corporate art departments may submit original design or art pieces created between June 1, 2007 and May 31, 2008 (void where prohibited). We receive entries from firms
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Best MSNBC Photos of the Year
2008-02-25 15:31:00
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A Selection of Perfect Ads
2008-02-25 15:07:00
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Motorcycles Made from Old Watches
2008-02-20 12:09:00
click to enlarge picture Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau, an artist from Brazil, makes these incredible motorcycle sculptures from old watches. Each sculpture is hand made from watch parts that Jose has collected during his life.
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Fantastic Photos from Dave Hill
2008-02-10 17:13:00
click to enlarge picture photographer by: Dave Hill This incomparable photographer pays special attention to lighting! After long-lasting and routine equipment allocation he gets very unusual and beautiful photos without any photoshop involved.
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Wikimedia Pictures of the Year
2008-02-05 08:30:00
click to enlarge picture The Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year committee has announced the result of annual Picture of the Year competition, 2007. The winner is Broadway Tower in Cotswolds, England. See the other entrants inside. Truly amazing pictures!
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Umberella Bag
2008-02-05 08:20:00
Wet umbrellas are not gonna bother you anymore. Thanks to Seung Hee Son, a new concept of an umbrella is invented. The idea amazes by its simplicity. The umbrella has a pocket turning which inside out our umbrella is covered and looks like a stylish bag. See the instruction guide below!
Best Reuters Photos of the Year
2008-01-26 12:30:00
click to enlarge picture China. Three-year-old Yang Yang kisses a beluga whale during a publicity photo call at the Qingdao Polar Ocean World, June 2, 2007.Serbia. Soldiers practise riot control techniques at a base in the western Kosovo town of Pec on March 25, 2007.Kenya. A riot police dog goes for a suspected Mungiki gang member at Nairobi’s Mathare slums, June 7, 2007.Netherlands. Naked
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2008-01-26 12:25:00
by Kay Zetkin This article introduces you, the Graphic Designer, to COLORCUBE, a new “low-tech” software that lays down the principles of digital color. Many times graphic designers realize too late that the colors on the monitor do not match with the printed item. Therefore, there is a need for proper comprehension of the color model to go around the behavior of digital color. Nowadays in the
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Best National Geographic Photos of the Year
2008-01-26 12:14:00
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Combining Colors in Graphic Design
2008-01-26 12:09:00
by Mart Gil Abareta Color is one of the most important aspects of good graphic design. It is always very important that you carefully consider each color that you use in your designs. Moreover, color combinations can relay moods and different messages within your designs. If you are a graphic designer and don't have a strong grasp on combining colors then this article is for you. Color is being
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Creative Photos by Brian Walker
2008-01-15 20:16:00
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Dreams of Flying
2008-01-09 09:26:00
Great creative photos by Jan Von Holleben, an award winning German Photographer. He has won awards such as the Observer Hodge Photographic Award, a Lucie Award in NY and the Audi-Next Level Photographic Award. Jan von Holleben spends his time between Berlin, London and his homeland in South West Germany where he produces the majority of his photography. Born 1977 in Cologne and brought up
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Energetic Visions of City Life "Chris Dent"
2007-12-29 23:10:00
click to enlarge picture Chris Dent is an illustrator who is fascinated by city environments. He uses a range of intricate mark making, creating energetic visions of city life. Chris recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts where he gained a BA hons in Illustration. Now as a freelance illustrator he is determined to make his work recognised worldwide. Chris is also the co-founder of
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3D Drawings by Julian Beever
2007-12-27 20:48:00
click to enlarge picture Julian Beever has made pavement drawings for over ten years. He has worked in the U.K., Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Australia. Check out the photos
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2007-12-25 22:02:00
Masters Of Russian Animation Animation & Cartoons - This clip is from a 1986 short film directed Nina Shorina tells a story of bizarre inhabitants of a crumbling apartment house go to enormous trouble getting in and out of the building without using the front door - even after a boy demonstrates that it's unlocked. Door satirizes the mismanaged life Soviet citizens endured for decades. Born
Sony Bravia Paint Ad
2007-12-25 21:37:00
Sony unleashes the follow up to last year's wildly popular Bravia ad with an equally stunning ad utilizing massive amounts of exploding paint. Release Year: 2006. Director: Jonathan Glazer
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Controversial Radio Station Ad
2007-12-25 21:32:00
MIKE FM's spot, "Keep it On," has run into controversy as some Bostonian's think the ad is too racy for television.
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Coke: Happiness Factory
2007-12-25 21:26:00
So what does happen exactly when we put our monies into the vending machine? Psyop takes us inside the machine in this playful new spot for Coke .
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Creative vs Cracktive
2007-12-24 06:37:00
From Left: Toyota Prado vs Dadi Shuttle, Neoplan Starliner vs Zonda A9, Nissan XTrail vs Greatwall Sing, Opel (Vauxhall) Frontera vs Landwind From Left: Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Hongqi HQD, BMW 7 vs BYD F6, Daewoo Matiz vs Chery QQ, Smart vs Chinese Smart From Left: Toyota Logo vs Geely Logo, Mercedes C vs Geely Merrie 300, BMW 7 vs BYD F6 Logo
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Ron Mueck
2007-12-24 06:13:00
Ron Mueck (born 1958) is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in Great Britain. Mueck's early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children's television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo. Mueck moved on to establish his own company in London, making photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industry.
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3D Text Effects in Photoshop
2007-12-18 08:11:00
by Mart Gil Abareta If you are a graphic designer or a web designer, no doubt you either already know how to create cool text effects in Adobe Photoshop or you want to know how to. This Photoshop tutorial is for the latter. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will teach you how to create cool 3D text effects that will pop out from your website's or brochure's background!! We know that with Photoshop
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