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Classic, obscure, arthouse, and foreign films. Funny and informative, with lots of largely sized screencaps.


Captains Courageous (1937)
2008-04-09 09:22:00
PB drove up to the Northshore yesterday for no apparent reason and on the way back, decided to stop by the little port town of Gloucester, MA for a little walkabout. Having grown up on the Cape, PB has a soft spot for all things dealing with the sea and the men who brave it. ...
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Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
2008-03-17 00:00:00
Who needs workout music when you’ve got old black and white movies to keep your attention while pounding on the treadmill? PB has very little spare time to sit down and watch a film in its entirety these days so she’s come up with a new system - watch them while exercising. A few days ...
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Heaven Can Wait (1943)
2008-03-02 04:34:00
Guess what PB watched on Valentine’s Day? Yes, she knows that was two weeks ago but all that self-empowering chocolate has put her in a coma, which she only awoke from yesterday. Yesterday was also when she finally took down her Christmas lights and she is glad to report that no, she did not flagellate ...
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In the Mood for Love (????, 2000)
2008-02-09 05:46:00
Although director Wong Kar-Wai is a household name among film critics and international cinema aficionados, he has yet to become fully acknowledged by the American audience. Actually, the vast number of the world’s great filmmakers still unknown to the American public puts PB immensely ill at ease, but that’s another discussion altogether. So in honor ...
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Lust, Caution (2007)
2008-02-05 07:54:00
In honor of the impending Chinese New Year, PB has decided to throw out some thoughts on Chinese films of both past and present. We begin with the present. Ang Lee follows up his sexually groundbreaking film Brokeback Mountain with another sexually explicit picture Se, Jie (Lust , Caution) centering around a small anti-Japanese effort turned ...
More Puppy Photos
2008-01-30 00:52:00
Tomorrow PB will be back with more movie stuff. Yay! Meanwhile here are a couple more photos of the new puppy. He’s grown a lot in the last 2 weeks (he’s only about 10 weeks old). His ears are entirely up, he can eat dry kibble very well now (his teeth weren’t that strong a couple ...
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Paper Battleships has a new mascot - Puppy!
2008-01-19 20:22:00
If you’ve been wondering about the absence of updates, it’s because PB has been taking care of “the puppy situation.” Yes, PB got a puppy. He’s small and adorable but he also requires copious amounts of attention. PB is exhausted. She has been constantly cleaning up pee and poop for the past week. It’s too ...
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El Día de la Bestia (1995)
2008-01-13 15:31:00
If PB ever puts out a personal ad, you will find listed under “guilty indulgences” fancy European soaps, colorful soup bowls, and religious thriller movies. PB can’t help but be fascinated with the madness that is the Christian faith and all the drama that surrounds its secret societies, hidden codes, stigmatas, apocalyptic premonitions, and the ...
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Cat People (1942)
2008-01-12 10:36:00
An ancient curse throttling a modern romance, Cat People was the little film that could back when it debuted in 1942. Shot in three weeks on a shoestring budget of $134,000, the cult thriller went on to gross $8 million dollars worldwide that year. It’s interesting how a horror film such as Cat People became such ...
Best of 2007
2008-01-12 07:14:00
PB is back! Cinema bloggers everywhere are posting their Best of 2007’s as December leaves us and January is now in full swing. PB doesn’t have time to repeat what everyone else has said so she will point you to the lists she agrees with: - Filmbrain churns out a long, comprehensive list that includes both ...
2008-01-10 17:45:00
PB apologizes profusely for leaving you without any updates for so long. She has been busy running around putting out fires and dealing with some family “situations.” Tomorrow she’ll return to the usual postings. She’ll even post through the weekend to makeup for the lack of posts this week! PB also found out that today is ...
Les Diaboliques (1955)
2008-01-05 05:16:00
Les Diaboliques is by no means an obscure film. The French suspense thriller is widely heralded as one of the scariest movies in its genre. But PB wants to re-introduce it to those who are still unfamiliar with its original brillance because she overheard a discussion about the 1996 remake Diabolique (with Sharon Stone and ...
Wife vs. Secretary (1936)
2008-01-04 01:20:00
A forgotten classic packed with the top stars of its time, Wife vs. Secretary is an endearing little film that usually slip through the cracks of most ranking lists. Here are Myrna Loy, Clarke Gable, Jean Harlow, and a young Jimmy Stewart all thrown together for some good ol’ fashion relationship turmoil. Van (Gable) is very much in ...
Some Yo Yo Stuff (1994)
2008-01-03 00:18:00
Legendary Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, came onto the music scene in the 1960s and brought with him the noisy, blues and free jazz influenced sounds of what we now call avant-garde experimental music. He had a good two decade run, producing, among others, the celebrated record Trout Mask Replica (1969) in collaboration with ...
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2007 Year in Review
2008-01-02 02:55:00
It’s inevitable. Everyone is replaying 2007 in their heads while pounding on the treadmills at the gym. PB hates making lists, and she hates reviewing her life. She’s awkward with sentiments and misplaces emotions like she does her car keys. All these gushy self-affirming declarations, swirling around her like psychedelic mind trips, are enough to ...
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Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)
2008-01-01 21:20:00
Sorry, Wrong Number is about a woman, Leona Stevenson, who overhears two men plotting a murder over the telephone when her line mistakenly crosses into theirs. The brilliant part is that… the murder is going to be hers!
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Gaslight (1944)
2007-12-31 20:04:00
Very few films have ever held PB’s attention, without distraction, for the entire length of the picture. Gaslight is one of them. There is something undefinitively menacing about Gaslight that continues to frighten PB to this very day. The 1944 picture was a remake of a 1940 version entitled Angel Street, both being based on ...
Benazir Bhutto
2007-12-31 08:20:00
It?s a couple hours past midnight and PB is reading yet another book on American foreign policy; the nation?s involvement in the Middle East is one of her pastime obsessions, owing partially to the residual effects of having almost been a political science major at Uni. PB feels like she should say something regarding Benazir ...
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Cocoshaker (1981)
2007-12-30 09:11:00
For some reason, PB spent the night slumped under the covers watching all 21 episodes of Cocoshaker, nibbling on some Christmas candy the neighbors had brought over and what else but, chortling with delight. To herself. Cocoshaker is a French cartoon from the ’80s created by Jean-Charles Meunier; each episode is only two minutes in length, ...
Through the Looking Glass
2007-12-29 07:18:00
Even though PB assured herself that personal anecdotes will not be the focus of this blog, she still wants to share the horror that was this week’s glasses purchasing experience with those who may sympathesize. You see, PB hates trying on eyeglasses frames - less than she hates trying on jeans but more than trying ...
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Bachelor Mother (1939)
2007-12-28 02:44:00
Nothing like a bit of humor to brighten up this gray and soggy afternoon. PB wanted to go outside, run some errands, pay her bills, but instead found herself on the couch amassing banana bread crumbs on her tummy and chuckling at Ginger Rogers. Tous les matins, elle se dit “aujourd’hui, je vais être ...
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Storytime (1968)
2007-12-27 09:30:00
Terry Gilliam is one director whom PB greatly admires (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 12 Monkeys) but her only knowledge of his animation past was from a brief mention in The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, on which he was a producer. PB had no idea Gilliam had an animation background and was overjoyed to ...
Madame Tutli Putli (2007)
2007-12-26 23:59:00
A remarkable achievement in animation, Madame Tutli Putli is one of the best PB has seen in a long time. Images of the opening scene, which featured a woman in 1920s garb waiting at the train station with countless old suitcases and vintage paraphernalia, piqued her interest immediately. Whenever PB sees anything that is remotely ...
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