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Stumble This
2008-04-11 08:13:00
So True. So very true.
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Contemporary Savage
2008-04-10 03:21:00
In todays American society, there is a certain kind of person I find infesting our streets. Zombies of lust, rage, and the American Way. They are, 'The Contemporary Savage '. These people are the ones committing unthinkable crimes, inside and out, to live the 'contemporary' life, all of them legal. Whether it means thinking like a savage, or acting like one; in todays urban jungle, many would agree that you don't have to look very far to find one. In my personal opinion, the worst savages are the ones that live hundreds of stories over the streets, watching us scurry like mice through a cheese maze from plush leather chairs, and the sound of money falling in the background. Yes, the people living at the top of our culteral console, and controlling a large portion of our day to day world. The only problem is, they are not contemporary.No, the contemporary savage is the one doing all he can to live our supposed 'middle class' life. The urban jungle calls for an equal supply of i...
Three Essential Sites for Any Musician
2008-04-09 07:06:00
The following is a list of the three pages I use and frequent to help utilize, and promote my music, and my friends, digitally. And no, I'm not talking about MySpace. 1. Reverb NationReverb Nation is an essential online promotion tool that every spawning indipendant musician can use to chart and design their growth. Its fun to use, and so full of tools, that there is no reason for you to not use this site. Your most valuable tool is a great looking music widget that contain songs, pics, videos, show dates, and store. You can see in depth stats covering every angle of your on and offline prescence, and even gives you a score on your potential equity as a group, or individual.2. SnoCap SnoCap (recently purchased by the Network Site iMeem) is your first stop for turning your tacks into money. If you have an album, or just some songs, or maybe samples, you can set them all up for available download, at a price you determine. You have to make it at least .39 or else the site wont ...
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Three Writers Resources You Need to Use
2008-04-07 22:46:00
In todays world, writers have a plethora of utilities and resources available to help you gain a strong foothold on their potential markets. Being an aspiring writer, I currently use all of the services listed, and find them to really help me to improve as a writer, and a business man.1. Helium.comHelium is an ingenius writing community, capable of helping to stimulate the creative juices of anyone. Essentially, you browse through the list of topics available to everyone. There is an endless amount of topics, and if you don't find anything that interests you, you can start a topic of your liking. When you choose a topic, you are then included into a pool of other people writing on the same topic. You will then be rated by the other writers in the community against other articles in your category. The higher the rating, the higher the value, the more you make. I love this site, and it can really help you find your voice, and refine your work against others writings.2. Triond.comSim...
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A Guide to Cyber PR for Musicicans
2008-01-08 20:32:00
Todays musicians need to learn just how important of a role the web will play in their bands promotion. You can do an innumerable amount of things to earn your band exposure, collect fans, send out mass notifications, and earn money. Here is a quick getting started guide to a musicians online PR.First and foremost, get a Myspace Music Page (Unless you already have one). Myspace sets the standard for online band promotions, and will act as your home base. It isn't necessarily the best, but it has the largest number of users, a great amount of customization, and the ability to sell tracks online(which we will cover later). You get a four track limit, unless you befriend a MySpace affiliate, Make them your friend, and you get a fifth song for your profile.Second, go to, and set up a profile. Reverb Nation is similar to Myspace, except this entire website is dedicated to musicians. Reverb Nation has a plethora of tools available for the online musician. From...
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The Music Industry is Killing Itself
2008-01-06 02:06:00
The music industry is killing itself with its constant feelings of having to manufacture the next big star. The people running these industries are looking only at their pocketbooks, and missing touch with the one thing that actually matters, the music.People have completely forgotten the thought of doing something for ideal, rather than its marketability. Music ians get lost in dreams of the limelight, and lose complete focus of why they even began their journey in the first place.The birth of digital music, on line streaming and downloading, all landed huge blows to the industry. Something they just were not prepared for, and a service that tore the whole entertainment industry apart at the seams.Similar to the strikes in professional sports, Music stars started demanding more security, more compensation, and fighting their potential loss in profit, and the labels doing just the same. Legal ramifications became a mainstay, and the freedom that so much of our best music stood for, s...
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2008-01-03 02:05:00
In todays entrepreneurial world, everyone has a product to be produced. Thanks to the net, and all of the options now available, there are plenty of ways to produce, promote, and distribute products that you come up with, free. Lulu .com is one of these pages that will hand you the opportunity to do all this, with a simplistic interface, and tons of options, paid and not, to keep you working with your product.Whether you are writing a book, making a CD, or publishing a photography album, LuLu will enable you to keep all of these projects held in one place, and offer you tons of tools to help get the most put of your work. You even get your own website called your Store, simply enough. With your store, all of your products are on display, and people can view a small bio of you, and you can post your contact info.All of the prices are set by you, and lulu takes a percentage of every item sold. You will make your largest profits working with digital download, because there is no physica...
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Drawing Tutorial from MetaCafe
2008-01-02 09:15:00
Professional Drawing Tutorial !!! - A funny movie is a click away
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Current TV. Your World. Live.
2007-12-29 07:36:00
Since August 1, 2005, Current TV has been revolutionizing the way people view their television. Utilizing the aspect that keep people using the internet as their major informational medium, they are displaying special shows to the public through a creative styling, that could change how you absorb information. They use the format that supplies customizable content, and consumer participation, and break the norm of twenty-three minute programs with seven minutes of advertisement filler.The realm of topics are very encompassing of, and understanding to, the subjects people in the demographic of 18 to 34 are absorbing right now. All shows, dubbed pods, are viewer created, and generally last between 5-10 minutes. Some of the pods are designed by producers for Current, but they remain focused on keeping fresh film makers submitting as often as possible. Granted, some experience in filming, and editing would be a plus, the editors make sure to plug many fresh and new pods full of great co...
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New Year, New Me
2007-12-28 12:13:00
As the New Year approaches, I find that I have not been handed any of the cards I so desperately desired, assuming these things were what I needed to start off the New Year on the Right Foot. Apparently the higher powers have a better idea for whats good for me, becuase I was fired from my job three days before christmas, and all I'm doing now is eating pizza, and smoking cigarettes. Having this time off has caused me to really reflect upon what I want out of myself, and my career. I find that I have been, in one form or another, brutally tied into the rstauraunt industry as a barnacle on some delapidated old ship, as though I have no intention of letting go. All I have been told since I was a child is that I can do anything, and I suppose I can, only not when I am waiting tables, or tending bar. Apparently everything else I decide to do either doesn't pay enough, or is out of my class. Well thank god my spineless boss, who couldn't even tell me himself, decided I no longer was a...
Land of the Free
2007-12-18 01:24:00
So I have finally, after years of hoping for the opportunity, achieved the ability to snowboard. And I must say, it was by far, the best time I have had in years. As titled in one of my other posts on, She is a Bitch of a mistress, but a bitch you love. The pain in my bones is by far the most fulfilling pain I have ever experienced The rush of the wind flowing around my body, and the pain of a forward face plant! Unbelievable. If you ski, try snowboarding, if you snowbard, keep doing it. If you can't or havent done either, start! You will hate yourself later. Even though I don't have the ability to travel out to the west, the experience I had at the Devil's Head Resort in Wisconsin was a good time. Although I think McDonald's has better food, and gives me less heartburn, the atmosphere was light hearted the whole time, and the hills were well tended. It wasn't super crowded considering the decent snowfall, and closeness to the holiday season. I suggest...
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Welcome to December
2007-12-10 21:35:00
I must say I am enjoying to see the countries reaction to all of the winter weather we have been recieving over the past few weeks. As we are only a couple weeks into December , and our winter weather is already worlds apart from what we received last year, and the year before. I am a huge fan of Al Gore, and the passions he has taken for the Global Warming front, and I find much humor, and ignorance, in people that refute his, and others, hard evidence. Although the effects can be seen in daily life, the drastic differences in our weather patterns will be the tell tale signs of just how much of an effect we have been making, and how much more of an effect we can expect from our ecological footprint. All I can say is, thank god I don't own a car.
Falling Through the Net
2007-11-23 01:58:00
This fabulous new web page, called, has got to be one of the most addictive browser plug-ins I have ever had the pleasure of using.Essentially what you are doing is joining the stumble upon community, and marking what areas of the Web you are interested in. After setting your specifications, you download the StumbleUpon tool-bar for your browser. Once installed, all you have to do is click the button that says 'Stumble!', and your off.Pulling from a rated database of sites from its current users, you travel through some of the coolest, and most fulfilling web pages you probably would have never found otherwise.I got so addicted so fast that I stumbled for approximately 3 hours straight. Just surfing through new content, and none of it was something I had come accross before. Like I mentioned before, there is a rating system for displaying what you think of the page you are viewing, thumbs up, or thumbs down.Riddled with options, and features you would expect fr...
To Give Thanks
2007-11-22 22:45:00
I am one of those loner people who doesn't have much family around, and even if they were, there wouldn't be much of a Thanksgiving. Besides, ever since my father passed away, and I have been living on my own, I appreciate the ability to sit in my living room, on my laptop, and cook dinner for myself. Then I just relax, enjoy a bottle of wine, and reflect on life.But what does inspire me, is the adamant nature of everyone surrounding me in this life that are so thoughtful to always invite me to thanksgiving dinner. These holiday times bring the best out of people. Everyone from my best friends, to my co-workers, to others are just associates, and all of them so adamant to keep me from being alone this Thanksgiving.It is so inspiring, and refreshing to see such a generous attitude from these people, and replenishes that strung out feeling that humanity is an all consuming organism, and that no one really cares. Then these times don't necessarily fight against the consumption ...
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To Blog, or Not to Blog
2007-11-16 21:34:00
As a new convert to the blogging revolution, I am having some fun adjusting to this online culture of people who love nothing more than having their thoughts, feelings, and judgements posted online for, potentially, the worl to see. It's a fascinating world of people spreading the seed of knowledge. The question still remains, how many people are actually interested in all of these mindless babbling's that travel through the digital ethers of the Internet. I would say that the responsibility is on the blogger to be offering content that people may actually find valuable. Whether it is the way you write, the sources you cite, or the place you do it, I would suggest to formulate at least two of those three options. I unfortunately rarely have the patience for citations, so I assume I can rely on the other two options. I would only change my perspective when enough feedback forces me to adapt. Although my time on the blogoshpere is short at best, I am learning a lot of valuab...
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Online Community Sites and You
2007-11-13 10:37:00
Social networking sites have enabled so many in the world to be able to connect with people in ways we have never dreamed of before. The space between you and your social life gets smaller by the second. With all of the options available from more sites than just Myspace and Facebook, you can now become submersed in a world of your interests, your friends(online and off) and connect with so many people at once, it nearly boggles the mind.Of course Myspace & Facebook are the moguls of the social networking world, but with so many other huge companies trying their hands at this growing fad, the possibilities are going to become endless as far as how we communicate with each other from across the world. I am particularly fond with this new site with a large European community is is a smoothed out, and more graphically enhanced version of Myspace. Same general functionality, and same premise. Unfortunately they still have a couple of navigation issues to smooth...
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Can I Go Home Yet?
2007-11-11 21:59:00
One of the worst feelings in thew world for me, are those few moments before I have to actually get up, and get ready for work. And then, the whole time I am there, I am waiting to go home. I cannot be at peace at my job. It just is not a reality. I see all these other folks who work two jobs, never stop moving, and work 14 hour days. Here I am on my 6 hour day going,'Man I'm tired, is it time to go home yet?'What can I say, I have never had a strong work ethic when it comes to a restaurant. I have tried. I've been a manager before. I've worked my two jobs before. I think now I am just burnt out. At this point in my life, I would rather sit here all day, and write, than go into the vortex of energy, and sit there while I feel my livelyhood stolen away from me every second I spend standing behind that god-forsaken bar.
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Writers Block
2007-11-11 00:28:00
So, as a new blogger, and fighting the sense that no one is going to understand my words, it holds me back from assuming I could get anyone behind me with my thoughts. But you know, its a process. Nothing worth while happens instantly. I enjoy what this window to the world offers people, but sometimes, you have to look at it and go, what the hell am I going to write about?Its fun, its challenging. After enough times, it makes you start getting a bit more creative and critical with how your writings are displayed to the world. Your topics can become much more appealing, and much more concise for the reader. (except this one)Which brings me to another point. Its not just the information you have for people, but how you display it. It is your responsibility as a writer to make people WANT to read what you have. You cannot just throw up some words with some personality and assume people are going to be curious to just want to know more about you. Cause I know I am not.As I trav...
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Interpersonal Meltdown
2007-11-05 20:19:00
As the days and months just fly by, and the realization on a daily basis that I am not getting any younger seeps in, I feel pressured to be more involved with people. At 24 & a 1/2 I am starting to see a bit of a transformation towards the understanding of impermanence, and how to open up to people that I generally would never open up to before. I have found that I learn so much more from these few people I have met in the last year, then almost anyone I met through school. I suppose it is because, a couple years ago, I would have not given them the time of day because they do not share my opinion on things, or have much different behavior, and interests. Yet this is what makes them so interesting. Maybe it was my immature view towards relating to people, but when you only associate with people who think and act much to like you, that is what will seal you off from any real sense of community or understanding. Much like your frat house, or church groups.Through opening up ...
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2007-11-02 10:55:00
So, I have been doing much pondering on the usefulness of blogging, and what it can do for your average human being.It is a recent thought of mine to wish that every human being should be made to write an autobiography on their deathbed. The thought of sharing in that persons life, and death, is quite a tantilizing thought. And to think of the positive effects of that person for knowing that their last words would be heard by someone, and the realizations they had in their life, could be made known to all those who might be willing to take advantage of them.So, all this brings me to the new fad, such as blogging. I wake up in the morning, and think about my blog. As I go to bed, I think about it, and when I'm at work, I think about topics. How has such an addictive activity taken over the world?In my opinion, it shows that every human being needs an outlet, and a blog gives your words the ability to touch an entire planet, and let people participate in ways "real life" would n...
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Right & Wrong
2007-10-31 17:11:00
So, through all of my "intelligent design" on my thoughts for today, I am coming out with a very perplexing emotion to become a backdrop for my insights on the day. So many times I wake up, ad look out my window at a world neglected by people conastantly traveling between one desire, and the next. With so much information traveling between the reseptors of our brain, and very little time alotted for breaks, or alowing new information in, it makes the uphill slope towards understanding a slippery one at best. In the past couple of years, I have found myself opening up more to the types of people that, when younger, I would have discarded rom any sense of relationship, due to their behavior, or mindset. Learning to appreciate these people for the things that make us different, rather than looking for people that share in my similarities, has made for much more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.After living a life for years of trying my hardest to reach deep waters, and coming...
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