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Nerdcore 2009: Phasers and femme fatales
2008-11-12 10:00:00
Sci-fi and sexy, the latest Nerdcore calendar has got everyone impatient for 2009 to start. Fleshbot reports:"...those Nerdcore kids have gone and upped the ante with this gorgeous pic of Justine Joli, bare naked and in the arms of a robot."This is definitely on my Xmas list - what better than to find a dozen femme fatales under the fur tree?
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Cuddle bags and acupuncture apparel
2008-11-12 09:00:00
More in the wearable technology category, a couple of projects out of the Hybrid Wearables Workshop:Cuddle Bag works like a mobile cat - pet it and it will keep you warm. Add LED eyes and a purring sensation and dare we say, the cat is in the bag.e-Pressed is a shirt that claims to sense your emotions and accordingly light up which acupuncture pressure points should be touched to help you relax.[via Pasta&Vinegar]
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Traffic sensors tap into mobile technology
2008-11-11 10:41:00
image by svanesNokia yesterday started implementing a mobile experiment that turns your device into a community traffic sensor. By downloading software, GPS-enabled devices can receive real-time traffic info as well as output their own location-based data to contribute to the Nokia community of drivers."Nokia says the user-generated data is completely anonymous. Researchers are protecting personal data by stripping individual device identifiers from the transmitted traffic data, by using strong encryption and by drawing data only from targeted roadways where traffic information is needed."Just an experiment for now, but Nokia is planning on expanding it with time.
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Wireless gadgets for girls still weak
2008-11-10 09:04:00
Wired reviews the LG LX600 Lotus, the latest "female-friendly" phone offered by Sprint. While the compact-shapped cellphone isn't annoyingly pink, it does value femininity over functionality, making it still a fail for understanding what women want out of a wireless device."Try touch-typing on that keypad -- just try it -- your text messages will look like Borat composed them. Fun Frames is the Jessica Simpson of photo editing tools."
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Safen your sex via SMS
2008-11-10 09:01:00
To lessen the blow of embarrassment and cost that comes to those fairly new to buying condoms, Marie Stopes International has created a campaign that taps into the texting habits of teens. By texting 19 SEXTXT, Australian students can receive 2 free condoms.
Boners caught at the border
2008-08-24 02:19:00
Due to "inadequate" labels and directions, penis enlargement devices are at risk for being taken away at the U.S. border. So, before you pump your penis, be prepared to hand it over to police. The FDA is has gone flaccid from their disappointment: "Basically, the labeling of these devices falsely states or implies they will treat impotence, prolong erection, and increase the dimensions of the penis," the FDA said in the new notice."
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Levi's lies to get into your 501's
2008-08-11 10:30:00
The 501 brand has a history of horniness behind it from lyrics (not surprisingly the same from which Shake Well Before Use got its name) to Levi's commercials. This latest spot is no exception. As Adrants explains: "Levi's celebrates this moment of pre-sex honesty in Secrets and Lies , a commercial from BBH London that reminds us all, it's never too late to set things straight...before things actually get straight and it's too late."
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Scientists develop wine-tasting electronic tongue
2008-08-11 10:10:00
Developed as a "handheld device", a new electronic tongue can taste-test a variety of wines for acidity, sugar and alcohol by using six sensors. Invented by Cecilia Jiménez-Jorquera and others from the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics, no images can be found yet on the ergonomics of this gadget.Previously: Artificial mouth could be robotic taste-tester
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Porn for New Moms book promotes birth control
2008-08-11 08:18:00
Just as cringe-worthy as the last edition we wrote about, Porn for New Moms makes us want to stay on the pill. The book features father's and kids with lines like "Damn, you look hot in those sweatpants!", and "Now, remember, it's my turn to do the midnight feeding, so don't get up." While meant to be a cute gift, we're still irked by the stereotype of what women want when it comes to porn.
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Take weekly with water
2008-08-05 06:26:00
So, it's no secret to those of you subscribed to Shake Well Before Use that the frequency of posting is not what it used to be. Due to recent exciting announcements, I've been quite busy and it's been difficult to lock into a regular schedule for blogging. Just wanted to make a quick post that I have NO intention of letting this blog die. The frequency may just be lower than the once 2-6 posts a day for a while - so don't turn that dial![image via]
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Sight for the week's end
2008-07-28 08:00:00
PETA's latest ad.
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Bedpost offers insight into your sex life
2008-07-23 10:00:00
Screenshot by Chris MessinaBedpost, a web 2.0 application that remains in alpha, aims to give you insights about your sex life. By entering in partners, time durations and tags to describe your "doing the horizontal" data, the app appears to build a calendar of stats and averages. Other multimedia functionality includes uploading photos of partners, in case you'd like to brag to yourself about your previous conquests. The creator states:"I built it for myself about 4 years ago, and this is the culmination of years and years of thinking about how to make it available to the world. ... Before long, you'll have a rolling history of your sex life on which to reflect."That is, if you really find it useful to reflect on the spirit of sexual past. We can only hope this service doesn't include a "people you might know" feature.[Thx, Tantek!]
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Using your tongue for tech
2008-07-22 08:14:00
Georgia Tech Photo: Gary MeekA new UI allows a user to navigate through it via use of their tongue. Developed for those with disabilities, the system leverages the strength and movement of the tongue to operate various activities. The Tongue Drive System was developed at Georgia Tech by a group of students. The device uses small embedded magnets and is said to be a better alternative to standard puff input methods.
Photovoltaic-powered LED wall lights up China
2008-07-15 03:36:00
Called the Zero Energy Media Wall , this glass structure has embedded photovoltaic cells that operate off of solar energy."Rather than placing them uniformly, the cells are arranged in changing densities which allows for more natural light to reach the interior, as well as converting excessive solar radiation into energy thus increasing the building's performance."The wall claims to be one of the largest LED displays in the world and officially launched to the public in June 2008.
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Axe ad features technosexual body scrubbers
2008-07-15 02:15:00
This would most likely get covered on the Engadget Adgadget column, but we decided to share it here. Axe's latest ad campaign features a team of technosexual females scrubbing down a dirty male in sexy-space-age-like suits. The commercial is for the Axe Detailer Shower Tool, made for those who like it a little rough in the morning.
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Bed projection provides 2D cuddle-buddy
2008-05-22 11:00:00
Disappointing in its 2D lack-of-tactile-cuddle capabilities, this infrared-sensitive installation titled INBED by Drew Burrows projects an interactive female bed buddy for those forlorn nights. Spooning into you on your side and curling up when you're on your back, she's the perfect "I'm too sleepy for sex" virtual reality replacement.Related: Sheet Stealer accessory for lonely men.
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Campy porn promotes Palahniuk's new book
2008-05-21 01:53:00
Violet Blue points us to the latest promotion for Chuck Palahniuk's new book "Snuff". Titled "The Twilight Bone", the short includes everything we love about cheesy sci-fi and sex, minus a bow-chica-wow-wow sound effect. With other installments like "The Wizard of Ass" and "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang", we're staying tuned for any other attempts at "sweded" pr0n.
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Cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard
2008-05-20 01:26:00
The latest ad for Electrolux taps into the the growing cupcake trend that some say has already jumped the shark. Old hat or not, the commercial claims to have "McHotties" knocking at your door with cupcake cravings if you have the perfect cupcake baking appliance. We only wish there was some truth to this advertising.[Thanks, Steve!]
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Canadians convinced web existed 3,000 years ago
2008-05-20 00:53:00
These ads for Travel Alberta are currently on display in MUNI stations across San Francisco. The copy reads, "who knew blogging was so popular 3,000 years ago". Apparently, Canadians believe blogging stands for stone-logging. Who knew Canadians don't care about buzzword definitions?[img via cmak]
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Bikini lines promote Brazilian booze
2008-05-12 23:00:00
These ads for Cabana Cachaçam decided to skip over the usual tag line of "the national spirit of Brazil " in favor of a more prominent type of "line". Speaking of the one-piece-bikini tan lines of course, the series seems to be a better promotion of waxing your privates than having some hooch.
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Women Against Genital Mutilation push shock factor
2008-05-12 22:15:00
As if the topic of genital mutilation wasn't ear-catching enough, the Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation aims to catch your eye as well. Using blow-up pleasure dolls, their latest ads for 2008 effectively grab attention. Created by Contrapunto BBDO, the razor blade caption reads, "more than 140 million women in the world are condemned to feel nothing".
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Artificial mouth could be robotic taste-tester
2008-05-07 03:44:00
An artificial mouth was recently developed that has the ability to chew food similar to a human, making it a good robotic taste-tester to better understand flavor. When food is chewed, it releases compounds which affect taste. Using speed motors, mechanical teeth, and a pipe pumping "enzyme-containing artificial saliva", the mouth-bot is an almost-living, breathing (via helium, anyway) mastication machine.
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Solar bags also biodegradable
2008-05-06 08:45:00
The latest in solar satchels is Noon Solar . Designed with one-sided solar paneling, these purses can help charge your various gadgets on the go. The designs are definitely lacking but will prominently show off your love for the environment due to their biodegradable materials. Check their site for more in-depth specifications about going solar with your accessories.
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Clone-tool war on nipples continues
2008-05-06 07:31:00
Last month we pointed out the potential conspiracy to cover-up nipples in advertising. Yet another example perked up this month on an ad for Swedish lingerie brand Kroppsnara. Considering it's a full-frontal photo featuring a 1/4th cup bra, there's really no getting around this awkward lack of areola.
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2008-04-29 22:30:00
Shake Well Before Use is going through some Movable Type changes. Apologies for filling up your RSS reader!
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Shake Well Before Use gears up for ad:tech San Francisco
2008-04-13 12:58:00
I'll be joining the forces with the fabulous team at Adrants and the ad:tech blog to provide coverage of the upcoming ad:tech conference in San Francisco , April 15-17.General housekeeping of where else to find me:? - My new blog that has more about myself and social media consulting.? Engadget (Movie Gadget Friday columns!)? Twitter, Pownce, and UpcomingOh, and I'll most likely be lobbycon-ing the Web 2.0 Expo in SF from April 22-25 with a few out-of-towners.
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Sex offender satellite suffers serious flaws
2008-04-07 13:00:00
A satellite system devoted to tracking sex offenders recently released from prison suffered from too many bugs to be realistically implemented. The original idea was to use four satellites as a GPS to keep more accurate tabs on known sex offenders by way of an attached radio-transmitting ankle tag."...a pilot found that the signal emitted from the tracking devices could be blocked by clouds, buildings or leaves. It was also lost underground and on some trains. The Ministry of Justice has decided to focus instead on lie detectors as a means of controlling paedophiles released on parole. The U-turn will leave ministers facing accusations that they have failed to address the threat that communities face from 30,000 registered sex offenders."
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Conspiracy to cover up (nipples)
2008-04-06 10:00:00
American advertising often makes a war on sex and clarifies the blurry lines of what may or may not be acceptable. One such recent battle is the almost conspiracy-like cover up of nipples. In their attempt to un-sexualize the male body, they've created some "solutions" that are just plain awkward. Photoshop Disasters points to a recent cloning-tool accident, while the long-running Old Spice ad above choses to oddly attempt to knock-out the nipple (watch for the hair-growing segment).
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Geeks splooge over LED labia
2008-04-03 06:33:00
Surfing for more pr0n than peripherals (who can blame them?), Gizmodo pointed to what is being held up as the best use of LEDs ever: the LED labia. Yes, stuck in a stripping woman's crotch is a panty-full of blinking, shiny lights in case you needed extra incentive to stare. Though this usage is difficult to top, Clitter most certainly out does the LED labia any day.
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Nudar helps locate tits for road trips
2008-03-31 12:00:00
We are in shock over the fact that a tipster pointed out we didn't cover a shoe-in story from January yet. Called Nudar, this beta radar is a location-based service for strip clubs and nudity. With helpful maps and even a GPS plugin, Nudar aims to give you a handful of attractions. Nudar 1.0 was announced to be in the works earlier this month with the assurance that the service would still be free. No road trip should be without a plentiful amount of tits, so this is definitely a must-have gadget for your jalopy.
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