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Illustrator Symbols- Flowers
2008-03-28 05:39:00
Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. Been super busy. Well heres a pretty fun set of vector symbols for illustrator. There is a total of ten symbols. Have fun! I hope to keep this blog more active soon coming on.
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How to create a single gradient across multiple objects
2008-02-15 06:08:00
This is called creating a compound path, it can be a very useful tip for Illustrator, and its really easy. First create a few shapes. Select all the shapes and apply a gradient, notice how each shape has its own full gradient.While all the shapes are selected, right click and click on "Make Compound Path"Here is the final, easily done, result:
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2008-02-10 10:13:00
I'm pretty sure badges is the name for these freebies, but correct me if wrong. Well anyways these are great for web designs and are nice and shiny. They are for Illustrator CS3. If anybody would like these in an image format(jpeg, png)just let me know and Ill upload them. Hope you like!
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Illustrator CS3 Swatches
2008-01-29 06:46:00
This is a great swatches set, well at least in my opinion it is. It contains 50 swatches that range from basic gradients to vista-styles. These can be very useful for web site design. Enjoy!
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How To Make a Web 2.0 Style Button
2008-01-21 09:25:00
This new design style called Web 2.0 is becoming very popular these days, and it is actually very easy to do in Illustrator and only requires 3 simple steps. Hope this will help some new designers.First create a rounded rectangle and fill it with either a linear gradient, or a solid fill.(I used a gradient on this example)Next create another rounded rectangle and place it above the first rectangle, apply a black to white gradient with the black above and white below. It should be about half the height and just a little bit smaller in width. Place it almost at the top of the first rectangle, but so there is a border aroung the top and sides.Final step, while both rectangles are selected go to the transparency pallet, and click on "Make Opacity Mask". Heres the finished product:Experiment with different shapes and colors and you could come out with some pretty cool buttons. Heres some examples of the same shape but with different colors:
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Illustrator Brushes- Blood Splatters
2008-01-13 11:13:00
Here a pretty fun brush set that I found recently that I love to use, and maybe others would like them too. They are in Illustrator CS3 format.
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Easy Abstract Designs In Illustator
2008-01-08 04:50:00
I would like to share a great way to make abstract art, using just one brush of your choice.First draw a simple line segment, arc, whatever. Add the brush stroke to the line and then while the line is still selected go to the menu Object and select Expand Appearance. With all of the expanded segments selected apply the brush stroke to those. Be careful while applying a brush stroke to many lines at once- it could take a while, and if you switch applications while Illustrator is thinking it might lock up. Depending on the brush, its possible to end up with some very great designs.Here is an example of a easily done design: Heres the brush stroke originallyHeres another finished product after expanded and applied brushHeres the brush stroke from above, but before it was expanded and brush was applied.Please subscribe if you want instant notification to new posts (Click on this link)
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Illustrator Brushes- Foliage 2
2007-12-30 09:45:00
Heres another set of plant type brushes(I like making them). I like this set alot better, they just seem more usable. They are for CS3. Hope you enjoy
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Illustrator Brushes- Foliage
2007-12-22 09:05:00
This is a little set of natural looking plants that I recently made. These were made in Illustrator CS3. To install them first save the file to the place of your choice, and then drag the file into the brushes window inside of Illustrator. Hope you like them, I will try to keep the brushes coming.
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Illustrator Brushes- Arrows
2007-12-05 05:01:00
This is my first freebie, and I will try to supply you with many more. I found these brushes along time ago and they are great. And i thought that they should be discovered by you all. They are in Illustrator CS3 format.To install these brushes, save the file to your desktop(or anywhere of your choice)and then just drag the .ai file directly into the brushes window in Illustrator.
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Some of my photography
2007-12-04 18:28:00
Well here is some of my photography that is currently on Flickr. Hope you enjoy. Roll over the bottom of the slideshow to skip ahead to a different picture.
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2007-12-02 09:04:00
Hi Everybody. This is my first post of hopefully many to come. Well I have an interest in graphic design(I am still definitly learning). My goal is to provide you readers with tips and freebies for Adobe Illustrator and possibly some others. I would also like to show you guys with some of my work of my hobby photography.
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