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Fourth Element Design
Here I will discus behind the scenes in starting a animation, Sharing my current projects in the making. I will also blog inspirational concepts behind design, Illustration and Motion Graphics.


Wolverine in the Making
2008-02-05 03:26:00
I thought it would be interesting to take pictures during my painting process. All artists have there own way of painting, I am here to explain mine.On the other hand... is how it was painted, lol. I am a finger painter.I am not very traditional now a days when it comes to painting. You normally learn the basics and traditions in college. Once your out in the real world you eventually start to develop your own style and process of painting that is enjoyable and makes it fun for you. Wheres the fun in doing the same thing everyone else has done. You can't learn by not trying something different. But you can't try something different by not learning the basics first.Most traditional painters use the Mahl Stick to keep there hand steady during a painting. My grandpa has one and he is a traditional oil painter. My father is a traditional painter also and he uses a Mahl Stick to hold his hands steady while sign painting. I like to use the Mahl Stick but it is more relaxing to use my fi...
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Inside look at Snowbodies Fool
2008-01-29 14:20:00
You can get inspiration from anything now a days. Rather it be a weird sketch or something that happened to you in your life that just stuck in your mind. For me the only way to express that is to animate it. Plus it doesn't hurt share your thoughts from time to time.I like to theme all my animations after a funny pun or a life situation. I usually get most of my creative material from hanging out with friends, sketching at the library or driving in my car. This time was different, because it was a walk in the a park for me. Literally. I was walking down the sidewalk and these kids were building a snowman. Pretty normal, nothing unusual to say the least. I looked back over because I heard them laughing hysterically and noticed that there was a carrot stuck in the snow mans lower region. First I started to laugh and then wondered what the snowman would do in this situation if he came to life...I dug deep into my drawing pad and posted some of the sketches that got my creati...
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Lake Forest Bunny on
2008-01-25 03:25:00
I was informed a few weeks ago that my animation was currently featured on the home page of I find it amazing how you can spend a few years perfecting and tweaking a animation to your liking just until it's so perfect in your mind that you can finally sleep at night. Well the sad reality is that it can be watched by someone within 5 minutes and its over. So it just makes you eager to try new animation styles to get the audiences attention next time.For me its just something that I love to do and I am just happy if one person laughs and finds it funny. That was worth the two year commitment. Plus allot of mind stress is gone once a animation is finished. You really got to ask yourself if your happy with how it turned out. Sometimes I feel like a animation is never finished. Its hard to let go of that thought. I also made a website and trailer for it at . Well that's enough reading, now let's get some popcorn and enjoy this 5 minut...
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