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A blog about drawing and celebrating the simple things that we might take for granted. Features drawings and sketches in graphite, colored pencils, and pen and ink.
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Goofing Around: My BBC ?The Office? Drawings
2008-05-07 08:55:00
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the old BBC television show “The Office ”. I’m always watching these old television shows way after they’ve been off the air and nobody else cares. The DVDs were at the library and I figured why not give it a try. The first episode put ...
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Jumping on the Big Bang Bandwagon
2008-05-07 08:35:00
I found out about this Big Bang meme on Laketrees. Mel Kaye at Monday Morning Power is trying to get 1000 links for this meme. This has been going on for a while and I decided to hop on the train. Yeah, it’s a blatant attempt to boost my ...
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Something Completely Different - Paint!
2008-05-05 09:39:00
I got out my paints and did this little self-portrait sketch in acrylics on paper. I hadn’t painted in two years, so I was pleased with how this turned out. After working with colored pencils, it was kind of a relief to work with paints. Paint ing is so much more forgiving. ...
Something Completely Different - Paint!
2008-05-03 09:39:00
I got out my paints and did this little self-portrait sketch in acrylics on paper. I hadn’t painted in two years, so I was pleased with how this turned out. After working with colored pencils, it was kind of a relief to work with paints. Paint ing is so much more forgiving. ...
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2008-04-30 08:34:00
I took a picture of this grumpy looking fella on my last trip to the zoo.  I did this drawing in colored pencil in my everyday sketchbook.   My intention was to do this again using more textured paper.  If you click on the picture you can see the full-sized scan. Unfortunately I ...
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More Public Drawing: EDM 60-Draw an Auto
2008-04-29 06:56:00
Here is a sketch I did the other day while sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop. I’ve always had trouble drawing cars. I think it’s because I’m not really interested in them. But I realized that I could do this for Everyday Matters Challenge 60-draw an automobile, or part of one. It ...
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More Daffodils: EDM 76
2008-04-17 00:05:00
I have only a slightly sunburned neck and these daffodils to remind me of the glorious 78 degree sunny Saturday last. Now its cold and rainy again. Anyway, enough with my complaints about the manic-depressive weather patterns around here. I sat and worked on more flower drawings. This is the best of the lot. I started with a pen drawing and then painted everything with acrylics. After that I used watercolor pencils. I hope that someday I can capture that amazing radiant yellow that makes daffodils the cheery flowers they are.
Popcorn - EDM Challenge 158
2008-04-11 23:35:00
Another quick post.  Popcorn is so strange.  But it’s really fun to draw.   It’s another one of those things that I’ve never really looked at.  That’s pretty sad considering all the handfuls of popcorn that I’ve shoved into my face in my lifetime. It’s totally sunny and 70 today. I can’t keep up with the ...
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EDM Challenge 39: Draw Your Toothbrush
2008-04-08 06:11:00
I thought it would be fun to go back to my Everyday Matters challenge list. This is one of the less glamorous subjects. Guess I should get a new toothbrush soon.
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Spring: Here, Gone, and Back Again
2008-04-04 18:55:00
Last week it snowed. Snow is a pretty exciting event where I live. We really don’t get much snow even in winter. It quickly melted as it usually does. Then this week it was sunny and warm. Yesterday I lay in the grass in the backyard gazing at the blue ...
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Turn Out Your Pockets
2008-03-29 01:12:00
I haven’t done anything this week that isn’t, well, let’s just say rhymes with clap. So today I decided that I would just empty my jeans pocket and draw whatever I found. I promised myself that I would post it no matter what it looked like. It’s not the greatest ...
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Who Is This Woman?
2008-03-21 00:41:00
A while back I had ambitions to do a self-portrait a day. I look back at this and laugh. Well, actually it’s a bit of a chuckle. Since the beginning of 2008 I have only done four drawings, and this one I did today is the only one I feel confident ...
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Something To Be Thankful For
2008-03-18 00:38:00
I’ve been gone for a while, but I’ve had a wonderful week! Birthday celebrations (mine), guests from out of town and a general sense of well-being that comes from looking in the mirror and realizing that even though I’ve grown a year old, I still don’t have any crow’s feet. YES!!! ...
Colored Pencil Portrait: Daniel Craig
2008-03-07 02:27:00
Well, I did it.  Geez, it felt like forever. The scan of the pencil portrait worked great as a sort of grisaille which saved me a lot of time.  I didn’t have to build layer after layer of shadow.  I really admire people who work in colored pencil. There is so ...
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Pencil Portrait: Daniel Craig
2008-03-04 07:57:00
After all of the drawing from life I’ve been doing, I thought it would be interesting to draw a portrait from a photo. I had been reading a post on Ujwala’s blog Draw the Line and she asked folks to comment on whether they preferred to draw portraits from photos or ...
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Playing with Colored Pencils: Woodgrain
2008-03-03 08:17:00
I got busy and didn’t manage much drawing. I did this exercise from Beverley Johnston’s book The Complete Guide to Colored Pencil Techniques. It looks like it’s not in print anymore. That’s too bad, because it has great demonstrations in it, like how to draw and color satiny fabrics and animal ...
Kind Heart Award
2008-03-02 00:00:00
I wanted dive in here real quick to pass this award (isn’t it beautiful?) on to these lovely people: Joan/Shirley/Cedar Raven/Wendy/Doudy You can pass this along to 5 others if you like.  If not, that’s okay too. Thanks again Kris for giving me this beautiful award. I’m still glowing. More art soon! ...
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More Drawing in Public
2008-03-01 00:56:00
I tried drawing while I was in line getting my driver’s license renewed. This guy was really fidgety so he grabbed my attention. He looks a lot more patient in the drawing. The whole time I was drawing these guys in the back were laughing and talking. I got so paranoid. ...
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My Favorite Tool
2008-02-28 01:07:00
This is my entry for Everyday Matters challenge 16. It’s my Leatherman tool and it’s got needlenose pliers, a straight knife, scissors, three screwdrivers, a phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. When it’s folded up it’s around 3 inches (8cm) but it weighs a ton. I think my husband ...
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Drawing in Public
2008-02-26 07:48:00
These little sketches may not seem like much, but to me they represent a personal victory. I finally got up the nerve to draw in public again. When I was a teenager I drew all the time. I drew during class, during lunch, on the bus. I can’t remember when ...
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Back to the Everyday Matters Challenges
2008-02-21 01:05:00
Major accomplishment here. I actually completed an Everyday Matters challenge the same week that it was announced. WOO-HOO! When it comes to personal successes I prefer to keep the bar fairly low. That way I can constantly be pleased with myself. I really don’t have a favorite cooking tool because I ...
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More Love! My First Award
2008-02-20 00:51:00
Isn’t this cute. I got this from Joan at Drawing on Nature. My first award! This kind of thing really warms my heart. Thanks Joan. This is really sweet of you. I have found that the most rewarding thing about blogging is that you become acquainted with so many wonderful, engaging, and ...
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Neck and Neck
2008-02-19 08:16:00
Last week I drew this in my journal. I was trying to write about current events instead of my usual self-absorbed scribblings about what I was feeling. Even I find that boring upon rereading. Anyway, since the Wisconsin and Hawaii contests are today, I thought I might as well post this little ...
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Tag alert! Here?s Who I?ve Tagged
2008-02-12 20:06:00
First I want to feature a wonderful marble drawing I found this morning. Checking my blogroll I saw this post from one of my favorites Andrea Joseph. She does the most amazing detailed drawings of everyday things. As I sat in Portland, Oregon trying to figure out how to draw ...
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Yay! I?ve Been Tagged!
2008-02-11 02:10:00
First here’s a little sketch. I’ve been drawing marbles this week. I’ve been captivated by glass and reflections, so marbles seemed like a good challenge. For this study, I was able to get a little colored pencil practice in as well. I did use Pro-White on the whitest white reflections on ...
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Drawing Scissors
2008-02-05 22:36:00
I remember years ago I sat and drew pages of scissors as a sort of negative space exercise. Scissors work really well for training yourself to see the spaces around things. EDM challenge 105 gave me an excuse to sit down with these folding scissors. I think they’re pretty cool. I ...
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Thanks For Your Support!
2008-02-02 00:23:00
Instead of the usual picture and a lot of gabbing about me, I want to chat about you, the readers. I’ll be posting more art shortly. When I started this blog in December I had my doubts as to whether anyone would come to visit. So as I start my third month of blogging ...
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Falling for my Watchband
2008-01-25 23:41:00
“I have learned that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle.” ~Fredrick Franck This quote sums up the thing I love most about drawing. I enjoy the sensation of truly seeing beyond a mental label ...
Origami? I?d rather not.
2008-01-22 07:18:00
  I went on a brief origami binge a few years ago. I was obviously trying to punish myself for something. I found a couple of my creations tucked in a corner. They really didn?t come out too badly, but I remember that making them was tortuous. Folding and creasing, pulling ...
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Another Everyday Matters Challenge
2008-01-18 09:51:00
I’m still jumping around my Everyday Matters list. My eye landed on number 53, draw a mouth. For this challenge, I decided to draw my own mouth. Everyday Matters is a wonderful creative community on Yahoo. I really enjoy my time there. If you are interested check us out: ters/ If you’re ...
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