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2008-05-07 05:26:00
I am hoping you have already heard of SocialSpark which is the latest offering of IZEA. If you have not heard of it and I may say you are left behind in the online marketing. It is much better with other similar website covering the same service and the thing that makes it unique is that it is interactive. It has become more of a social network where you could interact and socialize other bloggers/advertisers. Everyone gets to set up a profile and included in your profile are the blogs you have submitted so anyone can see your blogs, which is great for gaining exposure! Here is my Socialspark profile.An exciting feature about SocialSpark is the number of ways you could participate.Paid Opportunities - Sponsored posts; advertisers set a price range and their specific requirements for the post. The paid opportunities have dynamic pricing, which means the amount paid will fluctuate based on the demand for advertising. If an opportunity has many bloggers in line for it, the ...
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2008-05-06 10:33:00
The Wall Street Journal Asia, the leading Asian business paper, in its April 26 to 27 issue reported that ABS-CBN is the seventh most admired company in the Philippines . ABS-CBN also ranked third in the Innovation Award category (for TFC Now) ahead of Banco de Oro, Ayala Land, Ayala Corp., PLDT, Universal Robina, BPI, and SM Prime. ABS-CBN is the only media and content company that made it in both categories. The survey “Asia’s 200 Most Admired Companies” was conducted by research firm Colmar Brunton on behalf of the renowned business paper and covered 2,477 executives and professionals as respondents.
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2008-05-06 05:03:00
I remember when IZEA emailed me to join Social Spark when it was still in Alpha stage and I miss the opportunity because of the hectic schedules. When I was going to join it was already on Beta stage. I still registered and the process was flash. Of course like other Sponsored posts or reviews, your blog have to be reviewed before it can enter and received opportunities. This blog was approved within 2 days.So what makes Social Spark different from other similar service? Below is a list why it is different:1. All links are no-follow, fully search engine compliant and must carry in-post disclosure.2. SocialSpark offers display ads as well as Sponsored Posts.3. Greatly expanded reporting capabilities and blog analytics.4. Ability to have bloggers or advertisers initiate a transaction.5. Social networking tools to foster communities and conversation.There is another that makes Social Spark different and it is three main types of market opportunities and they are as follows:Spons...
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2008-05-05 15:28:00
This huge LED screen displays mesmerizing patterns of light and video to passersby. But the really amazing thing about the enormous wall of light is that it’s completely self-sustaining. That is, the light panels themselves harness the energy of the sun during the day to power a colorful light show at night.The GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall , designed by Simon Giostra & Partners and Arup, uses thousands of solar capture cells attached to each of its glass panels to charge up during the day and then release dazzling light shows at night. It's the first time perforated photovoltaics laminated in glass have ever been used in a building in China, but if all goes off without a hitch, it most certainly won't be the last.The wall was constructed for visitors attending the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and located in the Xicui entertainment complex, near the site of the games.You can read more about the project over on the GreenPix website. (Check out this nifty simulator ...
2008-05-03 03:51:00
We were invited to visit sample of solar lightings from a supplier here in the Philippines.  The place is somewhere in Quezon City.  The images you see here are all running and gives light during the night.   These sample are just a few to the available designs.  You could actually have your own design to suit your preferences.  They are actually cheap compare to other commercially available.  They say solar lightings are good for the environment and in the long run could save you money from electrical bills.  But what we have learned is that you have to replace the batteries every year which is very expensive and one thing where will we the replaced batteries go.  So these types of lighting have made us think of using it.  But you could save a lot of electricity especially on street lamps who will be on overnight plus the amount that will be less on those electrical wires used on installing the lamps if it is conventional street lam...
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2008-05-03 03:17:00
Squad 81 has already given us a sneak preview of the locker rooms of their cheerleaders and the have more to offer. Along with these offers is a motto that says You'll know when you've been hit by this hot cheery bunch Their offers includes the feature where you could send your friend a personalize cheer with the help of the Company 81 cheerleaders. Whether your friend is heart-broken by a girl or had failed a driving test, I am sure he will be glad and be cheered when he sees and heard your message. You could even join their sweepstakes competition and you could have your room filed with Squad 81 girls with new wardrobes from Company 81. Better check them out especially for those guys who love cheerleaders, there is more to see.
2008-05-01 05:56:00
Aside from the Model House Interior Inspiration , here are another some interiors for a model house somewhere in Laguna by a realty developer here in the Philippines.  These interiors are from 3 different model houses.  I just compiled them for you to have more ideas.  A good thing about this set of interiors, is that a regular could actually learn from it and adopt it to their home.  With these you could learn that a good interior does not really need expensive furnitures, gorgeous built-ins. imported ceramic accent accents.  A good interior always depends on the comfortability of the space.  As long as you could feel at home at any interior, you will definitely find it useful.  Having expensive interior without you being comfortable with it is useless.  The room will just be a showcase of expensive stuffs.  Add color and lighting to adjust to your taste and mood.  Look at the images below to see more.
2008-04-29 06:39:00
These images where from Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon.  These images are simple designs they have incorporated into the overall site.  So simple and unique that when you see it and look at it carefully, you can see that it is both aesthetically beautiful and a gesture of appreciation.  The image above is a pavement concrete with names and messages of people who have contributed in the making of Kamay ni Hesus.  The pavement is surrounding the church with the pattern of a grid that makes it look like a tile slab.The image below is another example on integrating appreciation on design.  It is a plain white tile designed with hands of people who donated for the beautification of the site.  The tile was use as a cladding for wall.The images below are other example on how they beautify the park with simple and cheap materials.  See images below on how to play with texture to provide continuity and accents to not let the tourists be bored with the vas...
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2008-04-28 02:39:00
Squad 81 has already given us a sneak preview of the locker rooms of their cheerleaders and the have more to offer. Along with these offers is a motto that says You'll know when you've been hit by this hot cheery bunch Their offers includes the feature where you could send your friend a personalize cheer with the help of the Company 81 cheerleaders. Whether your friend is heart-broken by a girl or had failed a driving test, I am sure he will be glad and be cheered when he sees and heard your message. You could even join their sweepstakes competition and you could have your room filed with Squad 81 girls with new wardrobes from Company 81. Better check them out especially for those guys who love cheerleaders, there is more to see.
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2008-04-26 16:40:00
Ron Mueck (born 1958) is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in Great Britain.  Mueck's early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children's television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo, and the Jim Henson series The Storyteller.Mueck moved on to establish his own company in London, making photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industry. Although highly detailed, these props were usually designed to be photographed from one specific angle hiding the mess of construction seen from the other side. Mueck increasingly wanted to produce realistic sculptures which looked perfect from all angles.In 1996 Mueck transitioned to fine art, collaborating with his mother-in-law, Paula Rego, to produce small figures as part of a tableau she was showing at the Hayward Gallery. Rego introduced him to Charles Saatchi who was immediately impressed and started to collect and commission work. This led to the...
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2008-04-26 14:52:00
Pinball games was a hit back then but now less and less people are playing it. Didi you know that at present there is only one company making these entertainment stuff. That sole survivor of the pinball age is Stern Pinball, based outside of Chicago, and it's the last purveyor of this relatively low-tech entertainment left. And things aren't entirely rosy for Stern Pinball. While they used to pump out 27,000 pinball machines a year, they're down to a mere 10,000 now, most of which end up going to homes rather than to arcades. It's a sad state of affairs. But the owner, Gary Stern, can't really imagine that pinball is on thay out. He thinks that it's like a sport; while it may wane in popularity, it'll never go away. Check more details on Gizmodo and NY Times.
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2008-04-26 04:47:00
I was browsing through my email and found this stuff.  I do not know if it is true.  You know chinese culture they have all these sorts of things that have saying on all things and how they could affect you.  The image shows location of a mole in your face and it with this post it will tell you what it says about you.  The email goes as The Chinese Almanac, also known as the Tung Shu, is commonly known as a book of auspicious and inauspicious dates, but there is so much more to the Tung Shu than that. It is a vast mine of information relating to astrology, codes and symbols, derived by the wise sages and philosophers of ancient China. In this issue, we bring to you the secrets from the almanac regarding moles on your face and what they mean depending on which part of your face they appear. First, check your face for any moles, and then look at the diagram above to identify the number(s) that are a closest match to the moles on your face. Usually, the m...
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2008-04-24 16:36:00
(Sung to the Tune of the Beverly Hillbillies)Come and listen to a story bout a man named Jed,A poor College Kid barely kept his family fed,But then one day he was talking to a recruiter,He said "They'll pay ya big bucks if ya work on a computer",Unix that is ... hard drives ... workstations;Well the first thing ya know ol' Jed's an Engineer,The kinfolk said "Jed move away from here",They said "Arizona is the place ya oughta be",So he bought some donuts and moved to Ahwatukee,Intel that is ... dry heat ... no amusement parks;On his first day at work they stuck him in a cube,Fed him more donuts and sat him at a tube,They said "Your project's late but we know just what to do,Instead of 40 hours, we'll work you fifty-two!"OT that is ... Unpaid ... MandatoryThe weeks rolled by and things were looking bad,Some schedules slipped and some managers were mad,They called another meeting and decided on a fix,The answer was simple, "We'll work him sixty-six"Tired that is ... Stressed out ....
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2008-04-23 17:14:00
Remember the Toilet House posted last October.  Those where only 3D images of the images you see here and some construction picture updates of the house.  A couple of months ago, the Toilet House was done constructing and now the house is standing as you can see in the images.  Alongside with the exterior images where interior images just to show you how elegant and beautiful the house has turned out.  The house is a 419sq m structure with two bedrooms, two guestrooms and other rooms, the two-storey house of course features three deluxe toilets. Unlike the giant “toilet” in which they are located, they will not be see-through affairs. If you would like to visit this house you can go to Sim Jae-duck native city of Suweon, 40km south of Seoul.The feeling of something you have designed that had been into a reality is an overwhelming much more if your design is more of this type.  Nice.  How I much love White structures so simple yet expres...
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2008-04-23 09:57:00
Here is a video where it will show you 5 simple daily ways on how could you can help save the planet from further destruction like unplug your unused appliances and turning off the light.  Ok thats already two, find the other 3 ways by watching the video.  Together with the video is a summary on global warming and the effects it could bring to the planet and everyone living on it like melting ice caps, flood, etc.  So if you want to save the planet in every small try starting with these 5 ways shown in the video.  Even small actions can make a difference what more if all of us do these, it would certainly be an impact.
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2008-04-22 10:06:00
Here is another free e-book that you could read during your past time.  According to Wikipedia, Raymond Zinke Gallun"was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He lived a drifter's existence, working a multitude of jobs around the world in the years leading up to World War II." At least a few people have said that The Planet Strappers is an underrated science fiction novel. The Planet Strappers started out as The Bunch, a group of student-astronauts in the back room of a store in Jarviston, Minnesota. They wanted off Earth, and they begged, borrowed and built what they needed to make it. They got what they wanted--a start on the road to the stars--but no one brought up on Earth could have imagined what was waiting for them Out There! Get the free -Ebook - The Planet Strappers
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2008-04-21 16:37:00
 This will show how color could greatly affect the look of any structure.  The two images you see here are great examples on how color could change the appearance of any structure or anything for that matter The above image is the original look of the clubhouse of one of the real estate company in the Philippines before it was change to image below.You could see that the original color of the accent stones was red and it does not blend well the overall structure.  Because of the color the original looks uninteresting, old, and just an ordinary structure with no appeal of whatsoever, but after coloring the accent stones and the window sill moulding into white, the structure now looks more interesting and classy.  The overall structure now has an appeal that could make you look twice.  This example only shows that careful selection of colors even to the smallest detail is important and helpful to bring the beauty of your structures.
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2008-04-20 16:51:00
I was passing by Mega Mall when I saw these great masterpiece artworks of ABA group.  Their not just colorful and done with a finest hands but expressive as well.  Try viewing all the images below and you will see.  
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2008-04-20 15:17:00
The eighth edition of the Earthday Jam will take place at Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City on April 25. This is in celebration of the International Earth Day. Over 20 bands, musicians and artists are expected to perform for a merry music-making marathon. The 2008 Earthday Jam starts with explosive jazz, samba and bossa at full swing with the Philippine Latin-Jazz Orchestra, The Company, the samba group Guarana and bossa nova diva, Sitti. The pop set follows with tunes from Barbie Almalbis, Imago, Callalily, Moonstar ‘88 and Zelle. The rock scene then headlines three major bands — Rivermaya, Sandwich and Kjwan with “Earthday jam” veterans such as Lou Bonnevie, backed up by rockers from Razorback & Pinikpikan, plus Noel Cabangon with his band and world-funk-ethno group Pinikpikan. The street party starts at 7:00 pm. Admission is free.  Via Mukamo Philippines.
2008-04-20 08:55:00
There have been rumored that there is a WI-FI hotspot in Burnham Park located in the summer captial of the Philippines, Bagiuo City.  Burnham Park is centered around a man-made lake located at the heart of the city. It was named after the city's planner, Daniel Burnham. The park is a favorite place of local residents and visitors alike. There are different facilities for recreation and relaxation that are available in the park. You can row a boat, have a picnic, attend an outdoor concert, watch a football game, go biking, or just take a leisurely stroll around the park.  At the southern end of the park is a circular skating rink where skates can be rented. There are also tennis and basketball courts, a few restaurants, outdoor kiosks, a children's playground, and an orchidarium where various kinds of plants, trees and flowers are sold. Chairs and benches are distributed around the park for those who just want to sit down and relax.According to the Baguio Midla...
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2008-04-18 04:51:00
I saw this on the Clubhouse amenity in one of our lower middle income subdivision projects in Laguna while we are doing the .  I guess this bike belongs to a construction worker in one of the construction projects there.   Through the history of mankind, Innovation always comes out because there is a need for it.  In the vicinity, public transport is a shortage and expensive and the distance to the main town is far.  The owner of this bike must have a relative or a close friend along with him that works near the vicinity as well.  That buying another bike is costly that adding a scrap pieces of wood to it.  I hope if that is the case, how sweet it is to see two male on this bike the other one seating on the built-up seat.  As I was thinking of the use of this, it does not help to think that it could also be used as a paid lift or hitch, here in the Philippines it could be possible.
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2008-04-17 16:10:00
Remember Wesley So, the youngest grandmaster in the world at 14 years old.   He surprised a strong pack of experienced players to walk away with the Dubai Open Chess Championship title at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.He finished with 7.0 points on six wins, one loss and two draws after nine games of play. The young So actually finished in a tie with Grandmasters Gagunashvili Merab of Georgia, Ghaem Maghami Ehsan of Iran and Li Chao of China, but emerged the champion by virtue of a superior tie break score. He took home the prestigious Sheikh Rashed Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup and a fourth ($4,500) of the combined prize of $18,000.
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2008-04-17 09:11:00
The pictures you see here are taken last Holy Week.   It was just a spontaneous action, my grandmother want to go to a grotto so the rest of the family decided to go to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon.  It was a long drive about 4 hours going to the place.  The travel was not that long because along the way you could see beautiful sceneries like mountains, lakes (Lake Caliraya in particular), power plants, rice fields, reservoir, etc. When we got there, at first I was just expecting just an ordinary grotto but was shocked with volume of devotees, tourist, spectators, vendors, etc. This place is actually famous not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.  It was a great place, even there were many people, you could still feel the serenity of the place.  With its magnificent replicas of the Jesus and events in his life, hearth-warming landscape and gardens, and the breath-taking height of the steep hill that is transformed into a picturesque V...
2008-04-16 03:50:00
One good thing about the internet is that it gives you opportunity to meet new and old friends.   For you to find new and old friends, there are these called online social community network.  In this communities, you can share photos, create and share blogs, and chat with friends and other member of the social community network.  One of these community is 3GB Communities, and looking at its interface I could say it has a friendly and clean interface, you could easily go to its features easily.  There is photos, friends, blogs, communities, chat and the one feature that set this community different is that it offers the ability to listen to the latest mp3 hits shared by its members.  In addition to these features is that joining in this community is free and you could become a member in less than 5 minutes. I have joined and so can you,  join 3gb community now and add me as your friend by searching for the name baterya.
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2008-04-13 16:30:00
In relation to the Gruar Update on sharing of cad blocks here is my fourth file that I will share.  This cad file is for fun purposes and looks like you cannot use this on your technical drawings.  A colleague gave me a copy of this so I want you to have it as well.  It is 15 women in different positions so used with care. UThe image above is a preview of what you can have. Download.  Enjoy and more to come.  For other cad block check the cadworks category.
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2008-04-13 16:04:00
I will be launching a new website which is currently under maintenance right now.  Thanks to thanks for the opportunity iCalvyn and Myexhost and I got excited when I heard the news.  Check Online Benefits for the details.  It will have a subtitle NONSENSE OF SAD MIND.  I do not know if this will be a right subtitle so if you have another one in mind kindly let me know by commenting on this.For the meantime check out my other blogsites:1. ONLINE BENEFITS - Reference on how you can benefit getting online. Whether would it help you earn some money, get you some free stuffs and gadgets, or could introduce you to contest where you can win a lot. All posted here trusted by the author and not in his belief a misinformation.2.  GEEK LOAD - Basically another reference but more on computers.  If I may say helpful for your daily experience on your computer.3. BABAE BABE - A collection of beautiful babes around the globe.Do not forget to subscribe o...
2008-04-11 10:42:00
The images here is the Bahrain World Trade Center and they are not rendered perspectives but real structure built with awesome features.  The structure itself is aesthetically awesome but  for it to have wind turbines attached to its structure and the addition that these turbines are actually producing and supplying 10-15% power demand for the two towers is incredibly astonishing.  Today, this structure is recognize as the world's first wind-powered mega structure.The three 29m-diameter turbine blades on Bahrain’s iconic landmark are the first in the world to be integrated on such a scale into a commercial development and are forecast to provide the equivalent of 11-15% of the power for the two towers when fully operational. The successful rotation of the blades involved collaboration between Atkins architects and engineers and turbine specialists Norwin, who were in Bahrain for the milestone event. “Having all three turbines spinning simultaneousl...
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2008-04-10 10:45:00
It was an accidental trip to the Nayong Filipino at Clark Expo Center in Pampanga.  It was just a cruise inside Clark Air Base until we saw a sign pointing to the direction of Nayong Filipino.  At first we thought it was already a bygone place. No cars parked outside, no festivities whatsoever. But still we went inside the Nayong Filipino compound and was greeted by a nice looking place with lots of native Filipino houses and a grand old house that reminds us of the Spanish houses owned by famous Filipinos in Cavite, Ilocos and other historic places in the Philippines.The Nayong Filipino in Clark is a cluster of replicas of houses, churches, Spanish type “plaza” with a replica of a grand old Barasoain Church at the center.  But on the adjacent area lies the good part about Nayong Filipino in Clark. Its a small community of Ifugao and Kalinga huts which are authentically constructed complete with their respective traditional furnishings. The plac...
2008-04-10 07:50:00
Yeah yeah yeah... this post is bit late (wooo... a bit late???)  These pictures are scenarios in the Philippines every Good Friday of every Year.  People do this kind of penitence to atoll for their sins and to show their belief or love for Christianity or Catholic for that matter.  There are even person crucified in the cross just like a re-enactment of  the crucifixion of Jesus as per what the Holy Bible is saying.  Blood blood... This is a bit fun to watch and a bit silly.  Why?  You tell me why these events have to be practiced?  Are these for their so called God? Are these for a show-off?  I heard some areas pay for persons who do these things.  Is the Catholic religion in favor of these doings?  What do they get from all of these aside that tourist flock to our country just to see this kind of acts?  They said, its just a way of asking for forgiveness to their God, a way of thanking their God for the graces they recei...
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2008-04-09 15:47:00
The Jerks - Undeniably the original alternative rock blues band and one of the greatest band in the Philippines . In 1979, under the Marcos regime, the JERKS was formed. Members like Jun Lupito and Angelo Villegas have carved their brand of music sa pusong pinoy. Despite having been formed in the late 70's, they only had their first released album in 1994 entitlte THE JERKS LIVE which was under Backdoor Records. It was recorded at the legendary Mayric's Bar. It showcased the raw musicality of the band never heard before by the general public. 1997 they had another album under Star Records entitled HALIGI ng MAYNILA.  This gave the band the opportunity to reach wider audience and paved the way to winning the 1998 NU Rock Awards for Best Album and the 1998 Katha Music Awards for Best Rock Song "Reklamo ng Reklamo".You could still catch the Jerks regularly at 70's Bistro and ROUTE 196 Katipunan.Above is a video of the JERKS live @ Lakandula Gallery/Cafe, Angeles Pampanga with th...
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