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A cinema blog written by two partial Aryans. Of course we do not discriminate in our writings. We offer one of the most eclectic collections of film writing on the net. We do not subscribe to any particular style and are in opposition to analytical n
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Postmodern Techniques in the Friedberg and Seltzer Films
2008-04-27 03:26:00
The team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be a force to be reckoned with, perhaps as the most corrosive duo in all 21st century art. Their three films Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans have each drawn in over double their respective budgets, and the latter two debuted as the #1 film in the United States. All three of these films have been critically panned, and Date Movie has the highest rating of 6% on This might seem perplexing to one unfamiliar with the technique behind these movies, or for that matter, the nature of all of contemporary culture, but to those of us predisposed to the awful truths of 21st century America, it is quite obvious that Friedberg and Seltzer are masters of their craft. They are, in fact, the harbingers of true genuine postmodern film and the cryptic intellectual artisans ready to contribute bringing all culture to its knees through strictly postmodernist action.For those who may not know, these three movies are â...
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Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
2008-04-26 03:27:00
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers is a documentary based on a film of the same name. The film (or digital video) features a variety of interviews with a variety of Germans of Jewish descent who fought for Germany in World War II. These men were classified as Mischling by the German government. Over 150,000 men of Jewish descent fought in Hitler's army (compare that to the 600,000 full Jews who lived in Germany before Hitler's rise to power). Germans that had two Jewish Grandparents were considered Mischling in the first degree and those with one Jewish grandparent were labeled Mischling in the second degree.Virtually all Mischling were Roman Catholic as the majority of Jews that converted to Christianity decided the pope was their fuehrer of choice. The majority of ethnic Germans were of the Protestant faith (obviously). The fact that the majority of Jewish to Christian converts were Roman Catholics is interesting as virtually all of the main Nazi leaders (including Adolf Hitler) c...
Hell Comes to Frogtown
2008-04-26 02:50:00
Rowdy Roddy Piper; This name about sums up the level of seriousness in the film. This wrestler plays a character named Sam Hell . Don't be fooled, he isn't as badass as his name implies, but i didn't say he wasn't a pimp. In a world full of infertility after a nuclear attack, babies start springing up from the sexual trail Sam left behind. Forced by a government division called MedTech, Hell must journey into Frogtown to rescue female hostages and knock em' up.Hell Comes to Frogtown takes the theme of Escape from New York, with the forced government work and the consequences for saying no. This politically-sparked maneuver fits well with the controversy of the U.S. Draft. Forced labor is rarely a good thing, nor a promising one. Hell Comes to Frogtown is laden with a comic book feel. The quirkiness of the characters allows the film to stretch and pace evenly. This is all thanks to the Howard the Duck-esque special effects.Infertility is a nightmare that was recently explored in ...
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantánamo Bay
2008-04-26 00:43:00
Disquieting racism is in every film you see now-a-days. Whether they are presenting the ignorance in a harmful light of not is the true argument. The first Harold & Kumar film focused on the drug-life rather than anything else. The film was boring with only a few scenes that could be seen as comedy, Harold & Kumar 2 took everything wrong with the first film, revamped it, and made a fucking hilarious film that doesn't argue semantics.On a flight to Amsterdam, Harold & Kumar get mistaken for terrorists due to the color of their skin and wind up in Guantánamo Bay awaiting their first "cockmeat sandwich" They escape from the prison and are on their way to Texas to try to get help from politicians. Also, Neil Patrick Harris.If Harold & Kumar 2 did one thing right, it would be the clever marketing of the iconic Patrick Harris. The fact that so many idols of B-films get a mascot job of sorts, or even headliners for more shitty films, such as Casper Van Dien from Starship ...
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2008-04-24 03:50:00
From the action genius Prachya Pinkaew who created many action films in Thailand and recently broke out and tapped the Western market with films such as Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior and The Protector comes his newest film. After a fallout with fellow actor Tony Jaa over disputes over directing Ong Bak 2, he decided to raise a new Muay Thai machine. With this he provides an even greater twist; it's a girl.A member of the Yakuza elopes with a traitor and creates an autistic offspring. Like most autistic children, this one is a tad bit special. Upon growing up, she finds an uncanny love in three things; her mommy, chocolate, and martial arts films. While watching these films, her brain develops and allows her to memorize every single move, turning her into an unstoppable killing machine.Bone-crunching scene after bone-crunching scene, our female star crushes every opponent. Her skills are unmatched in terms of combat. Being a female, she is naturally nimble which allows her a lot more fl...
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2008-04-22 21:06:00
Andy Warhol’s Flesh (or more appropriately Paul Morrissey’s Flesh) is a study in male prostitute body worship. Little Joe makes a living by supporting his family selling his body to dirty old men. He has no shame in it as he has to pay the bills somehow. Little Joe is a middle school dropout with an attitude. Paul Morrissey may be a pretentious WASP but he sure admires the lifestyle of the poor and drugged out.Little Joe’s wife has no problem with Joe whoring his body out for cash. She participates in sexual encounters with women to get her sexual fill. Joe and his wife also have a baby together. Joe’s obsession with laying around naked parallels that of his newborns daily activities. In one crucial scene, little Joe studies his son in awe as he crawls around on the floor. It is never too soon for a father to learn from his child.Joe has his best conversations with his Johns. They encourage Joe to work out as they admire his body. I found it pretty depressing (alt...
Prehysteria 2
2008-04-22 18:45:00
Moonbeam Entertainment is that film company you remember from when you were a child. They released such classics as Josh Kirby: Time Warrior, Pet Shop, Prehysteria, and Adventures in Dinosaur City. These films are all ones that i remembered but could never find a title anywhere. Prehysteria 2 is the sequel to the original that broke rental records. The second is being helmed by Albert Band, who i will assume is Charles Band's butler. I'd like to assume this for comedic value.In the second coming, the story ditches the original little boy who has a strange likeness to Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, and instead focuses on a rich brat who later became the wardrobe designer for The Matrix. He uses his money to purchase a crate of raisins which contains a handful of "Rock'N'Roll" dinosaurs. These mischievous dinosaurs are all named after musical artists, some more popular than the rest. There is Jagger, Madonna, Hammer, Paula, and Elvis.("The One" on his way to Zion)All of the characters fi...
2008-04-22 17:01:00
Concerning Supernatural horror, my hard exterior has indeed softened up with the viewing of the Asian classics. Hausu is a dreamlike theatrical horror film ripe with goofy humor and marvelous set pieces. Hausu's plot line involves a stuck-up daughter of a successful father. Due to her mother's death, she has clung to her father and has not grown up on her own.When he brings news of his plans to re-marry, she goes in a fit and calls up her Aunt in hopes for their class trip to take place at her house. When she gets a letter back, she rounds up her friends to go, but on the way, the teacher is prevented from going there and must await for the next day. During the stay, these naive girls who fit the mold of an Asian Mystery Inc. begin to notice weird unnatural events occurring and the mystery behind an eerie cat and a timeless melody.Hausu has been compared to the likes of Argento and while i support this claim, I personally believe that Nobuhiko Obayashi succeeded more on a personal...
The Rape After
2008-04-22 15:59:00
Ever since my initial viewing of Centipede Horror, I have had a change of mind concerning ancient horror films, ones of the supernatural element that is. Ghosts and Spirits just are not my cup of tea. While i appreciate the theory of their existence, I don't believe they fare well on the silver screen. Since Centipede Horror, I have reconsidered my preconceived notion, and now with the viewing of The Rape After, I am positive that there is a frightening ghost tale.Ma Hsien-Sheng is a photographer of models. He also has a hobby of owning religious artifacts and during one of his photo shoots, manages to steal one of a particularly nasty looking demon. When he brings it home, the church is in an uproar and he invites an upcoming model, Shu Ya, over to his house in hopes of getting lucky. After many drinks, they both vomit and pass out. During their slumber, the statue morphs into a demon goblin and rapes Shu Ya while she is sleeping.When she awakes, she has no recollection of the nig...
2008-04-21 05:23:00
I have always thought that Andy Warhol was somewhat retarded. He always had the talent of “discovering” artists and financing their projects. I believe that his greatest find of sorts was his filmmaker Paul Morrissey who is often considered Warhol’s most hated collaborator. Andy Warhol’s Trash is a perfect example of why many pseudo artist hippies hate the underrated auteur.Italian American drug addict Joe Dallesandro was the star and centerpiece of Paul Morrissey’s legendary trash trilogy. The films voyeuristically explore the slavery (both mental and physical) that resulted from sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll "revolution" so often found in the late 1960’s. Joe is a slave to heroin and only shows ambition when attempting to obtain his drug of choice. He supports his habitat by giving sexual favors to woman he uses for drug money. Unfortunately for him, he can’t even get his dick up to satisfy the women offering to pay for his services.Despite looking like a hip...
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
2008-04-21 03:02:00
With most horror being as bland as processed cheese, It does come as a surprise to see something that would benefit the horror community. When Wrong Turn first came out in 2003, it didn't have any contemporary aspects. Nothing about this film was original. Whether you analyze the use of the backwoods as a target fear or notice the beautiful broads and gut-munching gore, the film blatantly appears bland and would never reach the emotional anxiety quota of Deliverance.Wrong Turn 2 grasps the past-time knowledge of the greats and comes to terms with the failure of this first and attempts to fix this by adding more gore, more nudity, and more action. In order to make this work right, no doubt they'd need a hand from someone who is used to this madcap carnage. With this whim, Joe Lynch was brought in. You'd know him from Terror Firmer and nothing else. For being his first film, he has already proposed a delightful future in horror.Some of the events and controversy are perhaps the mor...
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A Quinta DimensĂŁo do Sexo
2008-04-20 07:09:00
José Mojica Marins is not the first master of horror to descend (or rather, ascend) into the underbelly of the pornographic world. Just like Joe D'Amato, Marins has created masterpieces and among them, there is smut. A Quinta Dimensão do Sexo (Fifth Dimension of Sex) is a bold new direction for the beloved director of films that exist on a plane of existence beyond genres.Fifth Dimension of Sex involves two chemistry students (who i will dub Gomez and Pedro.) These two students are having trouble with women. Using the gifts of science and research, they create a serum that causes them to become crazed rapists. This plot seems very close to El Violador Infernal; a film that concerns a sleazy Mexican as he rapes men & women alike to please Satan.If the Fifth Dimension of Sex had to be recognized for one thing, it would be an appearance by Zé do Caixão. Coffin Joe is the world's foremost Boogeyman. I cannot think of any single man, creature, or entity as sinister and intellig...
2008-04-20 04:57:00
Films that are abrasive to the retina's are to come by. We have Gary Oldman's debut, Nil By Mouth, which is as explosive and corrosive as you'd be led to believe by looking at some of his roles. Just as a great actor released a brutal film that never compromises quality, Kim Sønderholm has done the same. Craig is a film chronicling the spiral descent of a man who is very much like many of us.Craig's parents were killed in a house fire that left his sister comatose. Unable to cope with the weight of the world, people begin to abuse Craig's kindness till he falls into withdrawal madness. Craig is relatable to most. Being frequently cast out of society, women use every attempt to walk all over him which leads to much sexual frustration and confusion.Craig is a film that surprises, scene after scene. Craig rises above the norms of a drama and incorporates surrealism, black humor, and chronic drug use & addiction. Every film now-a-day's has a cameo from Lloyd Kaufman, and Cra...
Gone the Way of Flesh
2008-04-20 00:50:00
Tagged with more than favorable reviews, I had cemented views that this film was going to be good, If not good, then fun. I don't think i have ever regretted viewing a film so much as this one. Gone the Way of Flesh is a film that has been loved by the likes as Ted V. Mikels, Tom Savini, and Herschell Gordon Lewis. The fact that these horror legends made such classy remarks about such an appalling film is beyond me. Hell, the title doesn't even make any sense.To me, I feel that this film is merely a cover for trying to promote the directors band "The Jason Martinko Revue." A similar play has been used by Brandon Small's hit cartoon Metalocalypse. This marketing ploy might work, but the difference is that Metalocalypse is entertaining, which itself is an understatement. This piece of trash seems to be a carbon copy of a story from Troma's Tales from the Crapper. It's always wise to steal from great source material.A serial killer is killing off rock'n'roll groupies following t...
2008-04-19 06:59:00
Disturbia is yet another piece of horror trash from the bowels of Hollywood hell. The film made a lot of money for its putrid scum investors. Disturbia is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window that takes place in some pathetic zio-clown teenager’s neighborhood. I really hope the film’s protagonist is sodomized by a group of black bikers, if there is a sequel (which there will be).The monetary success of Disturbia (grossing over $100 million) only confirms the inept minds of the movie going audience. I can imagine American’s running to theaters to see a film of Steve-o from Jackass shitting in a hotdog bun and feeding it to a drunken horny Mexican. The film would be revered as poetic genius and receive “two thumbs up” by Richard Roeper (just as Disturbia received). Roeper must have really had his eye on Disturbia star Aaron Yoo.Two hermaphrodites fall in love in the name of equalityDisturbia’s star protagonist Shia LaBeouf for some reason has pubic hair on his head. He ...
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Goodbye Uncle Tom
2008-04-17 01:22:00
Goodbye Uncle Tom is the ultimate shockumentary. People have often called the film a mockumentary due to it’s offensive material and their inability to live in reality. Goodbye Uncle Tom ignores all taboos associated with the historical facts of the United States. The film is also the most offensive of all the Mondo Cane documentaries. Mondo Cane filmmakers Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi really went all the way to expose the “dark” history of the United States.Goodbye Uncle Tom documents the history of American slavery and then concludes with a warning for the future. A determined black man is ready to start killing white families and collect some ancient dues. Goodbye Uncle Tom exposes the idiocy and degeneracy of white liberal hedonism that took place during the late 1960s (and still continues today). While pathetic white hippies dance naked in paint and talk about peace, a black man is watching their every move. He is getting ready for attack.Philosophical ...
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2008-04-16 01:12:00
Larry Clark has been heralded time and time again for his stunning and raw teenage characters chasing drugs, punk rock, and lust. Through his career, he has presented us with unflinching portraits of teenage rebellion and sexual freedom, such as KIDS, Ken Park, and Tulsa. With the recent untimely death of Brad Renfro, I have decided to dig Bully out of the garbage for a review.Bully is one of those films based on "factual" events but presents them in such a preposterous way which is far from the real details. Instead of casting appropriate choices, Clark decided to cast hunky white males who love to take their shirts off as the lead, and to repay the audience for making Bobby a skinny white prick. The real Lisa Connelly was actually a fat chick, not skinny and sexy as we were lead to believe. Not to mention, the real Bobby was Iranian and was a muscular man, not a teeny-bopper boy who resides as a sidekick to Freddie Prinze Jr.Nothing alike.His "descent into teen sub-culture" is a f...
2008-04-15 21:04:00
In the generation of low-budget shorts, only several are honestly worth mentioning. The cinematic genius of Broadstone's shorts 3 Dead Girls! being the most influential of which I've seen. When involved with low-budget films, it's easy to become astray with ideas and try to soar to high, only to fall back down to the ground. Henry Weintraub's short film Depraved follows a paraplegic killer. Killer in the sense of vengeance and self-defense, mind you.Edith is a beautiful woman who is catatonic (In a "play dead" sense) and wheelchair bound. Show through a series of vignettes, we learn why she won't eat or speak, and why she is crippled. Together with her backpack of tools of vengeance, she begins a slow quest to smite those who have ever wronged her.Perhaps this films most recognizable scene is the house invasion scene complimented with a wheelchair or it's scintillating use of Lloyd Kaufman as a mild-mannered doctor on a house call. Indeed, Lloyd Kaufman is in it, and he has an...
Go Tell the Spartans
2008-04-15 20:38:00
Go Tell the Spartans is a Vietnam war different from most that I have seen. The fact that it was shot on such a low budget worked to its advantage. This gives it a more realistic feel in comparison to other Vietnam war films (or War films in general). I still don’t know whether I like it or not, but at the very least, I think it is an important film.The army's not accepting of Major Barker as the general didn’t really matter to me. From the Major, you get an important realization of Vietnam in comparison to others. When Barker states, “Too bad we couldn’t show you a better war” you realize the insignificance and worthlessness of the Vietnam war. Not only was the war a waste of life and money for the United States, but it was also a military embarrassment. Go Tell the Spartans makes no lies about that. At the end of the film when Barker is laying dead and naked, it couldn't get any more embarrassing and dehumanizing than that.At no point in the film does the war seem appe...
The Green Berets
2008-04-15 20:22:00
I have never really been a John Wayne fan. I have always found him to be a pseudo tough guy playing the role of the definitive masculine hero. Wayne made this clear when he dodged World War II service (when many other people in Hollywood contributed). Knowing this, it makes his anti-communist films much more interesting. I constantly asked myself whether or not Wayne believes in what he promotes. To add, I wonder if Wayne is in character 100% of the time. Wayne may have even traded in his real personality for the role of a heroic alpha male. Acting never seemed to be too manly of a career.Communists openly admitted they sought world domination through international revolution (by use of ignorant and exploited proletarians). I also think its fairly obvious that communists were barbaric. They ended up killing the largest amounts of human beings who didn’t fit well into collectivist societies in human history. Finally, I think its fairly obvious communists sought to destroy the famil...
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Beautiful Girl Hunter
2008-04-15 19:04:00
AKA Star of DavidTatsuya is the respectable heir of his father's fortune. He resides in a manor as cold as the killer that hides within his eyes. He is not the product of love, but born purely as a product of hate, as his mother was raped by a killer. While growing up, his father-like guardian beat him and unleashed his sexual urges against his mother leaving her dead. With both of his parents out of the way, Tatsuya's grotesque carnal instincts are breaking free.With a title like this, it is very easy to pass this off as another piece of pinku sleaze, same with Captured for Sex 2 or Rape & Death of a Housewife. An interesting aspect of this film is the alternate title of the film "Star of David" At first, I figured it was referring to the hexagram and not the symbol of the Zionism movement, but my hopes were crushed when i found out our anti-hero also has a fetish for Nazi's.In his history class, while being fed sensationalism about the terrors of Nazi's and Hitler, he deve...
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Fear X
2008-04-15 07:47:00
I have a strong belief that for every person, there is that "one" film. One to define your personality and you understand thoroughly that this film is indeed a visualization of your characteristics. Sort of like soul mates, except not as homosexual. For me, that film is Fear X. Don't let the title deceive you like it has hundreds of thousands of people. Fear X to me, is pure ripened sadness, billowing from every molecule existing on each frame.John Turturro plays a lonely security guard who is past the point of insanity. After his loving wife is killed in a random incident, Turturro pours over surveillance tapes trying to piece together the events. The striking determination is enough to get under your skin and grasp your arteries. While mainly being a film about redemption, it has a potent mixture of hyper-voyeurism.Nicolas Winding Refn is a Danish director who filmed Fear X after writing some ideas for television shows and directing gangster films. Fear X is the box office flop t...
Suicide Dolls
2008-04-15 07:09:00
Chances are that you've heard of Team Psycho, that is, if you follow exploitation or foreign smut closely. Their film Psycho: The Snuff Reels (Tumbling Doll of Flesh) is the most well known, followed by the harakiri short Womens Flesh: My Red Guts. The other effort of theirs is called Suicide Dolls . Now first off, I must hand it to them for some very creative and depraved titles. Tumbling Doll of Flesh would make a great bumper sticker.Suicide Dolls takes a failed Der Todesking approach on suicide. It follows three women who commit suicides three different ways. Rather than focusing on the effects of deterioration or even madness, this takes a silent aspect of the method of suicide. Without subtitles, we aren't missing much. Team Psycho aren't well known for having story-driven films, i can assume. The first woman has a newly purchased apartment and seems to be bored out of her damned mind.She is surrounding my towering boxes of her belongings, none of which she has unpacked. Tim...
Roswell Alien Autopsy
2008-04-15 04:57:00
In the year 1947, a speculated UFO crash rocked the town of Roswell , New Mexico. Since then, Roswell has not only become the poster event of all conspiracies, but has became a pop culture phenomenon; spawning books, movies, a syndicated television series, and even a film. The most popular of all these is the speculated Autopsy tape of an alien being captured by the US Military.Ray Santilli is the "founder" of this archived footage and in the year 2006, revealed that it was actually a reconstruction, almost as Hideshi Hino's Flowers of Flesh & Blood was. The difference between the two is that Santilli claims that the film this is based off actually exists within the footage itself. By the time they had enough money to purchase said film, the humidity had gotten the best of it, and the only survivors were several frames, which he then spliced in the footage.While this being an outrageous claim, I cannot help but to wonder. Some scenes in this tape seem all too real. The Alien Au...
Dog Bite Dog
2008-04-15 00:58:00
When i had first heard of this film, it was due to a bootleg with the most amazing foreign artwork on it that emblazed the CAT III logo on it.Seeing that the film was not in the case, i had to wait to viewed this film that i for so long have waited for. Thanks to Dragon Dynasty, it has finally been given a sparkling release with no-so-awesome cover art.The Hong Kong ultraviolent action film concerns a whiny detective has a grudge against a vicious assassin who eventually kills most of his team including many of his friends. After this, the detective turns into a vengeful creature that features very realistic bloodshed and has a charming story to boot. The foreshadowed trip into insanity is one that you shall marvel over for weeks. Sam Lee's character makes a terrifying transformation into a savage beast.Dog Bite Dog's CAT III logo was distributed unfairly. The film, while being violent, is nowhere near as violent as lead on to be. Most of these Chinese people get shot or stabbed, ...
Russian Ark
2008-02-19 22:06:00
Alexander Sokurov’s Russian Ark brings nationalism back to Russian cinema. The film was done in one Steadicam shot. This cinematic tool works in complete opposition to the Bolshevik obsession with Soviet montage and editing. The Bolsheviks filmmakers strove for mind control and international revolution. Russian Ark destroys all those Bolshevik conventions while at the same time emphasizing Russian history. Sokurov’s earlier films were quite often banned by the Soviet authorities. Now he is one of the most innovative directors to come out of Russia (and the world).Russian Ark was filmed in the Winter Palace. This building was considered the official milestone of Bolshevik attacks during the “October Revolution.” Alexander Sokurov shatters that “revolutionary milestone” with a tour through Russian history and culture. Leon Trotsky is probably crying about this in hell and calling for a second “revolution.”A narrator and companion guide Russian Ark through dif...
2008-02-19 18:49:00
Many of you in the extreme gore scene have heard of Ryan Nicholson before. He directed the straight-to-video film LIVE FEED and is releasing his new film GUTTERBALLS soon. His first film is actually a short rape/revenge film which has garnered notoriety for it's graphic depiction of genital torture. While there is nothing wrong with genital torture, i do have a problem with a lack of story, or acting even.Deanna is an unbelievably tattooed nurse who works at the local hospital. She gets raped while leaving her apartment and then later almost gets raped again. So she decides to extract the sperm and find out the identity of her rapist and see if it's the same one tied up in her living room.Rape revenge films don't need an award for an amazing yet gripping storyline but they at least entertain and have certain advantages over any other counterpart. In Torched, i see none. The effects are fucking amazing. The blowtorch to the testicles scene left me cringing and the stabbing of the ...
2008-02-19 06:02:00
Pig, co-created by Rozz Williams(singer/founder of goth band Christian Death) and Dutchman Nico B. is a diamond in the rough of somewhat contemporary short films. This is especially true in regards to films of a similar nature (if there is anything similar). Shot on gritty and scratched black and white film, Pig looks like its film was found in the abandoned house it was filmed in. It captures a world that is buried at the bottom of a dark soul’s unconscious. Rozz William’s set design is amazing as expected. Collages of the apocalypse surround rooms and they are even read from a truly unholy book. Rozz’s art is easily identifiable as it is piercingly full of taboos. Pig is also easily the most lively of Rozz’s art(for more of his art checkout the book "Art of Rozz Williams : From Christian Death to Death") as it is his only film. I think that Rozz Williams and Nico B. may owe a small debt to auteurs of the past. Luis Buñuel (Un Chien Andalou), Jean ...
2008-02-19 03:30:00
Many reviews have stated that the director of this Mexican-style bonanza worship the pedestal of Robert Rodriguez. I see that this is not the case, for with one film, Shaky Gonzalez has exceeded Rodriguez. I have not had so much fun with a western film in a long time. Gonzalez pays his dues to his inspirations and continues with this grim blast of an actioner.Frank Lowies is an infamous gangster who gets involved with a heist that leaves 5 million in cash missing. Martin is an aspiring director who is writing a script on the events. In hopes to get more material, he meets up with "Crazy Uffe" who tells his a long story of the characters outcomes which bring hilarity, death, bloodshed, betrayal, and sexy strippers.Like a cross between Rat Race and The Good, Bad, The Ugly, this film packs a punch. Pistoleros is like a double-barreled fiesta loaded with dueling weapons, a case of money, and the worst double-crossings you can imagine. You will constantly be thinking as this film twists ...
The Phantom of Liberty
2008-02-19 01:43:00
Luis Buñuel’s The Phantom of Liberty completely destroys linear film plot structure and replaces it with a compilation of random scenarios. Once again Buñuel utilizes satirical surrealism offering the viewer a look into the irrationality of humans. No character in The Phantom of Liberty is likeable or contemptible. The characters just merely exist as tools to keep the film going.Like most communists, Luis Buñuel was undeniably a pervert. He used film as an outlet for his fantasies and desired pleasures. Family excrement bonding, incestuous piano playing, and sadomasochism keep The Phantom of Liberty interesting from beginning to end. A sniper also makes an appearance and kills random people in a French city. This scene is very comedic in its absurdity. I like to think that the snipping scene was also one of Buñuel’s many fantasies.Buñuel also attacks the lack of reason involved with bureaucratic governments and institutions. A family meets with a police commissioner...
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