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Save your best memories on elegant decorated paper. Works and suggestions from an Italian young scrapbooking consultant.
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National Scrapbooking Day and 18th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-05-03 19:38:00
First of all, I want to wish you a (belated for European and Asian scrappers)HAPPYNATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY!!In the Italian group of which I'm member, the DT suggested to create a National Anthem for Proud Scrap pers, I wanted to join it so badly, but once again I was totally unable, grrrr.Anyway, when everthing is ready and the winner is decided, I'll let you know our official anthem, hihihi :) how fun!Now it's the turn of my layout for the 18th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , this time scrappers had to prepare a page with the recap of April 2008.I printed the mosaic which I used on Flickr to report about my last expedition at the new flat because the past month was focused on the organization of the works before the final relocation.The title "casa" in green means "home".In the journaling, I wrote: "The month of April 2008 marked a real turning point for us. We bought the flat, the old owner left and we immediately started the works of arrangement before entering it permanentl...
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Flat, shopping and e-store
2008-05-01 09:57:00
Here I am again!I didn't have enough time to update lately, especially since my last "expedition" into the new flat in Novi Ligure, but I'm here today to report the salient points, I guess this will be a long entry :) ihihih.On April 22nd I had a nice evening with two of my ex schoolmates, Cinzia and Fabiana. They're some of the ones with which I always got along very well, we stayed in touch after the high school, especially because we live quite close.They wanted to make me try a pizzeria-restaurant in Faenza (province of Ravenna), called "La Voglia Matta" (it can be translated as "The Crazy Will" or something similar), so we met in the parking of the Cinzia's block of flats and Fabiana drove the car until there.We had a fantastic 1/2 meter of pizza with two flavors, with rocket, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella and other vegetables, we chatted and laughed a lot together.Although we left earlier than usually, at 7 pm instead of 8 pm, we stayed out until midnight, which for us i...
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New flat and little project
2008-04-21 09:07:00
I'm so sorry that yesterday I was totally unable to create the layout for the last 2008 Scrap Challenge, the topic was absolutely nice; maybe I'll try to prepare something today or tomorrow, even if I'm not sure because I already know that I'll have something to do...we'll see.I don't know if I already did it, but I want to show you the facade of our future block of flat, the shot is a bit blurry because it was taken by cell, but at least you can have an idea: our balcony is the one at the 2nd floor.Then I'll go there again on Wednesday and I'll take more photos to show you when I come home.These are so much exciting moments, especially about deciding what furnitures to buy for our own flat, incredible to tell!!Yesterday I had to attend a Super Scrap Party in Florence, but I felt I really needed to rest. I'm too busy in this period because of the purchase of the flat and the upcoming relocation and I couldn't wake up early, so I stayed home. It was quite sad, as I wanted t...
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Discovering MommyBa's Journey
2008-04-20 08:59:00
I recently joined a new opportunity offered by Smorty and I wanted to start immediately: it's the Post Exchange. People write review about others' posts and someone does the same with your blog. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to find great blog and to know friends all around the world!Today I just discovered MommyBa's Journey .MommyBa is a stay-at-home mom from Manila (Philippines), writing her daily tasks, dealing with daily problems as a mom, of a woman and of a wife, trying to look at the positive side of every single fact of her life, learning new perspectives about life, looking for nice opportunities to tell her opinions and to succeed in online earnings, enjoying tests and useful website reviews.The first effect which I had opening the window with her blog was the one of visiting a very neat place, I'm sure it also reflects her way of thinking and living.Reading her posts, I found a mild pleasant way of writing, with really effective titles for entries.I love her ...
My article about Berlusconi's victory!!!
2008-04-16 09:31:00
Big NewsThis morning I submitted my article about Berlusconi's victory on the great website of GroundReport.I'd be really happy to know what you think about it and to know that you can rate it with stars which you'll find at the end of the article itself.Please visit my profile at and you'll find it at the top of the page.Thanks in advance for your help and opinion!
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He's back :-(((
2008-04-14 21:25:00
shot from Corriere.itHe's back.Obviously he smiles,he's going to finish off our Italy,you'll see it soon.We're so stupid, I'm ashamed of being Italian!Revolution, now and forever:V2-Day - April 25th, 2008Read the Beppe Grillo's blogto discover an unknown Italy
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15th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-04-13 16:35:00
This is my layout for the 15th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , scrappers had to prepare a page using a page of an old book in it.I chosed to print two pages of an old book because I deeply love all my books and I didn't like the idea of tearing away pages, I guess it's not a problem, is it?The title "Medicina" is the name of my town in province of Bologna (Italy), in the journaling, which is on a paper from a notebook which was glued onto the right page of the old book.I wrote: "April 2008 - In a few weeks I'll move, but I couldn't forget my home town, it'll stay forever in my mind!!".The photo shows the entrance in my town coming from Bologna.I used a few items, such as 3 heart-shaped scraps, 1 arrow-shaped scrap, 2 white corners, two cut 3D words, obviously the 2 printed pages of the old book and a paper from a notebook for the journaling. I also used the liquid whiteout for the doodlings around the page.Now just a couple of details:I'm off now, I absolutely want to go on ...
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My future city...almost not so much future anymore!
2008-04-13 11:30:00
In my previous entry I told that I wanted to update, but I didn't have anything really special to tell and I often forgot to take my shots for my "365days" set of the homonym project on Flickr, I know, what a pity!I spent the past weeks cleaning, packing and I also look for nice furnitures for the kitchen in our new flat on some websites of famous stores, such as Ikea, Mercatone Uno and Mercatone Zeta.Yesterday I had to take the train to Novi Ligure to reach my boyfriend and stay there until Monday afternoon, but he thought it wasn't worth the while to be there only for 1,5 day and suggested me to stay home. I felt a bit sad, I wanted to go there to stay with him and to help him to clean the flat. Maybe I'll reach him in the next days, even if he'll have to work and if I'll have to stay alone with his parents, who I don't know so much in reality.I ended up surfing the net yesterday evening, waiting for my boyfriend's phone call, looking for photos from my future city...almost...
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14th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-04-06 18:43:00
This is my LO for the 14th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , scrappers had to prepare a page with the recap about March 2008.I chosed some shots from my "365days" set on and I made a mosaic with them, I wanted to give attention to the lukewarm season which started during the past month.The title "Primavera" on the right means "Spring" in Italian.In the journaling I wrote:-"The month of March 2008 really marked the arrival of the springtime, this year it was perfect: the timing of the trees in bloom, the arrival of the birds and insects, the celebration of Easter, the beginning of the town festivals, etc.. What a desire of walks en plein-air and what a renewed creativity!!"-.I used a page of a planner, several cut doodlings (paper star, heart and flowers), two terry stickers (smile and flower) and a butterfly-shaped metallic stuff next to the journaling.Now some little details of the doodlings and the metallic stuff. I'll probably write my update tomorrow evening about m...
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13th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-03-30 07:01:00
This is my LO for the 13th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , scrappers have to prepare a page about a Cornelian matter (conflict sentiment-onus).I chose the photo which I took some times ago for my "365 days" project when I was putting my makeup on.The title is "Make-up", I put two other small parts of the title at the opposite corners on the background, they say "sė" (for "yes") and "no", plus a question mark at a third corner.This represents my constant Cornelian matter.In the journaling I wrote:-"I perfectly know that the make-up isn't good for skin, but by now I'm not able anymore to do without it! What to do?"-.
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Past weekend + this week's recap
2008-03-30 06:31:00
In my last entry I told about my daily life until past Thursday included, so now I have to write a big recap about my past weekend and this week.On Mar. 21st my boyfriend was still here on holiday, we packed a lot of things, please don't look at the messy room!! When I decided to take this shot, I didn't imagine that Tommaso immediately covered his face to joke.On Mar. 22nd I was still thinking about the brief movie about Italians against Europeans, it was funny, but what a shame!! I really felt guilty because it's totally and damned true.On Mar. 23rd we reached my parents at a campsite in Igea Marina (province of Rimini) to celebrate the Easter Sunday together, also with some of their friends who we know. Unfortunately it rained the whole afternoon, so we didn't spend the day how we imagined, but we enjoyed the time together at any case, we ate a lot.In the first photo we're inside my parents' camper van waiting for lunch, in the second one there's a little mosaic about our ...
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Italians do it worse (unfortunately for me)
2008-03-24 12:58:00
Yes, that's right.Italians do it worse!I don't mean what you're thinking...but I have to admit that Italians do everything worse in daily life.Unfortunately for me, we're a bunch of idiots who can always and easily be identified everywhere.We don't act like the other ones, we're in Europe, but we're different from anyone else, we're always "off the rails".Tourists identify us as artists in history, culture, cooking, music and so on and it's true, but I guess we can only be proud for that and anything else.Living here is totally different from visiting Italy for a couple of weeks or a month.Do you need proofs?Just for fun (but, unfortunately for me, it's totally true), turn your speakers on and enjoy this little movie!! What a shame!--------------------------Suggested (related to this entry's topic) reading:
12th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-03-22 09:46:00
This is my LO for the 12th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , scrappers have to prepare a page with at least 5 different pieces of paper and 1 doodling.I chose the photos which I took during the visit called "Tra-ghetto. L'Inferno di Bologna" at the basements of Bologna (Italy), I really enjoyed that evening along the Aposa torrent with actors and musicians, so much that I reported about it in my first article which will be published on Mar. 24th on the Italian webmagazine.I created a pocket with a dark yellow piece of paper where I put the map of Bologna which I used to find the gathering place, the receipt of payment of the ticket and the leaflet about the event.I wrote a very small journaling on the pocket which says:-"It was wonderful to visit the basements of Bologna along the stream of the Aposa torrent, accompanied by Dante and by the Jewis musics. Unforgettable!"-.The shots which I personally took, show respectively: the entrance in the basements of Bolog...
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This week's recap
2008-03-21 19:21:00
I'm updating a bit earlier than usually, because tomorrow I won't probably have enough time and on Sunday we'll celebrate Easter.On Mar. 17th I had dinner with my mother at a Chinese restaurant near Bologna, called "Grande Shanghai" (which means "Big Shanghai"), we both love that kind of food and we always have to plan to go together as anyone else offers to take us there.We ate Catonese rice, soy spaghetti with vegetables, beef with curry and bamboo, chicken with almonds and friend ice cream, we only spent Euro 22 for total, how incredible!On Mar. 18th I woke up early to clean the flat and go to get my boyfriend at the railway station, in fact you can see my sleepy face in this photo above. Later we had a quite relaxing rest of the day at home.In the evening the editorial staff of the webmagazine for which I started to write told me that my article is great and will be published online on Mar. 24th, hooray, stay tuned for news!!On Mar. 19th afternoon we went for a walk at the pa...
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This week's recap
2008-03-16 22:23:00
It's incredible, but during this week I didn't have the time to scrap, I'm quite sad for that, especially because I don't have any layout ready for the 2008 Scrap Challege and now I'm too tired to run and scrap. What did I say in the last time about my participation to it? Grrrrr!Well, anyway I'll try to create a page in the next days, even if I won't have the chance to join this week's challenge. I know the most important thing is to enjoy what I do, this time it won't be possible for me to be a player, I'll have more luck in the next one.Now it's time for this week's recap, are you ready?On Mar. 10th we started the week with a fantastic sun, in the morning I did the grocery shopping, then I started to pack something for the relocation, but couldn't resist to stay a bit in front of the window during the afternoon to enjoy the warmth.On Mar. 11th the day was opposite to the previous one. In the past week, I planned to have lunch with my friend Daniela, we meet sometimes...
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10th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-03-09 16:32:00
My presence at the 2008 Scrap Challenge is going on, I become more and more interested every weeks. For the 10th week scrappers have to prepare a page about something which makes a difference in our routine.I chose an old photo took for a photo challenge about "black and white", it represents two cups, one with milk and one with coffee.Some parts of the shot are a bit dark, but obviously the words "milk" and "coffee" are respectively white and brown.I wrote a very small journaling around the photo with these words "In the mornings I can't never give them up".I used only a few decorations (a button, a metallic stuff and colored cardstock) because milk and coffee are basic for me, so I wanted to give the same sense to my page.I hope you like my simple layout, unfortunately during this week I didn't have enough time to prepare a better one, I hope in the next week for the next challenge.
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This week's recap
2008-03-09 15:09:00
Another recap about this week, I hope it doesn't bore you too much.Haha, this shot is comic!!On Mar. 3rd I had some times to start to read again the book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I wanted to note the most important tips and I had a nice idea to help myself to remember them everyday: I'll write a journal at least once a day. I can't wait to start my project, I absolutely need to find a nice notebook for it.On Mar. 4th I had to go to the post office to send my CV for the job application which I found some days ago, it's a job in a shopping center in Novi Ligure, I gave my availability for end of April-beginning of May, please cross your fingers.I took the photo in the parking next to the post office of Castel San Pietro Terme (province of Bologna), we had a very warm and sunny day, but quickly it turned into cloudy and cold, fortunately I enjoyed the sun a bit when I was outside.Later it rained heavily and then we even had the snow onto the hills around here, you can s...
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9th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-03-02 17:31:00
This is my LO for the 9th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge , scrappers have to prepare a page of a recap about what happened during February 2008.I chose three of my last photos because they're the most important ones for the past month.In the journaling I wrote "The month of February 2008 marked some important steps for my life. I met Patrizio Roversi at the railway station of Bologna and I won my shyness, taking a photo with him. I started to cooperate with I started again my penpalling via mails".I used a lot of stuffs (unused scraps, glittered gel, buttons, cardstock) to decorate my page, I'm not very used to it, but this time I wanted to give a sense of excitement which I felt during the last weeks of February 2008.These are two details of some used decorations:Pink glittered gelMetallic doodle and buttonI write again the big announcement which I added in my previous entry, just to remark it if you didn't notice it.Please PAY ATTENTION now: I'm available...
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This week's recap and announcement for European scrappers
2008-03-02 16:51:00
Here I am again, I'm sorry for these updates which seem to be one far to each others and vice versa, well...they don't seem to be...they really are!! The reason is that sometimes I'm busy and sometimes I don't have the right inspiration, so I prefer to write less with more content instead of the contrary, please forgive me.Just a little recap about this week.On Feb. 25th I said goodbye to my boyfriend after his usual 2 days off here, this time we'll meet in 2 weeks, he doesn't stay at his parents' house since the end of January and he's tired. In this pic I don't look very happy, in fact I'm always quite sad when I leave the railway station and come home alone. Anyway, fortunately this won't last forever, in 1-1,5 month we'll live together again, yippee!!!On Feb. 27th I bought a SIM card with a new cell number, I'll dedicated it to my customers and potential ones for my activity as scrapbooking consultant.Now that my album is ready, I can start to plan free meetings to ...
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A simple way to earn a few money
2008-02-25 19:12:00
A couple of hours ago I took my boyfriend to the railway station again, we won't meet for 2 weeks this time, I guess I'll use the next days to relax and do all the things I'm usually not able to do when he's around, so that in this way I also won't be able to feel too much melancholy.I started again to explore new ways to earn something.I just found a simple funny opportunity to get a few money.Dneero offers this was to get paid to take quick and funny surveys, people earn something simply by completing them and, by posting them also on their blogs within 10 days, they can get more money.I'm going to add mine, you can enjoy reading my answers and try to fill in the same surveys, then you can sign up and become paid members like me. Have fun and see you soon!!
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My first interview, training and layout for the 8th week of the 2008 Scrap
2008-02-23 17:49:00
I stopped my last entry with the big news about my hiring at, an online weekly magazine about tv criticism and news and with the decision to prepare my first interview with the tv presenter Syusy Blady. She replied me via email, accepting to answer to my questions, so I had to run to buy a digital voice recorder for the occasion to avoid to lose something important of her speaking, especially to write a nice article.Well, as planned, I called her by phone in the late morning on Feb. 22nd, I tried twice, but she didn't answer, so I decided to postpone the call, guessing it wasn't the best moment for her to chat. After some minutes she called me back, it was incredible, I was like because I never imagined to receive her call, she's famous and I thought she was too busy even to take care about me...she was really kind, via email and phone!!I felt so much nervous while talking to her, it's actually strange to chat with a person of whom I usually listen to her vo...
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Fantastic inspirations for life and great news
2008-02-21 17:19:00
In the last weeks I lost a bit the rhytm of blogging, but be sure that I'll be able to update at least once/twice a week.On Feb. 17th, just before my boyfriend's coming, I really deserved a relaxing warm shower after the previous busy days. Ahhhh, I love those moments for myself.On Feb. 18th we went to eat again at the agritourism "L'airone" (in Italian it means "the heron") which is situated in the countryside of Granarolo dell'Emilia (province of Bologna, Italy). This time I had the chance to take some pics outside, but not inside the restaurant as it was very crowded (as usually, I guess, it's great for the prices and the menu), maybe I'll show them later in another entry.Some days ago I bought the book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and on Feb. 19th I already finished it. I knew about it some months ago by chance surfing the net, but it wasn't available in Italy yet. On past Saturday I found it in a library in Bologna and I didn't want to lose the chance.It's very ...
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7th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-02-17 11:30:00
Yesterday evening I literally fell asleep at midnight just after having set the alarm for today at 6 am, now I really feel better and with more energy.This morning I was able to do the last houseworks such as sweeping the floor and clean the kitchen, then I even had the time to create my layout for the 7th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge .This time scrappers had to prepare a layout about love for Valentine's Day, it doesn't mind if it's about a relationship or something else they love.I chose to use two photos about Bologna, who is our capital of province in our region.In the journaling I wrote "Even if soon I''ll move to Piedmont, for me Bologna will always be the city of my heart. I feel a deep connection with this land, it expresses all my essence and all my dreams; I'll try in every way to preserve this passion for Bologna in the vividest way possible".Unfortunately the shot is a bit blurry because I left the layout into the page protector, but I guess however it gives the...
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Big update for a whole week
2008-02-16 21:32:00
This time I have to update about almost a whole week and I have again a few minutes to do it, pffff, I hate to be always in a hurry!! Well, let's go.My boyfriend came on Feb. 11th, during that evening we relaxed a lot in the bed watching the Italian "Big Brother 8", I know it's shallow, but I'm addicted only to that kind of reality show, maybe because in Italy it was the very first one.On Feb. 12th we went to do shopping in the shopping centre where I used to work in 2004-2005, I love those moments with him as now they're quite rare.On Feb. 13th we received by mail some great coupons for discounts on foods, we had to choose 20 of them, especially the ones we buy usually, and we'll have them with nice prices until the end of April, not bad!!In the evening my boyfriend left again and I reached my friend Silvia, who is from Genoa, who was in Imola (province of Bologna, Italy) for a teaching experience in junior schools (we met for the last time about 3 years ago and in a couple of...
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Queen of the Kitchen and 6th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-02-10 21:56:00
Waw girls, from now on you absolutely have to call me "Queen of the Kitchen "!! Are you curious?After a whole afternoon of houseworks, I relaxed a bit on my bed, I really deserved it and it helped me to have a great idea for my dinner.You just have to know that, since I'm here alone, I've been to pizzeria only a few times in 2 years and I'm very addicted to pizza, so much that now I'm becoming actually obsessed.Today I had to bake some bread for the next days (I use to do it for several months because prices here are quickly increased and because I prefer bread made by my own hands instead of the ones which are sold with lots of calories and who knows what inside them).When I was kneading the dough, I decided to put aside a piece of it and use it for trying to bake a small pizza for myself.Well, you know what? This is the great result.Amazing, huh? I can't believe I made this nice pizza, it was very tasty, so much that I set apart a slice for my boyfriend for tomorrow, so that h...
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Italian mega challenge 2008 and great online affiliations
2008-02-08 20:00:00
Here I am again, fortunately now I have some moments to update.Today I'm super tired, I guess you saw that I was up tonight, I don't know why, but I didn't feel like going to bed; in this way, I was struggling against the hours until 5 pm, then I went to bed and slept for 3 can imagine my face this morning when I had to wake up and the best is that today this feeling of iperactivity went on and on until late afternoon.I really don't know what I have, maybe it's the desire of exploiting all the time I have for finding nice job opportunities online before my relocation, I feel like clock is ticking and available time is finishing.Anyway, at least I'm really finding useful communities and affiliations, I guess only one of them isn't enough to get enough money, so I'm prepared to use everything in my possession to get always better results.This morning I found a nice website which offers affiliations with no money to pay or invest, it's called "Sfimg". I still don'...
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Pleasant busy period
2008-02-08 02:14:00
Just another quick update as it's super late this time and I absolutely need to rest a bit, even if it seems I'm not tired at all, I'm in my ipercreative mood again (you don't know me completely yet, but you'll learn to do it soon).I told I wanted to take photos of our 4th anniversary celebration at the agritourism, but unfortunately I had a busy morning yesterday and I forgot to take the camera with me....grrrrrrr, we decided we'll visit it and eat there again, also because we had a wonderful lunch with nice price in a great location.For the ones of you who are in my area or who want to visit it, the details of the agritourism are (unfortunately they don't have a website):Agriturismo L'Aironevia G. Marconi, 1340057 Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO)ItalyToday my boyfriend left, tomorrow he'll work again in Genoa, but this time I'm quite happy because we'll meet again on Monday morning and we'll stay together for 3 days instead of the usual 2 ones, I know it's not that much, b...
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Quick update
2008-02-05 19:42:00
This will be a quick update, sorry, but I'm in a hurry (as usual, hihihi).Yesterday evening I met 2 friends and ex schoolmates for a pizza, we went to a restaurant-pizzeria called "Pit Stop" in Imola (province of Bologna, Italy) which is close to where I used to live only 2 years ago, we had a nice evening chatting and laughing a lot about past, present and future. One is already married, I'm living with my boyfriend and the other one is only engaged, but we're living almost the same funny situations at home with our partners. Girls can be very silly together :P !!Today the Carnival officially started in Italy, this morning I went to do the grocery shopping and couldn't resist to buy the typical pastries, yummmm. I know I'm too greedy, but I can't help myself, hahaha :D !!Today is also my 4h anniversary together with my boyfriend, he's going to come home in 1 hour and tomorrow we'll celebrate the occasion eating in an agritourism in the countryside of Bologna, I can't wait,...
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Ideas, purchases and 5th week of the 2008 Scrap Challenge
2008-02-03 00:22:00
It seems I'm finally ok, not at my 100%, but at least I don't look like a zombie anymore. Today I was in the right mood to go out after one week in confinement at home, but the weather was really bad and at the end I decided to give in and stay in again; I already know that postponing everything in this way will compel myself to care about a huge amount of matters on Monday, but I can't help it.I started to look for info online to get nice ideas about the kitchen furnishing for our new flat; fortunately I already have some, it's sure I want to buy the Ikea ones, I love that Swedish style, I think it gives a sense of real glow, family, home!! I printed some pages from the online catalog, just to remember the details I prefer, then we'll probably see something in the next month in the store located in Genoa, Italy.I always end up writing my entries here at tall hours, so now I don't have a lot of time before going to bed, especially because I'm very tired, so I'll post here my...
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Meeting on Msn yesterday evening
2008-01-31 11:26:00
Yesterday I didn't feel ok yet, especially during the afternoon, I stayed in my bed watching tv and thinking a lot.I had to call the travel agency to postpone the job interview, even if in the morning I was sure to be able to do it today, because I had the fear to feel worse than yesterday; the woman at the call center probably understood I was sick from my voice and told me to call again on next Tuesday to choose another day.Watching the Italian tv during afternoons means having a boring time almost surely, but I was saved by phone and I felt better quickly.Fortunately at 4 pm my teacher for training in scrapbooking consultancy called and I could hear her voice for the very first time, it was exactly how I always imagined, in other words "friendly, excited, sweet, kind", the perfect teacher ;) She called to know how I was with the flu, how I feel about this new opportunity and to give me suggestions about the album and the meetings.At 5 pm my foster father came home from work and ...
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