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Beyond the Mind
2008-05-07 22:22:00
drawing by marguerita
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2008-05-07 01:17:00
watercolor by marguerita
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Linda Nazareth: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
2008-05-05 01:32:00
Q. So what happens when an individual goes for an extended period of time without leisure?A. You tell me. Have you ever been burned out, depressed or overwhelmed, had stress manifest physically? Mind and body connect you know. And then think of the effect on not only you but how Leisure has many different definitions ? some involving time, some relating to an activity being done, some relating to state of mind. Personally, I am most at leisure when I feel free, present and integrated.I like this definition for myself because it allows me to experience leisure at any moment, even in just a few minutes.Leisure can happen when we are in various states: artistic or creative, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, learning new things, volunteering, active, passive, or as a spectator or participant. One can be emotionally connected and engaged or not. And we can even have leisure at work and be more productive, healthy and affects others. b...
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We the Humans: Animal Violence
2008-05-04 22:06:00
Why do we refuse to put the brutal game of racing in the realm of mistreatment of animals? At what point do we at least raise the question about the efficacy of thousand-pound horses racing at full throttle on spindly legs?Eight Belles was another victim of a brutal sport that is carried, literally, on the backs of horses. Horsemen like to talk about their thoroughbreds and how they were born to run and live to run. The reality is that they are made to run, forced to run for profits they never see.And who knows how many horses die anonymous deaths? Eight Belles, we?ll write, was merely the casualty of a brutal game.But one death is too many. The miracle of the sport of kings is that there aren?t more. But how many more do we need? othersports/04rhoden.html?hp
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Darrell Brown: ""The only people you need in your life are the ones that pr
2008-05-04 20:26:00
photo by margueritaWhen it comes to writing songs, I?m the same way. I just love co-writing. I can write songs by myself all day long, but it?s simply not as much fun for me as writing with someone else. As it turns out, most of the songs I write are collaborations. So I am happy on that count. I have found collaboration to be a brilliant way to grow as a writer, take a new path or discover a different view of a song. It always teaches me something.Sometimes, if I know I am going to be writing with someone else, whose personality and style I don?t know that well, I may gather the scraps of a musical or lyrical idea on my own, but I intentionally don?t go past a certain point with some aspect of the song, to leave room for my collaborator?s input. It?s like being an actor and preparing for a scene. You do your homework, show up, then react to what your partner gives back.I will learn to let go what I can not changeI will learn to forgive what I can not changeI will learn to love what...
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Sarkozy: Tous on m'a dit........
2008-05-03 21:42:00
About: Madame Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun #1Begin .html isabeth-Louise_Vig%C3%A9e-Le_BrunL'interv ention télévisée du chef de l'Etat n'y aura rien fait : la chute vertigineuse de Nicolas Sarkozy dans les enquêtes d'opinion se poursuit. Après avoir atteint le plus bas niveau du baromètre politique BVA dans un sondage réalisé avant son intervention télévisée, un sondage CSA pour Le Parisien, publié vendredi 2 mai, confirme cette tendance. article/2008/05/02/en-chute-libre-dans-le s-sondages-nicolas-sarkozy-cherche-le-moy en-de-rebondir_1040424_823448.htmlLa classe politique française s'est longtemps fait une mauvaise idée de la politique et de l'économie. Trop haute pour la première, trop basse pour la seconde. Les gaullistes par esprit de "grandeur". Les socialistes par ignorance. Nicolas Sarkozy est aujourd'hui victime de cette erreur. C'es...
Dolly Parton:?Someone told me I should run for president. I said, don?t you
2008-05-03 20:50:00
Love your home, love your country.But it masks her more subversive message: Nothing is as it seems. Between the songs and her nonstop patter ? she is an assassin of dead air ? the show was a seminar on the peril of accepting received wisdom, whether the subject was drag queens, the rural poor, working stiffs, politicians, Pentecostalists, young media stars or bosomy women. She granted pretty much everybody a complex interior life, and the power of independent thought. /arts/music/03doll.html
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Dziady : Poema
2008-05-02 18:41:00
drawing and feelings by marguerita poem by Adam MickiewiczPoema.Cz??? IICHÓR Ciemno wsz?dzie, g?ucho wsz?dzie,Co to b?dzie, co to b?dzie? GU?LARZ Zamknijcie drzwi od kaplicyI sta?cie doko?a truny;?adnej lampy, ?adnej ?wiécy,W oknach zawie?cie ca?uny.Niech ksi??yca jasno?? bladaSzczelinami tu nie wpada.Tylko ?wawo, tylko ?mia?o. STARZEC Jak kaza?e?, tak si? sta?o. CHÓR Ciemno wsz?dzie, g?ucho wsz?dzie,Co to b?dzie, co to b?dzie? GU?LARZ Czyscowe duszeczki!W jakiejkolwiek ?wiata stronie:Czyli która w smole p?onie,Czyli marznie na dnie rzeczki,Czyli dla dotkliwszej karyW surowym wszczepiona drewnie,Gdy j? w piecu gryz? ?ary,I piszczy, i p?acze rzewnie;Ka?da spieszcie do gromady!Gromada niech si? tu zbierze!Oto obchodzimy Dziady!Zst?pujcie w ?wi?ty przybytek;Jest ja?mu?na, s? pacierze,I jedzenie, i napitek. CHÓR Ciemno wsz?dzie, g?ucho wsz?dzie,Co to b?dzie, co to b?dzie? GU?LARZ Podajcie mi gar?? k?dzieli,Zapalam j?; wy z po?piechem,Skoro p?omyk w gór? strzeli,P?d?cie go z lekkim oddec...
?If we save a vegetable but we don?t save the recipes and the farmers don?t
2008-04-30 03:25:00
drawing by marguerita- previously published OP Ed NYTimes - June 26,1976SOME people would just as soon ignore the culinary potential of the Carolina flying squirrel or the Waldoboro green neck rutabaga. To them, the creamy Hutterite soup bean is too obscure and the Tennessee fainting goat, which keels over when startled, sounds more like a sideshow act than the centerpiece of a barbecue.But not Gary Paul Nabhan. He has spent most of the past four years compiling a list of endangered plants and animals that were once fairly commonplace in American kitchens but are now threatened, endangered or essentially extinct in the marketplace. He has set out to save them, which often involves urging people to eat them.?The daunting thing is that so much about American traditional foods comes out of people?s heads and isn?t in any book,? he said. ning/30come.html?hphttp://www.environment
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Elizabeth Edwards: On real issues of the Superficial
2008-04-29 03:39:00
FOR the last month, news media attention was focused on Pennsylvania and its Democratic primary. Given the gargantuan effort, what did we learn?Well, the rancor of the campaign was covered. The amount of money spent was covered. But in Pennsylvania, as in the rest of the country this political season, the information about the candidates? priorities, policies and principles ? information that voters will need to choose the next president ? too often did not make the cut.The problem today unfortunately is that voters who take their responsibility to be informed seriously enough to search out information about the candidates are finding it harder and harder to do so, particularly if they do not have access to the Internet.Issues that could make a difference in the livesof Americans didn?t fit into the narrative template and, therefore, took a back seat to these superficialities.Did you, for example, ever know a single fact about Joe Biden?s health care plan?Anything at all? But let me...
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Victor Hugo,Hillary,Obama and Mc Cain in the Blue
2008-04-29 00:16:00
When Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables first came out in 1862, people in Paris and elsewhere lined up to buy it. Although critics were less receptive, the novel was an instant popular success. The French word "miserables" means both poor wretches and scoundrels or villains. The novel offers a huge cast that includes both kinds of "miserables." A product of France's most prominent Romantic writer, Les Miserables ranges far and wide. It paints a vivid picture of Paris's seamier side, discusses the causes and results of revolution, and includes discourses on topics ranging from the Battle of Waterloo to Parisian street slang. But the two central themes that dominate the novel are the moral redemption of its main character, Jean Valjean, an ex-convict, and the moral redemption of a nation through revolution. Victor Hugo said: "I condemn slavery, I banish poverty, I teach ignorance, I treat disease, I lighten the night, and I hate hatred. That is what I am, and that is why I have wri...
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?Words are limiting, but art elicits an emotional response.'?
2008-04-28 21:40:00
?It?s often much more difficult to put pain into words, which is one of the big problems with pain,'? said Allan I. Basbaum, editor-in-chief of Pain, the medical journal of The International Association for the Study of Pain. ?You can?t articulate it, and you can?t see it. There is no question people often try to illustrate their pain.'? /04/22/pain-as-an-art-form/
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Obama:?I don?t want to go out of my way to sort of prove my street cred as
2008-04-28 05:11:00
Yet passion ? and I don?t mean just a mechanically raised voice or fist ? never makes an appearance here.The deletions and discrepancies don?t change the sense of things, though the word substitutions are often bizarrely capricious.Each has a few abrupt moments of simulating anger or sorrow via sharp, attention-grabbing technique. But I rarely felt prepared for these explosions; they seemed like unanchored, virtuosic exercise.(lines out from ,which apply as well to the 2008 political theater) eater/reviews/28coun.html?8dpcUndecided Voter: " I didn?t necessarily agree with everything, but all in all, I liked it."
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Alert:?fed up with being fed up. Fed up with being world champions in bad n
2008-04-27 23:50:00
Not coincidentally perhaps, the rise of the Ch?tis has been matched by the fall of President Nicolas Sarkozy?s popularity. Many pundits have interpreted the praise of small-town living in an unglamorous, untrendy region as a rebuke to Mr. Sarkozy?s pro-capitalist politics and his flashy lifestyle. Indeed, the movie is laying bare fault lines running through a France anxious at the prospect of losing its identity and cultural roots to a dehumanizing globalization closely linked to America.?People up there really are generous, kind. That?s authentic! What the movie is against is clichés.? 7/weekinreview/27vince.html?ref=weekinrev iew
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Obama :"How or why something does or does not work"
2008-04-26 15:42:00
Mr. Obama was supposed to be a transformational figure, with an almost magical ability to transcend partisan differences and unify the nation. Once voters got to know him ? and once he had eliminated Hillary Clinton?s initial financial and organizational advantage- he was supposed to sweep easily to the nomination, then march on to a huge victory in November.What's gone wrong?A few months ago the Obama campaign was talking about transcendence. According to many Obama supporters, it?s all Hillary?s fault. pinion/25krugman.html?em&ex=120935520 0&en=b39d19bd28a56807&ei=5087%0A
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Ego Rex or Ego Est : About Truth and Other Animals
2008-04-25 22:03:00
Humans being humans, and senators being senators, it defied belief that Mr. McCain would not at some point have done a little something for a special friend back home.There is nothing illegal about this, but it is more evidence that Mr. McCain is as mortal ? or compromising ? as the next politician. ( oh yeah.......)Mr. McCain has accepted corporate contributions for pet projects and relied heavily on lobbyists to help run his campaigns and Senate office. And when land swaps like the ones he arranged for Mr. Diamond involve a subsidy from taxpayers, which they often do, they are no different from the pork-barrel projects that Mr. McCain decries daily on the stump.Pork is central to Mr. McCain?s economic program.He says he would help pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts by getting rid of it.In the mid-1990s, Mr. McCain?s staff helped Mr. Diamond snap up some prime California coast that he turned for a $20 million profit. The senator also sponsored two bills in 1991 and...
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Revelation,Umberto Eco and The Current Status Quo
2008-04-25 02:47:00
While observing the actual political,ecological and global scenario, I ran into Umberto Eco 's , On Ugliness,and found a very descriptive parallel to our ongoing state of existential sassafras. For example, Monsters and Portents- at one point Hillary was called a monster, further on,quoting Eco - Revelation is a sacred representation ( today we might even say "a disaster movie") in which we are spared no detail. Around the end of the first century of our era, on the island of Patmos, the apostle John ( or in any case the author of the text) had a vision and talked about it according to the rules of the literary genre known as "vision" ( or apokalypsis, revelation) common to Jewish culture. The author hears a voice that obliges him to write down what he will see and send it to the seven Churches of the Asiatic province.He sees seven golden candelabra and in the middle of them there is someone like a son of man, with snow-white hair and burning feet like molten bronze and a vo...
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Colson Whitehead:The Guy Who Got Where He Is Only Because He?s Black.
2008-04-25 00:07:00
I TRY to keep a low profile. Maybe you see me in the hallway but don?t know my name. Say hi to me in the coffee room but don?t really know me. I break my silence now because of this election mess.It?s all hokum, and I should know.Most folks don?t know much about me, apart from the feeling of injustice that hits when I walk into the room with my easy charisma and air of entitlement. I understand. It?s weird when your government passes legislation, like equal opportunity laws, that benefits one single person in the country ? me.It?s exhausting, all that travel. Decent, hard-working folks out there have their religion and their xenophobia to cling to.Look, we?re all hurting, trying to make ends meet.I have serious overhead with all the résumés I send out. The postage is one thing, but I also like to print my résumé on a nice creamy bond. I think it sends a message. Then there?s the dry cleaning and the soap ? I prefer to be clean and articulate in my interviews, put my best foot forwar...
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Hill and Obama: Turntables
2008-04-23 19:37:00
For better or worse -- and many Democrats fear it is for worse -- the race goes on.Senator Hill ary Rodham Clinton defeated Senator Barack Obama in Pennsylvania on Tuesday by enough of a margin to continue a battle that Democrats increasingly believe is undermining their effort to unify the party and prepare for the general election against Senator John McCain. us/politics/23assess.html?_r=1&hp=&am p;oref=slogin&pagewanted=print
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Martin Amis:" fiction is the only way to redeem the formlessness of life"
2008-04-23 17:47:00
Isabel Fonseca on an interview,?Well it is fiction,? she said last month over lunch at the River Café in Brooklyn, where one of the book?s scenes takes place. ?The character is really not me at all. I didn?t consciously avoid any of the parallels, but I didn?t seek them either. It wasn?t a special area of play. I just didn?t worry about it.??Attachment? came about largely by accident, Mr. Fonseca explained. When she began it, she and Mr. Amis were living in Uruguay, where they had moved partly just to get away from London and partly because she hoped to work on a book about that country and her family?s history there. ?Uruguay is a fascinating little country that?s very dear to me in some unearned way,? she said. Her older sister, Quina, has lived thereon and off for years, an aunt has a daily radio show in the capital, Montevideo, and one of her cousins was imprisoned for two years during the military dictatorship o the 70s.?I never imagined that I?d spend half my life in England,...
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A New York story:?It wasn?t yanked,? ?It was gently handled.?
2008-04-20 20:42:00
On April 9,recent at 11.30 pm ,I suffered a seizure. When I get very stressed out, most frequently ,a seizure will occur. After all, emotions act in concert with the body.On that day I woke up with an extreme pain on my left leg and on my right arm . Pain, has been my devout companion ,as much as I disdain such company.I took two tylenols and proceeded to go about my day.I pushed myself. I walked downtown to an appointment at 1pm. My way of dealing with hardship is just to go on. It is that ancient Chinese way of dealing with existence.Like in Nature.One day the Sun is shining,on another day a thunderstorm. I do love Life,despite the puzzles and forbidding challenges I was given to sort out.I often remember how a friend of mine in Australia told me,that he perceived me to be like a bouncing doll .As much as you punched it, it would bounce back. And this was when I was twenty years old.In fact, that impression seemed to be trailing after me forever. In Brazil, I was c...
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Joseph Ratzinger : The Pope
2008-04-19 04:17:00
What the Nazi experience seems to have bred in Joseph Ratzinger , or the preexisting trait it reinforced in him, was a kind of distancing, a pattern of removing himself from unpleasantness, isolating the pure ideal ? of the faith, the church, the family, the nation ? from the inevitable corruptions of the world. This approach fosters a sense of remoteness in his remembrances, a detachment that may strike many as cold. In fact, it is problematic when a churchman who places such a high priority on personal rectitude and individual holiness appears unreflective about his own history. And if it is even more problematic when that churchman becomes the Supreme Pastor of the Roman Catholic Church, the leader of the ongoing dialogue with Judaism. /2008/04/18/a-key-moment-in-benedicts-rel ationship-with-the-jews/index.html?hp
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Obama: Washington is a Tit for Tat place
2008-04-18 00:37:00
?What they are going to figure out is who is the person who can lead this country and actually solve problems,? he added.?We?ve been going through this politics ? tit for tat silliness ? for decades now.??I will tell you, it does not get much more fun than these debates. They are inspiring events,? Mr. Obama quipped. m/2008/04/17/about-last-night/index.html? hp
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Hillary & Obama:"That?s why I?m here.?
2008-04-17 06:53:00
?I have a lot of baggage, and everybody has rummaged through it for years,? Mrs. Clinton said, drawing laughter.?So the problem that we have in our politics, which is fairly typical, is that you take one person?s statement, if it?s not properly phrased, and you just beat it to death,? he said.? And that?s what Senator Clinton?s been doing over the last four days.??She has gone through this,? he said. ?You know, I recall when back in 1992, when she made a statement about how, ?what do you expect, should I be at home baking cookies?? And people attacked her for being elitist and this and that. And I remember watching that on TV and saying, well, that?s not who she is; that?s not what she believes; that?s not what she meant. And I?m sure that that?s how she felt as well.?But Mrs. Clinton tersely rejected Mr. Obama ?s explanation. ?I can see why people would be taken aback and offended by the remarks,? Mrs. Clinton said, adding, ?It wasn?t just me responding to them, it was people who he...
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Bush: Haute Hypocrisy :?In a world where some treat life as something to be
2008-04-16 21:14:00
drawing by marguerita There was no mention of the war in Iraq -?Here in America you?ll find a nation that welcomes the role of faith in the public square,? the president said. ?When our founders declared our nation?s independence, they rested their case on an appeal to the ?laws of nature, and of nature?s God.? We believe in religious liberty. We also believe that a love for freedom and a common moral law are written into every human heart, and that these constitute the firm foundation on which any successful free society must be built.?So why did you invade Iraq?Mr.Bush ?Oil in the name of Love??Democracy can only flourish, as your founding fathers realized, when political leaders and those whom they represent are guided by truth.?says the Pope.....And the misery keeps going on. 6cnd-pope.html?hp
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Obama:?It?s not surprising then that they get bittercling to guns or religi
2008-04-15 04:53:00
At last a validation of an unspoken reality.
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Eu Só Quero Um Xodó
2008-04-14 04:37:00
painting by marguerita Eu Só Quero Um Xodó by -Dominguinhos2-12-1941 http://www.allbrazilianmusic.comQue falta eu sinto de um bemQue falta me faz um xodóMas como eu não tenho ninguémEu levo a vida assim tão só...Eu só quero um amorQue acabe o meu sofrerUm xodó prá mimDo meu jeito assimQue alegre o meu viver...(Repetir a letra)
General Medals Are Us
2008-04-12 01:33:00
He told us that our gains are largely imaginary: that our alleged ?progress? is ?fragile and reversible.?It?s like listening to someone speaking a language you only partly know. And who?s being paid by the syllable. You miss a lot. I guess a guy bearing up under such a chestload of hardware ? and pretty ribbons in a variety of decorator colors ? can?t be expected to speak like ordinary mortals, for example you and me. He should try once saying ? instead of ?ongoing process of high level engagements? ? maybe something in colloquial English? Like: ?fights? or ?meetings? (or whatever the hell it?s supposed to mean). 8/04/11/memo-to-petraeus-crocker-more-lau ghs-please/?em&ex=1208145600&en=3 fed363acbeb311a&ei=5087%0A
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The Hormones by Marguerita
2008-04-11 16:36:00
A little Zen in our lives......
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Mr.Klinkenborg : Ping,Pang,Pong.So?
2008-04-09 23:52:00
Lately I?ve been thinking about the word ?vang.? It is a sailing term, and if you look it up in the glossary of Royce?s ?Sailing Illustrated,? you find that it refers to a line to prevent ?the peak of a gaff from falling off leeward.? That is how it goes when you?re learning a new technical vocabulary. The language seems self-enclosed at first, each new definition an opaque cluster of words that themselves need defining. I was taught, during vocabulary in grade school, to try using a new word in a sentence. ?There is a vang.? ?Can someone show me the vang?? Those are my best efforts so far. nion/09wed4.html
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