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The Mermaid's Tale
Daily life of a lampwork glass bead artist. Pictures of my work, info on lampworking and family info.
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What to do, what to do....
2008-05-06 22:15:00
Well, I've got a couple of large custom orders to fill this week, so I'm sort of at odds and loose ends. I'm having a little bit of a creative surge with some interesting new shape and color ideas, I just don't have time to do anything about it. (Not to mention a lack of kiln space.) It's a little frustrating, considering my mood lately. The orders are a good thing, though. No complaints from me. (for once, you're probably thinking)I do have a focal on eBay, though, and will probably be adding another one in the next day or so.I've added a couple of things to the Etsy shop, too, if you care to check those out.I absolutely need to show you a picture of a gorgeous piece of art that I got in the mail last week.It's a crap picture but that's not her fault. Isn't she beautiful? She's from an artist named Joan Miller. Here's a link to her Etsy shop: Her designs are gorgeous - just really colorful, whimsical and amazing. You should def...
2008-05-05 14:56:00
I'm feeling much better, thanks. And a thanks to those who emailed me, cheering me up and cheering me on. You're the best!I don't have much time today because I am grossly behind in my work, in case anyone has noticed. I haven't really posted much in the last couple of weeks. I've been working and out of town for two weekends in a row and then this past weekend, well, here's a picture of what I've been working on:Check out my little softballer's form!Yes, the best 10-year Birthday Luau ever!It went off without a hitch, a good time was had by all and my daughter and her friends carried on like a bunch of 20 year old frat boys, late into the night. Good times!
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So you had a bad day
2008-04-29 15:07:00
I'm tired this morning. It's just one of those days. Tired and a little down. I told myself when I started this blog that I wouldn't make it a dumping ground for toxic Laurie-waste. That I wouldn't drop piles of yuck all over the place here. It was going to be an upbeat place for beautiful pictures, info about glass and a spot to share the good stuff.Hmmmm.....I don't know if it's because my parents have left and I never know if bad news will come from them when they are 1300 miles away or because I've been so busy lately or because my husband's job is so uncertain or because the economy is so rotten or because my toenail polish is chipped. I'm just sad.I think part of it is I've been having a very bad flare-up lately. I have fibromyalgia. I never tell anyone that. Before I spent two years seeing specialists and having tests run and blood drawn and MRI's and X-rays, I didn't even believe in fibromyalgia. I still don't, sometimes, but I guess I have to.Since I'm feeling...
More Summer Fun
2008-04-28 12:30:00
Well, my first set of Flip-Flop beads sold in about five minutes. So, I've put another set up. These are actually even cuter than the first set. Probably I think that because I like blue so much. As if you can't tell that by the fact that virtually all of my beads are blue.I worked at another race this weekend so I'm behind on beads again. My sister's birthday is today and I have to race around at the last minute and pull something together for that. It's not that I forgot, I just, confused about the date? Yeah, confused, that's it.My daughter is finally having her birthday party this weekend. Her birthday was in February but, since she wanted a Luau, we had to wait until the weather warmed up and stabilized before we could schedule it.Or, maybe it's just me in denial because my baby is 10 years old. Ridiculous.Well, here's a pic of my flip-flops.~Just Beachy Blues~
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Lost in the woods
2008-04-21 13:29:00
So, I'm back. Not from the woods, but from the swamp. I worked at a motocross race down in South Florida for the weekend. I don't do many races, but this is a track I like and we usually have a good time. I think the kids miss me because I'm gone from Thursday through Sunday night, but it gives us all a little break. Also, my parents have headed back up North for the summer. That's always hard. The kids miss them and so do I. I get used to having them right next door and sort of take them for granted when they're here but it was hard pulling in on Sunday night and realizing that they weren't just a few footsteps away. Bye Bye, Mom and Dad. See you in October.I did get a little bit of work done and have listed a couple of things on Etsy. I'm out of oxygen so I couldn't get any sets finished for eBay this week. Hopefully, my tanks will be here on Friday.Here's whats up on Etsy:Just BeachySunset BeachI've got to run now. I'm conserving gasoline so the kids are riding bikes t...
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Get outta town!
2008-04-16 20:29:00
I'm heading out of town tomorrow morning for work and will be away through the weekend. I wanted to show what's been happening in the studio this week before I leave, though, so how about a quickie? ( Will you still respect me?) ~Sand~ is on eBay right now!The following 2 beads are from a series I just have to call 'Organics Gone Wild'. ~Jacob's Ladder~ Cracked in kiln. Very sad-making.~Soul Kiss~ On EtsyAnd, last but not least, my very first truly green bead ~Eden Calling~ will be on Etsy sometime today Happy weekend to all and to all a good night!
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Issues and concerns
2008-04-14 15:18:00
I thought I'd put it here, since maybe not everyone got the news. I will not be sending out any more Mermaid Glass newsletters due to a reported problem. From now on, I'll be posting specials on my website,, and here on the blog. I did send out an email to everyone on my mailing list regarding this. Anyone who would like to continue to receive a text only email about specials, discounts and new items, just send me an email letting me know to Now, new lampwork focal beads - ~Sand~ This bead is not yet listed. I will probably put it on eBay ~Blue Hawaii~ This bead is currently in my Etsy shop, Thanks so much and I'll be back with more later.
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Girls Gone Wild
2008-04-12 14:44:00
So, as I'm updating my website and paying bills this morning, I've been watching the news. In the last 20 minutes I've seen three (3) different news stories about women on the attack. 1. A grandmother visiting Disney World attacked another woman on the Teacups ride, causing a permanent brain injury. Now, I've been on those Teacups and they are somewhat disturbing. Still....2. A large group of teenage girls attacked and viciously beat another girl, videotaped it and put it up on the internet. These mad-dog girls had names like Brittni and April, for crying out loud! 3. A woman attacked and beat her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend outside a nightclub as a crowd of onlookers cheered her on.Did you notice how many times I had to use the word "attacked"? Is it any wonder everyone else on the planet is afraid of America, Americans and Disney World? Seriously, ladies, take a Xanax.On the lighter side, here's a link to my latest Etsy Treasury. I liked the colors, repetitive s...
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Roses and Chocolates! Not.
2008-04-08 19:17:00
Guess what my husband brought home for me last week. You'll never guess. He's so thoughtful and romantic. I was floored, I was so surprised and happy with such an unexpected gift.Did you guess yet?A new exhaust system for my workshop! How cool is that? How sweet and sexy and romantic. I'm being totally serious and not one bit sarcastic. I've needed a new, better exhaust for a long time. I work with a lot of silver and silver glass and my old system is just not up to par. It's very unhealthy to work around glass, not to mention enamels and frit and propane fumes without proper ventilation. I've been saving for a while, out of my little income, but I also need a new bead kiln and I just couldn't get both. So he got it for me as a surprise. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.So this is what I made:A very beachy, lightly etched set of beads that that are much lighter than they look in the picture. These will be on eBay tonight: A gorgeous, lush set of jewel toned beads that will...
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Last Hours
2008-04-06 23:47:00
Well, we've reached the final hours of Spring Break. Bittersweet. I love spending time with my kids, but I am, essentially, a solitary person and I get exhausted having people around me all the time. That being said, we did pack in as much fun as we could, so I guess it's my own fault. We had people over several times, we went to the beach twice, to the movies and the mall. We played golf-both putt-putt and real- we went to the carnival and Robert and I even had a date night.Damn, I'm beat!Still, I have had a chance to make some beads. I also created my very first Treasury on Etsy last night. I'm actually quite proud of it. You can check it out here: p?room_id=37803Treasuries are one of my favorite things about Etsy. Sure, part of it is a marketing tool. But the other side is, you are forced to go out amongst your fellow craftspeople, see what they're creating, learn what moves others, expose yourself to different art and ideas. It's extremel...
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Pool party
2008-03-31 18:06:00
Remember those beads I was going to list this weekend? Not gonna happen. Obviously, as it is now Monday afternoon. I experienced some almost unprecedented breakage and the entire lot went into the can. Such is life.We decided against New York. I want to go in the fall, which will require me to take the kids out of school, unfortunately. Oh well, they'll learn more there anyway.Having a good Spring Break, though. We had friends at the house all weekend. On Saturday, we played in the pool, cooked out and drank wine. Then, on Sunday, more friends came so we played in the pool some more, drank Coronas and then stuffed ourselves on Italian food in the evening. It was lovely. Slightly sunburny, but lovely.I'm adding this bead to Etsy tonight. I don't generally make hearts but every once in a while I get an urge. I guess that's it for now. Children are screaming and possibly trying to dismember one another.Have a rainbows and puppy dogs kind of day!
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Spring Break!
2008-03-28 21:22:00
Yes, it's true. It's officially Spring Break , so this is probably the last time you'll be hearing from me for the next ten days. Well, maybe - in the interest of preserving my own sanity - I will pop in a couple of times and unload. You might not want to read those. They'll be for my eyes only. However, before I go, I did want to give you a peep of the beads I've been working on for this week.These beads will be on eBay starting Saturday. I'll be adding at least 2 more over the weekend, as well:~Samba~~Float~And on Etsy. I have a set of etched Celadon and Silvered Ivory that I'll be adding, as well:I've joined a lampworker's group on Etsy and we'll be having a 10-20% off group sale starting on April 1. To find the marked down items for the group, search the tags for lestsale. If you're seeking beads, there are some wonderfully talented artists who will be participating, so try not to miss it, even if I don't have anything that you're currently interested in.Have a great...
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New Stuff!
2008-03-26 15:33:00
I've been busy this week. Easter was very fun, though my kids are growing up so fast, it almost makes me sad to watch them hunting Easter eggs. When I watch them, I realize how fast it all goes by and how little time we all have to enjoy those beautiful, innocent times. I'm trying to plan a quick trip during their spring break, which is next week. I'm thinking New York City. I've never been there and I've always wanted to go so I thought, 'Why not?' If anyone has any suggestions about places to go or see or stay, please email or comment. I would love the feedback.I have a couple of new beads that I'm being wishy-washy on. I'm not sure where to list them. Have a look and tell me what you think.~*SHINE*~and this, as yet unnamed, seashellHave a great day,Laurie
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Back to school
2008-03-21 10:59:00
Contrary to the obvious lack of new stuff posted, I have been working this week. I call it a "Technique Week", when I'm talking to myself which, sadly, is quite often. The thing is, I get so busy sometimes, making beads to sell or to give as gifts, that I don't always have time to just hang out and work on new ideas or learn interesting techniques that I've seen in the trade.Sure, every time I'm at the torch, I'm learning, but sometimes there is a specific idea I want to try or a type of bead I want to work the kinks out of and, for that, I have to go back to school.Also sadly, yesterday I worked all day, right up until an hour before my son's baseball game. I'd been planning to throw some dinner at the kids, jump in the shower and then bolt. My house, dog, children and self were a fairly huge mess after several days of neglect, but I'd intended to remedy that today, if I could just get yesterday over with. As I was debating on how best to proceed, I heard a knock on the doo...
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You Rock!
2008-03-18 17:50:00
First of all, sorry for the long delay in writing. Not that you are out there, waiting by your keyboards, desperate for words from my mundane life. Are you? Seriously, I've just been busy trying to keep up. I've had a few custom fusing projects to finish up and I found myself with a severe bead defecit, which brings me to the next point of business.THANK YOU!!!!A week or so ago, I put the idea out there that I'd like to to try more of my lampwork on Etsy. I like it over there because of the quality of work and the quality of people who buy and sell there, as well as the immediacy of the sales. Not that there's anything wrong with eBay. I've never had anything but good experiences and the best of customers. But it has changed over time and it's difficult to 'get in' there, to develop a niche.Well, I did put more up on Etsy and the response was wonderful. So, thanks to all of you out there who supported that decision. You are the best, nicest, and most supportive of people a...
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Like a little bee, I am
2008-03-11 00:42:00
Busy, busy, busy.I can't keep up with myself. Between baseball for the boys (big and little), swimming for the girl, golf for all of us, housework, schoolwork, my dive into organic gardening and trying to keep my tiny empire afloat, I'm more like a headless chicken than a bee!And hey, by the way, I have to say (so cute, she rhymes) to one reader who shall remain unnamed who disliked my spinach-mushroom-tofu burrito so much that she said it was like eating dog barf...phooey on youey! I mean, you seriously didn't like it? Seriously? Now I am concerned for myself 'cuz I still just love this thing. I love it so much that I make my husband eat it. Which reminds me, how do you know when your marriage is in trouble? Early warning signs? A refusal to eat certain health-conscious and yet delicious foods is not a sign is it? Well, is it?Got new running shoes this weekend. Big shoes, big expense but I have to say that, after doing 4 miles this morning and experiencing absolutely 0 bunion p...
Love this bead!
2008-03-08 23:32:00
I've been really busy this week, though you'd never know it based on beads I've posted for sale. Seriously, I've been doing some mad sessions at the torch. I go through spells where nothing is working, nothing is clicking, the well is just dry. Then, I'll start getting ideas and they'll start coming so fast, I can't keep up with them. I'm like a stutterer, my brain gets ahead of my hands. Sometimes, it gets ahead of my skills. I have so many ideas that I just don't have the ability or the time to execute. That gets a little frustrating, but I keep at it. Sadly, I have run out of oxy and have to wait until next week for a delivery. That's o.k., 'cause I think I'm giving myself a raging case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Seriously. I have a crazy song stuck in my haed right now. You know that Amy Winehouse song, "Rehab"? I saw a commercial for her album on TV a few nights ago and now I keep walking around singing, "Wanna send me to rehab. Oh no, no, no, no, no." Is that the r...
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Wasting time
2008-03-05 18:16:00
Not really wasting time. More like enjoying it. I thought I'd put up a couple of pics of what we've been up to for the last few days.Here's one of Connor about 40 seconds before we had to have the ride stopped so he could get off. Oh well, at least he didn't throw up!And here's one of my little speed demon. Not really, she was totally pokey but she loved driving by herself. Until she rear-ended the gocart in front of her and got yelled at by the guy running the ride!Though I haven't had much time the past week, I do have some new beads but still haven't photographed them yet. Sorry.
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Back on the horse
2008-02-27 13:00:00
Well, we got most of the birthday extravaganza accomplished. My daughter is having her party in a few weeks because she wants a Luau and the pool is just not warm enough, yet. We're taking Connor to the Fun Spot, a small amusement center, on Sunday. But all the cake has been eaten and the gifts ripped open. That's good. I can breathe again. (and clean up the disaster formerly known as my home!)I've been sick this week. Some kind of debilitating flu, combined with a sinus infection. I haven't actually left my house, other than to make a quick run to the post office. It's been horrible. So yucky.I did make some beads last week that turned out very pretty. They are hollows and were extremely difficult to photograph, as is all glass, but I thought I'd post a quick picture. I hope to have them listed tonight, if I can get myself off the couch.~*Ghost Dance*~
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Birthday Month
2008-02-19 12:51:00
Well, the day has come and gone. I ended up spending my birthday exactly how I wanted to. I have the best husband in the world when it comes to gift giving. I got just what I wanted for gifts, then we went to the beach for a few hours, then he and I went out for a quiet dinner together. It was lovely.Now I have to plan my kids birthdays, since they are both this week as well. We just refer to February as the 'Birthday Month '. However, I did do some work in the last week. Dawn- beads in various red-toned glass with some violet and amethyst thrown in for contrast. They are on eBay right now. These beads didn't photograph very well (sure, blame it on the beads!) but I like them very much in person. They are very earthy and organic.~*Dawn*~ and Bunny Hop. These beads are part of my Painted Lady series. I just love the fun, lively glass colors in this small set. The beads themselves are a bit smaller than I usually make the Ladies, because I have had a few requests for smaller ...
Life as I see it
2008-02-16 02:02:00
As I sat outside by the pool earlier, sipping a glass of white and eating a Valentine chocolate (a dark chocolate-covered caramel, no less) I took a moment to reflect. I'd had a pedicure, gotten my roots retouched, had a lovely two mile run and a shower and was lounging in...well, lounging pants and a tank top. I was comfy and content. So I have a birthday in a couple of days? You know what else I have?A job I loveAn amazing, gorgeous husband of 16 1/2 mostly happy yearsTwo beautiful, healthy kids who are smart and talentedA great relationship with my familyA few wonderful, close friendsA home in one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth (A home that we bought before property values skyrocketed a couple of years ago!)Both of my parentsLife and health insuranceRelatively good health myself, all things consideredThe sweetest pets on earthThe support of those who matter to meHave I accomplished all of the things I thought I would have at this stage in my life? No. But no...
Stop time
2008-02-13 16:38:00 Fighting it. Not believing it. Oh, crap, here it comes. I can't stop it. Can't stop it. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!O.K. So, like, my birthday is coming in just a few days. Did I mention that? Also, I don't use the word 'like' that way in general conversation. I just wanted to revisit my misspent, mall-cruising youth for a second. 'Kay, better now.I think we've discussed this before, but, do any of you ever look back on your life and just sort of, I don't know, wonder about it? I mean, wonder about how you ended up making some of your decisions? I do. I look at some of my choices and I can't understand or remember why I made them in the first place. It's like, I'm one person on the inside, but on the outside I'm acting out some different sort of existence and all of the things I've done (or many of them, anyway) have been taken out of my context. They don't seem to make much sense when grouped together as a whole.Is everyone's life lik...
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2008-02-08 17:16:00
I never used to think that I had an addictive personality, but now...? Maybe. I have this particular thing that I made for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and I completely must eat it every single day now. Seriously. Every day.Though I am rarely hungry in the morning, I always eat a little something because morning is when I visit my torch and make my lampwork beads. Can't have shaky hands when you are working in a 1400+ degree torch. Ouch! So I limit my coffee and eat a little something to keep me from getting wobbly.Anyway, this is such a yummy, healthy breakfast, I must share.First of all, I must also clarify that I am not a vegetarian. I don't eat red meat and poultry only occasionaly. I do eat seafood fairly regularly, though. However, that said, this is a vegan recipe.1 whole wheat vegan tortilla - taco size (vegan not necessary, but I prefer)extra firm tofumushrooms of your choiceonion (not scallions, they get too wilty. Need crunch.)fresh spinach (not frozen. Too bitter.)l...
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To the Moon!
2008-02-07 22:14:00
O.K., not exactly the moon, but to space anyway. As some of you may know, Robert works at the Kennedy Space Center, so he's privy to all kinds of interesting stuff regarding the Space Shuttle. (I capitalize those words because it's still, after all these years, a totally cool thing that we Americans are insanely patriotic about!) As some of you may also be aware, there was a launch today. So I decided to post a few of his pictures. They're not great. He took them with a little digital binocular camera that he keeps in his truck. He always forgets to take my good camera, for some reason. I think he's just gotten used to being out there and he doesn't think about it any more. This one is taken early in the morning. The date is wrong, too, obviously. It's a little blurry, but you can see the shuttle, lit up like a Christmas tree.I love this sign. They do a running countdown at KSC and I love the one that has the "0 Days to Launch" on it. You can just see the Shuttle Assembly Buil...
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2008-02-07 15:32:00
I find this place very peaceful. So soothing to say what I want - when I want, to listen to my music, to look at some of my favorite photographs. I like it and I highly recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to keep a diary but didn't. Partially, I think it's like, you are proud of something and you want the world to know, even if no one else is really out there. Maybe? But not entirely. It's also about fulfilling something in yourself, keeping you in touch with you. Or it can be that way.Even blogs that are not about the individual - like those that highlight weird signs or the ones that concentrate on strange 'polls' - still they are about the person writing them. Whether they know it or not, their choice of content shares much. It's an interesting phenomenon.Feeling nostalgic. Birthday coming soon. Even worse, kid's birthdays coming. The one true measure of passing time; the aging of your children. Beautiful and heartbreaking at once.
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So that's what she's been up to!
2008-02-06 15:11:00
I told you I?d be posting something new, didn?t I?I?ve been wanting to move my blog for a while, but I never seemed to find the time. I finally just decided to go for it. I really wanted something cleaner and fresher. Well, something more like me! Also, I got tons of spam at my old sight. Yuck, spam. Speaking of Yuck, I?d just like to apologize for my old blog. As I cut and pasted and moved stuff over, I was able to see how awful and bo-ring many of my posts were. I can only apologize in arrears for that.Sorry. I?d love to know what you think of it, so please chime in with comments. Seriously. I mean, I?m not going to change it, but I am curious.I?ll be adding links as I go, so if you want to ?hook-up?, let me know.Moving on. I?m taking Anna to see Hannah Montana today. Wow, that was alliteratively challenging, even to type. She really wanted to see the concert, but it sold out so fast we got stuck seeing the movie instead. Hannah Montana? Where have I gone wrong? I?ve tried to fill...
Oh, oh, oooh, I'm on fire
2008-02-04 12:42:00
Sorry for the long delay. Lot's going on here. First of all, I burnt the Shazam out of my hand.My kids expressed a completely unprecedented interest in beadmaking, so I thought I'd give them a little lesson. The first time went off without a hitch. The second time, not so much. In a valiant attempt to keep my daughter from burning herself by reaching across the torch, I bravely sacrificed myself and demonstrated why not to do it.Not really. I just got distracted and reached over and sizzled myself fairly badly. Not pretty. So, needless to say, no new lampwork beads from Laurie this week.Also, believe it or not, it's Spring here in Florida. For anyone who is familiar with our climate and our junglelike vegetation, you understand that this time of year means that things that have been quietly and unobtrusively growing all through the winter suddenly explode into a massive abundance of messy, overgrown flora. If you let it get out of hand, it quickly becomes unmanageable and you mig...
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To clear up some things...
2008-01-23 13:40:00
January 23, 20085:39 AMTo clear up some things.....For some reason, I have been unable to respond to any recent comments made at the Mermaid's Tale. Sorry about that. I just wanted to clear up and respond, so I'll will dedicate this post to that mission:Lynette - Thanks so much for asking about my dad. He had a clear scan this time and he is doing well. This was the first time in nearly 4 years that he has been relatively well and we are all taking a deep breath. I should have posted that information earlier but, I guess, when you get good news after so much bad news, you almost don't want to believe it. And you don't want to talk about it, draw attention to the fact that somebody must have made a mistake - we couldn't possibly be the ones with the good news.Rebecca - Please don't think I'm making fun of anything British. Toad in the Hole? Love it! Love tea, love scones, love Prince William. Looove him! I feel a little pervy saying that but, seriously, how beautiful is that k...
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Ups and downs....
2008-01-18 18:47:00
Today was supposed to be a brilliant day. The kids were off school, so it was just going to be us. We had a couple of important errands to do. First, we were going to get their passport photos done. That is an exciting thing! I don't think at their ages I even knew what a passport was. But, we like to travel and I want to make sure they're ready when the time comes to go out of the country. I mean, they've been to Mexico and the Bahamas, back before a passport was necessary. But for the last couple of years, while my dad has been sick, we've traveled only in the U.S.. Now that he's doing better, we're planning to go farther afield again. Yay! (*note - Cost for passports...not yay.)After that, we were going to open their bank accounts, primarily using their saved coins. They both have investment accounts, but no savings accounts - except their piggies, of course.So, it was going to be a pretty big day. But at the photo shop, the passport photos turned out horrible. ...
To teach or not to teach? That is the question....
2008-01-16 12:04:00
Well, I've finally got a minute to sit down and chat. The kids are back at school and R is back at work and it's very quiet here. I miss the activity, but I did get a chance to get back to the torch. Nothing worth singing about. I almost felt like I had to relearn how to make beads, after such a long break.Speaking of breaking, I had a bad batch of silver glass. I ended up with some gorgeous beads, because the glass was lovely. Unfortunately, it was completely incompatible with other glass and every single piece ended up either broken or with stress cracks. It was nearly two full days at the torch that ended up in the trash can. Very disappointing!I have been considering the possibility of teaching a class. I've been asked about it a few times, but have been too nervous. I've never taught anything before and am unsure about my ability to stay on track. I'll have to give it some thought.I've also added some of my more artistic photography to my Flickr account. Nothing fabulous,...
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