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A Little Overboard
2008-04-27 12:36:00
One of my web design clients was very angry this morning. He was furious that I had not uploaded his website on the internet yet. I clearly told him that I would put it up as early as today but he insisted that I said 'early in the morning'. Maybe he didn't get the message clearly and now I risk losing a project. Don't know if I'm officially fired or not though. Most might easily suggest that it was my fault but the situation ain't that simple. All my clients are pre-told that I only do projects in my spare time which isn't much (even for the weekends) because I'm studying. That said, they should consider before hiring me and most of them did. As for this one, at first he told me "take your time" and now "where's the f**king website". Of course, as a professional I didn't reply "Can you just shut the f**k up and wait!" but instead replied "I will try to put it up ASAP. I have other clients to consider, I'm very very sorry for he delay". That was when he said "You want me ...
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They're At It Again..!
2008-04-24 16:03:00
Every semester, the Limkokwing University joyfully welcomes returning students to refill its bank accounts but when it comes to students who have outstanding fees they get harsh. They let them enter classes till the mid-semester and Bam! They take action. I guess they purposely do this because they want these students to feel they've gone through half a semester and they're just wasting just time if they quit half way so might as well just pay. But what happens if they can't?These students are not allowed to enter classes, labs and even the library and to prevent them from still doing so the school put barriers at the entrances. These knowledge hungry (...not) students are not able to go through these barriers because their smart cards have been disabled and their library cards taken. Indirectly, these students are missing important classes and tutorials which affects their attendance and will lower their semester grade points. A part from that, they couldn't complete their assi...
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What! Break's Over?
2008-04-20 18:38:00
This week was suppose to be all rest and no work (....not exactly) for us design students here at Limkokwing but it turned out to be the busiest for me. I have been trying to fix my damn computer that went haywire (again) for days - haven't had any good sleep lately. At the same time one of my client's project was due when that happened. I nearly went mad. Luckily my friends, Verina and Nilla was kind enough to lend me their computers so I had to do all my designs there. Oh, god bless you both. If all turns out well, I'm treating you both (that is if there's any extra after paying my overdue rent).Now, thinking that I actually have the time to relax, I don't. Class restarts tomorrow, and I have several assignments due. I'm not complaining though because I'm very used to handing them in late due to the workload I receive from my crazy clients. Again, I'm not complaining, I love crazy clients. They keep my landlord from throwing my stuffs out of the house and my refrigerator f...
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Unfortunate Week
2008-04-11 11:53:00
This week has been a very unlucky one for me. My computer crashed and I was forced to reformat it. Urrrrggh! All my music, projects, documents, softwares and photos (especially ones with me in them) went poof! like smoke. Some virus infected my computer on the same day my trial anti-virus expired.Okay, enough with the sounds and metaphors. That wasn't all. Earlier, I had to go to KL to buy my camera's memory card and in an attempt to bargain with the salesperson, he tried to trick me instead - "Aiya bos, ini memang original punya, no Chaiina Chaiina". It was obviuos he didn't read the product pakaging which clearly states 'Made in China' - HOW STOOPID! I then gave him a mean look and walked away to another 'reliable' shop (which was terribly hard to find). P/S: If you ever think of buying anything in Low Yat Plaza - beware of liars, bloodsuckers not to mention pickpockets! They're crawling all over the place. If a salesperson is being too nice to you, walk away because some...
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Sole Speaker
2008-03-25 10:50:00
Something interesting happened today. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) came to Limkokwing University to evaluate the system of the institution. I was among the randomly picked students to be group interviewed by them regarding the school's educational system, administration, facilities......everything! The interview began with a short silence until one of the interviewers said "we're here to hear your comments about Limkokwing mostly the bad ones so that we could improve this place" - I snapped at him and told him that the university isn't what it promises to be! Words that started an hour long conversation between the interviewers and us the students.Not surprisingly, most of the students didn't talk much. They just sit there, nodded when they agreed with a fellow student's statement and refused to speak up their opinions about the place. I was thinking "Come on, speak up. If the school improves, we improve. Can't you see?"I wasn't the only one talking though. They ...
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Can't Wait To Cook!
2008-03-07 20:56:00
It's been nearly a month since I've entered semester two of my studies here in Limkokwing and I haven't even cooked one bit, which in common sense means I had to buy my breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of stalls and the money shredder 'Makanlah' food court at school. Fed up of doing so, I decided to invest in a portable gas stove - the cheapest. Fortunately it didn't blow a huge hole in my wallet - around 33 bucks. Since quality pans are very expensive, and if I bought the cheap ones they stick and rust incredibly fast, I decided to cook in an alternative way - clay pot!I've always enjoyed clay pot dishes, every single one of them - clay pot rice, clay pot noodles, clay pot Japanese tofu...etc . So I said to myself, why not give it a try - it couldn't be that hard. Making sure my pro-cheap decision was appropriate, I searched the net for recipes and steps to maintain the thing bla..bla...bla. All I could think right now is waking up early tomorrow afternoon (I'm
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The Joy of Blogging
2008-03-07 10:55:00
There's plenty of benefit writing a blog - it could be a medium for someone to express their opinion on just about everything, share experiences, lessen boredom and a lot more. When I started to write my blog a few months ago, I got so excited it that I wanted to post something everyday. This indirectly, improved my thinking skills and bought my thoughts to wider prospects. Soon, I realised that blogging changed how I think and altered my mentality - for the better. With this in mind, I tell my friends that they should write a blog too during spare time, told them the changes it made to me (actually I didn't need to tell them that, they could see from how I've changed) and some of them started doing the same. There is one friend though who doesn't want to do so and said that blogging is for losers but end up writing multiple posts a day after he gave it a try - the only reason he tried is because he had nothing else to do. So if you spend huge amounts of time in cyberspace mingl...
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Almost Fainted!
2008-03-02 14:29:00
I haven't eaten in days, unable to dine in, refusing to eat out, and telling everyone 'Oh, I've eaten'.....hahahaha. Nah, I'm used to being a frugal but I guess I went overboard this time. I couldn't even stand when I woke up this morning. Thank goodness there were few loafs of bread on the table nearby and what else, I grabbed it like it was a million dollars! Thinking about it right now I realised that I'm being in a place I don't belong to. It's just the beginning of the semester and already I have feelings that I would fail my classes because I really can't fully concentrate on them. My thoughts would always fling to the fact that I have bigger problems (or at least that's what I think). Most of the time I try to stay positive by thinking that there are people out there where problems like mine is nothing compared to what they're going through. I sometimes try figure out what would I do if I were in their shoes and try to find a conclusion from there.
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Getting To Know Yourself
2008-02-26 14:28:00
I was browsing through the internet in search of something interesting to clear me off my boredom when I stumbled into this very interesting website where you take a test to evaluate what kind of person you are. I thought, at first, that this was just another normal 'test yourself' kinda thing but hey, I was bored so I said to myself why not just give this thing a try. Surprisingly, the report they provided about myself was very detailed. The site was able to produce precise results about the way I think and how I communicate with my surroundings. What impresses me more is that, unlike other sites which only tells you the good stuffs, this one also explains your vulnerabilities (which I really felt ashamed of after reading ). As usual, to get the most accurate results you have to be very honest about yourself - don't go thinking you're someone else, it's practically useless!At the end of every test, they will tell you what kind of thinker you are. Here's what I got for mine: ...
And The Oscar Goes To....
2008-02-26 05:30:00
The Oscar s live ceremony just ended about 9 hours ago and 3 out of 5 (four of them I stated in my previous post) of my predictions were true. It seemed that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to pick the acclaimed dark side story of a person running away from an murderous psychopath in No Country For Old Men instead of the love and romance during war in Atonement. As expected, Ratatouille won the prize for Best Animated Feature Film while Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard both grabbed acting honours. The Academy however did not disappoint me when they gave Best Music (Score) to Atonement for the outstanding sountrack by Dario Marianelli.
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Oscar's Here!
2008-02-20 15:12:00
It's barely 2 days till the Academy Awards and I haven't even finished watching all the films nominated for Best Picture this year. Thank goodness the writers strike is over and the show could actually go on as planned with A-List stars walking through the cliché red carpet without people showing signs of protest. Since this year's Oscar marks its 80th birthday there must be plenty of surprises.Here are my picks for my favourite categories >>Best Picture: Atonement What draws me into loving this film is the storyline and how it was conveyed to the audience. It was written, directed and acted to perfection which made it the first film in years I've given a perfect 5. The soundtracks were awesome especially the sound of typewriters that kinda give you the sense of how they tell stories during those days. The casts were terrific and they played their roles very well especially Saoirse Ronan who played confused Briony Tallis - she's nominated for best supporting actress this year....
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Unlucky Arrival
2008-02-17 09:03:00
After hours stranded on a plane where the whole flight was full with we're experiencing bad weather and please put your damn seat belts on announcements, I actually arrived in Kuala Lumpur with my head still attached (though my eyes felt like it was popping out a few mins before the plane landed). I took a taxi as soon as I arrive in the airport to my apartment area which blew a humongous hole on my wallet (I had no choice, there were just too many bags for me to carry).Huh! Thinking all the bad stuff was over, I entered my apartment with half a smile. As soon as I entered my room, there it was, in various sizes, pieces of my broken mirror that fell from the wall I attached it to. Speechless, it struck struck me right away - 7 years of bad luck! Then I remembered one of the feng shui practitioner I heard on tv said that this year, the year of the horse will have bad luck.......damn!Sorry for being superstitious but hey, I guess it won't hurt to throw salt over my shoulders - as so...
Traveling for Rotten Eggs
2008-02-15 04:07:00
I'm traveling back to Kuala Lumpur in a few days to settle a few rotten things there (if you know what I mean). If possible I plan to move out of my apartment this semester and find a better unit. Couldn't stand the management there that keeps finding ways for us to cough out dough! What do they think we are? Money printers? I guess that's the consolation I get for living among high standards people - most of them.Not much to tell this time, maybe when I get to KL I will.
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Busy Holiday!
2008-02-02 06:17:00
This is my first post for 2008. I have been wanting to write one for quite sometime but didn't have the time to do so - been quite busy lately (even when I'm in my semester break). Not sure if I'll be back in college this semester - might change my course of life, Limkokwing Uni is just too expensive even with the help of a scholarship! What makes it expensive? - Living cost! I barely eat sometimes. I know after this plenty of my college friends are going to call me from all over across the region asking why Fenson, why? (I know, I know, you all love me) - guess I'll have to be ready with a paper full with possible Qs and As.Okay, put that aside for now. This posts is about something else.The reason this post is called 'Busy Holiday ' is self-explanatory. I haven't been sleeping well lately. I've been trying to finish all of my abandoned projects before I entered college also new ones that comes by. For sometime I've been laying my eyes on a new business prospect - been inve...
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Almost Over!
2007-12-18 15:28:00
It's been nearly a month I have not written anything here (and I thought I would write one every day) because I was very-very busy with these 'junks' our lecturers throw at us. Even near the holiday mood we still can't seem to finish our work cause there's just too much for us to bare. I haven't slept for 3 days (excluding meaningless naps) just too complete my overdue work! I pretty much blame myself though cause I was very lazy and still am. I thought getting into art was easier but it's worse! There's few days till the semester's over and I still have a few tasks in hand. I don't know if I could complete them but I'm keeping my fingers crossed (of course if I kept them crossed I wouldn't be able to do any work now wouldn't I?)Ok then I guess this is it for now, in a few days I would write the whole summary of me being here in Limkokwing University for the first semester - the pros and cons.
Never think out of the box!
2007-11-21 14:58:00
How stupid is the above saying! - an environment where people aren't encourage to develop new ideas or thoughts and are forced to go with the stereotype flow. Currently that is happening in my present field of studies. Most students tend to do assignments/projects just like what other students before them did.They don't try to create something new. It's not that they don't want to but some lecturers limit their student's idea generation - instead of students creating the idea, all they end up becoming are puppets of the lecturers thoughts and opinions. The fact that most students do this is because they're afraid to take risks (which designers are supposed to do) and afraid that the lecturers would despise them and give them a bad grade. FYI, doesn't mean if you get a good grade you'll get a better job! Would companies hire designers that only knows how draw flowers like everyone else?...of course not! That's pretty much a recipe for bankruptcy. Come to think of it, how wer...
2007-11-13 20:01:00
I wasted hours of my precious time watching Honey and Clover, an anime series.....and it was worth it!For those of you who doesn't know the series, Honey and Clover is a coming age story, it's not exactly romance but all of the elements of love are there. It revolves around six companions from different age range comprising of both genders, so it's not a surprise to see them falling in love with each other at some point in that story. Most of the scenes are in an art institute where the characters are studying (which happens to be my field of study).What I love about the series is that even though the storyline looks simple, you can never guess what happens next (confusing huh..) and that continues until the end... A part from that, at most serious scenes, the creators added humor, which in some cases can destroy the whole message that they're trying to convey.....but not in Honey and Clover.When I saw the last episode, it was was excellent! I nearly cried...actually I think I c...
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time and lost on the way..
2007-11-12 13:21:00
My friends and I planned to go to the national library in KL to find resources for our assignments. Sadly, lady luck wasn't on our side! There was a huge rally going on in KL and we couldn't move at all because the trains were - they were fighting for more freedom or something, practically, for now, I don't care! Like any other huge protest, the involvement of police and their so called shields - no exception! Fire fighters were spraying water everywhere to clear out the crowd.When the ruckus was finally over, we took the train to the area where the library is. The area was a large one and we didn't know which bus goes went and we didn't want to take taxi so we end up walking countless miles to the library. On the way there, we had to take a pedestrian tunnel (which was poorly manage....there was algae everywhere) and we were sweating like hell! Alas, upon arrival, it was 30 minutes before closing time. We end up going back home with practically nothing except something to lau...
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Great Time Gone Bad!
2007-11-09 05:56:00
My friends and I went to a bookshop (I ain't mentioning the shop's name cause I despise free publicity) in KLCC (Wow, that's a clue!) to find something worth reading for inspiration. When we got there it was already around 6.30 pm - we could have gone early if we didn't miss the All the books were sealed as if they were damn fragile! We had to ask for the salesperson's assistance to open the sealed books - what if a person wants to browse a huge amount of books? There would be stacks of plastic covers around. There's significant amount of good books I found but their price range was way off my league so all I did was get their ISBN numbers and try to search them on Ebay for cheaper prices (which I did but they just won't ship them to Malaysia.....dammit). While my friends left the shop with at least a book, I left with just a set of paperclips to clip my receipts and debts! Oh, I also got a free magazine from the counter after the cashier akwardly said thank you......
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Life Reviewing!
2007-11-05 17:40:00
If you read my previous post, I talked about my experiences and discoveries living in a foreign land >> duh....that sounds like an adventure - for goodness sake it's just KL not Kazakhstan or anything (which is a place I would really love to visit one day....plenty of B..E..A..utiful people - no offense). Anyway starting from today, I'm going to (or at least try) add a new post everyday. I realised that majority that visit this blog are not Malaysians (which I happen to be) but are people from South America and Europe.....potential tourist if you don't mind my saying (or maybe those people are Malaysians that lives there). most of my readers are people who barely know the Malay language (at least that's what I think) it's practically not a good idea for me to write in Malay....huh...for now at least!These past few weeks have been very busy for me.....very, very busy (I really like doubling words don't I?). Since I'm taking design course which is more to prac...
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2007-10-31 10:52:00
I just don't get it. These spoiled brats from rich families (exclude yourself if your not spoiled) don't know the definition of the word 'directions'. You tell them not to touch but they touch, tell them to act but the won't - they just don't get it! They're like animals, very-very difficult to teach (even my dog is way easier to train than some of the rich kids I've met). Besides that, they love bragging about themselves, and taunting about others! It stresses me just looking at them which forces me to develop a behaviour to ignore them without them noticing it (which some people requested me to teach them since they're in the same situation). These 'animals' cannot be considerate towards others because they've never gone through hardships before. do they realise that the ones who are rich are their parents - they have nothing!
2007-10-19 17:29:00
About a week ago I went out with my friends a little too long and ended up missing the last bus home and having to take the taxi instead. I never had a pleasant relationship with the word 'taxi' or anyone that drives them (if you read my previous post you'll find out why) but because it's the only way for me to go back to my rural apartment area - I practically had no choice (if you exclude having to spend hours in 24H McDonald's waiting for the morning bus to leave.....which is a nuisance). On the way back home it rained heavily and my taxi passed the bus I missed. The bus was like a canned sardine - full of people trying to fit in. I was partially glad I didn't enter that vehicle even though I ended up paying 15 times the cost. Upon arrival at my apartment, I told myself "no more night shifts Fenson!"
Unfair Fares
2007-10-13 15:50:00
Taxis in KL no longer use meters to determine fares. Instead the driver informs you how much money you should pay to go to a certain destination. This means that you will spend more then want you should for the entire ride. If this is the new system, they might as well burn the 'Metered Taxi' sign on top of their damn cars and replace it with a 'Pay According To Driver's Consent' sign. FYI, taxis in KL uses biofuel (NGV to be exact) which only costs around 80 cents (MYR) which is less than half the price of normal fuel. Still, they give various excuses just to gain extra profit. Why don't the authorities do something to these asses? Are they in this together? Sooner or later, this will be one of the cause of inflation and we're the ones who are going to suffer from this oh so stupid situation. Damn it!
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My Controversial Talkshow
2007-10-12 07:13:00
I recently held a talkshow in Skype on 'Talking About America' and just a few minutes after it went on air, there were already about 50 people participating in it and around 100 listeners. I think it was the most participated online talkshow that day. So many people were talking simultaneously that I had to send some of the participants to the "Shut Up and Just Listen!" box.The show went off instantly that I, as the host, barely had any control over it. Debates and arguments were focussed on controversial issues like war on Iraq/Afghanistan to George Bush's ruling in the US and to the the American goverment so-called utilitarianism mentality...which was never the reason I held that show. I guess that's what happened when you tend to have people from different countries with different mindsets and perception especially when issues like these arise under one roof - if you get what i mean.
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Time Passes Soooooo FAST!
2007-10-04 11:43:00
It's been exactly a month since I entered Lim Kok Wing University. So far the experience has been wonderful. I met people from various countries and know little about their culture, language and mentality which I hope to discover more in the coming future. It's great having friends from many corners of the earth especially when you never go abroad. Not all experience are great though....If you ever met a typical LKW student, and ask them about the drawbacks of the place, mostly you'll hear about the cost to study there (especially me!), not that I'm complaining (which I should) but that's the naked truth. Most Malaysian think that kids that study there are damn wealthy - Not all of them are like that! Some students (like me) gained a partial scholarship (which still isn't enough! Damn struggling right now...hahahaha), there are also those who are sponsored by governments of their respective countries (e.g Botswana and Indonesia). So it isn't fair for locals to point and blam...
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Knowledge For SALE?
2007-10-01 09:21:00
I recently visited a handful of book stores to find study references but end up coming home without any. Not that I couldn't find the books I was searching for, its just that they don't come cheap (or at least affordable). I just don't get it, the production and travel cost of reference books these days don't even touch half of the selling price. With that huge price, only mid and high-end society could afford them - The sad thing is...I'm not in this list! Branding books is a selfish act for companies that want to be richer and was already rich to begin with. Every business wants profit, but not excess-profit. A term suitable for this situation is 'Knowledge Economy'. Information carries a steep price, where the rich gets wealthier in information (and assets, indirectly) and the poor have less.In my condition, I'll only be able to buy those books when I don't need them any more - after I graduated! I pity those who wants to gain knowledge but aren't able to afford it....I...
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Busy Spree
2007-09-18 08:31:00
I recently went to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur and like most people say - it's full of smuggled/imitation products, which....I LOVE SO MUCH!Not that I'm supporting pirated stuff or anything but..hey, not all of us can taste xpensive luxurious things so shopping there does let you forget the fact that only filthy rich people can afford a pair of Adidas sneakers (which I still can't afford even after going to that street, LC...LC me!). You could also bargain for the price there, and my advice is that you should. Most of the tauke-tauke there purposely increased the price of a product so that they can triple up their profits just in case a foreigner (who thinks those things sold there are original) wants to buy them.Petaling Street is a popular Black Market which is no good because Black Markets supposed to be unknown whereas for this one its the exact opposite. The weird thing is - with the street's increased popularity by day, the government still does not take any actions. I...
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Of All Firsts
2007-09-13 07:25:00
Haio! Hey there....this pretty much is my first blog so it's pretty empty for now. Right now I'm in the Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology (the place where I'm currently studying) library trying to find references for an assignment on Moral Studies. It's a burden actually... - foreign students (which dominates the population) in this institution don't need to take this course. Since I'm local, this course is compulsory.....Gladly, I was exempted from communication studies because I passed the placement test....that means I don't need to go to class and I get full credit hours - FREE! This only applies to this semester though. Gotta end this post A.S.A.P coz I have a class in 20 mins..but b4 that hv you ever seen this guy before:Ya, he went to my university on Sept 6th 2007.....There have been internet posts from students from other universities around Malaysia questioning why he went to our place instead of theirs.....well, let's look at the factsIt's nothing pe...
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