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I design my own textiles and prints. I work from home


Busy bee.
2008-05-05 14:20:00
Just a little view of my work from last night. Needed to print and paint these up to give to my sister - who has graciously offered to sell them this weekend with her photos in Philly. There is a craft fair down in South Philly on Saturday. Wish I could go - but ballet lessons are taking over my life. Ciao.
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Remember me.
2008-05-05 01:07:00
"In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends." -Kozuko OkakuraJust wanted to share a few snapshots of my garden today ? what a perfect afternoon! I am still a bit sad about leaving all of my ?friends? behind. I just hope the next owner will enjoy and take care of them. For now, I can take their picture so when I look back I will remember this day.
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All wrapped up.
2008-05-02 20:25:00
These two fun and useful bento boxes have been on my front table for a week now ? just waiting for me to get around to wrapping them up and sending them out. Two different friends have had babies this past few months ? and I am very late in sending gifts. I decided to get one of each of these boxes from Plastica and then filled the two trays with great handmade treats from Etsy. One pair of booties (each)? lovingly hand knit by the coffeelady ? and one Juicy Bug (each) from Dreamalittle. All 4 of the items I received were great ? well packaged and in perfect condition. *You will have to check out their shops - as I already packed everyting up :)Upon searching in my plethora of rolls of paper in the attic this morning ? I realized I have no paper that will work ? mostly Christmas leftovers. Here is my solution ? better than having to get in the car (I hate doing errands). So now they are ready to go. (If anyone has received a House print from me ? you will recognize the tracto...
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2008-05-01 19:21:00
When you have lemons. I inevitably have problems with some of my prints. Especially when a block is new ? the ink sometimes will not adhere properly ? or a funny texture develops. I don?t have a heart to just throw them away ? and in any case they make great coloring pages ? as you can see here. I do need to add to the image selection or I might not have any takers next time! Great work from the peanut gallery!
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Community Fabric.
2008-04-30 14:49:00
As you can probably see from all of my lino prints in my shop ? I am inspired by the architecture of my street. It?s just so picture perfect. All of the houses in a row ? each with their own unique differences working together to make the whole. It?s very much like the individual lives of the people and families here as well. We are moving from this little neighborhood ? and it is a bit bitter-sweet. I have decided to create a textile pattern to commemorate this time in my life ? and make a small snapshot of the character that I love about this town. As you can see I am painting the image onto acetate ? how old school ? no computers for me. I haven?t gotten the details down yet ? still trying to simplify ? simplify. If there is anyone out there ? please let me know what you think. ( Can you guess which house is mine??)
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2008-04-30 14:42:00
I love spring. Here is a view of our backyard. I will be a bit sad to leave all of my trees and plants. It?s been a hard job getting this yard looking fab? now to start on the next.
Show Opening Today.
2008-04-26 22:14:00
Thanks to Angelia for her description of the Art of Printing show - which opens today, by the way. If you are in Suffolk, Va go by and check it out. Here is the quote from her blog."The Art of Printing The printed word and illustration is forever tied to our past. With new technology hand printing may be considered a lost art. But today many artisans are embracing the skills of these techniques and bringing there own new spin to these traditional forms of art.Fabric, paper, wood, metal all become the ?canvas? for applications of ink and paint.We present this invitational showcase of art work created using any one of various printing techniques, including but not limited to block printing, lithograph, stencil/screen printing, mono type, and letterpress." I have been thinking a lot lately about the techniques of printing - and how the "old school" methods have been taking a back seat to the computer. I see it in both art as well as pattern development for textiles. I do use tradi...
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A Piece of Time.
2008-04-25 04:12:00
I just had to share these two photos taken in the early 60?s of our new house in it?s former life. It is so interesting to see how the forest around the house has grown up so much in the past 1/2 century. I just love the living room ? complete with baby bassinet. These pictures were sent to us by the architect?s daughter. We were so lucky to have found her! These glimpses into the past are priceless ? and help us to see how the house can be revived. More to come.
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Glad to be back.
2008-04-21 05:25:00
I really didn?t go anywhere ? just have had a very busy and also exiting spring. We are the happy owners of a mid-century modern house, all be it neglected and in need of some major work. The best part is that it is very private with 12 acres around and a beautiful view. I will have some fun before and after pics in a couple of months. Need to get the in-floor heating and kitchen done first ? whew!! OK enough of that ? more about the renovations later. I couldn?t resist just one shot?
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Getting ready.
2008-04-21 04:49:00
Also thought I would post this picture of the pieces that were sent down to Angelia at The Red Thread Studio for the ?Art of Printmaking? show. I am very pleased with how the framing looks. Even simply matting the prints improves their overall appearance. A great place to order mats (I don?t have the patience) is Light Impressions. They were very helpful ? and the mats (I ordered custom sizes) were very accurate to my measurements.
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2008-03-04 19:26:00
I have had this little lady since I was in college (quite a while ago). She was a gift from a good friend and has traveled across the country twice and been at home with me during every change over the years. Since Christmas I have been loving my new creative outlets. The house portraits I began have been very fulfilling ? and I love making a neighborhood by lying the different prints next to one another ? just like on my street.The lady caught my eye the other day ? and so I decided to do her portrait as well. She has the history I love in a piece ? and I think she deserves to be immortalized. I don?t know how old she really is ? but I do know she was an antique when I received her ? and now has the layers of my life to add to those before me.So here is a little photo of her and another showing the process of making her into a print. I hope to pull some images this week to show off in my shop.
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The Red Thread Studio
2008-02-24 23:54:00
I was pleasantly surprised last week to hear from Angelia of The Red Thread Studio , located in Suffolk Virginia. She invited me to be a part of their upcoming show, The Art of Printing in late April. This show is part of a multiple-site Gallery Hop event that includes "The Book as Art" at the Suffolk Museum and ?Letter Carriers? at the Shooting Star, all members of Suffolk Downtown Arts. Needless to say, I?m thrilled!After checking out her website I am so impressed with what they are accomplishing at their Multi-concept space. Not only do they showcase artisans, but offer classes as well. If running a gallery space isn?t enough, Angelia also sells her own textile work in her Etsy shop named ArmstrongIndustry. I especially like her table runners ? one shown below.
Home Sick.
2008-02-22 02:50:00
I don?t know how your houses are this winter ? but mine seems to be full of little sickies. Well, one little sick person in particular. My son has gotten every type of cough/cold ? flu and earache for the last three weeks. So today, he is with me at home recovering again. I needed to make a few new prints of The House Next Door, so he decided to try his hand at creating his own print.This is a really fun and easy activity to do with kids. First he drew his idea onto the rubbery stamp material. It?s good to leave a bit of space between the elements so that the cutting tool has enough room to delineate each clearly. (please note PJ chic)With smaller children ( and even big ones) it is important to show the proper way of holding the block while you cut? Behind your cutting hand. It is easy ? even on these soft blocks to have the cutting tool get away from you and slip forward ? this can make a nasty cut if your hand is in the way.So here he is cutting out the negative space ( ...
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Much Happening!
2008-02-17 04:52:00
I was accepted to Trunkt ( yea!) ? and luckily just before the cut-off for their change in portfolio options. As of tomorrow, all new (meaning free) portfolios will only have 3 pics. If you were accepted prior to this date you get to keep the 9 images ? without having to pay any upgrade fee of $49.I?m not sure how being on this site will help my sales ? but it should give some exposure ? and I really love seeing all of the other artists and designers? work. I would love to hear if anyone has any comments about the benefits to upgrading to the $199 level?
Great Surprise.
2008-02-04 15:42:00
I woke up this morning to find that my House Next Door print in bright green was featured on the Etsy front page. Ballandchain was so good to include me in their refreshing Treasury collection. Things have been a bit slow here for the last few weeks ? and I am happy to have a bit of a kick start with all of the nice messages and inquiries about doing custom house portraits. I had received a commission for a house portrait mid January ? but nothing to speak of since. Rejuvenated on this snowy day ? I will need to do a bit of fun ?work? today to use up my creative energy.
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First of 2008
2008-01-15 16:58:00
I am so impressed with those bloggers who put up posts on a regular basis. They inspire me to do the same ? but somehow life gets in the way. I am here now, however, to show off my new lino print. I have been working on this one for a couple of weeks, trying to get the time squeezed in. This is the second in my ?house? series. I look at this lovely abode every day as it is truly across the street! I believe that this house along with most of the block of neighbors is a Sears?s kit house. I love the proportions and how it truly has a face ? always looking back at me. This print will be up on my site by tomorrow. It will be nice to have a friend to join the ?House Next Door?.
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Let?s Print.
2007-12-22 20:53:00
Yes ? it?s just before Christmas ? and the pressure is on. I had to get out the old small print table to finish a special gift. It fit?s in my laundry room. Thanks to my husband ? first, for moving this table around as much as he has (many years of lugging). And secondly for putting up with drying cloths strewn around the kitchen.The goal is to have a space set up to keep all of my projects in one area ? so we don?t have to live around prints and ink and paper, cloth ? etc. It seem to just expand once I open one of may bins that I use to shuffle things about. I?m sure anyone reading this understands the dilemma of ?creating? without a designated space. This is the reality at this point ? so I will do my best to contain the fray. I wanted to post these images to show that you really don?t need a huge space to work printing cloth. The screens need to be small ? and I usually don?t work in ?repeat? on a true print table. I tend to shuffle around my small table ? creating the ...
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Gumbo Goodness
2007-12-17 08:10:00
Gumbo Goodness I am recuperating today from our holiday party last night. Lots of great friends joined us for a fun time. There is nothing better than a spicy gumbo to warm up on an icy night like the one last evening. It feel a bit decadent when making this recipe for such a crowd ? so I couldn?t help but take some photos of the beautiful ingredients before the were added to the pot. Here is my little helper? pulling the tails off of the many shrimp. I always make too much ? and promise myself that I won?t do it again the next year. Somehow I end up with the same amount each time. This year there was less left over due to some fine eating ? thanks to all who took the pot down to 1/4 full!!(I make about 6 gallons in all ? 5 with the kielbasa ? and 1 gallon with only seafood).Due to popular demand I have listed the ingredients below ? no secrets here. You may want to divide the units by 5 to get a reasonable dinner amount. 5 gallons Seafood Gumbo (with kielbasa): serves 50 to 7...
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Now this is fun!
2007-12-07 06:33:00
Now this is fun!I had this urge last month to take some pictures of houses in my neighborhood. There are some great house shapes on my street. Some are Sears?s kit houses from the 20?s and this one is a Victorian from the late 1800?s. This image shows a linoleum block that I cut out using the victorian as a reference ? a sort of portrait.The best part about linoleum printing is how satisfyingly quick and easy the printing is. Carving the block is another story. I used my rolling pin and meat pounder to press the paper onto the block? but will upgrade to real tools as soon as I have a chance. These are the first prints. I plan on doing some in bright colors ? I love seeing the multiples.On a couple I have painted in the sky with gouache, which gives a moody feeling. Check them out in my shop when you have a chance and let me know if anyone has any good tricks for printing. I have a hard time getting the ink to print completely evenly.All for tonight?
Back to Work
2007-11-30 19:50:00
Here I am, back at it again. I really do enjoy the process of making a pattern. The layout is good ? mathematical aspect I like.Here is the layout for the swirl pattern on my dining room table. I need to create a ?positive ? that is 58? x 30? - that?s a lot of swirls to paint!Here is a picture of my swirls on yardage.I am very excited to get this pattern and a new one ? top secret? up and printing after Christmas. With only a couple of hours available each week ? I will have to continue the ?process? later?Later sometimes takes longer than I really expect. Children and a house can do that to a person. I love taking care of and spending time with my lovely kids. They are 5 and 3 and are very entertaining and energetic. The only solution to the dilemma of actually creating while covering all else that must be accomplished ? is to clone myself ? or just take time and not be in a hurry. The second option is really the reality for me ? and is a nice attitude to be able to have....
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New Blog
2007-11-24 09:25:00
One has to start somewhere. So this is the first entry to my blog? all new to me but very fun to think of being able to document this way. I have enjoyed the windows I have found into other designers? lives around the world through their blogs ? with notes of each struggle and success - I also see myself. I am excited to begin ? continue my journey with my work and life here.I am a textile designer, wife, and mother of two. I have been printing cloth since I found the medium, with certain joy and surprise at RISD where I was fortunate to receive my masters in textile design. Many years have passed, but the idea of making and selling my own printed products has stayed with me. I have worked for a number of wonderful companies in New York and have been able to travel and be immersed in others? design ? but am now ready to undertake the task of developing my own.So here goes. My Etsy site is up and running and I am hoping to begin to sell my patterns by the yard in January. I...
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