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Graphic Design
Adobe illustrator is the industry standard vector-based drawing tool


2008-02-26 17:55:00
Generating Web Graphics Illustrator comes more support on web graphic features. These are many factors affecting web performance. say for example image size colors type faces that need to be Rasterized and compression used for different file formates.Illustrator used vector based images, because they are mathematically defined are a fraction of size of their pixel-based relatives.Two vector based formats have appeared and are based to be use widely. These formats enable rich vector-based graphics to be viewed and even animated in a web browser.The first format developed by Macro media, is the flash format. This is a proprietary format requiring a browser plug-in. the second is an industry open standard named SVG.Illustrator supports both of these formats.
Web Safe Colour
2008-02-23 23:58:00
To set the consistent color across on several different operating system needs web safe clor. The value 216 comes from 256 possible colors available in a 8 bit palette such as those used for GIF images minus 40 unique system colors that the various operating system use.Lossy VS Lossyless Compression The term lossy and lossyless refer to the type of compression that used to reduce the size by removing image information such as unneeded colors or details. Lossyless compression does not remove any image information, but compresses the image by looking for sections of similar colour that repeat within the image. An image compressed losslessy can be converted again to its original state. A lossy compressed image can not.Resolution settings one of the important aspect while working for web graphics is DPI settings. The maximum resolution that is possible for computer moniter is 72 DPI .All web graphics can be saved at this settings to ensure the best possible resolution.Save for web The c...
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Adobe illustrator
2008-02-18 11:20:00
Adobe illustrator is the industry standard vector-based drawing tool.Adobe illustrator is a program primary used to create what is often called "outline art".Illustrator is mostly used to create and edit "outline art" or vector graphic images, which are generally logos. Illustrator can also handle bit-mapped images as well. These images can be imported into illustrator and used as background for tracing or creating objects.It is used by graphic designers throughout the world to create a vast variety of different media including illustrations, package designs, leaflets and flayers, web graphics and animations, notice boards, billboards, and many other graphic objects.Such a variety of applications means that illustrator CS is necessarily a complex tool to master. Once you have understood the basics however, you will soon be able to produce an almost endless scope of graphic designs.
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