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Abstract paintings created by Cornwall based fine artist Kathryn Crocker. Visit our online gallery today where you will find more than 400 original paintings, we ship worldwide.
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Commissions for Abstract Paintings on Canvas
2009-05-06 21:08:00
I have been a very busy bunny and have had lots of orders and some hefty commissions in the last few months, my favourite was a private commission form a lady who has the most exquisite taste, check out a few of the pic’s below. I enjoy working on commissions, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if there is something a bit different which you are after, i will will be adding the paintings to Mazoo soon, i now have a huge amount to put on, with some which i have created just for fun! The first two paintings below are new and have not yet been named, please feel free to email me any ideas! Darkest Sky Homecoming Tranquil Temptations Share This
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Please help….I need you……
2009-03-23 15:21:00
On the 7th June I’m going to be participating in the Race for Life alongside my eldest daughter and some friends, i would like EVERYONE who reads this to PLEASE SPONSOR ME, if giving to charity isn’t usually your thing, I will provide photographic evidence for all who wish to witness my humiliation, I’m going to be wearing pink from head to toe, possibly with pink hair too, I’m hoping that’s got to be worth putting up some cash for? Quite different from my usual black! You can visit my Race for Life sponsorship page to sponsor me online, please dig deep, it’s quick, easy and totally secure. I cannot write this post without mentioning the death of Jade Goody, my heart goes out to her young sons, friends and family at this very sad time for them. Every death from cancer is a tragedy and events like Race for Life are vital in funding Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. By sponsoring me now you can help...
Happy Halloween!
2008-10-31 23:45:00
How cool do these kids look? A Big thank you to Pip and Shane for a wicked party, the games were fab, but Pip you are unnaturally bendy and you must have been practising for ages with that cornflake box! I’ll let you off as you do make a scrummy pumpkin cake though, I polished the last of it off, thank you very much! I’m needing to show off my attempt at a Halloween cake, I had much fun making it, even though my hands were still bloody from gouging out five gigantic pumpkins. More paintings to be added to Mazoo soon folks! Share This
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2008-10-21 12:24:00
Flopsy strikes again! Very sorry Tracey, but what a great photo (feel free to slap Nathan), it really did need to be shared with the world, its the look of joy on your face and that big yellow pee mark, just lovely. Let this serve as a warning to all who enter my dysfunctional home! A bad Bunny lives here LOL. He is being very cute and is enjoying binkying up and down the house this morning, his coordination is about as good as mine though so he tends to be doing 70mph around the lounge, not remembering there is a wall in his way and binkys straight in to it! Then looks at me like ‘i meant to do that’.  I really want to get him a new hutch, but i think Hubby might just hand me the divorce papers if i get him the one i want, its got a hefty price tag of £360, but they are designed to last for a minimum of 10 years (and its pink)! I just wish the little fur ball would stop trying to chew my laptop wire, typing and playing bunny tug of war isn’t terribly ...
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Canvas Paintings added to Mazoo’s Clearance Section!!!
2008-07-29 15:43:00
I have quite a few ex-display canvas paintings in the Mazoo Clearance Section and more to be added soon, it has paintings that are “priced to sell“. They will be one off offers, never to be repeated again, which means you can get a whopping 50% off Mazoo’s usual prices! The paintings will all be in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. There will be no returns on these paintings, but I’m certain that once you get your chosen piece that you will not want to part with it, all paintings have the nice modern chunky gallery edge style. The paintings in the Clearance section may have some flaws in them, but it is usually only a bit of dust as they have been on display ( i do give them a clean up before dispatch!) on the whole they are in good order and if there is any noticeable flaws it will be added to the paintings description to keep you informed. Some lovely new additions to the clearance section:   Rebellion 24″ x 36″ ( 3 parts, each part mea...
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The Dragonfly fascinating and beautiful…
2008-07-28 21:29:00
I have a bit of a fascination with Dragonfly ’s, the colours are very beautiful and they seem like a fluttering prehistory lesson!   ‘Dragonfly glow‘ is inspired by the long distant relatives of the dragonfly’s we see today, it was painted at 12″ x 24″ per canvas with the entire piece without spaces measuring 24″ x 36″. Dragonfly Glow can now be purchased through Mazoo in the size above for £262.50, larger sizes also available at extra cost. If totally abstract isn’t your cup of tea, i can be commissioned to paint whatever takes your fancy or perhaps ‘Dragonfly and the Lily’ is more to your taste? Prices starting from £127.50 for a 12″ x 24″ gallery edge style canvas, again, larger sizes also available at extra cost. Dragonflys are prehistoric, they were fluttering around about 300 million years ago and they were once much much larger than the cute little fellows we see now, their wing spans were abou...
Just had to share my cute new Bunny Rabbit……
2008-07-28 15:11:00
The adventures of Flopsy! I hadn’t planned on getting him, he just went all fuzzy and doe eyed at me, spellbound, i couldnt help myself, i had only gone into the pet shop to get some Hammy supplies and sent Hubby off to the garage to do the bloke jobs, by the times Hubby got back i was choosing a hutch for my new found love, Flopsy! Long suffering Hubby was not impressed, I guess they knew he was only joking in the shop when he told them of his plans for rabbit stew (a very expensive meal was their reply LOL),  but Flopsy is gorgeous and it doesn’t matter how many of the household wires he has chewed through, or how embarrassing it is when you have a guest over and he pees all over them, you just cant help but love the little fur-ball. The eldest has now become an expert at using electrical tape ‘quick before Dad sees it!’ The youngest enjoys flicking the rabbit poo around and we all enjoy torchering Dad with oops bunny pooped in the lounge again! I di...
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New Textured Abstract Art Painting on Canvas…
2008-06-24 14:07:00
This one will be added to the store in the Abstract Art category soon, although, as Ive been playing with texture quite a lot recently, I’m considering starting a new category in the Mazoo store purely for Textured artwork, I mainly use sand, because i enjoy the way it soaks up the paint creating heavy texture, but i have previously dabbled in texturizing ( Did I make up a word ? ) my paintings with marble and semi precious stones like amethyst, using glue and resins so as to keep the original colours of the stones. In the mean time if you are interested in having me create a textured painting for you, using whichever medium you choose, contact me and i’d be happy to do so. Share This
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Dead Head Dolly
2008-06-23 17:25:00
Ive been making some cute little dolls, i had some really nice glass Taxidermy eyes, foxes eyes, very pretty amber colours, so i used those. There are others with pins in their heads, just lovely. Share This
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Happy Fathers Day!
2008-06-15 10:34:00
Happy Fathers Day Grampy! Fishing was lots of fun, buy you some more floats i promise!!!   :0) xxx Share This
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Moo cows cakes one very mad Mommy!
2008-05-20 13:39:00
I have just about made it through the weekend with my sanity intact, for the eldest’s Birthday she wanted everything ‘Cow’, so that she got! I made fuzzy cow print curtains, big squashy cushions and all sorts, not forgetting a cow Birthday cake: Its not quite as grand as the one her Grandma made for her ...
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My time in Prison?..
2008-05-19 15:58:00
Hubby andI went for a wonder about Bodmin Jail recently, its a great fun place to go, some very amusing true stories on the walls around the cells about the former inmates and what they had done (quite often not much)to deserve being banged up! I wont divulge with too much info it would spoil ...
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Buy handmade for a warm fuzzy feeling!
2008-05-14 21:02:00
Thinking about gifts, Ive been doing a lot of Birthday pressie buying recently andI wanted to encourage anyone and everyone to have a go at handmade, I usuallypaint forclose friends and familyandif you, too, can make someone a pressie it is so much more special for them that you took the time and effort to ...
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Happy Birthday Sis!!!
2008-05-14 12:38:00
No Cate Blanchett isnt my long lost Sister, but my Sister does like her and hey, look lily you share a Birthday ! “Cate’s birthday is 14 May 1969 and like a typical Taurean she is careful when it comes to decision making, showing impeccable choice when it comes to deciding which films she will work on. ...
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Happy 50th Birthday Mr Mow!
2008-05-11 00:18:00
Please go check out the coolest, Cornish grass cutters site! This website has been designed as a Happy 50th Birthday present for my Dad, Mr Lou Mason AKA Mr Mow or Grampy, sometimes he?s even called Gumpy or Grumpy Grampy although its best that the last two are ignored ;0) The reason for giving Mr ...
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Louise Bourgeois, what a woman! ?Maman?
2008-04-22 16:15:00
There are some artists that are OK or even great but Louise Bourgeois is out of this world! If i had the opportunity id love to fill the world with super sculpture, I think i would work in glass though, the bronze here looks amazing, I like the silhouette it creates cutting into the sky ...
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The Art of dreaming?.
2008-04-21 20:07:00
If you are having any dreams which you need help interpreting, this forum has some really helpful members andthey dont bite like Mr Panther here, click on the banner togive it a try and let me know how you get along…… I would love to be commissionedtopaint a canvas based on dreams.I did some huge A1drawingsbased ...
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Get them whilst they?re hot! Paintings on Mazoo?
2008-04-21 14:53:00
Canvas Art - Clearance Section - Now Open! Our canvas art clearance section is now open, it has paintings that are “priced to sell“. They will be one off offers, never to be repeated again, they will all be in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. There will be no returns on these paintings, they are ...
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Its not mine, but its groovy art anywho?.
2008-04-19 21:47:00
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In need of some heavy metal alien vampires?? wouldn?t mind a bit of HIM ;0)
2008-04-19 21:23:00
I have listened to this album sooo very much since its been out and i love it, Hubby isnt too keen, he preferred Type’O'negative’s older stuff and i do too, butDead Again isjust perfect to listen to whilst I’m painting. I’m definitely more into metal, but sometimes i need the mellow stuff! Hence Ive also been ...
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2008-04-19 17:58:00
To Dominic Hope you have a fantastic day, sorry we cant be there to buy you your first pint and to give you 18 Birthday bumps! Hope you don’t mind the not so traditional Birthdaycard, just be thankful thatyou guys don’t live so close anymore or i might have gotten my hands on some of your ...
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Vote For Us At Favelets
2008-03-19 17:17:00
Hello Help me to reach the number 1 spot on the Favelets sales section. To vote for us as your favourite art gallery click on the banner below Share This
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Canvas Art Finish, Matte or Gloss?
2007-10-23 00:56:00
A recent order from has made me realize that I need to update purchasers about the finish on my paintings. All paintings on Mazoo are created using the finest, high quality acrylic paints and the finish on them is very flexible, heat and water resistant, so they do not require an extra varnish for protection ...
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A Super 15 minute Art make over!
2007-10-20 14:59:00
Is a room in your home looking a little tired? In need of a touch of TLC? Check out the photos below of how quickly and effortlessly you can transform an ordinary room into a luxury setting more in tune with your modern life style. With no need to re-paint the walls to freshen up a room, ...
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The Quest For the Ancient City of Gold
2007-09-07 12:20:00
The Quest For the Ancient City of Gold ———- The subject of a drowned continent has mystified seekers after ancient wisdom and intrigued writers for more than two thousand years. With the advent of the Web, New Age enthusiasts are able to choose from a massive list of literature addressing the enigma of Atlantis, both from a ...
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Abstract VS Sunset Paintings
2007-08-14 00:13:00
I’ve been busily painting in all of my spare holiday time, mainly working on my new dark and devious gothic collection of canvas paintings. The new collection is coming along fantastically well, I am longing to put some photos online for feedback, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t even show a peep until all ...
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Hammy The Hampster
2007-08-08 23:31:00
So I caved in and got the girlies a hamster, I was 17 last time I had one, took me a while to get over it (RIP Sioux), It was the last one in the shop, rejected by all of the other kids, it’s supposed to be named Hammy, although it goes by many other names, ...
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Summer holiday blog
2007-08-08 17:25:00
Been on some nice days out, Castle Drogo was cool, the Wolfshead Bowmen were encamped there re-creating a bit of medieval England , I love this period in history. The girlies had a go at archery which they all enjoyed and was highly amusing to watch, I didn’t have a go for safety’s sake, it’s ...
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?A Beautiful Time? On Display at CCTVenues London
2007-07-20 11:33:00
Painting is one of my instincts, I have to do it, but then we have been creative artistically since our primitive beginnings in the way of cave paintings and now more than ever in our fast changing modern society, we should all be surrounded by beautiful and colourful artwork to enjoy aesthetically, if not to ...
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Coming Soon! KathrynCrocker.Com
2007-07-15 18:12:00
I have decided that I am going to have two websites to correspond with my somewhat split personality, I tend to shape-shift between my conformist, fairy cake baking, tranquil abstract art painting, environmentally sound, tree hugging, vegetarian, politically correct, sweet mumsy self (whilst the children are present) and my anarchistic, nastily naughty, escapist, big black ...
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