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Home made photography studio (part 1 - Tabletop studio)
2008-03-03 12:29:00
How to make a photo studio on a shoestring budget? This question is asked by many aspiring photographers. The main reason for this is the extra cost it involves setting one up. The good news is that actually you don`t need thousands of $$$ to get yourself started in studio photography. In this article I'll go through the possibilities and options you have to make a table top studio for shooting
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Prime photo lenses
2008-02-26 21:31:00
Nowadays there are two general types of photo lenses: zoom lenses and prime lenses. All photo lenses can be divided in these two groups. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages against each other. Basically, a prime lens has a fixed focal length, in other words, you can’t zoom it in or out. For example, a 20 mm prime lens is fixed in it’s focal length and in order to fill the
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Telephoto lenses
2007-12-04 16:40:00
Telephoto lens is a very useful piece of kit in any photographers bag. The lens is useful in many ways, one - the most obvious is the ability to fill the frame with a subject that is far away, it's helpful in situations when you can't get close to your subjects, like a football game or wild animals. Any focal length above 50mm can be considered as telephoto, say 70mm or 135mm etc. There are two
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How to make money with photography blog
2007-11-11 18:24:00
Few days ago I stumbled across this blog (, and I find it quite useful for those photography enthusiasts who are into making money out of photography. Articles like "52 ways to monetize your photos", "47 things people will pay you to shoot" etc. Check it out if you have interest. Very well put together articles and interesting too. Photopreneur
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What is ISO in photography?
2007-10-24 23:39:00
ISO stands for International Standards Organization. How does that relate to cameras? ISO standardizes a lot of different industries, and photography as well. It is used to standardize film sensitivity to light, in digital cameras a ISO equivalent is used. The lower the ISO value the less sensitive the film or image sensor is to light. The higher the value the more sensitive the film or image
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Exposure bracketing in photography
2007-10-24 21:38:00
Exposure bracketing, that's another thing to learn in order to better understand how photography works. Well it ain't that complicated as it sounds. It's exactly what it says on the tin. You bracket the exposure that camera thinks is correct with two more exposures, one underexposed (darker image) and one overexposed (lighter image). So, how that works and what it's for? Let's say you are
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Exposure triangle in photography
2007-10-21 20:08:00
Exposure is determined by three factors: number one is aperture, number two is shutter speed and number three is ISO setting (sensitivity value of the film or sensor). Any change in one of these factors will result in a change in the exposure. So, if one factor is changed, but exposure has to remain the same, then second of these factors have to be adjusted accordingly. Now, lets see how it
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Shutter setting in photography
2007-10-20 14:18:00
Shutter is an important setting. From the previous post we found out that aperture determines the amount of light reaching the sensor or film, the shutter determines the time for how long the light reaches the sensor or film. It also determines if a moving subject is frozen still or blurred. In itself shutter is a curtain or set of leaves (just like aperture) which moves (opens and closes) in
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Aperture setting in photography
2007-10-20 13:32:00
Aperture is a setting that determines the amount of light reaching the surface of the sensor or film. It is located inside the lens. Aperture is made up of a number of very thin blades which form a circular opening and are able to change the diameter of this circle by fanning in or out. When the aperture is set to f1.4, for example, the amount of the light reaching the sensor or film will be
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What a camera is and how it works?
2007-10-13 21:15:00
The most simple answer would be this: a camera is a light tight box with a lens attached or no lens at all (pinhole camera) and a light recording media in it (film, digital sensor). OK, that's to simple isn't it? Let's go a bit deeper. The most important parts of any camera are: the light tight box - the film/sensor chamber, lens, shutter and aperture. SLR cameras have a mirror and a pentaprism
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What is photography?
2007-10-13 18:19:00
What is photography? Good question, simple answer. Photography is painting with light when translated to English. So, how it happens? We see the world around us because of the light, if there is no light we see nothing. The light reflects from objects and our eyes capture the light, then our brain processes the information and gives us an image of what we see. What that has to do with
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