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Emilie Boudet
I'm a french illustrator and art director. This blog is about things I created, things of everyday life, and things that inspire me.


2008-03-06 08:21:00
after the rain chinese ink block This week i’ve begun to work on illustrations for an exhibition in may, in Paris - i’ll tell you more later !
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2008-03-04 08:43:00
The plant on the right was a minor actor in our movie Running through the trees ! {video} Food Fight, an short film by Stefan Nadelman : a succinct history of wars, from World War II to today.
2008-03-03 09:41:00
This year, i participate in the Festival de Romans contest (soyons fous :-) … if you like this blog, feel free to vote for it - it’s very simple and fast! just click here, i’m in the illustration/graphisme/design section…
Graffiti - february 08
2008-03-01 18:39:00
click on the image to see the fullsize drawings january {www} how to make an origami cat face
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2008-02-28 23:55:00
for illustration friday
the milky way of life
2008-02-26 08:17:00
+++ Video clip of Blur’s Coffee & TV : the cuttest milk carton i’ve ever seen. thanks Simon !
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portfolio, update #2
2008-02-25 11:28:00
new update ! i’ve added some illustrations : dtrames and vaches, some posters, the web section, and just for fun, the networks page.
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2008-02-25 10:57:00
We had a wonderful and sunny weekend. I went to see the last Kusturica’s film (Zavet in serbian : sweet word, isn’t it?) , which is probably not his best film but is quite joyful, i really had a good time. We spent the night in Le P’tit Bar, the smallest bar in Paris, just near my house. The barmaid is an old woman with her cat who’s called Waou - some drawings to come… On Sunday, a little walk among tourists on Saint Louis island. Too many people waiting for icecreams, so instead i bought a delicious “four spices” cake in the smallest and oldest patisserie-chocolaterie - so, it was the smallest places’ weekend. Nice song videoclip of Room Eleven, a dutch group. (found on siagrafica)
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