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Vulgarism at Milan Design Week?
2008-04-15 21:24:00
I’m off to the Milan Design Week tomorrow morning. As always it will be nice to come to Milan and meet the spring (I’m from Sweden you know?). What interests me most is to see if the DesignArt, or Vulgarism trend as I prefer to call it, from lasts years Milan Design Week is as ...
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Swedish prefab house
2008-04-15 15:31:00
Plus House is a pre-fab two-storey house by Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. It has generic proportions of a traditional Swedish barn house. Instead of windows positioned like regular “holes” along the walls, entire sides are glazed. On the entrance floor both long walls are glazed. On the upper floor the gable ends are glazed. ...
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Is it a skirt? or is it a pair of trousers
2008-04-14 19:01:00
A graduate of Goldsmiths College in London, fashion designer Anna Antoniades? work focuses on the relationship between body, garment and space. She distresses the form to accentuate the silhouette through excessive folds, bold pleats and voluptuous draping. Antoniades? work has been seen in London - four shows in London Fashion Week - Bilbao and Tokyo, where ...
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The Milkbar at Milan Design Week
2008-04-12 12:53:00
Finnish supreme companies Artek and Marimekko will break boundaries when they are presenting the Milkbar, a new concept at this years Milan Design Week . You will find the Milkbar at Viale Francesco Crispi 3. Ping tags technorati : milan design week milan furniture fair artek marimekko Andra bloggar om: milano, ...
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Inga Sempe at Milan Design Week
2008-04-11 16:20:00
Here follows a couple of images of new products presented at the Milan Design Week by French designer Inga Sempe. They are: Endormis plates by Domestic, Double stray paper lampshade by Artecnica and Low back Moel seat range by Ligne Roset. I especially like the plates. In the typically shrewd design style that has become ...
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Bouroullec at Milan Design Week
2008-04-11 15:35:00
Here follows a couple of image of different projects presented by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec at the Milan Design Week. The products are Alcove love seat highback for Vitra, Rocs for the Vitra Edition, Steelwood collection for Magis, Pebble for Tectona and Papyrus chair for Kartell. Ping tags technorati : milan design week milan furniture fair ...
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Worlds first passive museum
2008-04-10 19:07:00
When the tourist office and the city museum in Ulricehamn, Sweden grew to large for their facilities the municipality asked Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects to design a new building combining the two programs. The building will be a passive house, making it the first museum in the world built with this technique. SITUATION The site for the new ...
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Konstfack at Milan design week
2008-04-09 10:57:00
For the third year Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm will be present at the Milan Design Week with the exhibition Functional Design for a Dysfunctional World. The exhibition focuses on a group of young designers, students or recent graduates of Konstfack, who operate both as producers and social engineers. In ...
New bulletin - I shop therefore I am
2008-04-07 09:51:00
I?m proud to announce the new David Report bulletin called “I shop therefore I am”. In this issue we are looking into the world of consumer culture from different point of views; ethical, social, political, economical and humanistic. Shop ping has turned into a lifestyle. We consume as leisure and a way to pass time. But at ...
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Comme des Garçons in collaboration with H&M
2008-04-03 13:45:00
Comme des Garçons? founder and head designer Rei Kawakubo will create this autumn?s guest designer collection at H&M. Rei Kawakubo, famous and admired for her creativity and artistry, will design a women?s and a men?s collection, with some pieces for children too. Accessories and an exclusive unisex fragrance will also be included in the collection. “I ...
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Build on green
2008-04-02 23:14:00
Now you can make your green design concepts even greener by sourcing for sustainable building and interior materials at a new material library located in San Francisco and Providence, USA. Initiated by Matt Grigsby and Joe Gebbia, two graduates from the Rhode island School of Design, Ecolect is a free on-line library that hosts an impressive ...
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Designboost at Hem and Villa fair
2008-03-29 17:33:00
Here follows some images from the Design boost activites during the Hem & Villa fair in Malmö 6-9 February. All in all we produced 21 lectures, 17 workshops, 13 exhibitions, 1 concert. On top of this also a sustainable children?s house. The different activities by Designboost were based on “sustainable design” and took place as an ...
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I shop therefore I am
2008-03-28 18:03:00
Next Friday, April 4, issue nine of the David Report Bulletin will be released. The title will be “I shop therefore I am” and it will concern future consumerism and consumption culture. Among other things you will be able to find interesting texts from Kristina Dryza, freelance strategist and designer and Sante Poromaa, teacher ...
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Shoptalk by FutureDesignDays
2008-03-26 20:36:00
Shoptalk is a series of sessions on tomorrow?s retailing and beyond by FutureDesign Days. These Shoptalks will take place April 2 in Malmö, May 15 in Stockholm and May 22 in Borås, Sweden. I will be one of the participants in the panel debate at the Malmö event. Book your ticket by clicking the link above, however ...
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Myto by Konstantin Grcic at Milan Design Week
2008-03-25 17:47:00
The new Myto chair by Konstantin Grcic will be launched at the Milan Design Week in April. Returning David Report readers maybe remember my earlier post about the Myto chair when it first was presented back in July. Myto will be produced by furniture manufacturer Plank in collaboration with chemical company Basf. Myto is made ...
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Support the Dalai Lama
2008-03-24 18:58:00
I just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and dialogue with the Dalai Lama . This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action as well. After decades of repression, Tibetans are crying out to the world for change. China’s leaders are right now ...
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
2008-03-21 11:23:00
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No one could say it better than Jack? There’s more to life than work. DON’T FORGET TO PLAY! In some way the next David Report bulletin, which will be out within approximate a week, will touch this issue. We will dive deep into uncool ...
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Ora-Ito to build around the globe
2008-03-19 15:02:00
French designer Ora-Ito and real estate entrepreneurs have teamed up with a new concept of luxury housing and resorts around the globe. The new brand is called LH&R-Luxury Houses & Resorts, a Paris based development-design joint venture. Advanced design will be delivered through the O-BY ORA-ITO brand. The O team will be the lifestylers ...
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Design vs branding
2008-03-18 15:25:00
I was reading an article some weeks ago in the Swedish business magazine Dagens Industri which made me a bit confused. The theme was branding (and design). In the article, Stefan Ölander from the branding agency Rewir says; “Today most products and services are exchangeable, it’s branding and communication that make the difference.” I have a ...
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Future Shopping exhibition
2008-03-17 11:23:00
Some time ago I wrote about the seminar Future Shopping which I moderated during the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Here follows a couple of images from the exhibition that was part of the Future Shopping project as well. If you read Swedish, or would like to look at some images of the student projects, you can ...
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Milan Design Week preview
2008-03-14 08:41:00
My first Milan Design Week preview this year is the desk Bambi by Nendo for Cappellini. Bambi is in the form of a single plane, bent this way and that. Each of the legs fold in a different direction, giving the desk a sense of unsteadiness at first glance, but you soon realize that it ...
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Your mum is a hacker!
2008-03-13 13:04:00
During the first six months of its release, more than two million iPhones have disappeared ? or rather, they were sold, but never activated through AT&T. As we all know, these phones have been hacked to work with other networks in many different countries. With more than two million units cracked, you can follow a lively ...
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The Gentleman?s Jeans
2008-03-12 11:13:00
The Gentleman ?s Jeans is a pair of blue, elegant jeans, created for a mature man of work and leisure. The jeans has been designed by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom from Fantastic Man together with Creative Director Jonny Johansson at Acne, in a style that has been seen before on our fathers and uncles, ...
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Prefabricated passive houses
2008-03-11 18:37:00
KjellgrenKaminsky Architects and Emrahus launched Sweden’s first series of prefabricated passive houses at the Hem & Villa fair in Malmö, Sweden last week. In total it is 4 different houses with a size of 150-200 square meters. They all differ a little from each other to attract the taste of different customers. Passive houses are extremely ...
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London Milan Summer Sessions
2008-03-06 21:58:00
Students and new designers from around the world are once again invited to enrol onto the London Milan Summer Sessions for four weeks of design tuition and experimentation in world-renowned institutions. Now in its third year this unique collaboration between Central Saint Martins in London, Domus Academy and NABA in Milan enables students to study ...
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Launch of Saab 9X BioHybrid Concept
2008-03-04 22:27:00
Saab just launched the 9X BioHybrid concept car at the Geneva Motor Show the other day. Regular readers of David Report are probably aware of my somewhat anxious thoughts on how the Saab design crew would be able to develop the Saab heritage into relevant design for the future (read here and here). One ...
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Jen Stark at OKOK gallery
2008-03-03 07:46:00
I have been writing about the amazing paper art by Jen Stark a couple of times (here, here, here and here). Jen Stark is now in a 2-person show (together with Diem Chau) at the OKOK Gallery in Seattle. Among here paper art is also a couple of felt-tip pen drawings which I have pasted ...
Floor plans by MapAlive
2008-02-29 11:36:00
After my post about the new Wallpaper interactive floor plan I was contacted by MapsAlive. MapsAlive is a way to easily create interactive floor plans without any programming. With MapsAlive you can upload your floor plan image and photos, and place markers on the plan to show where photos were taken. An interactive floor plan ...
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Showcasing architectural features
2008-02-28 00:13:00
Their are a lot of different ways to showcasing architectural features online. The magazine Wallpaper are trialling a new thing on their web called “an interactive floor plan”. The idea is for the user to see the architectural drawings of a building to get an idea of layout and size, and they can then click on various arrows to see a photo of what the room looks like from that vantage point. Quite smart idea I have to say; it’s maybe not totally revolutionary but will definitely help the reader to get a better experience of the layout of the house. Here is an example in an article called Cabin by Lode architects. Ping tags technorati : wallpaper architecture lode architects Andra bloggar om: wallpaper, media, arkitektur, hus
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Debating DesignArt
2008-02-26 07:39:00
Today I will be in a panel debate in London concerning the hot topic Design Art at the The Mews Gallery by Rabih Hage. Questions surrounding celebrity, significance, high prices, manufacture and integrity will be discussed and debated. DesignArt is a theme I’m quite keen to discuss and I have written about it in one ...
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