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Absolut Machines live
2008-02-25 15:45:00
I just got this nice movie showing one of the Absolut Machines , the Absolut Quartet, up and running at a guerilla gallery at 186 Orchard St on Manhattan, NYC. What’s best is that you can interact with The Absolut Quartet from all over the world via your keyboard! Just go to the Absolut Machines web ...
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Freedom of choice from Vs.
2008-02-24 12:22:00
The international high end fashion and lifestyle magazine Vs. has just released their latest issue. Its large format print and strong visual identity makes Vs. stand out in the media landscape. The new issue comes with six different covers and you can simply pick the one that appeal to your taste. In this case ...
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Installation by El Ultimo Grito
2008-02-19 18:59:00
El Ultimo Grito has been involved in a ‘Performing Design /Design Performance’ where process and outcome become complementary. The piece was a commission by IFEMA coinciding with ARCO in Madrid (13th to 18th February).The piece was conceived as a public area within the fair, but it was completed re-using all the packaging materials that were being ...
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Cool cats? Cool furniture
2008-02-18 12:08:00
Industrial designer Jed Crystal had a house full of cats, but along with them came a house full of ugly cat furniture. With no cool beds for cool cats existing, he decided to create his own modern pet furniture line. As he said, ?I just kept thinking there?s got to be a better way.? With ...
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First Aid Kit
2008-02-15 17:34:00
In 2006, Johnson and Johnson turned to Harry Allen & Associates to re-design the First Aid Kit. Although it is one of J&J’s most iconic products, after years of cost engineering the First Aid Kit had been reduced to a disposable clear plastic case - gone were the memorable designs of yesteryear. The design brief ...
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Once again, information is king
2008-02-14 18:05:00
We all know that sustainability is good for you and the environment and let?s all go save the whales. However, the simple notion of something positive is far from enough to successfully implement a sustainable product, let alone its communication. The Design boost event and current work with a range of sustainable products for different clients ...
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A Sustainable design exhibition
2008-02-13 23:02:00
Designboost is behind an exhibition on sustainable design that is running at the Audi Forum showroom in Stockholm until February 29. The exhibition is a visualisation of Designboost’s holistic view on sustainable design. The products on display are described in both writing and with specially filmed interviews. Among the products you will find Eco ware ...
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Boost talks at the Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-12 21:48:00
Here follows a couple of images from some of the Boost talks (formerly known as lectures and interviews) my company Designboost hosted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 6-9 February. Among the persons involved in the different Boost talks were Eero Koivisto, Ilse Crawford, Giulio Cappellini, Satyendra Pakhale, Stephen Burks, Ewa Kumlin, Save our Souls, TAF ...
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Boost chats at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-11 21:20:00
At the 7-8 of February my company Design boost gave specially invited participants the opportunity to take part in Boost chats at the Top:talk of the Rica Talk hotel just besides the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The idea was to bring together designers, producers, journalists and students and make them interact at a given subject. Among ...
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Forum AID award to 3xn architects
2008-02-11 08:45:00
The Forum AID award highlights the best architecture, interiors and design in the Nordic countries. Below are some pictures of the winner of the architecture category and the motivations from the jury. Ørestad gymnasium in Copenhagen, designed by 3xn, is nothing less than a new paradigm in learning possibilities. Where new schools often just look different, this building is something different. It actually looks like a place where you want to spend time, and that’s no small feat for an educational institution. We believe that the youngsters attending Ørestad gymnasium will develop a different and positive relationship to both architecture and architects. That is truly a quality worth rewarding. Ping tags technorati : 3xn architecture forum aid award Andra bloggar om: arkitektur, köpenhamn, danmark, design, hus, tävling, skola
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Stephen Burks at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-10 14:44:00
New York based designer Stephen Burks was invited to make a conceptual exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair which materialized into the Craft Caf. Personally it was one of the most inspirational spots of the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Slightly anarchistic and with a lot of emotions and authenticity it was a joy to sit down ...
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Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-09 18:07:00
Today I have checked the Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It’s the place where you find work from the design schools and also young and upcoming independent designers. The following things stand out according to me. Low table in bent wood by Patrik Pettersson. Easy chair where you can change colour by flipping the layers of ...
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2nd Cycle by Artek at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-08 23:22:00
Artek?s visionary design found its expression in breakthrough technology to create pieces as timeless as the Picassos that used to hang above them in the shops of Helsinki. The dints, the scratches and the patina tell their never-ending story. And no matter where they?ve been or the place they?ll end up next, one thing is ...
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Designboost program at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-02-04 23:26:00
COMPLETE STAGE PROGRAM AT STOCKHOLM FURNITURE FAIR 2008 (all Designboost Boost Talks specially marked). All activities will take place at the scene in Giulio Cappellini’s lounge in the entrance area if nothing else is stated. The Designboost Boost Talks will be performed from the mobile “design sofa”. David Carlson and/or Peer Eriksson represents Designboost in the conversations where Designboost is stated. WEDNESDAY 6 FEBRUARY 10.00 Designboost A conversation between designer JEAN MARIE MASSAUD and Designboost about humanism and “sustainable design”. 11.00 Designboost EWA KUMLIN, managing director of Svensk Form talks with designer STEPHEN BURKS on the theme “Saving the planet in style”. 12.00 Designboost Ewa Kumlin, managing director of Svensk Form and CAROLINE HEIROTH, Swedish Style in Tokyo talk with SATYENDRA PAKHALE, cultural nomad + TERUO KUROSAKI and BENJAMIN BUDDE among other representatives from the Tokyo design community. 13.00 Designboost A conv...
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Textile design by Becky Earley
2008-02-02 10:57:00
London-based designer Becky Earley is not as famous as she ought to be. A pioneering practitioner who charts the boundaries of new fabrics and forges fresh directions for old fibres, Earley?s contribution to British textiles is really something. Right now, Earley is lauded for her commitment to sustainable textiles. Everyone knows she was one of ...
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Jamie Oliver kitchenware
2008-01-31 13:04:00
For the Jamie Oliver brand, the Hague design agency Ontwerpwerk has designed a line of kitchenware. These products will be introduced to the international consumer market at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt from 8 to 10 February. The line consists of bowls in different sizes, a colander, storage boxes, sealable measuring cups, cutting boards, a salt ...
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Absolut Machines
2008-01-29 21:23:00
Absolut Machines is a pioneering project that explores what happens when leading-edge technology meets creativity, art and music. It’s an interactive installation which let online visitors create music together with intelligent machines. I was involved in the early strategy part of the project and I must say that Absolut Machines definitely is something extremely creative ...
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Designboost at Stockholm Furniture Fair
2008-01-28 17:04:00
The Knowledge company Design boost and Stockholm Furniture Fair, the premier design fair in Scandinavia, start a collaboration. During the period 6?10 February Designboost will stage a “mini boost” event at the Stockholm Furniture Fair themed around the concept of ?sustainable design?. It contains BOOST CHATS, BOOST TALKS and BOOST SHOWS. It’s one of a couple of ...
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Konstfack movie
2008-01-26 16:44:00
Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm has made a nice movie about the deadline for applying to the school. It’s directed byRBG6. Ping tags technorati : konstack art education slowmotion movie Andra bloggar om: konstfack, film, utbildning
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Bouroullec brothers at Galerie Kreo
2008-01-24 17:56:00
The French brothers, Ronald and Erwan Bouroullec are just preparing an exhibition at Galerie Kreo in Paris. The exhibition will open January 26 and be up until March 8. Some exclusive previews below. Ping tags technorati : erwan ronan bouroullec galerie kreo design exhibition Andra bloggar om: ronan bouroullec, erwan bouroullec, design, utstllning, paris
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Future of shopping
2008-01-23 00:31:00
Future of shopping is a project initiated by Christine Hedstrm/Design United and Dr. Ronald Jones, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Konstfack. The result from the course at Konstfack will be presented by the students as a future shop in the mall Gallerian at Hamngatan in Stockholm February 5-14. The picture above is a rough sketch of ...
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Milan marathon
2008-01-21 09:35:00
Classic, hedonist, Russian rock star, baggy chic, ski warrior, cartoon-boy, uniforms or British neo-romantic? In Milan o, where they just ended the presentation of the men?s fall winter 2008/09, the man is a vain magician of the masculine wardrobe. “A cashmere suit worn with the same ease of a pair of jeans. A smartness that enjoys every ...
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Furniture of the Year by Inga Sempe
2008-01-19 18:25:00
The table La Chapelle, designed by Inga Semp for David Design , has been nominated ?Furniture of the Year 2008? by the leading Swedish interior magazine Skna Hem. Inga Semp has a very personal style which is not that common in the design industry. Her style is both curious and shrewd, actually a mirror of herself. ...
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Lifestylebazaar in London
2008-01-17 22:10:00
Lifestylebazaar is a London based design shop passionate for beautiful things and for creating beauty within a desired space. They offer decorative objects, china, glassware, lighting, art works, contemporary furniture and accessories, many from young designers from across Europe. Lifestylebazaar is also featuring an exciting new range of mens and womens clothing and accessories. Worth a ...
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MacBook Air from Apple
2008-01-15 21:09:00
If you like Apple (is there something else…) the new MacBook Air was announced by Steve Jobs earlier today at the MacWorld Expo. See for yourselves below. I agree with Apple that the MacBook Air is truly thinnovation? Ping tags technorati : mac macworld macbook air apple steve jobs Andra bloggar om: mac, apple, macbook air, steve ...
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The Tata Motors People?s Car - Tata Nano
2008-01-14 17:40:00
A few days ago Tata motors presented Tata Nano, the worlds cheapest car, also called ?People ?s car? or ?One lakh? (which stands for 100 000 rupees). It?s like a revival of the ideas behind the Volkswagen (yeep, that?s means people?s car in German) was launched back in the 40?s in Germany. An inexpensive car for ...
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Wallpaper Design Awards 2008
2008-01-12 14:18:00
The Wallpaper magazine is maybe not as ground-braking as in the early days when Tyler Brule was behind the steering-wheel. With more than ten years in the hotspot of global design Wallpaper has got a lot of competitors when it comes to navigation for contemporary lifestyle. However the Wallpaper Design Awards always brings forward some ...
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Stephen Burks about his work
2008-01-10 15:06:00
Here is another video that we produced forDesign boost 07. This time it is American designerStephen Burkswho talks about his interesting design projects in Peru and South Africa. Listen to how he is trying to join handcraft with great authenticity and industrial production. Ping tags technorati : stephen burks design authenticity designboost sustainable design Andra bloggar om: stephen ...
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A brand that truly walks the local, regional and authentic walk
2008-01-08 15:20:00
So many brands espouse ?trends? such as local, regional and authentic but few naturally inhibit all these characteristics. One brand that does is Icons South Australia (SA), a gourmet food and wine store that promotes and sources local produce, and is located in Adelaide Airport?s Terminal 1. Airport retail outlets don?t usually have the best reputation ...
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Have or must not have in 2008
2008-01-04 12:27:00
It’s all about must have/not must have for 2008 ? in mass products / music / design / trends… and for sure with a sustainable twist. The ones mentioned on the must NOT have list are very 2002-2007 things and the MUST HAVE list is a orientation for a better co-2008 and the years to come! 2008 ? ...
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