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Tips, tricks, news and views about the art of logo designing and small business branding. Learn the art of logo designing and find out what impact a logo design has on a company at


European Logo Design Annual ? 2007 (Eulda ?07)
2007-03-13 08:42:00
Eulda is a Paneuropean graphic design award scheme that recognizes the best Euro pe an logo designs and trademarks. This prestigious award is juried by a panel of 30 judges consisting of ?10 top design professionals, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and finally 10 members of the public (provided respectively by the worldwide established organizations ...
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2007-03-12 08:11:00
With the progression of ?globalization? since 1944, many companies have understood how important consumer advertising is for the success of their products worldwide. For this particular reason, companies have started giving special consideration to their products? branding. And for branding, the best way to globalize a product is through proper ?logo-ing?. ?Logo -ing? refers to establishing ...
The Fun in Kids? Logos
2007-03-10 06:59:03
Annie Sullivan once said that ?children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction?. That?s why kids? logos should be designed in a direct manner with friendly and caring colors, images and fonts to attract children, rather than an instructional way which is targeted for older audience. The whole idea behind kids? logos is to express the motive of the company to the younger viewers and consumers of its products and services. Clearly, kids at a young age don?t have the tendency to separate fact from fiction and right from wrong; which is why it is crucially important for the companies, which target their products and services towards kids, to display honest and informative messages with their kids? logos. It is also important for these logos to carry with them the elements of bright and cheery colors, interesting and imaginative images and artistic but simple fonts. Element of Kids ? Logo s: Kids? logos should be kept as simple as possible. It should also be informative, ...
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Religious Logos: Logo Tutorial
2007-03-08 18:57:01
Symbolism in religion has existed from the beginning. It refers to the use of certain figures, marks, symbols and texts to signify a religious message or divinity, such as the cross for Christ and Christianity. Hence, it is an important characteristic of most religions. A religion can best be described as the language of concepts related to human spirituality. That?s why when it comes to the designing of religious logos, proper attention should be given to the structure of the logo. Religious logos should be designed in a manner that will easily portray the concept of the respective religion. It should symbolize the religion?s message, mission, norms, values and mostly importantly the religion itself. Features of the Religious Logo s: Following are the main attributes of religious logos: 1) Colors: Colors used in religious logos are usually light and sober, like white, black, etc. Yet, they?d include the elements of red, yellow and blue. These colors represent peace, harmony and fai...
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War of the Logos
2007-03-07 06:55:06
Logos are the iconic symbols designed to represent the identity of a company, organization, product, and service. These days, there are many corporations and businesses using signs or emblems as logos with features similar to one another. As a result, people face the problem of putting the right logo with the right company. That?s why in order to make logos unique and effective, designers must emphasize the use of names, colors, graphics and images in the logos for it to be exclusive. But in the zealous crusade waged globally against fiscal and monetary expansion, the real powers of logos have often been neglected. These powers, though hidden, have started a war among the brands, resulting in companies creating distinctive and quality logos for their brands. The Purpose of War : Companies are now trying everything and even harder to get the proper attention of the consumers towards their products because of possible competition. Logos like Google and Nike have not only managed to g...
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Color Psychology of Logos
2007-03-06 06:55:08
Color is an important part of visual arts. It represents the nature and mood of an entity. That?s why colors are an important aspect of visual representation of a company too. Though colors have different meanings in various cultures and countries, they are generally used in logos to convey a specific message/s. RED: Red is an extreme and emotionally intense color. It evokes aggressiveness, passion, strength and vitality. It also grabs attention of the viewers because of which, it is widely seen in many different logos. PINK: The color pink induces femininity, innocence, softness and health. Due to its tranquilizing nature, pink is extensively used in logos related to spa, health care and cosmetic products. ORANGE: Orange represents energy, enthusiasm, flamboyance and demand of attention. This particular vivid color is common among the logos that offer sense of openness and friendliness to their viewers. Its attractive, bright and cheery nature captures the attention of the spec...
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Business Logos
2007-03-02 12:51:02
Business is the art of managing people to organize and maintain collective productivity towards accomplishing particular goals, usually to gain profits. The term ?business? has multiple usages, but mostly refers to a particular company, corporation or market sector. These entities have distinctive nature and uniqueness in their respective fields. That?s why when it comes to business logos, special attention should be given towards its? designing. Business logos have the tendency to symbolize the corporate identity and function of a company. It can be a powerful tool for the promotion, creditability and overall success of the company. Elements of Business Logo s: 1) Colors: Colors used in business logos must reflect the nature of the business. It should also compliment the image and overall style of the logo. Colors like black, red, white and green are widely used in business logos as they provide simplicity and character to the icon. 2) Fonts: Business logos have fonts that are simp...
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Biotechnology Logos
2007-03-02 00:50:01
Biotechnology refers to combining DNA of plants and animals for modification purposes and their use in agriculture, food science and medicine. There has been a great deal of talk - and money - poured into biotechnology with the hope that miracle drugs will appear. Some people believe that the impact of biotechnology will be on the same scale as of computers. But despite growing hype about the field, there seems to be a dearth of good design and creativity in biotechnology logos. Features of Biotechnology Logo s: Biotechnology logos should graphically be appealing, simple, creative, and give a positive feeling to the audience. Following are the important features of biotechnology logos that address the said qualities: 1. Colors: The colors used in biotechnology logos must be attractive yet complimenting to the whole image. It ought to be appealing by presenting brilliant color combination between typefaces and image/s. 2. Fonts: Artistic impressions and imaginative text not only loo...
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Golf Course Logos
2007-02-28 12:48:02
Golf is a powerful game. It is widely played in the corporate world and often jokingly referred to as the unofficial sport of businessmen. Additionally, golf isn?t just a sport. It?s a business. It is said that board meetings and company decisions are made on golf courses which is why it is considered a useful business skill. Like other businesses, proper branding and management is needed for Golf Course /Club. For marketing, a logo is the perfect way to develop a reliable image of a company in the market. It not only presents clients with the general perception of the company, but also attracts them towards its products and services. That?s why, when it comes to golf course logos, the quality of the logo should reflect the excellence of the golf course. Thus, it is important for the golf course logos to portray the true concept and value of the golf business. Features of Golf Course Logo s:- 1. Golf Course Logos ? Colors: Golf course logos consist of the various hues of green. This is...
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History of Graphic Design: A Forgotten Chapter
2007-02-27 12:47:04
The dawn of the 20th century brought with it an era of inspirational evolution of human expression, and from this innovation the term ?graphic designer? emerged as a by-product. From the ancient caves of Lascaux in 13,000 B.C. to the present day billboards of NYC, these elements of creative art are all significant milestones in the history of graphic design and its related contemporaries. History of Graphic Desi gn The history of graphic design can be traced back from the birth of graphic images on the walls of Lascaux in 13,000 BC with the beginning of written language. These were perhaps the two biggest landmarks in the history of graphic design, which further led to the production of graphic designing on a broader level. By 650 B.C. the ancient Greeks started using large diameter punches to imprint images and designs onto coins and tokens. This episode in the history of graphic design led to the discovery of moveable types or typefaces used to print books. Around 1040, Chinese i...
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Building of ?Construction Logos?
2007-02-23 18:43:01
Construction refers to the building or assembly of any infrastructure on a site, which requires human labor, tools, materials and efficient management. In an era of globalization, more and more companies are emerging on the list. Among them, the construction industry has gained a massive recognition because of the high profit gains. This has led the mainstream construction companies to do all kinds of massive advertising relative to their company for the promotion of their buildings and ultimately for their business. These construction companies have their own signature style construction logos that present the customer the company?s services, projects, mission and expertise. Elements of Construction Logo s: 1) Colors: Construction logos must not integrate too many colors as it will become too busy and lose the simple appeal. Even the colors used in construction logos, should be enchanting and motivating for them to attract clients. Examples of such colors include: red, green, brown...
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Steps to Register Trademark Logo
2007-02-23 06:42:02
To register a trademark logo some necessary steps should properly be performed. If you have already made your company?s logo or the logo for your client, be sure to follow the following steps for registering trademark logo. 1) The first and foremost step that has to be taken to successfully register trademark logo is to do a design search. A design search refers to performing an authenticity research of the logo so that it does not contravene upon an already existing company logo design. This can be done by professional trademark attorneys, which brings us to our next step; hiring a trademark attorney. 2) A trademark attorney is responsible for market research with reference to your company?s trademark logo and can provide you with valuable advice on many aspects of trademark filing and services. The lawyer will also inform you about whether a logo exists that is similar to yours. He or she will then tell you if it is safe for you to proceed with the designed trademark logo as your...
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Destination: Travel Logos
2007-02-21 18:40:01
Men have traveled far and wide to witness the works of God, learn new languages, experience new cultures, taste new cuisines, or just for leisure. With the improvements in technology, it has now become more economical and less time consuming for people to travel from one place to another for whatever reason. This advancement has given birth to tourism companies and traveling agencies who now offer almost all the services related to traveling. From hotel reservations to transportation arrangements, these companies have emerged as a single stop for tourists wanting to visit other countries. Elements of Travel Logos: Since logos are the symbol of a company?s identity, it is important for travel companies to have their own travel logos. The main idea of travel logos is to portray the tourism activities that the company offers while focusing on the services (ticketing, visa drop box, etc.) that the company provides. Following are the elements that travel logos must have: Colors: The col...
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The Anatomy of Medical Logos
2007-02-20 18:39:01
Logos define the business nature of an entity. That?s why it is crucially important for the logos to convey the proper message of an industry to the general public. Medical logos are no exception; there are some strict criterions employed in the creation of these logos. Medical logos should symbolize the motive of working for humanity and treating health-related problems, with color, style and font playing an important role in expressing the industry?s mission. Color: Medical logos usually contain the colors red, blue and white. The usage of these colors in medical logos is due to the fact that each color represents a certain degree of medical quality. For example, red in medicine represents disease; blue is the color of antibiotics and thus, is also the color of cure or treatment; and white stands for peace and humanity. Though other colors may also be used in medical logos, these are the ones that symbolize the message of health-care. Image: The importance of images in medical log...
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3 Essential Qualities for a Successful Restaurant Logo Design
2007-02-20 18:39:01
According to a survey conducted by Strategic Name Development, a brand name consultancy based in Minneapolis, USA, ?a restaurant logo design should be simple and easy to read but not so simple that it loses distinction and fails to communicate the restaurant concept to consumers?. The restaurant logo design is often the only marketing strategy for the restaurants to advertise their eatery and to attract customers if no or little publicity is being done. It is important for the restaurant logo design and name to convey the proper message of the restaurant, which includes the meals it expects to serve, the atmosphere the customers can enjoy when they dine-in and what concept the logo carries. It is also important for the restaurant logo design to be distinctive, simple, and easy to read. These attributes do not only provide character to the restaurant logo design but also assist in the business growth by motivating the customers to dine-in. The following are the 3 essential qualities ...
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Top Logo Softwares
2007-02-17 00:35:09
At a time when corporate identity is as important as the brand itself, certain businesses have taken a visible shape and go by the name of ?Logo Design Companies?. These companies, usually online, refer to a developing business category of offering customers with logo design services and facilities. Depending upon the expertise and nature of a company, the logo design service can cost you as low as $100 and go as high as $5,000 when ordering from a high profile company. However, for an individual with a small business who cannot afford to have a logo designed by professionals; or have a specific vision towards the design of your logo that only you can portray, the cost maybe high. There is however, a solution. First you need to understand how logo design companies operate. Logo design companies hire professional designers that are trained in the use of specific logo software/s. Logo designers use logo softwares that help them create original and unique graphics. These logo software...
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The Best of 2006 Logo Trends
2007-02-09 12:28:02
With the end of yet another year, there was an end for yet another trend that had been taking over almost every aspect of our lives. From the causal clothes to party wears, from celebrities to latest fashion trends and even to logo trends, things never remain the same. Yes! At first I was sure too that there isn?t any term like ?logo trends? ever exists so how can there be a change? But I was immediately corrected from my ignorance of knowing that there is a whole competition for this ?logo trends? cliché. And why shouldn?t, I ask myself, there be logo trends? There are limitless logos that exist in the world and all can?t have different styles. So, I sat down to have a look at the last year’s Logo Trends at and found that many logos deserved better rankings and many don?t. Let?s look at some of the best logo trends of 2006 from my perspective. LOGO TRENDS RANKINGS: 1. Embellish This has to be one of the best logo trends ever. The elegant art and fine detai...
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Things to consider in designing a logo
2007-02-09 12:28:02
Your business logo has everything to do with your company?s corporate image and helps in building your brand identity. Your business logo is the means to achieve your business goals and that is why you should always keep some things in mind while designing a logo. Desi gn ing a Logo: The purpose We see many company logos that are famous the World over but incidentally some business logos fail to do what they are created for. The reason behind this may not be the product or service but the reason may basically with the logo design itself. Designing a Logo: Things to Remember When designing a logo do remember the following things that will help you to get a creative logo design and will also help to create brand image and corporate identity. ? The purpose of designing a logo To create brand awareness To create business or corporate identity To build market identity To build consumer awareness ? The relevance of designing a logo Logo design of your company must have relevance to your pro...
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Creating Unbeatable Brands
2007-02-09 12:28:02
What does it take to create unbeatable brands? Creating unbeatable brands is not a short time work. Ingredients of successful brands are: a) Creating a product that suits customer?s requirements b) Develop an eye catching and purposeful logo design c) Quality of the product d) Focus on after sales service ? Back up Operations e) Positioning and repositioning f) Reaching out to customers. Create a product that suits customer?s requirements The core step to build a successful brand is that you should have a product or service to offer. You have to sell to the customers? needs and not focus on what you need to sell. Your product should contain all elements to satisfy your target customers? wants, giving them a strong reason to buy. Developing a good, creative logo design A good product is recognized by its logo. Your product and your logo both combine to make a successful brand. Harley Davidson, BMW, Toyota, Coca Cola and Pepsi are some of the very good examples of successful brands....
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Better Branding through Logo Design
2007-02-09 12:28:02
Logo design is the basic element in branding. It appears on your product, its packaging, advertisements, company?s stationary, bill boards, promotional materials etc. Repeated appearance of your logo builds an image of the product in the eyes of the customers. Though branding of a product constitutes number of factors among which effective logo design has gained vital importance. Your logo should have the quality of being memorable and easily recognizable. It should convey what your company and your product is all about. Initial financial crunch lead the entrepreneurs to get the logos designed by brother, sister, cousin or friends. You may save money on getting your logo designed by an amateur graphic designer who might miss the core concept of logo designing. You will end up getting a logo which is misunderstood by the general public. This may lead to the failure of your product and brand. ?Get a free logo?, ?Logo design in 2 hours?, ?Fast and cheap logo designs? are some common ...
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Google Celebrated Munch?s Birthday
2007-02-09 12:28:02
Google celebrated Edvard Munch?s Birth day by launching a new logo on 12th of December, 2006. About Edvard Munch Edvard Munch was born on December 12, 1863. This Norwegian printmaker and painter is famous for his influence on the development of German Expressionism in early 2oth century. His most famous painting The Cry (1893) is consider as an image of anguished in isolation and fear. This was the same painting used by the Google as their logo for celebrating Edvard Munch?s birthday. Share it / Bookmark it Digg Reddit Google StumbleUpon Yahoo!
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Education Logos: An Overview
2007-02-09 12:28:02
Educational institutes are not just a place where people are trained for in a particular discipline. They also refer to a more versatile approach of learning the true value of that discipline, and what better way to express the values of the institutions than expressing those on their logos. Logo s are an organization?s main feature of recognition and must be used to portray the mission, culture and aim of the company. Education logos too, need to portray the value of the institute. Structure: Education logos should be conceptual and at the same time, simple. They should clearly state the institution?s achievement of being an innovative, leader in education, or simply offer to give a strong position in the market. The size of the fonts should also be kept standard, depending on the titles. The name of the institute should generally be kept larger than the slogan and the colors in the education logos should be bright to lure young minds. Flexibility: Education logos need to be flexi...
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