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Rieteiland House
2012-05-24 16:59:00
"Envisioned by Amsterdam-based studio Hans van Heeswijk Architecten, Rieteiland House and is a 2,900 square foot, three story home especially developed for the van Heeswijk family. The residence was constructed in a peaceful setting, on the island of IJburg, near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands." to find out more... Passage and Image via ily-home-in-the-outskirts-of-amsterdam-ri eteiland-house/
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2012 Pritzker Prize: Wang Shu
2012-05-18 17:26:00
"Wang Shu, Chinese architect and founder of Amateur Architecture Studio, has been just announced as the recipient of the 2012 Pritzker Prize." to find out more...Passage and Image via zker-prize-wang-shu/ Related links: er_embedded&v=WM71gG8tCXo eur/en/ 12 A&feature=related
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buildingSMART Singapore
2012-05-17 14:05:00
"buildingSMART Singapore is a non-profit alliance of the building industry including: architects, engineers, contractors, building owners and facility managers, software vendors, government agencies and universities. Its mission is to integrate the AEC/FM industry by specifying Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as a universal language to improve the communication, productivity, delivery time, cost, and quality throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance life cycle of buildings." to find out more... Passage via ut-us.htm
National Board of Architectural Accreditation (NBAA)
2012-05-16 18:29:00
"National Board of Architectural Accreditation of China (NBAA), established in 1990, is an expert authority in charge of the organization and implementation of the architectural accreditation at the university level in the mainland of China. It was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Education and the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, operates and coordinates with the National Administration Board of Architectural Registration (NABAR), who is the authority in charge of the examination and registration of the First Class Registered Architect. NBAA is composed of 23-25 experts, of which half are from educational background and half are from practice background. The Architectural Society of China has an ex officio seat in NBAA. The architectural accreditation in China mainland started in 1992. Up to May 2008, the architectural programs from 38 universities passed the accreditation, such as Tsinghua University and Tong...
Lumion 2.2 - Changing the architectural visualization industry
2012-05-10 01:57:00
Lumion® Pro has just been launched and the entire Lumion® product range has been updated to version 2.2. Lumion® Pro is the new top of the line version of Lumion® and includes additional features that are ideally suited for professional visualization studio environments. to find out more... Passage from Lumion
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Villa Amanzi by Original Vision
2012-05-01 11:12:00
"Nestled in a cascading, west facing ravine with a dramatic slab of rock defining the northern edge and a stunning outlook over the azure blue of the Andaman Sea to the south, our commission; to do this demanding but ultimately spectacular site justice, was both daunting and exciting." to find out more... Passage and Image via lla-amanzi-by-original-vision/ Related Link
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World Architecture Festival 2012
2012-04-28 18:26:00
From 3-5 October 2012,Singapore Marina Bay Sands will be hosting the World Architecture Festival ! "World Architecture Festival is the world's largest, live, truly inclusive and interactive global architectural awards programme. It is a unique meeting point for architects, suppliers and clients, attracting hundreds of entries and visitors from all over the world.  ... is fast becoming the largest library of international projects - every single entry to the WAF Awards is kept online for future reference." to find out more... Passage via visitor_costs.cfm
2012-04-16 17:03:00
"In 2009 Kjellgren Kaminsky won first prize in an open competition to build four passive house apartments in V?stra Hamnen, Malm?, Sweden. Now the project is inagurated.  The design takes the V?stra Hamnen city plan as a starting point. Being the site for the Swedish housing fair in 2001 the building regulations stipulate diversity of function, lush greenery and front line ecological solutions. This is the last site of the area to be developed. Our winning proposal includes 4 apartments built with passive house technology. Architecturally the aim was to create a small scale and diverse formal language, in harmony with both the surrounding houses and the future tenants."to find out more... Passage from Joakim and Fredrik Image via minsky_architecture/sets/7215762974459311 7/ Related links:  http://www.supersustainablecity.blogspot. com
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Autodesk?s 2013 Product Launch and AEC Portfolio
2012-04-15 17:14:00
"It is that time of the year that Autodesk typically launches its next release of products, and this year was no exception?Autodesk has just released its 2013 product portfolio. This includes new releases of applications across all the three main industries it serves, including AEC (which includes buildings as well as infrastructure), manufacturing, and M&E (media and entertainment). This AECbytes newsletter provides an overview of the overall 2013 release and then takes a deeper dive into the more AEC industry-specific details that were shared. Needless to say, with the commanding lead that Autodesk has over competing products, at least in the AEC industry, interest in every new release is always very high, and Autodesk users are eager to know what to expect. Let?s see if the 2013 release holds any surprises, or is comprised more of routine enhancements rather than dramatic changes." to find out more... Passage via ssue_56....
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How Green Building Studio Works
2012-04-06 12:31:00
"Autodesk Green Building Studio is a web-based service that provides building energy and carbon analysis results of your project. Green Building Studio interoperates with Revit® Architecture and Revit® MEP software, as well as other compatible energy-analysis software via add-ins that are available for download from the Green Building Studio downloads page. The computationally intensive hourly simulations are carried out on remote servers, and the results are provided to you in a web browser. The Green Building Studio web-based service analysis process collects data from three sources: Your Revit® software model. All the building geometry comes from your model, including the number of rooms, the connections between rooms, and their relationship to the exterior, exposure, and aspect to the sun; and the shape and total area of built surfaces or openings. If you are using Revit MEP you can also specify space types, interior loads, constructions, and HVAC equipment. Your ...
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Production Thinking Architecture
2012-03-18 17:51:00
"Prefabrication is said to be the oldest new idea in construction. But it is no wonder that it continues to pervade as an ideal. The construction industry is fraught with litigation, inefficiency and waste. The design and construction of buildings are separate acts that are delineated contractually and legally identified and observed. Arguably, the divide between design and production has resulted in increased schedule delays and cost, and a diminished building quality and sustainability because the conception (architecture), optimization (engineering) and production (construction) are not integrated. In response to this inefficiency, prefabrication and modularization emerge and remerge as ideal methods of efficient production." to find out more... Image and Passage via by Ryan E. Smith / July 19, 2011, via -thinking-architecture
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The Red Sun Pavillion
2012-03-09 17:21:00
"By opening my eyes... where am I? In England.  In London.  In Hyde Park.  English parks are a characteristic of English towns and cities.  Expanses of lawn for all to enjoy.  Meadows, really, of neatly-mown grass.  Mostly flat, with trees and shrubs randomly dotted as though they had always been there, not something anyone really thought of.  You can feel the city all around, as though it too had always been there.  Most of the trees are deciduous; the seasons clearly proclaimed.  From time to time a construction appears in this vast urban calm, a road or a path, occasionally a pond or a stream... One wonders why such simple urban parks, these immense vacuities, are so rarely seen in other countries.  Such a semblance of nothing is no small feat... leaving this huge, empty space open for all.  One imagines the energy it must have taken to protect it.  The constant care that must go into its maintenance, to keep the grass a...
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Nanjing SiFang Art Museum
2012-03-04 13:03:00
"The new museum is sited at the gateway to the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture in the lush green landscape of the Pearl Spring near Nanjing, China. The museum explores the shifting viewpoints, layers of space, expanses of mist and water, which characterize the deep alternating spatial mysteries of the composition of Chinese painting. The museum is formed by a "field" of parallel perspective spaces and garden walls in black bamboo-formed concrete over which a light "figure" hovers. The straight passages on the ground level gradually turn into the winding passage of the figure above. The upper gallery, suspended high in the air, unwraps in a clockwise turning sequence and culminates at "in-position" viewing of the city of Nanjing in the distance. This visual axis creates a linkage back to the great Ming Dynasty capital city." to find out more... Passage and Image via php?type=&id=56&page=0
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Civil Justice Center
2012-02-29 15:40:00
Image featuring Manchester Civil Justice Centre by Denton Corker Marshall from cts.aspx?p=0&projectID=844&catID= undefined&f1=all
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Unit Fusion by Y Design Office
2012-02-28 14:51:00
"Under rapid housing developments in the past years, Hong Kong has benefited much in terms of economy. However, important values such as value in sense of community and individual identity were lost. This thesis hereby critically reviews current and past housing projects in Hong Kong and stating the notion of verticality as the only solution. The ambition is a new alternative high-rise residential typology, in which its inhabitants are given unique units and allocations in accordance to specific zoning strategy within a tower structure, thus creating a phenomenal living experience through bonding and acquiring needs by each and every single individual. It is a re-interpretation of the balance between genericity and specificity aiming at formulating an extraordinary democratic living concept." to find out more... Passage and Image via
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2012-02-25 10:46:00
"DesignIntelligence is the Design Futures Council?s bi-monthly report on the future, delivering original research, insightful commentary, and instructive best practices. Design leaders rely on DesignIntelligence to deliver insight about emerging trends and management practices, allowing them to make their organization a better managed, more financially successful enterprise." to find out more... Passage via
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Canberra Accord on Architectural Education Ratifie
2012-02-23 18:39:00
"Accreditation and validation agencies from Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, the United States, and the Commonwealth Association of Architects announce the ratification of an Accord declaring substantial equivalency of professional degrees in architecture covered by their accreditation/validation systems." to find out more...  Passage via
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Vertical Cities Asia
2012-02-19 04:38:00
"The exhibition of ?Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition: Everyone Needs Fresh Air? will be held at The URA Centre from 2 February to 2 March, 2012." to find out more... Passage and Image via Related links: wff2_12Jul11.php 
2012-02-15 18:04:00
"Fabprefab is an information resource dedicated to investigating the market for affordable modernist factory-built residential architecture. The subject matter is limited in scope to single family dwellings. No homes are marketed or sold at Each listed project provides links to the relevant architect or vendor for enquiries regarding product availability and pricing." to find out more... Passage via m Image via
Stuart Tanner Architects
2012-01-20 21:44:00
Interesting projects by Stuart Tanner Architects . to find out more...Image featuring Pirates Bay House via http://www.stuarttannerarchitect
Crossbox by CG Architects
2012-01-19 17:42:00
Interesting Crossbox by CG Architects. to find out more... related link: er-home-crossbox/ Image via ojets/categories/3/4
Tiny Houses
2012-01-15 06:41:00
Small Spaces are attractive to its' efficiency and effective organisation of things and fundamental components that built ones' living style. Prefabrications, modulations, flexibility to different characters and spatial needs are sustainable. 'The bare neccessity of live'. Some related links here:- and-cons-of-cargo-container-architecture/ -containers-a-design-primer/ ontainer-homes-and-offices/ er-design/page/5Simple spatial planning tool available online for free here:
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Peter barber Architects
2011-12-16 16:50:00
"West Cromwell Square is a new high density,medium rise urban quarter laid out around tree-lined streets, a beautiful new public square and featuring a 14 storey landmark tower the prominent intersection of West Cromwell Road and Warwick Road." to find out more... Image and Passage via CR.html
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Kannisto School by Linja Architects
2011-11-18 14:14:00
Kannisto school by Linja Architects . to find out more... Image via t/30
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The City as a Project
2011-11-14 12:06:00
"The barest condition in which architecture can exist is presented here not as a stylistic exercise, but as a paradoxical act of representation, as a will to give to the conditions of the city its adequate form, whose meaning is the definitive renunciation of any will to representation" to find out more... Passage via Image via scussion-about-the-computational-logic-of -late-capitalism-a-seminar-with-phillippe -morel/
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Corrugated Art by Mark Langan
2011-11-11 06:59:00
Some inspiring art work for your browsing pleasure. to find out more... Images via view/2.html
Lumion 3d
2011-11-04 02:05:00
Our 3d team was exploring Lumion, an instant 3d program to create 3d images and animation for presentations. to find out more...
Urban Sketchwalk URA 29Oct2011 - Sharing
2011-10-29 20:11:00
Some fruitful results here in flickr. There will be a walk on 12Dec2011 with some URA don't think I can make it next round. Hoping to join the group soon. Facebook: tchers TIA's blog:
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Singapore Urban Sketchers
2011-10-26 15:03:00
Wow..Great community for sketchers in Singapore ~!! Had been ages since school time to sketch in some corner in the city or town~! I would want to join~!! to find out more... Image via http://urbansketchers-singapore.blogspot. com/2011/10/sketchwalk-october-29-oct-sat -10am.html
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NUS Digital Design Media
2011-09-26 18:06:00
"On the blogs, I came across this project by Lewis Wadsworth. An interesting set of rendering techniques are used, starting with SketchUp, rendering images, and then manipulating these images in photoshop." to find out more... Passage via /index.php?q=blog
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