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Art Threat - Political Art Journal
Art Threat is a journal of political art. We embrace art that confronts, interrogates, or even shrugs off the status quo, and explore pressing issues affecting art and culture, stimulating debate on the world around us and how it is interpreted.
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Offensive print destroyed with crowbar - Misadventures of Romantic Cannibal
2010-10-08 19:17:00
A truck driver from Montana walked into Loveland Museum/Gallery in Colorado and destroyed a 7.5x90 inch acordion-fold colour print with a crowbar.
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Is resistance the secret of joy? - Activist marching bands and the sounds o
2010-10-07 17:12:00
The use of carivalesque strategies in protest became more widespread in the 1960s with Hippy and Yippy ?happenings? and ?be ins? and the theatrical politics of the Situationist International and the Diggers. But it was in the 1990s with Carnivals Against Capitalism ? massive street rallies against neoliberalism and war ? and the increasingly global responses to economic summits such as gathering of the G20, WTO, APEC, etc. that street activist bands really came into their own as essential tools of protest -- and, let?s face it, as tools of joy and festivity in the tension filled spaces of confrontation when encountering state authority in the street.
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Violent climate change ad draws ire - 10:10 campaign leaders apologize whil
2010-10-06 19:54:00
Violent climate change PSA. Nuff said.
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Theatrical passion for politics - People Power explores the personal and po
2010-10-06 19:31:00
A snappy play by Teesri Duniya Theatre that peers into the historic moments of the 1986 Filipino revolution.
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Soulful renaissance - Naomi Shelton sings of hope and struggle
2010-10-06 08:01:00
Soulful music of struggle took the stage at La Sala Rossa with Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens performing for Pop Montreal.
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Prayer Room exhibit to commemorate 9/11 - Artist Profile: Paul-Felix Montez
2010-10-05 16:11:00
Inspired by a simple statement by a friend, Paul -Felix Montez is planning a large-scale exhibition called The Prayer Room for the 10 year mark of the 9/11 attacks.
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Violent protest of Q!, Jakarta?s gay film festival
2010-10-02 22:34:00
Q! Film Festival , an international film festival celebrating gay cinema being hosted in Jakarta , experienced a violent protest lead by members of the Islamic Defender Front.
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One feisty farmer fights back - Friday Film Pick: David Versus Monsanto
2010-10-01 16:52:00
One farmer takes on Monsanto and wins. Kind of.
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Toronto?s mayoral candidates debate arts and culture tonight
2010-09-29 08:01:00
The battle to become the next mayor of Canada's largest city heads to the the Art Gallery of Ontario for a cultural showdown.
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The Forgotten depicts BC?s missing women - Artist Profile: Pamela Masik
2010-09-28 17:38:00
Inspired by the women who have famously gone missing from Vancouver 's Downtown Eastside, Pamela Masik painted 69 large scale portraits ? one for each of the women who went missing from the neighbourhood between 1978 and the early 2000s.
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Artist kills the Pope, the Queen and George Bush? in his imagination
2010-09-28 07:23:00
Gil Vicente's charcoal drawings depict the artist assassinating a variety of world leaders, including former US President George Bush , former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and the Queen of England.
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Forbidden Forest - Friday Film Pick
2010-09-25 02:45:00
What does a doc about deforestation in New Brunswick have to do with the tar sands and The Walrus? We never thought you'd ask...
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SFU fulfills promise to contemporary artists with Woodward?s
2010-09-24 07:17:00
When I was still a student at Simon Fraser University the city and working at The Peak I managed to get my hands on a copy of plans for the Woodward’s development a full year before the official announcement that the SFU School for Contemporary Arts would make a home there. I’ll admit, I snuck ...
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The politics of the Polaris Music Prize
2010-09-23 19:04:00
Did anyone catch the Polaris Music Prize award show on MuchMusic, Canada?s music television station? No? Of course you didn?t. Because despite the fact that was hosted by some of MuchMusic?s personalities, it was relegated to a live feed on the channel?s website. Granted, the show will be aired on the main MuchMusic channel on ...
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Artists back the right to education in Palestine
2010-09-22 12:00:00
Artists are raising money to send a delegation to the World Economic Forum in Palestine , with the hope it will help secure safe access to education for Palestinian youth.
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Whores, gore and killer fish - Piranha 3D is one big misogynist gorgy
2010-09-22 02:44:00
Get your barf bag, because Hollywood has produced one of the most misogynistic and sexist films in recent memory: Piranha 3D.
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OK Go wants you to adopt a puppy
2010-09-21 08:01:00
OK Go's latest amazing music video asks you to support animal rescue groups.
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Posters invite your thoughts on ?Ground Zero Mosque?
2010-09-20 21:51:00
A group called Concerned New York ers have placed 1,000 mostly blank posters on city streets inviting your thoughts on whether the Park51 community centre should be built.
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Activists replace street advertising with art
2010-09-20 04:37:00
The ?interventions? involved painting over advertising kiosks, and pasting other kinds of art including anti-consumer and anti-advertising graphic images on kiosks and on billboards. The artwork that was used to replace the advertising included more than 60 international artists whose work replaced over 90 individual ads.
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Michael Moore calls Canada ?shameful? for treatment of war resisters
2010-09-18 04:24:00
Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore slammed Canada 's Conservative government for its treatment of American war resisters who have fled to Canada to avoid serving in the Iraq war.
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Friday Film Pick: Polytechnique
2010-09-17 12:00:00
If you're not familiar with the disturbing 1989 shooting in which 14 women were killed in a Montreal university, you'll find a hauntingly beautiful introduction in the 2009 film Polytechnique by Denis Villeneuve.
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Music video by The Narcicyst features faces from 12 cities
2010-09-16 12:00:00
Iraqi hip hop artist The Narcicyst latest video is a stunning collaborative work featuring portraits by 10 photographers in 12 cities across the globe.
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Deep-tissue work: A conversation with filmmaker Rémy Huberdeau
2010-09-14 17:01:00
A conversation with filmmaker Rémy Huberdeau, and his work, Home of the Buffalo.
More About: Manitoba , Work , Deep
Friday Film Pick: Discordia
2010-09-12 05:16:00
Watch the documentary that went behind the headlines to reveal the tumultuous events at Concordia University over the Netanyahu visit.
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Peter, Paul & Mary tell homophobes to cease and desist
2010-09-11 01:50:00
Peter, Paul & Mary demand that an anti-gay marriage group stops using their song during rallies.
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Sam Shalabi: compositions across continents
2010-09-07 12:30:00
Weaving together diverse musical traditions that span oceans, Montreal-based composer and musician Sam Shalabi offers a distinctive sound, rooted in contemporary musical experimentation but also inspired by the popular orchestras that took a cultural center stage in Egypt in the late 1960s.
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Tongues on Fire: the Black Panthers remembered
2010-09-03 22:55:00
On September 11, a unique ?multi-artform? event, Tongues on Fire , inspired by the Black Panthers, will be coming to London?s Barbican Centre.
Friday Film Pick: Unrecognized
2010-09-03 16:41:00
Over 100,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel live in these "unrecognized" villages and are under constant threat of dislocation and racial and ethnic discrimination.
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Triumph for BC arts community
2010-09-02 18:17:00
Just two weeks following the resignation of Jane Danzo, Chair of BC Arts Council, the Government reorganized its funding to provide an additional $7 million to the BC Arts Council, increasing the council's budget to just over $16 million for this fiscal year.
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Berlin bombed with 100,000 poems
2010-09-02 04:32:00
100,000 poems dropped from the sky onto Berlin to celebrate poetry and condemn acts of war.
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