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2008-05-24 09:15:00
Zdzislaw Beksinski (1972)Open wide great jaws of time where laughter swallows gods divineBlow your tune through trumpet stems and daffodil deliriumDrink the day in draughts that say the green has come to stayNever hear the magpies squall behind the walls of hayIn penumbra veiled the colony failed to roll their Sisyphean rockPast the meat-locker feast, that bipedal beast that slanders the afternoon clockAnd crystal consonants don?t translate to capture the afternoon?s magnetic hazeNor do vowels of earthenware and syntax candles the mystery eraseThe background hum of metal made from piston paragraphWaits at traffic lights to skin the rubber from the roadThe octopus that inks this song on summer skyline scarfKnows full well the consequence of doing things by halfHalf made lies and half-life ties that knot the neck like nooseHalf baked pies and half moon smiles the gap-toothed night let looseHalf a mile of bad road tiled with yellow-brick amnesiaHalf a brain to wonder why we swallow thi...
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2008-05-17 09:15:00
The rain came early; unpredicted by the weather undergroundThe pundits pondered, gave their words a laundry run-aroundProclaimed the world at fault, their wages stashed in mattress hairAnd duly washed their hands upon this troublesome affairThe dam once broken floods the lawn with past rainfallWets my broken feet and causes cars to stallOut in the street washing yellow lines from the curbFootprints pad past wilted roses lest their thorns disturbThe sleeping queues of clotted arteries carbon cloggedThe rolling hills of forests long past loggedThe shattered glass from windows wondrous lostThe future?s shed its children brought to costAnd now the water shed from eyes that wellDrip the beat retreat from corpses where they fellSons and daughters drowned in light of a 100 TV crewsDaylight darker that all the ink that masquerades as news
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Sound Bitten Camera Shy
2008-04-27 09:15:00
Black ink squids across the page to margins neatLines blue-veined carry words like transient sleetGather in corners letters and colons semi alertCrash through page-edge where thoughts desertHeadlines scuttle like sidewalk crustaceansYesterday?s sleaze in this morning?s breezeLiterary arrangements in mediocre variationsLitter windblown now just wasted treesHere is the news your ears to cornHere is the line hand written with scornThere goes your freedom to pick and to chooseThere blows your ticket your lottery loseWe of the hollow and heartless dementiaWhittled down dry to twigs on the vineSpewing our lines like players in absentiaThe audience has left we?ve run out of timeRun out of road in the rattling lung OlympicsRun out of hope out of hype out of heroesRun over raw by the men with the big sticksRun down and gunned down by imperial tricksHere is the news you will discuss and decryHere are the reasons you don?t want to flyHere are the issues the answers the anglesHere is the carrot...
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View From The Treetops (12 Apr '08)
2008-04-12 09:15:00
Brain Wash We bring you paper and paste and indelible waste, contracts to sign before we run out of time ? the ink from our pens runs dry at the bends where the u-tube obscures our view of what?s pure and the kiss implanted with collagen by con men won?t belay the morning or the moorings un-cast in the glass of tomorrow where nothing will last and the threads of grey time in the nest of my goatee writhe in delight at the passing of prime. The better we get the more we regret the way of the world and our worldly wise view of the truth from the voting booth were we spend our seed on candidates or greed and we soothe our souls with exit polls the better to see that we are all free and democracy is the placebo we need.Don?t bite my arse don?t bend my ear ? Tibet may be real but your news has no credential here; your agenda is commerce clear, your stealing word your climate of fear.As a species we have crossed the Rubicon that divides advance and decay.We find in increasingly difficult t...
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The Coriolis Effect
2008-04-02 09:15:00
In My Mind's Eye ~ Don ChildersShe is the lightning rod and he is the stormAcross slate roof sleet to gutter groanDown drainpipe wall-attachedTo where the grass meets the streetYour lawn lakes green the fence defersTo the baited breath of silent neighboursShe breathes a sigh as raindrop fallsTo stain the wash on white night wallsYou are not drawn from stencil brush nor led by nose to greedAnd words won?t waive the sentence yet handed down by needYou are the wave upon my shore and my heart the rocks to greetsliding sand past warlike crabs patrolling borders fleetShe is the question he is the answerfiltered through the web of branchesthrough pages torn from days delayto where they cash their chancesYour weeping eye at best refersTo the baited breath of slighted neighboursShe asks again be still the rainThat stains the wash on white night wallsYou are not brushed from stencil drawn nor led by nose to greedAnd time won?t salve the sentence yet handed down by needYou are the wave upon m...
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View From The Treetops (30 Mar '08)
2008-03-30 09:15:00
More News From NowhereHey hey here we go Rambo?s saving BurmaBlood red carped welcomes America?s first black president ? prepare for more of the same.Sub-prime credit crunch fuck you pedestrians, Wall Street brokers are laughing their dicks off.Israel continues dispersing the bullets paid for in dollars by the American Dream, paid for in blood by Palestinian civilians, cranking the pressure on Concentration Camp Gaza while wailing in protest on the monopoly board.Cheney?s in the Middle East drumming up businessThe machine grinds out a new gadget to pacify your racing heart.The more we improve and develop, the worse things get.New and improved but impossible to use.Choke back your tongue in protest for your children?s future, their education, their hope, their means of survival.You crime ministers and bone eatersPaedeophobic teachers and wife beatersBlockbusters pulling the money (who needs the Oscars when we?ve got CGI)CGI means never having to be astonishedIt has never been truer t...
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2008-03-23 18:46:00
Easter brought snow to East AngliaTo gardens preparing themselves for summerTo the swans that haunt the river bankTo graffiti ghosts that prowl the underpassTo sunken chests that ripple silentAnd protests shouted at the sky.
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2008-03-20 09:15:00
I saw I was a young man clean shaven and sereneWalking on the parapet frozen in a dreamTo the left the yawning chasm that beckoned pointless proudTo the right you kissed my neck and uttered words aloudYou need not be who you think you are nor ride the edge so hardYou needn?t tread the path so deep and drag that blackened cloudAnd so the mirror smiling does reflect my younger self returningTurning slow in haze and snow and heart no longer yearningFor that which cannot be contained or written down or spokenBut lies at the centre spoke of the wheel that spins unbrokenSo seek ye less for what is real but hold what is known to beAnd know that love cannot be defined but represented by a token
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2008-03-13 09:15:00
Your eyes too fierce my shame to meetmy feet walking aimless down the streetWith no one to meet but red mist persist and all that I own to be meShatters and falls a suit of glass shards autumn leaves from an earthquake treeThis bitter pill bitten pit-bull self-inflictedIgnorance and pain dutifully misdirectedInward holds the mirror frost obscuredAnd left with nothing my fingertips to graspOnly then to see the lives of my children and the love that has enduredThe years of formation, the changes, the climbThe belief that we are; the beauty sublime
Barometric Pressure
2008-03-07 09:15:00
Oscar ChichoniOh my heart my heavy head in sinking sand interredOh my world my catastrophic visions temporarily deferredMercury details scuttle across my vanishing point of viewThem and us injustice corruption complicating me and youAssorted envelopes filled with miscellaneous meat muscle and bonesRaffle their moans converse contrary and take out short term loansOn futures uncertain, fabricated or downright dimwit deludedTombstoned and chiselled before they?ve even concludedThat the path they walk is paved in perpetual parenthesesBracket brained in barometric photosynthesisRoots they writhe and clutch at ankles luckless pedestrianSeeking purchase hooves unshod inter-bred equestrianThey gallop poles apart to beat the rabbits in the headlightsTo flee the night that arcs behind and threatens morning?s delightsTo jump the fences braced against the edge of parapetBlindfolds braced against the fate that threatens with regretTrade those arms those greenback legs that scuttle past the offic...
Halo of Flies
2008-02-26 09:15:00
Zdzislaw BeksinskiAnd just as justice cannot always be seen to be done (for reasons that the city?s citizens need not know), so too is it necessary that the sentenced be made to suffer her guilt; to feel the wrath of the law.Black fluttering at the periphery, Iskandor blinked crusty lids in attempt to clear her vision. The heat; the hot wind off the desert. She realised that the smell had been with her for a while now. She struggled to place herself; the pain in her arms and back.?Fly away. Fly away Iskandor? said the black and fluttering bird at her shoulder, ?The world has turned; you are no longer.?The wire at her wrist bit deep to integrate itself in her biology; chemical reactions of green and metallic tang laced pain to bone beyond bearing.One eye open blood encrusted torture as more birds flocked to reel around her head in a halo of dread.Somewhere deep in her; beyond thought, logic, or reason, a force was exerted ? a force so miniscule as to be invisible to the body?s tenden...
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The Waiting Room
2008-02-21 09:15:00
The Pit & the Pendulum ~ Harry Clarke (1919)The clock strikes forever in the waiting room of changes where I sit impatient for the next instalment - a mere blunt instruments in the measuring of time.I will not have it said that life was something that happened to me; I will not believe that I succumbed to mediocrity; never took the journeys expected.I take full responsibility for every bleat of arrogant disdain; every scoff; every step on the other side of the line that’s strung between the holes in my head and the vanishing point poised on the horizon of the day and the feelings of those who I love.The keeper rattles his knuckles on the ribs of my cage as if to remind me that I have obligations to meet, meat racks to meter and itchings to etch; lesson to lean in this corner of chaos where thoughts collide with compromises and preconceived embryos.Bail is deposited through letter box lottery slots in the door to the outside whirled away hours in the pursuit of the keys to the ...
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View From The Treetops (13 Feb '08)
2008-02-13 09:15:00
He Sank Beneath Your Wisdom Like a StoneArgument/discussion between atheists and religionists is a tedious exercise in futility and one that I normally try to avoid.The two parties find themselves comparing apples and oranges, the atheist argues from a fixed point of what is known and the religionist from a point of faith.The atheist point of what is known is a bleak view for the faithful used to suffering in the hope of eternal reward.The point of faith will drive an atheist insane with frustration, since his view is that we bear unnecessary suffering in the name of faith.As a teenager I was burdened with religious guilt in the guise of my troubled mother whose disapproval of my musical taste led me to believe that I would be damned if I continued to listen to Kate Bush.It seemed to me that if god did not wish us to experience the sublime pleasure of musical experience the he was indeed an awful god.The two most difficult things I have done are: giving up religion and giving up smo...
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Loving The Alien
2008-01-27 09:15:00
believing the strangest thingsBig slack-stringed bass-line delivered direct to my head by the technology in my top pocket heavy. Mezzanine: asymmetric drums hold up chanted melancholia before the introduction of chords of dramatic guitar. And underlying it all, a white-noise echo; as if to remind me of the undertow; the fact that despite the beauty of the forest - the serenity of green existence, the tranquillity; despite my whistling in the wind ? that under the leaves microscopic biologic universes wage war on dead matter, all in aid of upping their carbon index.The fact that we, as a species, are unique in knowing our ultimate destination seems to make us, for that very reason, prone to ignorance, stoic avoidance and superstitious denial.Our pursuit of technology is driven primarily by the wish to overcome our inevitable individual demise. Those of us not directly involved with this fool?s errand spend much of our time gazing transfixed into the machine ? adding playlists and con...
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2007-12-29 09:15:00
I went to the bottle; I went to the mirror ? the bottle reflected while the mirror just stared.The bottle remarked on how good I was looking?What you looking at?? I asked the mirror thus encouraged?I could ask you the same question? replied the mirror quicksilver fleet.?Questions, questions, what am I to believe when nobody answers my questions??See, that?s the problem with this paradise: you don?t get to ask questions; you?re handed a robe and expected to dance.So I danced and I danced, danced myself into a coma, a coda, into a trance, now my strings are all twisted and my robe tattered and torn, in attempts to reach beyond the puppeteer?s dream, a sinister silhouette behind silicone screen.I skipped the joint ? out past bouncer Pete joint in hand and landing firmly on my feet, I wobbled off home down Atheist Street.So here is a list of implements and impediments; poses and parentheses the better to prepare your imminent escape:Lock picks constructed from hair and bone (self absorp...
The Cage
2007-12-21 09:15:00
The wind it tiptoes frigid ripples across the steaming lakeCarrying your voice familiar echoing urgent in its wakeI raise my head from snow enigma strange to sniff the airThe call of old conflicts to raise my hackles spike my hairBut trust alone in your caring hands cannot begin to wipe awayThe ancient paths the packs the plays where yet my heart holds swayTo run and run and bite and bitch my legs to stretch howl freeTo see the wild and bitter truth that blood and bone decreeYour voice once more the air does ride my name upon its waveAnd hesitation looking back the hunger taste I try to saveAnd turning back I flee the past and cast the memory looseAnd bound on legs that tremble not my collar not my nooseI hound toward your waiting shape all hunched against the coldAnd circle wide to come around avoid the leash you holdBut knowledge seeps the waiting meal the warmth of firesideI submit once more my loyalty to the hand that pets my hide
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2007-12-14 09:15:00
Here in the belly of the whale, where drowned ship?s rigging laments the sea so close behind bone beams and meat cathedral walls; where this oversized heart beats an organ tempo of anger restrained only by the skin of this container.Here where the marooned maniacs and blue serenaders rot in solitude skeletal serene while the babbling beyond continues oblivious and maelstrom bent.And you without; what of your gods; your ghouls and your ghosts; those peripheral fears that would steer you and guide you by your fears and your doubts alone; by the seat of your wants? What use have I for steering when my course is decided by the twist of a fin or the flap of a tail - this whale does not care for my existence, nor does it hear my desperate insistence that it is I who am in control of this meat-puppet circus; this carnivorous carnival of chaos.And what of this process that whittles me down with digestive juices and enzyme gut decay, ?til I?m nothing more than a collection of pale calcium st...
The Cure
2007-11-28 09:15:00
The four winds blow your mind tonightThe stars hang low and shed their lightOn the head of nails and old wives? tailsThat adorns your shaman?s cold entrailsAnd your plastic Jesus with sacred heart attacksMutant killer kittens in waterproof drowning sacksThe meat that you?re cut from won?t let you be freeThe life that you live sucks the sap from the treesYou smile and you smile as they hack at your legsStick you with needles and drain your regretsSmile once again in the absence of painAs they deliver you to the street where it?s pouring with rainOne step at a time down the tarmac runwayThrough the gates to the garden where the pigeons hold swayAnd lifting your arms to the sky falling feathersProclaim yourself cured of the inclement weatherCure d of the need to question the reasonsCured of the smile that contemplated the seasonsCured of your doubts and your cynical waysFree to obey what your good book says
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Ask Me Another One
2007-11-18 09:15:00
Augie March - One Crowded HourCounting Crows - Rain KingWhat is the literary link between these two works of poetic beauty?Answer here------------------------------------- ------Neil Young - PocahontasName one other song that contains the words 'Aurora Borealis'One possible answer from the eighties may be viewed here------------------------------------- ------And finally, follow the links back...
Stories of the Street
2007-11-11 09:15:00
What?s with you sister libertine?Wishing your hopeless ghost onto the silver screenWhere are you hiding the jewel at your core -that mystery that entrances the boy on the village greenDo you really believe that all is equal in love and war?What about you brother broken and free?Sticking it to whoever is there in the haze of the nightKicking your heals in the emptiness of morningWithout the expectation of love you cannot be rightWhen you see what you see but do not heed the warningAnd the street will know your name...Written in vomit blood piss gum and semenShouted out loud against the face of the camerasGrainy and grey and so common you can?t see themYet delivering your soul to frighten the neighboursAnd what of the threads that hold us together?Do we huddle together to shelter the storm?Do we walk down invisible expecting to fly?Do you bite and kick to get your hands on the norm,advertised on the screen embedded in your eye?The past is not so long ago,Lost short-term history tells ...
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View From The Treetops (02 Nov 2007)
2007-11-02 09:15:00
The Bank of the South:An Alternative to IMF and World Bank Dominanceby Stephen Lendman In July, 2004, the IMF and World Bank commemorated the 60th anniversary of their founding at Bretton Woods, NH to provide a financial framework of assistance for the postwar world after the expected defeat of Germany and Japan. With breathtaking hypocrisy, an October, 2004 Development Committee Communiqué stated: "As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Institutions....we recommit ourselves to supporting efforts by developing countries to pursue sustainable growth, sound macroeconomic policies, debt sustainability, open trade, job creation, poverty reduction and good governance." Phew.In fact, for 63 hellish years, both these institutions achieved mirror opposite results on everything the above comment states. From inception, their mission was to integrate developing nations into the Global North-dominated world economy and use debt repayment as the way to transfer wealth from po...
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Cataracts Eye the Light in the Sky
2007-10-26 09:15:00
And the sky is filled with light that streamsbetween the wings of aeroplanesAnd in the dirty heart of each there lives a lieThe same lie told over and overThe lie that rings between bell and clapperSunday morning salutation to the heart?s defeatAt the hands that steer the rudderThe sky is filled with smoke that streamsBetween the teeth to mouth an ohSo loud as to be heard around the worldAnd setting out from the centre stemThe mushroom cloud heads for the moonWhile all around is turned to glassBy the hands that steer the rudderEnola Gay - your name itself obscuresYour mission cold and all that will ensueTo lose our way our vision greyToo blinded by the light to seeThat this light is not the spark of hopeThat lives within the cavern of my chestwhile my hands they steer the rudder
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Fruition Ignition Cognition
2007-10-20 09:15:00
And now my lungs are empty,no comforting words to spillLike tattered curtains of memorywhich brush your window sillAnd scatter dust like glittered galaxiesof miniscule designacross the universe that forms your room,apparently benignBut littered yet with trip or fallor lurking dark desireAnd having crossed they come to restwhere skirting meets the walland there do set about the taskof conquering the houseEmissaries with powder keg and secret atom raySent to calculate the neighboursto seed their tongues and sandalwood smileswith decadent behaviourand then below the bowl of skyto blow those motes asunderAnd passing wheels swish the shaker?s hatin black benevolence bedeckedthe brass, the box, the candles shockedto feel the passing wind?s neglectwhere words are spend in careful painon the ciphered days that lie aheadthey circle the ritual wreck, the wooden heart,the eyes that here were wedand feet will walk the sidewalk cracksnumb become uneven.
Engineering: A Better Future?
2007-10-19 09:15:00
A toast if you will for the ?no blame culture? where personal responsibility is forgone for the collective wisdom of managerial piety.Glasses raised to the church of health and safety that decrees homo sapiens incapable of descending stairs while simultaneously carrying a cup of coffeeThree cheers for the proud man with no method but to pass the task on to the next man to complete.Kudos to the intelligence that creates a new manager to manage the managers.Hooray for the man who can, without irony, feel satisfied in a week spent shuffling paper and creating spreadsheets to prove it.An extra large bonus please for the man whose suit will define him as powerful enough to legally earn a living by doing nothing.A shiny shiny sheriff?s badge for him that believes with all his heart that he can only manage downward.A long service flashlight awarded to the man in the middle who can see up the skirt of the company whore.Here?s to the death of a million trees to design and create a paper mill...
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2007-10-15 09:15:00
Now the seeds of winter spawn in furrows sown on summer’s riseAnd the leaves that turn upon the branches do so in disguiseFor orange hearts on ochre sleeves the harvesters do shunAnd the scythe its blade directed past the autumn digging doneNow spring won’t let you draw your breath with pencil graphite greenTo notice how the lines converge in tomorrow’s field unseenOr who would sow and who would reap and who would own the landand who would hang in tattered rags and straw the scarecrow stand“Not me” you cry in dappled tones beneath scattered oak alightWhile laying down the hoe to tow the rising moon to lightThen slipping tween the rays of hope that gleam upon your faceThe tears of yester-yesteryear to fertile ground do race To feed those seeds in springtime sown in hope and good intent And there spring forth with shoots anew to writhe in discontentTo bite and claw and clamber up to stretch for distant sunand plough by atheist horses drawn through the rows of reason runto sp...
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School of Thought
2007-10-12 09:15:00
Having two sons in high school doing their best not to be completely demoralised by the absolute corporate nature of the education system, I find solice in the knowledge that they are in good company:"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice."~ Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing."~ Socrates (470 - 399 BC"Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used"~ Dr. Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)"Truly great madness can not be achieved without significant intelligence."~ Henrik Tikkanen (1924 - 1984)"If the Aborigine drafted an I.Q. test, all of Western civilization would presumably flunk it."~ Stanley Garn (1922 - 2007)"Common sense is not so common"~ Voltaire (1694 - 1778)"I'm not offende...
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2007-10-07 09:15:00
Stick figures in an internal landscape; vaguely representing voices in the electric field.I am the cloud on your silver lining; the red rim on the shepherd?s warning.You are the bared ends of copper in search of the source of resistance.I am the reality teevee; the visual refuse that refuses to try.You are the eyes of the blind man on the edge of the sky.They are the fucked-up formations in shale quarried revolution.We are the children of wonder; the pages of industrial action.They are the chattering monkeys tree-bound and dividedWe are the super-glued fingers on my left hand put rightHe is the man with the eyes that point into his headShe is the woman whose hand reaches into your heartHe is the boy with the bullet holes who staggered the roadShe is the girl with the green hair who danced until dawnThey are the parents who sit and determine their truthWe are the children who suffer the weight of regardFleshed out now no longer stick figures but the faces that reside in the field of ...
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Justice and the Night Whispering
2007-10-02 09:15:00
Oscar ChichoniAs befits the darker duties of justice; they came in the night.For what benefit is there to society to witness the inner workings of administration; the grinding cogs; the pounding machinery; machinery that oft requires lubricating with society?s most precious substance ? blood?His crime? What possible crime could a mild mannered house painter inflict on the tribe? A crime so subtle as to be invisible to the naked eye; a crime of thought perhaps?They came for night whispering; for dreams unspent; they came in the knowledge that the night?s shadows creep in the mind?s cold corners; they came for his soul; for his wanting; his turned-down-at-the-corner mouth; they came for the ideas that formed between one brush stroke of house paint and the stroke of midnight on the clock that had not chimed since sand had invaded its mechanism during the last storm.They came in black; their faces hidden (for justice must, by definition, be faceless).They came on feet that made no sound...
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Woe Begone
2007-09-28 09:15:00
Dance tonight with sister moon, her shadow sharp, her ache, her empty roomLive tonight for what it?s worth, for the chips and cracks that bend your silver spoonIn mirrors gleam the blades that cut the morning from its tomb of nightSet it free upon the day like dusty wings that flap hapless toward the silver lightDance the blood magnetic, the height that chases shadows from the mindThe epicentre of seismic shift where fossils sift the flesh once more to findAnd digging down while looking up you see that you are blind to cry aloudAnd withdraw your hand from the flame that promised warmth within the cloudHere be dragons, here begone, here beyond, here the corners creepAnd the heads roll slow from side to side but do not lose a moment?s sleep© Pisces the Fuckwit 2007
View From The Treetops (26 Sept '07)
2007-09-26 09:15:00
Blackwater - Another Whitewash?The true spirit of American DemocracyIt seems that the tide may have finally turned on Blackwater USA. It remains to be seen whether they will be removed from Iraq - I doubt it somehow.I posted about Blackwater in a piece called Red Right Hand back in March. It was the mangled remains of Blackwater operatives that were dragged through the steets of Fallujah after being killed by enraged Iraqis, an act which sparked off the most disgraceful act of revenge on a civilian population by this particular US administration, the operatives being portaryed as patriotic (and by implication, innocent) American servicemen. These men are NOT US soldiers; they are highly paid killers without even the meagre respectabiliy of the nation's military code to guide them - they are the para-military wing of Halliburton paid and package by the US taxpayer.But wait; Blackwater is only one vulture pecking at the ripe flesh of profits to be made from the blood of innocent peop...
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