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Wild Poets is an online collective of creative souls - poets, writers, artists, musicians, and cinematographers. Membership in and subscriptions to Wild Poets are both free, and we welcome contributions of new work. Wild Poets was created as a place
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2012-01-22 13:10:00
frost breathing through rimy sedge nothing stirs         creeks almost frozen  crackling ice-sheets    smoothly close in small fish    beneath     &nbs p; but dreams in sleep or suffocation stay vivid
Slow Bones
2011-08-09 23:15:00
An experiment with trombones & clarinets... click into the article to listen...   Read more...
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2011-07-07 02:25:00
troubadors        - to John Lennon, Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen   when John was shot down by a fool in New York i knew this world makes no sense the pain of love the pain of pain in his voice love won only a cold point through the back   when the universe takes Bob back his voice from the bottom of mankind coming up through his voice now as old as he strove to sound young those words in that voice the earth will for me but an instant lean into shadow.   sweet Leonard, when your time has come the fullness of a struck bell i'll take your voice down from the upper shelf like an old whiskey wrapped in a dapper song of yours and drink it on till closing time.           ;      &nbs p;      &nb sp;      &n bsp;      & nbsp;  ...
Te Werahi Beach and the promised land
2011-06-23 02:18:00
Te Werahi Beach & the promised land* * see commentary further below   from the drenched shadow of the morning cliff looking west it lay out on the running ocean Cape Maria van Diemen, a name scratched down once of a time by restless europeans on parchment, a promised land of the dawn mapped in early gold sand hills forged as simple as cloud along the still pink rim of sky west or a rock on the inward rush of a wave the beach wide hid a city on the other side of old things, missing friends, lost stories, altars laden with fruits and burning meats, old sailors of the pacific and further seas in the tavern dead drunk in their mermaids? clasp. streets that drop away like winds in the folds of a mainsail a city that cannot last the sun falling from higher than the tip of the ridge, a whole city gone like dew in the curl of the marram grass whipped back and forth on the sand the ocean riding on in foaming across the hardened sand, bubbles ...
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blues fading
2011-06-02 11:41:00
red hues turn into shadowbehind crumbling frontssigns no longer mean what they stand forwindows closeall calls subdued by their echoesyou shut uplast reflections thrown back from your indigo glass eyes shiny surface
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cross of wood
2011-04-26 17:57:00
Karma: 6   dead rosewood cut - into fingers, bled ? smoothed, waxed and polishedpierced with red-hot needle the end of the shorter arm of the longer stickto pull through threads of silk from disturbed butterflies - spend my fare, got blisters on the waymodest gift among all this flitteryou smile,the shining string around your neck sinks low where the work done by my hands takes in warmth  
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Text Worlds
2011-04-18 16:35:00
hola todos,  aqui: latest opened grid. stop by and destroy my purpled works...  Love to all, photos and updates to ensue with tech upgrade this summer. I hope all are safe and working...  David Lee
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2010-10-27 22:54:00
It was the glorious terror of an instant whenthe sun was lost in the moon - and the explosion shook the hair out ofthe world into the abyss of our joined womb  nourished by the blinding light, ? enraptured and captive, we ran and hidthen dared to play, first, you were the sun and I was the moon, nextI was the sun, you, the gem haunting the silken web of night... ? and the explosion stillshakes our abyssnourished by our enraptured eyes filledwith the terrifying glory - of a joined moon and sun...               
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2010-10-01 20:53:00
things would last in the stone age and take their timecaves and cairns carefully buildt withstood the yearsdeeds and words left impressions on skin and soulhave this flintstone.....................all logs now piled up to the last one
Smogbotten ~ 8
2010-09-25 23:40:00
Chasing the bumblebee  I found Aphrodite trampled and set her alight  She sent me tumbling through the clouds  Desperation dancing through the fear of years to come  Tangled in a maze of twisted promises  Hearts lost in the swirling storm  Autumn winds whitling brittle love into snowflakes  Singing split infinity
2010-09-19 12:58:00
Years ago I watched a documentation on TV, showing places and buildings of southern India, many of them in variing stages of dilapidation. The following interview with the eighteen year old mahant of a hinduistic monastery I memorize. When mockingly asked his feelings about the obvious decline everywhere, he smiled, patiently waited to catch the reporter`s eyes, then answered: "You travelled far and know much about our culture. The veils of Maya have many colours.?
remaining grins
2010-09-08 17:26:00
  grins remain where all faces gone grinding bone dust between their teeth that drips off fills the hour glass and keeps running down... . with much left to fall in a cheshire point of view while you walk in and out becoming my face of time
scouring water
2010-09-08 14:39:00
Before you took off you left something behind: a dot on the floor is a sore to my mind. I bought special treatments applied all in vain; whatever you do marks like this will remain. So scrubbing the blur with a soap stone all day, it started to slur but refused to give way. I screamed at the speck to piss off full of rage; now don?t you imagine this spot left the stage. I hold you in scorn for all times so I swear, and use clear cold water to drown my worst fear...
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In a Haze
2010-09-08 14:34:00
I felt white horses passing by, the strand was wide and full of mist, a sea gull gave another cry, the sky was clouded, when we kissed.   These youthful days now long ago, we drive along, turn off the gas, sometimes just pacing to and fro, lost outlooks in the rearview glass.   Right on the make you take me down, life puts a burden in our bags, and dressing up to go to town, will most of us return in rags.   Long hours plodding in a haze, subjected to your gracious smile entangled in this narrow maze, will I hang on here for a while.
2010-09-08 14:30:00
rain found its way inside my brain filling cells and bloating thoughts . you hung up some pieces on the clothes-line eager to make ends meet.... but again you`ve forgotten the spring clips
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2010-08-28 01:53:00
Red fadeswaves recedeTime isn'tWe never end.Historical plans subject to change without notice.Hate-lovers, war-wanters, all suited up and left gapingmourning denial of promised bloodbathLife's funny that way. 
Snow Globe reflections
2010-08-27 19:16:00
Glassy-eyed imploding miasma Ambered scents Visions, glistening globule hell Concealed, flake upon flake arbitrary fallasy Pure concision derision Lustrous white lie  
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The Baby Tank
2009-06-09 08:00:00
A Child's Guide to War Click here to buy your own Baby Tank on Amazon And, on  {loadposition}   Read more...
Swimming with Consumption
2009-04-29 17:22:00
        A collection of poetry and short fiction  
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The Baby Tank - Chapter 5
2007-09-18 04:00:00
Click here to view the entire Baby Tank Collection (component/option,com_flippingbook/Itemid ,251/book_id,2/)
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2007-06-25 08:30:00
(component/option,com_flippingbook/Itemid ,251/book_id,3/)
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This life belongs to another
2007-06-08 06:36:00
With bloody intent I was raised from dust birth was but an event in life beat after beat from the scarred hand beat into submission, was I it was the first realisation this life belongs to my mother kicked punched and bleeding tears soaked through my shirt cotton dyed red as the blood trickled down the crowd cheered and shouted thoughts drowned in the screams crawling on the ground, the realistion i found this life belongs to the bully my throat burned from the fury shouting, screaming, crying we lost track of loving inflicting our anger on one another bounded by compromise and commitment this life was never mine it now belongs to my lover
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Chesapeake Taxi
2007-06-01 21:38:00
The beauty of working on the road is the many facets of life I am privileged to witness. Once upon a time in Baltimore... The cabbie throws his head back and laughs; one of those deeply reverberating soul coughs that make you feel good even if you don't get the joke. He points at the cab in the next lane and says: "This old dude claims he slept with every woman in Baltimore, so he MUST be my daddy!" Head out the window like a housebound basset on his way to the beach, he skates close in and roars: "WHERE'S MY PONY?" pork pie hat- at a rakish angle hides the old man's mirth
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The Taste of Mushrooms
2007-05-31 15:41:00
Michael Mensch wandered around his house in stupefied wonder, amazed that so much hurt was unconnected to any physical injury. What wasn't there was painful, like phantom agony reports from a cut-off leg. Space-time she'd filled with life and presence rang with emptiness. The curve of her body had set the invisible strings of the house vibrating, but now the strings dangled foolishly, hopefully, bereft of purpose, as if their component molecules had stepped out for a moment and forgotten to return.
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forest king
2007-05-15 08:23:00
a wild moment... uploads/2007/05/forest-king-051507.mp3
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Apocalypse, (Right After These Messages)
2007-05-11 04:47:00
There is a man of my acquaintance who has crucified himself, Although with what purpose, it is difficult to say. Indeed, from where he's sitting, I doubt that redemption is anywhere in sight. Yet sit there he does, as days flow into months. He is nailed there, you see... Skewered, pinned and gutted, Impaled by the shaft of light from his television screen.
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Clumsy Gardener
2007-05-07 06:28:00 e1df2f1854362878339e16a02fa2f.mp3 there is a part of forever that we can never find the possiblity of every path we chose to leave behind the shades of beauty drawn in manner most unkind to say it cannot be, to be so fully blind
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2007-04-25 01:47:00
(epci is just epci misspelled) epci
of farewell
2007-04-24 04:00:00
it is an odd thing, the farewell given casually, as if a tomorrow will dwell like the scent of promise, a whiff whose sweetness is known may be held close to the heart whose surety is grown like a rose of permanence
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Jan Hammer Got Juice...
2007-04-24 04:00:00
Little ditty from a soundtrack for a film that never existed. jan_hammer_got_juice
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