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Magic Tricks Blog is about magic tricks like card trick, money or coin trick, street magic, and of course, the magicians itself.


Another Card Tricks to amazes your friends
2007-02-26 12:49:00
About a 2 months ago, I visit to find a good magic trick to learn. On the front page I see a promo of Indecent that is invented by W:H (Wayne Houchin). I’m not really interesting about that trick. I didn’t even see the preview. So, I don’t know how the trick was gonna be. All I know that Indecent is a card tricks. After that, I left and continue my work. A few days later, I visit YouTube to see if there’s a great video to watch. I began searching with various tag. And I also used ‘magic tricks‘ as a tag. I found a lot of Indecent previews there. So, I watch one of many Indecent video. First, a card is picked, let say 6 of diamond, and signed by W:H (on the real show, audience must choose a card and sign that card). And then, he put the card in the middle of the deck and the card lost in the deck. After that, W:H riffle shuffle the deck twice and doing some cut to the deck. At this point, W:H has controlled the chos...
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Learning Greed Magic Tricks
2007-02-25 12:50:00
After I saw Greed video by Daniel Garcia, I decide to learn it. But there is a problem. I don’t have enough money to buy Greed DVD. So I decide to visit some website that offer free magic tricks. But, the result is nothing. I don’t give up. I have to learn that trick. I visit some magic forums to find an explanation about how to that trick. I also use Google to search greed explanation. It took me 2 days to find free greed explanation. There’s no free tricks for greed. But I found a website that sale many magic lecture notes. The website is The price is cheaper than the DVD. Although, it’s just an ebook but it help me to learn greed. Well, it was a clever gimmick that you can construct with the stuff that lay down beside you. Especially the ‘thing’ on your pocket. But it’s not free. It will cost you about $37. But, it’s worth the trick. You won’t be dissapointed. The trick will work best if you use dollar bill to ...
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Card Trick that so Visually Stunning
2007-02-25 11:26:00
One of my friends visit one of many online magic shop on the net. He browse through all the category on that website. He spent many our to find a good trick to buy. Fortunately, that website where he log on to has online video demo. So, he watch 7-9 video on that website. If the video doesn’t interesting him from the beginning, he skip and find another trick. Until a card trick named Warp One by David Ren Jenkins. That trick really freak him out. I couldn’t see the look on his face. But when I turn my face away from him, he called. He said “Addie, I think you should see this”. I couldn’t refused, so I come to him. And when I watch the video, again that trick really freak me out. Warp One was so visually stunning. The card was changing in front of my face. I encourage you to see Warp One video. Click here to see Warp One Video.
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Don’t Get Greedy!
2007-02-25 10:07:00
Actually, I don’t do coin magic. It’s kinda hard for me. But I love doing some magic using bill. One of the great money magic is Greed by Daniel Garcia. Greed is bill changes routines with FOUR ULTRA-VISUAL PHASE including THE KICKER ENDING. Honestly, it was one of greatest magic I’ve ever seen. It really shocked me at the beginning I see it. I will show you can learn this trick on my next post. Right now, just see how Daniel Garcia performing Greed. Click Here to see Greed Video!
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Ambitious Card Routine
2007-02-25 09:43:00
Have you seen this ambitious card routine. Where your chosen card always pop off to the top of the deck. Even if you the card in the middle of the deck. David Blaine perform this trick on his famous TV Show “Street Magic”. I also perform this trick to my friends and they amazed. This trick is not really hard to do. You can learn it too. With good presentation you will amaze your audience. This is one of the classic trick that many magicians always perform to their audience. I watch do David Blaine do this trick and I was amazed. So, I ask my friends (who is a local magician in our town) to teach me this tricks. First he taught me how to handle the deck. And he introduce me how to handle the deck by doing ‘mechanic grips’. When the first time I learn this tricks, it was so hard to do the double lift. But with a little practice, finally my skill increased a little bit. So, when I think that I’m ready to perform my ambitious card, I tried to perform it ...
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Do you like card tricks?
2007-02-25 06:49:00
Card tricks is my favorite magic. You can always do this tricks anytime, anywhere even with a borrowed deck. Magicians like David Blaine, Oz Pearlman, Brad Christian, Jay Sankey, etc always do some tricks with card. And that’s what make them famous. Some card tricks are easy to do and some are difficult. Some tricks will require sleight of hands, such as double/triple lift, pass, false cut, elmsley count, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do card tricks. You can achieve the ’sleight of hands’ skill with lots of practice. So, what are double/triple lift, pass, false cut, elmsley count, etc? That are the name of the technique to do some magic trick. Some people maybe already know about those ‘jargon’. But some people don’t. Keep visiting this blog. I’ll explain it later.
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Hello Magic Fans!
2007-02-23 19:20:00
Welcome to Magic Blog! This blog is dedicated for all magic fans in the whole world who wants to learn magic trick. I’m not really a magicians but I know a trick or two. I always perform magic, especially card trick, to all my friends and my family. So what I’m going to talk about on this blog? I will not going to expose all the magic secrets. Maybe, just a few basic tricks. I will give my opinions about what magic trick you should learn. How and where you can learn. And the best of it, you can learn many tricks for free. So, enjoy this blog!
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