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Great information about woodworking and home improvement as it pertains to power tools.
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Krenov Scholarship Fund Drive: We Donate $5 for Each Comment + Newsletter S
2009-09-21 15:37:00
Krenov’s passing has shaken the woodworking world, and shown us at the impact he had on thousands upon thousands of woodworkers. If you’d like us to donate $5 to the College of the Redwoods scholarship fund on your behalf, do two simple things: 1) Leave a memory-of-Krenov comment on this post. 2) Sign up for the ...
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James Krenov Passes: Remembering a ?Stubborn, Old Enthusiast?
2009-09-15 23:06:00
I learned of James Krenov’s passing from TomsWorkbench. Krenov passed on September 9th, 2009. He is our 7th most influential woodworker. His passing makes 2009 especially tough for woodworkers, as Sam Maloof passed on May 21st. His family asks that those wishing to make contributions in his honor donate to The James Krenov Scholarship Fund at ...
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The Ultimate Knock-Down Sawhorse Plan: the ?Richard?
2009-09-15 20:25:00
We recently got a sawhorse plan submission from a reader named Richard , to add to our 38 Sawhorse Plan s. First he sent in pics of the inspiration that he saw in an old nursery – I added those to the comments. Then he sent detailed pictures and build notes of his design (below), which looks ...
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10 KnotScott Forum Finds: Are $100 Blades Worth $100 + Best Band Saw + Best
2009-09-15 18:30:00
This is it from Mr. KnotScott for awhile – he’s working on an addition to his house, plus a new mantel project. He’ll be back, but it will be awhile, so I hope this last forum find fix tides you over for awhile! Scroll down to see links to all his previous forum thread collections! Check ...
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Top 10 Most Influential Woodworkers: 2 Years Later
2009-09-15 00:04:00
Why are you a woodworker? What drives you spend your personal time and hard-earned income on wood and tools? Most woodworkers can trace their woodworking passions back to a single individual who started them on the path. In 2007 we asked hundreds of woodworkers who their top 5 most influential woodworkers are, and wrote Guide ...
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Nifty Saw Blade Quiz: Test Your Blade Knowledge
2009-09-08 20:25:00
I like quizzes. This saw blade quiz from ToolsToday was fun. On the first time through I only got 70%. Much easier the second time ;) Cutting Saw Blade quizby ToolsToday Here are some previous quizzes that we created for Quiz : Could Your Workshop Withstand a Zombie Attack? Quiz: Are You a Cheapskate Woodworker??!! Quiz: Get in Touch ...
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44 Free Woodworking Software, Calculators and Spreadsheets for the Wired Wo
2009-09-02 17:40:00
Math. It’s the persnickety, exacting demon lurking inside every woodworking project. Luckily for us, many woodworkers are also programmers who know how to make computers do the calculating for us. THANKS to those wonderful people, who afforded us the opportunity to round up 44 woodworking calculators, spreadsheets and free software for woodworkers! Here’s what you’ll find: >> ...
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7 Free Wooden Gear Clock Plans for You Eccentric, Masochist Woodworkers
2009-09-02 15:15:00
Ever since I had the pleasure of seeing Keith Chamber’s wooden gear clocks in person, I’ve been on the look out for more all wood clocks. See Wooden Gear Clock s by Keith Chambers >> I think wooden clocks are one of those dividing lines in woodworking… To have the aspiration to make a clock, entirely from ...
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Raiding the Woodshop for Interior Decoration: Pottery Barn?s $1400 Old Work
2009-08-31 21:45:00
Be warned, your special someone may raid your workshop to steal your workbench and use it as a bar. That is, if the new trend at Pottery Barn starts to catch on… Check out the Markham Console Bar: I spotted this beauty over at WoodNet, in the thread “I’ve been commissioned” I could wax condescending all day, but ...
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Etsy + EBay + Custom Woodworking = Buy and Sell Cus
2009-08-31 20:59:00
What’s cheaper than Ebay , with more woodworking than Etsy can shake a stick at?, a new woodworking sales startup by Joe Truehart, of Appleton, WI. To give you an idea of how it works, here’s the page of Mr. Osowski, of Timberwerks Studios >> From that page, visitors can view Osowski’s works, such as the Summer ...
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28 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Sawdust and Woodchips
2008-06-02 18:48:00
Being a thrifty fella, this thread over at Woodnet caught my attention: Where do you get rid of chips/sawdust? I used this thread as a starting point and then researched forums and other info sites to compile this post. THEN I tried to arrange all the ideas into a useful framework… Let me know how ...
More About: Recycle , Sawdust Ultimate Guide to the Crosscut Sled
2008-05-30 20:41:00
Blame this post on FamilyWoodworking. I was over there trolling for good article ideas and stumbled on a thread called “Most Used Jigs.” I started adding up the results and it turned out that the crosscut sled won by a landslide. (What is a crosscut sled??) And so I started researching and cataloging some of the ...
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9 Sandpaper Storage Ideas (+ free plans)
2008-05-30 18:09:00
How do you store and organize your sandpaper? If you’re storing sanding belts and sanding discs PLUS sanding sheets your storage can get out of control fast. A recent poster at SawmillCreek (How do you store your sandpaper?) asked for tips. He was asking mainly for his Festool sander, but most of the comments came back ...
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Compact Drivers: Bosch vs. Milwaukee vs. Rigid
2008-05-30 16:44:00
Compact drivers become must-have tools after you use them once. Their popularity means that every tool brand under the sun has one on display. They must be pretty cheap to make too considering how often Bosch gives them away. So one of the guys at WoodNet asked his fellows which compact driver he should get - ...
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Rising Iron Costs to Increase Power Tool Prices?
2008-05-23 17:32:00
Cast iron - it’s part of what makes good tools good. Unfortunately for power tool buyers rising prices in iron could have an enormous impact in power tool prices. Steel City’s granite-topped table saw is starting to make a little more sense now Anyhow, this little article will first look at some of the ...
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Check Out The $35,000 Rocking Chair
2008-05-14 21:14:00
I spotted this on my latest visit over to FamilyWoodworking… Introducing the $35,000 rocking chair: It’s made of Amboyna Burl by Parker Converse II. He says: “These chairs take about three times longer to make and the cost of materials and handling is about 10 times that of one of my lower priced rockers. The extra time, ...
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Most Used Sliding Compound Miter Saw: the SMCS Showdown
2008-05-12 21:49:00
Over a year ago I asked my favorite forums for input on sliding compound miter saws… this gave us Hitachi vs. Bosch vs. Makita: Making the Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Decision. Then, Woodnetters mostly recommended the Hitachi, as did the guys over at FamilyWoodworking. A thread started recently at Woodnet though and it appears the Hitachi ...
Do You Have Too Much Tool Pride?
2008-05-05 17:35:00
The folks over at FamilyWoodworking have an interesting thread going on tool pride… Member Allen Grimes asked: “Over past 2 or 4 years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people take far too much pride in the tools they own. Festool and Mini Max owners especially, seem to jump on anybody who says anything bad ...
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Cheap, DIY Clamp Alternatives
2008-05-02 16:04:00
You can’t ever have enough clamps. The longer you work with wood the truer this statement gets. Your budget might not agree with this fact however. If that’s the case then READ ON for some great ideas and tips for alternatives to clamping… The guys at SawmillCreek have some great ideas for a fellow building a ...
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Video: Wood Sculptures that Move
2008-04-30 19:13:00
These wood sculptures by artist David C Roy really took my breath away… here’s a video of one he called “Spectrum” Here’s how he describes his process of making these scupltures: “I usually make the sculptures in groups of six. I cut most of the pieces on a band saw and then do the final shaping with ...
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Foot Protection: Best Shoes for the Woodshop
2008-04-21 21:35:00
Quality work shoes can take the ache out of your back, ankles, knees and feet. The question of “best shoes for the woodshop” comes up over and over in woodworking forums. Like most things woodworking the best answer is “it depends on what your needs are.” We’re a safety-first company so we definitely recommend steel toed ...
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Dream Table Saws: What TS Would You Get With Unlimited Budget?
2008-04-18 20:40:00
Over at Family Woodworking Joe Mioux asked the family what table saw they’d get if they had unlimited budget. He’s selling a Mini-Max. See the original thread here: If you could buy a new ts…. I tallied them up and here are the table saws that the Family sees when they’re sawing “z’s.” SawStop: 6 Votes Sawstop preferred ...
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How Many Beers is Too Many for Woodworking?
2008-04-11 20:04:00
First off I want to state that the official ToolCrib position is that ANY beer is too much beer for woodworking. We’re serious about safety and would like to remind you that the #1 most dangerous power tool is YOU. A SawmillCreeker asked recently, “How many beers does it take to not jump on a machine?” ...
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5 Top Air Respirators for Woodworking
2008-04-02 00:13:00
How safe is the air in your woodshop? Even if you’re running a cyclone dust collector you still need to protect your lungs with some extra filtration. As RFeeser puts it at WoodNet: “You cannot go without an effective face mask just because you have dust collection. The air still ends up with a lot of the really fine, invisible sawdust that is the real health problem.” I found a thread at SawmillCreek asking for respirator recommendations. Then I dug around for more threads that recommend respirators AND reviews for specific models. BUT FIRST, here are some chilling quotes from ‘Creeker Lloyd Morris about air quality: I was in very good health and at 50 years old was training for a marathon and riding my bike 30 to 40 miles a week. Also no breathing problems at all for the first year of woodworking. I was the last person I thought would have any problems with a reaction to wood dust. After working on a project for about six hours last spring, I began to have...
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Table Saw Blade Storage
2008-03-31 17:19:00
Do you keep your table saw blades on a nail on the wall? Or worse, stacked on top of each other in a drawer? My understanding is that your #1 goal in storage should be not letting the teeth touch each other… from there the storage ideas really start to run wild A WoodNet thread on table saw blade storage caught my eye and if you’re looking for ideas + pictures then you HAVE to go look at: How do you guys store your blades? Here’s some nice dry humor from that WoodNet thread: “I used to let Forrest store my Woodworker II, but then I finally got a Grizzly contractor saw to store it in. Much handier.” You should definitely go check that out as there are great pictures posted there. I dug around for ideas at other forums too…>> Here’s a thread from Rigid: Blade Storage where you’ll find some great ideas along with some, um, creative ideas: “I toss mine ninja-style at the wall and just let them stick in the drywall. Easy access to...
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11 Cheap, Recycled or Free Items Useful in the Wood Shop
2008-03-25 20:05:00
Yes you DO have to read all the way through Wood Net’s Cheap Useful Item for the Shop . Why? Because there are way more than 11 useful ideas there. There are probably more like 100 useful ideas there from at least 90 woodworkers. I picked out and organized the 11 ideas that I thought were the ...
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Wood Lathes: $400 vs. $4000
2008-03-24 17:16:00
An old thread on lathes in SawmillCreek caught my eye recently… I’ve never dug into lathes that much and they always seemed sort of on the outskirts of woodworking. That may be the reason they appeal to some folks though Anyways, the thread I saw asks for lathe recommendations in the $400-$500 range. Because ...
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Top 5 Woodworking Tool Companies with the Best Customer Service
2008-03-15 19:38:00
When my wife and I get great customer service we make it a point to speak to the manager and pass along a compliment. A thread in SawmillCreek (Your Vote: Best Customer Service ) does the same thing for woodworking related companies. I went through all 85 responses and counted up all the companies mentioned as ...
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Seven Ideas for Drill Bit Storage
2008-03-04 16:51:00
A woodworker at SawmillCreek has too many bits and not enough storage. He asked his fellow creekers for some ideas on how to make his bits easy to access. They mentioned great ideas and included great links to bit storage products that you may have never thought of. Here are quotes from the Creekers: 1) I cut ...
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5 Tips for Removing Wood Glue from Your Clothes
2008-02-25 16:21:00
The only thing that wood glue bonds better than wood is fabric. So how can you get wood glue and wood glue stains out of those work shirts that need to stay presentable? An SMCreeker said: “Over the past year I’ve had a more than a few cases of regular yellow glue smearing and then ...
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