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Thinking Under Bizarre Reasonings

Thinking Under Bizarre Reasonings
As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more. It's all about thinking, utilizing, beholding, and respect.
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Growing up and moving out
2009-12-23 12:44:00
Sums up what I really have to say. I keep finding myself looking for new inspiration and making new blogs trying to fulfill that inspiration. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really working that well for me. All I can say is, it was a really bad idea in the 1st place to try and make more than ...
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Silent Prayers
2009-08-18 17:36:00
Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. 3 nights ago, my father was admitted into the hospital due to a whole week of fever and no end in sight. 2 nights ago, the doctor suspected it of being H1N1. And today, according to my mother, the doctor looked at his xrays and confirmed ...
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Sick again!
2009-08-11 02:42:00
I’m currently down with a bad case of fever a day after my convocation last Sunday which means I got my fever on Monday yesterday. It seriously sucks to be me ;_; previously, I had a fever right after my brother got sick. And today, I’m having a fever because my dad had it. My ...
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Sims 3
2009-07-19 20:00:00
I got the CD less than a week ago and only started playing it yesterday. It’s so much better that the 1st one, but I never played the 2nd one. I’m so totally hooked with this one lol! I made a couple and on their 1st try, the female sims got pregnant! Like so totally fast ...
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Project #002 Loading Shelf
2009-07-18 06:25:00
EDIT: 2nd update, sorry since its late, my network connection hates me, took me 2 hours to load my blog dashboard. The next update would be later as I’m busy all next week before the weekend due to my convocation event! Will post pics and stuff after the convocation ^^ Progress: 3 / 20 Next progress estimated ...
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Project #002
2009-07-11 18:11:00
Currently, my DeviantArt account is running my 1st official project that I haven’t procrastinate so far. Instead of elaborating further regarding my 1st project, I’d like to move on regarding my 2nd official project that I HOPE I won’t procrastinate as well. My lazyness tend to make it hard for me NOT to procrastinate. My 2nd project ...
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Getting sick and what not
2009-07-06 17:01:00
Ever since I was a baby, I was always labeled a sick child. In and out of the hospital at least once a month. A year has never gone by with a clean bill of health. Because of that, nowadays, I tend to AVOID coming in contact with clinics, hospitals, doctors, or even nurses. But today, I ...
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Awkward Moments
2009-06-17 04:50:00
Recently, my little brother, who happens to be only a year younger than me, got himself a girlfriend. And I can only assume that it’s his first girlfriend. They’ve been together for weeks now and sad to say, I have no idea what her name is. I remember at 1st but then…it just fades… In fact, ...
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The Cold Kind of Sweat
2009-06-12 10:31:00
So okay, lately, I haven’t been blogging about anything worth mentioning about to others. And sad to say, I feel that my blog has gone off its’ course and happen to be spiraling downwards in a plane-crash mode. Perhaps I’ve been a little confuse as to who I am and what I should be doing. Indeed, ...
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Getting bored
2009-06-11 06:51:00
From the past few blog posts I’ve posted so far, I bet you’ve already guessed that I’m an easily bored person. I get distracted easily and stay loyal to nothing. Even recreational pasttimes. Right now, I’m starting to feel bored playing Atlantica Online. Why? Because no one is playing it with me!! Even my friend, who ...
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Back from a Long Vacation
2009-06-09 05:58:00
Hey everyone. I’m back home right now. But then again, you didn’t know I was away didn’t you! Hahaha. I was actually on vacation with my family to my mother’s hometown and was not able to get ahold of any computers to come online. Of course, I should have said something before leaving but I totally ...
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2007-04-24 16:37:00
Dear readers, Having problems with my new blog. Apparently the database whatever deleted something by it’s own and now there’s fucked-up problems and I had to delete the WHOLE blog. What’s worse, I can’t even get to reinstall the wordpress platform again due to my domain name is still being used to house the old blog’s ...
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Packing Up And Moving On?
2007-04-22 23:11:00
Yes, you read the title correctly! I’m gonna pack up my typing tools and moving on in life. I’m not gonna blog here again after this…it’s my choice to let this blog go and rot in the corner of the World Wide Web (WWW). No, I would not, WILL not change my mind now and ...
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So much to say, so little time?
2007-04-22 09:30:00
Okay, okay, I know I got lots to blog about in here since yesterday but I’ve not the time to do so now so I’ll do it later after I announce what the coming changes are. But I’m gonna keep a tight lid on the whole affair. So be patient yea? Anyways, wanna know about the ...
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Sleepy Changes?
2007-04-21 05:17:00
Something new is coming…I can taste it!! It’s so close that it’s causing me to feel damn tired…so tired…I feel my eyes just shutting all the time!! And I can’t let that happen…I have to go to my cousin’s new shop opening later at 11.30am. What’s more, when I get back, I wanna go to the ...
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Good Charlotte Anyone?
2007-04-20 17:23:00
So who is gonna go for the Good Charlotte thing? So far, I know 3 other people going, and they’re the ones who gave me the spare ticket they have other than them are my sister, her friend, and my brother and his friend. And altogether are 8 of us going but by different ...
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We Shouldn?t, Wouldn?t, Couldn?t!
2007-04-18 18:01:00
I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. It’s too soon. We’ve only just begun. We’re not familiar to each other to go there yet. It’s an impulse we shouldn’t take. It’s too dangerous! I couldn’t, couldn’t couldn’t! You shouldn’t. You wouldn’t. You couldn’t. You mustn’t make me go to the next level. it’s too soon. It’s unthinkable. What would our parents say. What ...
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Wind of Change
2007-04-18 04:17:00
Something big is coming soon…a big change is about to happen…the lid is shut tight on the case…nothing is coming out from source. No one is talking, nothing is being said. All they know that a change is coming underway. It’s all planned. Something big is coming and the change will begin. A cover up story ...
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His Kind Gift To Me
2007-04-16 20:52:00
Recently, chatting with a friend of mine, while we talk about what’s been going on in our lives, what’s our plans for the coming days, about the past as to how it was fun when we were surrounded by friends and stuff when he suddenly sprung all kinds of questions on me… And know what? He ...
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The Plague Has Begun!
2007-04-16 15:52:00
The plague has arrived, right here, just next to you. What do I mean? I mean the plague you foolish one!! Listen up now and listen clear. The tale that I’ll be telling is long and winded and to save yourself, you’d better listen, dearies. Origins : Yen Disease : Conjunctivitis Friday ===== Victim(s) : Jessica Saturday ====== Victim(s) : Lucy, Yen’s Friend ...
First Ever Hate Comment!
2007-04-15 23:00:00
Was looking through my spam box in my Comments section in my Wordpress dashboard when I came upon this interesting spam comment : excuse me, best blog of all time? Could you be more disgusting? A bitch like you, a beginner like you to be nominated? Hahahahahaha? you?re not even original, attention seeking whore. Laugh at ...
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Blog Addiction-Withdrawal Syndrome
2007-04-15 21:26:00
Brief Explanation Blog Addiction is when normal individuals with penned-up emotions deal in the higher power of “Journal Writing” where these individuals not only write their personal feelings into a electrical device called the “Computer” and transfer it into the online journal called a “Blog” and allows strangers to read their inner most darkest feelings. Blog ...
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The Difference Between Men and Women
2007-04-15 12:36:00
This is something I’ve come across while looking through my books and I thought it was hilarious and just wanted to share it with all of you out there needing a good laugh Nicknames If Laura, Suzanne, and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other “Laura”, “Suzanne”, and “Sarah”. If Mike, Charlie, Dave, ...
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2007-04-15 11:50:00
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An Eye For An Eye
2007-04-14 13:00:00
Alamak…last night, all cause of THAT chocolate, it’s causing me such pain D: I’m in terrible pain now and all this thanks to… :::::::::::::::::::: Yesterday, after doing some stuff over the computer, I went and watch some TV, Astro Channel 30 got Chinese Drama Series mah so must watch la. So anyways, I saw my sister eating ...
My Grasp on the Chinese Language?
2007-04-13 16:54:00
??????????????????????????????????????? Translation : Today I’ve learned something new. And what is that? Well, it’s the language! What? You don’t understand what I’m saying? Oh, sorry Ooops, heh, sorry about that. I was just so caught up in being able to type in Chine se on my computer I seriously never knew thus I’m like ...
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Who is That?
2007-04-11 13:19:00
Who is that guy? You know…the guy right next to you. He’s waving at me from where you are standing. Yes, he’s just beside you, smiling at me as if, he’s happy to see me. But he doesn’t attempt to come up to me…just staying there right next to you. It’s as if he doesn’t want to leave you, ...
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Tagged : Friendster Meme
2007-04-09 13:55:00
Eh…just finished one tag by Cedric and 5xmom, and now got ANOTHER one!! But this time it’s not coming from a bat gua si lai or a hyperactive monkey. Instead it comes from a funny gay sotong who decided to tag me on this. Aiseh, Mr. Robb, such good timing for a meme cause I’m ...
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Tagged : If This Were To Be My Last Post
2007-04-09 09:37:00
Aiseh…today bangun, bath, brush teeth, change clothes, ate lunch, come back blog a “little bit” then go kap ha the PPS and I saw “this” and with a sneaking suspicion, I saw “THIS” as well woi!! After reading 5Xmom’s blog and Cedric’s blog I of course, breath a sigh of relief la cause it’s a ...
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Ooooh Boy?
2007-04-09 08:18:00
What’s up with the male species these days, hmm? Are their Y chromosome shrinking or are males having less testosterone lately? ::::::::::::::::::::Scene One:::::::::::::::::::: Female : How are you these days, Male #1? Male #1 : Not bad, Female, in fact, after meeting you, I felt much cheerful and all I can say is, I love you. Female : …You ...
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