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Blog and website of author and activist Charles Sheehan-Miles. Podcast of his latest book, ruminations on politics, war, autism, publishing and whatever else comes to mind.
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Brief break
2012-05-11 03:18:00
Taking a couple days off from blogging! I’ll be back. In the meantime, here’s one of my great and awesome kids, Amirah! She just got level 1 awards for solos in band tonight. Very proud (you can see she is too). I love my kids!
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Can Repugs and Libtards actually listen to each other?
2012-05-09 03:47:00
We all do it. Or at least I do occasionally.  That funny thing about the “other” party shows up on Facebook and we pass it along. Whatever you think of Congress, it’s a fact that at one time there was a significant middle in Congress that worked together to get stuff done.  Increasingly though, our ...
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Finding forgiveness for murder
2012-05-08 02:48:00
“I’ll tell you the truth, Sheriff. We charged across Iraq and killed everything in our goddamn path, we left a trail of burning vehicles and broken bodies hundreds of miles long. If it moved, then it was the enemy, and we killed our fair share of civilians too. And you people sat back here and ...
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Reconnecting with old friends
2012-05-07 16:55:00
Do you use Facebook? When I first got online, it was the very early nineties. I had a dial up unix shell account through Georgia State University, and later on an account with Delphi (both of these were text based only, because, well, MS-DOS).  When I wanted to write a friend, I got out a ...
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The terrible two (teenagers, that is)
2012-05-05 15:09:00
So last night I had a long talk with the kids about important things. To be specific, about identifying what are the most frequent causes of fights in our house, which are sometimes too stressful and upsetting for all of us. Basically it comes down to two things: homework, and chores. When I was a ...
Legitimizing Indefinite Detention and Torture
2012-05-04 16:32:00
Andrew Rosenthal writes in the New York Times yesterday (Torture d Logic) about the unfortunate decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, granting immunity to John Woo, a former Bush administration official, for his actions which lead to the torture and abuse of Jose Padilla. Rosenthal correctly calls the judgment what it is: nonsense. Let ...
Avoiding and preventing burn-out
2012-05-03 16:45:00
One thing I learned about myself a long time ago is that I am prone to overcommitting. I get intensely productive: deeply involved in work, in personal projects, in writing, various side businesses, and have bursts of intense energy where I’m doing lots and lots of stuff. I have a hard time saying no, and ...
Awful things people say to waitresses and waiters
2012-05-02 16:30:00
Continuing on my train of thought from yesterday. I was writing about finances then, but right now I’m writing about dignity. There are some people out there who just seem to enjoy feeling superior to others. Some do it over religion. Some do it over lack of religion. Some do it over jobs, class, personal ...
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VA Faces Two Crises: Paul Sullivan
2012-05-02 01:00:00
My old friend, veterans advocate Paul Sullivan (formerly with Veterans for Common Sense and now outreach director at Bergman and Moore) writes in the Bay Citizen about the crises facing VA. Hopefully, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki and Congress will “get it” soon and fix VA’s understaffed mental healthcare facilities and VA’s delay and error-prone disability ...
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Driving the working poor into the dust
2012-05-01 11:00:00
“Charles, can you print off my last four pay stubs? I need them for….” Since I made my career change to the restaurant business, this has been a frequent, regular request I get from some of my employees.  Why? Because they need them to qualify for various government related benefits: primarily food stamps and medical ...
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On being young and in love
2012-04-30 15:47:00
See, there was this girl…. That’s a really bad way to start a blog entry, especially when you’ve been happily married for nearly twenty years. But I’m thinking Veronica will understand (let’s hope!!!)  since I’m writing about ancient history. What I’m writing about today is risk, rewards, heartbreak, and being young and in love. How ...
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Insurgent (Episode 2) is now available
2012-03-11 13:42:00
Insurgent (Episode 2) is now available! I wanted to extend my thanks to the beta readers who helped me out in making it a better story!  I’m busy finishing up episode 3 right now, expect it to go live sometime in early May. Barnes & Noble hasn’t gone live yet, but in the meantime, you can pick it up at Amazon or Smashwords. Amazon Kindle (2.99) Smashwords (2.99)
Prayer at Rumayla temporarily free at Barnes & Noble
2012-02-15 17:00:00
For a brief time, Prayer at Rumayla, my first novel, is available for free from Barnes & Noble. Check it out here. I’d like to have it be free on Amazon as well!  You can help: go to the Amazon page for the book, and click the “report a lower price” link.  Then paste in the B&N link to let them know there competitor is giving it away free! Thanks, and enjoy!  
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First review of Episode 1 now in
2012-02-06 01:24:00
Happy to see the first review of Episode 1 is now in! Head on over to to check it out at TYC5  “As soon as Episode 2 is available I shall be buying it” That will be in just a few weeks.  Working on the final rewrites and getting feedback from beta readers right now.  
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Insurgent Episode 2 now with beta readers
2012-02-04 11:05:00
Episode 2 is now with the beta readers, and i’m awaiting feedback.  It weighs in at 40,000 words, about twice as long as Episode 1, and focuses primarily on Valerie Murphy and the machinations between DHS, the WV state government, and the threat posed by the break-in at the Hamilton Biomedical Facility. You can pick up Episode 1 at most of the online bookstores now, including Amazon, iBooks, B&N and Smashwords. Will likely be a few weeks before it’s available from Sony. If you’ve read Episode 1, PLEASE post a review up on Amazon or elsewhere! Would love to get feedback! Links to other stuff I’ve written here: Books by Charles Sheehan-Miles
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Uploaded episode 1
2011-12-19 02:45:00
Episode 1 of Insurgent has been uploaded at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and should be available within 24-48 hours! I’ll post links soon as it appears.
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Insurgent Episode 1 back from the editor
2011-12-15 11:26:00
So, Episode 1 of Insurgent is back from the editor, and I’ve received a lot of detailed and excellent feedback from beta readers.  Working through the changes now, and I expect to release it for Kindle and other ebook readers by Christmas. A few more people have contacted me about being beta readers, but it was too late to get you in this round, but I’ll be in touch soon about episode 2.
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Off to the editor
2011-11-20 11:23:00
Book 1 of Insurgent is off to the editor and a small circle of beta readers. Hoping to swing right into the second episode.  I have the second draft of the entire thing written, so now its a matter of polishing and finalizing each episode, getting them to the editor and putting it out.  Will go to print when all six episodes are out and finalized. Releasing the book in a serialized format is obviously a bit  of an experiment.  I’m doing it primarily so I can begin getting content out NOW, rather than waiting another six months while continuing to work through the entire book.  Hoping this will develop momentum both for me and the readers. Question for readers (at least those of you who do ebooks): would you likely pick up the 99 cent serialized episodes, knowing that there will be cliffhangers and roughly 1 – 2 month waits between each? Or hold off until the completed edition is available? Why?
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Reviving the Bonus March
2011-11-06 01:56:00
With the Occupy everywhere protests going on all across the country, I’ve been seeing a lot of references to the 1932 Bonus March . Made me want to go find my old blog entry I posted a long time ago when republishing W.W. Waters’ book about the march, but apparently I lost it somewhere in moving from one blogging system to another. Luckily, the WayBackMachine archived it. For those who want some of the history… especially of how the marchers were driven out of Washington, DC by the US Army, pick up a copy of the book! Along with the hardcover, it’s also available for Kindle at 2.99 / Here’s the text: About ten years ago, I picked up a long out-of-print copy of Walter W. Water’s account of the 1932 Bonus March. Waters was one of the leaders of the original group that travelled from Oregon to Washington, DC. The book had been out of print since before I was born, but is...
Episodes and Beta Readers
2011-10-27 20:02:00
Okay, so it’s finally time. Over the course of the next few months, starting in late November, I’ll be releasing Insurgent as six short episodic ebooks. Once the final episode is released, will be going to print with the dead tree version of the book, as well as a consolidated ebook. I’m excited to finally be moving forward! That said, I’m looking for a small group of volunteers as beta readers. What you get as a beta reader: First, my thanks, both personally, and in the acknowledgements in the book. Second, the beta readers who participate will get a limited edition hardcover of Insurgent. I’ll only be printing 20 or so hardcovers, and one will go to you. What does a beta reader do? In short, you read the unfinished episodes as I prepare them for release. And you give me the unvarnished truth: what page were you on when you put it down?  At what point did it put you to sleep? What sentence made you want to vomit because it was so badly written? Beta r...
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Update on Insurgent
2011-07-07 17:50:00
Just wanted to post a quick update that I’m hard at work on the second draft and expect to have that completed by the end of July or early in August.
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2011-04-15 15:15:00
First draft is: completed. It’s rough, disorganized, messy, full of typos, unreadable.  But finished. This evening I start rewriting.
Review: Tommy Nightmare by JL Bryan
2011-04-14 16:18:00
Not long ago I read J.L. Bryan’s Dominion, which for quite a long time had been paired with one of my books on Amazon. Overall I loved the book, and went on to read Jenny Pox, a sort of paranormal fantasy. The premise of Jenny Pox is simple: teenage girl whose touch causes people to break out in plague. Despite the simple premise, the author develops believable and likable characters and made for a very good read. Tommy Nightmare is very much a worthy sequel to Jenny Pox. The book opens with a new character, Tommy, who suffered from a childhood so ghastly you can’t help but like him. Soon, however, the story picks up immediately after the end if the first book, returning to main characters Jenny and Seth. I can’t get much into the details of their situation at the beginning of the story without giving up major spoilers from the first book, and in order to get this book and enjoy it, you really need to read Jenny Pox first. That said, the stage Bryan sets in book ...
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What’s up with Insurgent?
2011-04-14 14:27:00
Just wanted to post a quick update to let folks know what is happening with progress on Insurgent. As of this week, I’m about 70,000 words into the first draft, and the basic framework for the novel is complete. I’ve got quite a few gaps to go back and fill in, and some changes to make, but as long as I continue at the same pace, I expect to have the first draft completed within another 60 days or so.  I get 10 days vacation at the beginning of June, and will likely wrap it up while on that vacation. The next step, of course, is NOT to publish. It’s to rewrite. I hope to send the book to the editor (I’m hoping to use the amazing Shakirah Dawud again) right after that, and with luck and some good timing will have the book ready to go to print by the end of summer. As a number of folks have requested, I do plan to podcast the entire book. If you’d like to keep updated on progress and to receive an announcement when the book goes to print, please sign up ...
Insurgent Chapter 6.1
2011-03-30 19:35:00
The razor didn’t precisely shake in Jim Turville’s hands as he carefully shaved in the small mess-kit mirror.  Nonetheless, Turville paused, took a steadying breath, then quickly finished. He packed away his kit, placed a soft-cap on his head instead of the more familiar helmet, and walked to the front door of the home the Army was renting. Outside, the crickets and other insects made a roar, the sound resembling a jungle.  Turville approached the humvee, where Lieutenant Blake stood next to Sergeant Nguyen. Both of them darted their eyes to Turville when he walked into view. Blake had a frown on his face; Nguyen a resigned stare into the distance. “Corporal Turville,” the Lieutenant said. Turville straightened his posture, replied, “Sir?” “For the record, your sergeant disapproves of this little outing. I’m pretty close to that myself, but I recognize the fact that some good might possibly come of it. You are on notice: don’t fuck up our relationship with th...
Republic Podcast conclusion
2008-03-10 00:33:00
Hi folks, it's finally done. I uploaded the final episode of Republic a few minutes ago.I have to say, I'm kind of sad it's finished. I've spent more than nine months recording it, and along the way I've learned a lot -- enough that I'd really like to find the time to go back and remaster the first few episodes to improve the audio quality.In the meantime, you can check it out, and also consider subscribing to the sequel, Insurgent.Republic: Episode 24Insurgent on iTunes gent
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Why does Dell suck so much?
2008-03-08 22:46:00
Ok, this is a bit of a rant. But I deserve a rant, because of the WEEKS I've been dealing with Dell 's fucking technical lack of support.As most of you probably aren't aware, I make my actual living not selling books (funny) but doing technical work.  I started out about 13 years ago, working help-desk in the basement of the U.S. Department of State. Later I moved on to Teligent, which was briefly an awesome company at the height of the tech boom.  At Teligent, I went from help desk, to Microsoft Exchange team leader, to DBA, to Application Support Manager, to Data Center Manager, to IT Operations Manager.  Today I'm still doing technical work, as IT DIrector for VFA.  That said, in all those years I've bought and recommended Dell equipment.  We had thousands of Dell desktops and laptops at Teligent, at hundreds of Dell servers distributed throughout the country (alongside HP-UX, AS400, and a big monster Sun E10K).Why did I like Dell? &nb...
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No podcast this week
2008-03-05 15:16:00
Just a quick update -- I'm sick, and extremely busy at work, so no podcast this week. I'm all to aware that the next episode is the LAST of Republic, but, we'll just have to wait another week. With luck I can record it Friday night or Saturday.
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Insurgent Podcast
2008-02-25 19:18:00
Now that I'm editing and wrapping up the next to the last episode of the Republic Podcast , I wanted to go ahead and get a link up for those of you interested in subscribing to the Insurgent Podcast, which will begin in just a couple of weeks. It's not up on iTunes yet, but you can subscribe at Feedburner: p;
Wrong Door Drug Raid
2008-02-01 15:58:00
Wyoming police busted down the door of the wrong apartment when serving another no-knock search warrant. The good news is, nobody got hurt -- unlike the incident a couple weeks ago, where raiding drug task force members killed 26-year old Tarika Wilson and shot baby.I don't want to get into a knee-jerk discussion here. In the Wilson case, the police did not get the wrong address--they were there to arrest her drug dealing boyfriend or husband, or whatever he was.  But I can't help but question the wisdom of a swat team assault on a house with six children inside, unless they are in immediate danger.But what about the danger to the cops?  If this guy was a drug dealer, he could have shot at them?I get that. But the job of the cops is to protect children, not the other way around. Why didn't they take this guy down when he was walking down the street?  Then they could knock on the door and serve the warrant without killing any mothers or shooting their child...
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