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practical examples and tutorials on how to use Adobe Photosop, inDesign, Corel Draw and maybe some webdesign tools.
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25 Great Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop
2011-06-03 11:02:00
1. Drag-Zoom Command/Ctrl + Space + Click and Drag Left or Right. Fastest way to zoom in and out with one keyboard shortcut (only in CS5 and only with GPU enabled). 2. HUD Color Picker Alt + Shift + Right Click (Win) or Control + Option + Cmd + Click (Mac). Gorgeous color picker with a color wheel ...
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Turn Around Apostrophes
2011-05-30 08:47:00
When Use Typographer’s Quotes (Preferences > Type) is on, InDesign automatically converts straight or “dumb” quotes into curly or “smart” quotes during text entry. That’s usually desirable; however, this automatic conversion can produce unwanted results. For example, the presence of a space before abbreviated years like ‘11 for 2011 incorrectly produces an opening single quotation ...
Review: Adobe InDesign CS5
2010-05-12 12:02:00
Pros: Span- and split-column paragraphs, multiple page sizes, Illustrator-style Layers panel, numerous simplified transformation options, dynamic metadata captions, text track changes, and an expansive new set of animation and interactivity features. Cons: SWF export doesn’t include scalable animations, no split columns in table cells, longstanding rotation behavior removed, Document-installed Fonts feature on Mac platform supports ...
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Hyphenate Words Your Way
2010-03-25 11:25:00
To tell InDesign exactly where to hyphenate a word, open InDesign and go to Edit > Spelling > Dictionary. Do this with no document open to set the default for all new documents. Type the word in the Word field and then click Hyphenate. The tilde (~) characters indicate how InDesign will hyphenate ...
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tutorial: insert a picture inside the text
2010-03-15 13:24:00
being a graphic design professional ;), you might get in the situation that you want to insert one or more pictures inside fonts (editable and non-vectorized) . so you try to convert the text to outlines and place the picture inside the resulting frame. but hei! even though InDesign can do incredible things with text and images, at ...
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What Is the Registration Color Good For?
2009-10-19 13:31:00
The InDesign Swatches panel includes four undeletable swatches: None, Black, Paper, and Registration. The purpose of the first three is obvious. You probably know not to use Registration for any object to appear on the printed page, but do you know why? The Registration color prints on every ink plate. In CMYK, that means anything with ...
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Automatic Drag-N-Drop Image Libraries
2009-09-25 18:56:00
For image-intensive page layout in InDesign, selecting images visually is better than doing it by filename, and dragging and dropping is easier than File > Place. Rorohiko’s Image LibraryLoader is a free script-based plug-in for Mac and Windows versions of InDesign CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4. It automatically builds a thumbnail library of images in a ...
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webee changes face
2009-06-25 12:12:00
Hi there. We decided to change the face of webee and the new face is a Bee…weBeeeee We are still working on the theme and please be pacient with us until we finish. As new features..we will have a portofolio with works involving 5 people…a nest of bees..from different areas: print design, web-design, illustration and ecommerce So stay in ...
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how to take inspired photographs
2009-06-25 11:00:00
Do you want your photographs to be like visual poetry? Then follow this advice from Chris Orwig, the popular workshop speaker and Brooks Institute faculty member. Whether you are an amateur or professional, this guide provides inspiration, simple techniques, and assignments to boost your creative process and improve your digital images using natural light and no ...
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2008-12-31 13:09:00
10. Selectively Adjust Color in Photoshop In this tutorial, Chad Neuman demonstrates techniques that change the hue of only part of an image and without obscuring details underneath the new color. djust-color-photoshop 9. 10 Quick Macro Shooting Tips Mason Resnick proves that once you eliminate the variables, you’ll end up with nothing but great macro shots. o-shooting-tips 8. First Look: QuarkXPress ...
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same image, multiple frames
2008-06-06 10:24:00
For an interesting effect, you can make one image look as if it?s inside multiple frames: 1. Place the image in a circular frame. 2. Use Edit > Step and Repeat to create a row of frames. 3. Using the Direct Selection tool, shift-click to select each image 4. Using the Alignment controls in the Control Palette, align first the top ...
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designers? books for free
2008-05-08 13:06:00
Today I received a link from a good friend of mine: truisme. It’s a very usefull site with a lot of interesting books available for free dowload. Books like: The Fundamentals of Creative Design, The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design - Bob Gordon, Black and White in Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom - Focal Press so… read, ...
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sites that inspire
2008-05-07 11:51:00
Every once in a while you see a website that inspires you. That is what happened when I visited Kashiwa Sato’s site. Born in Tokyo in 1965, Kashiwa Sato studied graphic design at the Tama Art University. After a period working for Hakuhodo, he started his own business, establishing his creative studio “Samurai” in 2000. Sato’s ...
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how to design a political logo
2008-05-07 10:41:00
I never have been interested about the news, from my country or another, but when I received this drawings on my e-mail I read on the internet and began to realize what it’s happening in Tibet, and about the continuous war between China and Tibet. I am against violence, and this drawings are ...
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eulda-european logo design annual
2008-04-17 13:14:00
The Eulda winners in 2007 for the best logo are all over Europe. For Romania the winner is x3 studio from Timisoara. Who knows, maybe this year we could be the winners too register Share This
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Tip of the day: Reverse the Direction of an Arrow
2008-04-16 16:43:00
When you add an arrowhead to an open path, the arrowhead appears at either the start of the path or the end. However, you might want to change the placement of the arrowhead from one end of the path to the other. The quickest way to do so is to choose Object > Paths > ...
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Indesign Magazine offer
2008-04-15 21:13:00
Indesign Magazine offers a 1-year subscription to the PDF Indesign Magazine for the price of $39.00. This is a $20 savings off the regular price of $59.00. Go to , type “tips” into the Promotional field to get your $39.00 price. You can have also a 2-year subscription to the Indesign Magazine for $69.00. I ...
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photoshop express - the good, the bad, the ugly
2008-04-03 22:03:00
Photoshop Express , the long-awaited free online image editor from Photoshop maker Adobe, was released. If i was to present it, i would say it is like Ennio Morricone says: it has good points, bad points, and… ugly points. the good: the attractive interface of photoshop express; useful retouching tools and well-done interface for using them; most operations ...
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My first blog
2008-03-16 09:40:00
Hey there..Long time, no talk. I was realy busy, still am but i wanted to show you what i’ve been doing. I started working on a blog for the firm i’m working and i want your advice and feedback…it’s in romanian but i hope this will not stop you to take a look. We’ve ...
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How to use a preloader for external images in flash
2007-11-21 11:52:00
I made a site for some friends and i needed to put external images. Because they were too big i wanted to use a preloader. How did i make it? Follow this post and see. 1. First save all the images on a folder (for example /images - on the root of the site—see the previous ...
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My first blog
2007-11-21 11:39:00
Hey there..Long time, no talk. I was realy busy, still am but i wanted to show you what i’ve been doing. I started working on a blog for the firm i’m working and i want your advice and feedback…it’s in romanian but i hope this will not stop you to take a look. We’ve ...
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What do you think about the new photoshop logo?
2007-10-15 09:02:00
Hey… I just stumble upon the new logo for photoshop… Is this better then the Photosho p Cs3 logo? I think not. Ok it’s not bad but i think it’s way worse then the previous. I’m curious also to see if illustrator and indesign and all the programs will have a new logo or it’s just for ...
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Time breakdown of modern web design
2007-09-07 08:36:00
I found a funny chart on the net. I thought it’s nice to share this with you so you can understand why web designers are always working and learning. Technorati Tags: chart, funny, time breakdown, web designShare This
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use an icon for your site adress
2007-09-04 10:14:00
hello! i just discovered how to use a little icon to show before my adress in the browsers it’s really nice. so! you need to put this line in between head tag in your html file <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=” on.ico” /> you have to create an icon and put it where your site is you can create an icon with ...
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looking for inspiration?
2007-08-31 09:55:00
hello again. Long time no see if you are looking for inspiration here are my favorite sites with great ideas logo , websites , advertising i hope you will find great ideas Share This
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graphic design computer to avoid computer hell
2007-05-10 18:38:00
hi friends, please excuse my slower posting these days… i’m travelling the computer hell here… (i’ve reinstalled windows the second time… but’s still going blue… i think it’s something else… i think i need a new one…) do you have any advice for me? should i look for a macbook? of for a laptop pc? ...
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webee?s 5 productivity boosters for design tasks
2007-05-09 09:53:00
a woderfull thing has happened to me just the other day: i have been tagged by paul enderson on the productivity meme. thanks paul! i really appreciate it!! this is a long going meme all over the meme so i will try share things that work for me and haven’t already seen it around: 1. wake ...
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fine cut for object background in photoshop
2007-05-07 22:06:00
not so long ago, at my old job, i quite frequently had to cut out the background of some photoshop images. nothing special so far… but guess what: all of those images presented close-ups of people (women and children)… can you imagine how fun it is to cut off their hair? especially with curlly hair!! ...
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will google be the next microsoft?
2007-05-04 12:35:00
mr garry lee wants to “beat google”. he posted this article where he explains why the interneters should brainstorm an innovative strategy to beat google. i won’t get into any interpretation or judgement of this here, but there’s a really annoing question running in my mind: why does he want that??? and that’s how i think ...
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webee?s blogging policy
2007-05-02 19:17:00
i’m commited make friends with designers allover: - i’m happy to have met robcubbon, david, aaron, tara, connor and ahsan. hopefully others will follow. i will help other bloggers and designers: - i will share my know-how in design, blogging and maybe some seo. - i will answer to all comments. i will give feedback and will try to ...
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