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PJ LightHouse God Love DotA Leadership Funny Crazy
PJ Lighthouse was conceived to bring light to people around PJ and all around the world. Bringing hope. Changing lives.
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Amazing Glass Duo performs Sugar Plum Fairy by P.Tchaikovsky ? Glass Harp L
2011-12-22 18:40:00
Check out this super cool performance by Glass Duo from Poland playing Sugar Plum Fairy by P.Tchaikovsky using Glass Harp .. watch and be amazed Glass Duo (Poland) – Chamber Music Festival in Bologna, Italy – June 2010. Placed in Chiostro della Basilica di Santo Stefano. ...
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Crazy Funny: How Women and Men see Colors
2011-12-15 00:58:00
keke…. this is how women and men see colors.. Technorati Tags: Crazy Funny , lol, just for laugh, men from mars, women from venus, human beings diffirent, color scheme, ...
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Music: ft JLo Mick Jagger ? T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) Music Video
2011-12-12 16:19:00
“T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” is a song by featuring Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez that he released online on November 19, 2011, as a single from his upcoming album, #willpower. The song was released on iTunes on November 20 in the hours following its debut on the American Music Awards. ...
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SYTYCD ? Ashley and Dominic (DTrix) performing a Ninja-themed Hip hop Dance
2011-12-08 04:52:00
Ashley and Dominc performing a ninja-themed hip hop routine on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Season 7.  Choreography by Tabitha and Napoleon. Song: How Low by Ludacris. Simply amazing! SYTYCD Tour Ashley and quest ...
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BBC Mark Zuckerberg Inside Facebook
2011-12-07 01:24:00
In just seven years, Mark Zuckerberg has gone from his Harvard college dorm to running a business with 800 million users, and a possible value of $100 billion. His idea to ‘make the world more open and connected’ has sparked a revolution in communication, and now looks set to have a ...
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Music: Bruno Mars ? It Will Rain [Official Music Video] Song Lyrics Twiligh
2011-12-06 02:15:00
Bruno Mars singing “It Will Rain” from the Twilight Saga :Breaking Dawn Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars now available now on iTunes! © 2011 WMG Music Video Directed By: Phil Pinto & ...
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DotA: Warcraft III DotA Allstars v6.63b Map Download Released
2009-09-20 19:15:00
Warcraft III DotA All-stars v6.63b Map download is out!! check out the latest patch by IceFrog that focuses specifically fixing some bugs & exploit found in the previous v6.63 map release.. DoTA V6.63b Change Logs * Fixed an exploit possible with Puck * Armlet recipe now changed to include Quarterstaff instead of Blades of Attack (bonuses ...
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The Curse of E-commerce Resellers: Lack of Differentiation
2009-09-16 17:05:00
During a recent copywriting consulting call with a new client, we discussed her primary concern: having good traffic, but no sales. I’ve seen this a thousand times before. Usually, what I find is a site filled with content that is chock-full of keyphrases and sounds stupidly repetitive. The solution is easy: Write natural-sounding, persuasive SEO ...
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Food: The 60?s Teow Chew Fishball House of Fishball
2009-09-11 06:25:00
went to try out The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball in Subang.. love the bouncy and boric-acid free fishball outside of the The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball House of Fishball restaurant.. the menu..many dishes to choose from desert too.. a variety of fishball noodle..   green bean with sago.. barley with gingko.. the ...
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Leadership: The Value of a Good System by By John C. Maxwell
2009-09-09 04:52:00
Almost nightly, the fate of the American health care system headlines the evening news. With costly inefficiencies plaguing the system, employers and workers alike have felt the pain of skyrocketing premiums. Politicians on opposite ends of the political spectrum disagree on the best policies for the future, but there seems to be consensus that the ...
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Cool Stuff: Honda Concept Car Honda RA-X
2009-09-07 14:53:00
Check out this super cool Honda Concept Car , Honda RA-X Honda RA-X is the latest concept sportscar inspired by the beginning of motorsport competition during the 60s,  and hence was named as RA similar with the first F1 cars in distinctive white and yellow colors. The inlets are merged with optical groups on ...
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Music: Shout To The Lord by American Idol Top 8 MTV and Lyrics
2008-05-24 03:37:00
An Awesome performance by the Top 8 on “American Idol ” singing “Shout to the Lord .”    ?Shout to the Lord? is a popular worship anthem, written by singer/songwriter Darlene Zschech in 1993, published by Hillsong Music Australia. Shout To The Lord by American Idol Top 8 Lyrics Verse My Shepherd, ...
DotA: Latest Warcraft?s DotA AllStars 6.52c Map Download
2008-05-24 02:03:00
Here’s the newest updated DotA All-Stars 6.52c  Map download from ..load of bug fixes... download links at the bottom of the page.. Enjoy Official DotA AllStars 6.52c Changelog * Changed some bounty values on Transmuted neutral creeps when using Hand of Midas * Significantly lowered Ancient of Lore and Temple of the Damned’s ...
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Tips & Tricks: 6 Payment Offers That Sell Like Crazy
2008-05-24 01:45:00
The way you structure your payment offers can increase your sales. It’s not about the way people pay like credit cards, digital payments, checks, and cash options. What I’m taking about is can your customers try before they buy, pay later, make payments, do they get a rebate, etc. Below are six payment offers ...
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Adsense: Third-party ads now available on the Google content network
2008-05-23 05:38:00
ohh.. some update on Google Adsense .. take a look  We’re happy to announce that the Google content network now accepts display ads served from qualified third-party vendors. During this initial release, only ads in English are eligible, although we look forward to offering more options in the future. By accepting third-party ads, we can ...
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SEO for Web 2.0 By Michael Small (c) 2008
2008-05-23 05:36:00
Ever since whispers of Web 2.0 started in 2004, rumors have flown fast and furious. Within two weeks of Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly Media) coining the phrase, there were over 100 guesstimated definitions for Web 2.0. So what is it? Web 2.0 is basically the concept of using the Internet for ...
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BBQ Nite at SS2
2008-05-22 14:02:00
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Music: Go Speed Racer Go MTV & Lyrics
2008-05-22 09:31:00
This is the video music of the great tune by Ali Dee and The Deekompressors, the end credit song from the movie “Speed Racer ” titled “Go Speed Racer Go“ Go Speed Racer (by Ali Dee and The Deekompressors) Lyrics : Here he comes Here comes Speed Racer He’s a demon on wheels He’s a demon ...
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Funnies: Things Not To Say or Do at a Job Interview
2008-05-20 13:05:00
keke.. here’s some Things Not To Say or Do at a Job Interview See photo of interviewer’s family on desk, point, start laughing uncontrollably. Ask if there is only one emergency exit, grin and say; ‘Boy!, I bet this floor would be in trouble if someone barricaded that.’ Inquire on office policy of friends staying over. Claim ...
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Boundaries and Your Friends By Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend
2008-05-20 08:50:00
Marsha switched on the television, not even noticing which show was on. She was thinking about her phone call with her best friend, Tammy. She had asked Tammy to go to a movie with her. Tammy had had other plans for the evening. Once again, Marsha had taken the initiative. Once again, she was ...
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Funnies: Some Funny Elephant Jokes
2008-05-19 07:45:00
keke.. some funny joke related to elephant. enjoy 1. What does Tarzan say when he sees a herd of elephants in the distance? “Look, a herd of elephants in the distance” 2. What does Tarzan say when he sees a herd of elephants with sunglasses in the distance? Nothing. He doesn’t recognize them. 3. What does Tarzan ...
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Super Size Me - Fastfood Test
2008-05-17 18:55:00
For all those Mc Donald lovers..Check out how the Mc Donald’s food stay after some time, you be very surprised Not sure if this is true or not, anyone wanna try doing this experiment? Technorati Tags: Mc Donald, Fastfood , Experiment, Crazy, French Fries, ...
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Cool Stuff: How are the Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals made?
2008-05-16 17:52:00
Ever wonder how the medals in for the upcoming World Olympic s at Beijing 2008 are made? Photo is showing Beijing Olympic medal reverse side.. Check out how it’s done below .. obverse side selecting jade stones jade cutting   jade polishing checkup details medal mould bronze medal     medal machine tool groove checking-up finishing .. the completed Olympic medals with jade in the middle ...
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Quotes of The Week : Just Do It!
2008-05-16 06:09:00
“… if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” ~ Ivan Turgenev “Each of us must do massive right thinking, take massive right action and get massive right results, right here, right now.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen “The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, ...
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Health: Some Bad Effects for High Heel Shoes Lovers
2008-05-15 16:51:00
Here’s an interesting article on the side effects for those woman who loves wearing high heels shoes Technorati Tags: Health , High Heels, Woman, Lady, Shoe Lover, Problem, Foot, Feet Problem, Health Care, Leg, Walking, Heel Share This
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SEO: Find the Right Balance in Logo Creation
2008-05-15 05:00:00
In a business, logo creation is as crucial as setting up a business plan. It is not as easy as going to a designer and having him create a cool, modern symbol with a ripped off tagline. Unfortunately, it goes beyond “cool”. It goes beyond what you think is the hype. Instead, it requires ...
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Cool Stuff: Shanghai REN (Human) Iconic Building
2008-05-14 13:33:00
REN =   =  Human in Chinese.. This is one awesome Architecture!!! See more of this amazing future skyscraper in China The REN Building is a proposal for a hotel, sports and conference center for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai . The building is conceived as two buildings merging into one. The ...
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SEO: How To Increase Your Online Sales Anytime
2008-05-14 04:23:00
Hold a discount sale on your web site. Use the sale to get rid of excess inventory, gain new or repeat customers, and increase your sales. Most businesses pick a theme for their sale, like a Halloween Sale. Below are six unique sales themes you could use: Nobody’s Visiting Today Sale Every online business has ...
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Music: HOME by Michael Buble MTV & Lyrics
2008-05-13 14:25:00
  wonderful love song by Michael Buble .. “Home ” keke.. Nice song for wedding or not?? Enjoy   HOME Lyrics by Michael Buble Another summer day Has come and gone away In Paris and Rome But I wanna go home Mmmmmmmm Maybe surrounded by A million people I Still feel all alone I just wanna go home Oh, I ...
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Lost: Free Streaming NBC Lost Season 4 Episode 10 - Something Nice Back Hom
2008-05-13 13:45:00
Lost Season 4.. Episode 10 continue… titled “Something Nice Back Home” .. Juliet tries to wake up Jack, but there’s something wrong with him. He doesn’t seem well. He stumbles out of his tent as a loud argument ensues on the beach. A group of angry survivors are going at Faraday and Charlotte. Jack ...
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