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Movie Stars
2011-05-18 18:17:00
Movie Stars Movie Star – Celebrity Photos Today’s entertainment world undoubtedly revolves around movies and movie star. Music has been a source of entertainment from the very beginning. But movies, feature films and videos are latest addition in the entertainment industry. Ever since it is invented it has been able to capture audience rapidly. Much ...
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Bermuda Depths
2007-05-18 16:16:00
Clips from "Bermuda Depth s" 1978, a strange stab at live action from the animation studio, Rankin/Bass.  I hate it when people put film clips to music. 
It's a Whale, not a Giant Previously Undiscovered Species of Giant Sea
2007-05-17 19:50:00
Same old story, a giant bizarre rotting corpse is found on a third world beach, or tangled in a Japanese fishing net, or laid out festering on the rocks of a New England beach.  Nobody can tell what it is, so we automatically jump to the conclusion that the mystery corpse is a plesiosaur, a sea monster, or in this case a giant sea turtle....its a whale you morons.  Plain and simple, a whale, in this case a whale carcass (or what remains of it) laying on its back.  That’s my crypto rant of the day! /turtle-beaching/#comments 
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Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens
2007-04-25 20:49:00
 From "stuntmanmike" on a imdb message boardI Discovered this film in a brown paper bag in the woods when I was 10! "No joke! When I was about 10 me and my brothers discovered a large brown paper bag in the middle of the woods filled with vhs tapes. We brought them home out of curiosity and they all turned out to be really bad 70s porno/titty flicks, some hardcore and some softcore. We had never seen any porn so this was like an unprecedented treasure trove. The one that always stuck out to me over the years was this really trashy movie with tons of sex scenes in a junkyard, and one sex scene in a coffin (bizarre!) with some piano player under a sheet. We watched all the tapes a few times and then hurled them over a cliff to destroy the evidence. I always remembered Bene ath the valley of the Ultra Vixens as this random cheesy 70s porno that I saw when I was a 10 year old kid. It became "the movie I found in a brown paper bag under a log in the woods". S...
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Grindhouse Trailers
2007-04-24 18:48:00
and the unofficial Alamo movie house trailer....Hobo With a Shotgun
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Raymond Scott Audio Samples
2007-04-24 18:21:00
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Rare Kurtzman Art
2007-04-14 11:43:00
Rare Harvey Kurt zman art.  via Cartoon Retro link
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Shane Gline's Cartoon Retro
2007-04-14 09:18:00
"Cart oon Retro explores and celebrates the lost and forgotten work of the many brilliant illustrators, cartoonists, designers, actors, models and muscians from the golden age of the 1920's through the 1960's. This work is presented with an emphasis on analysis and study in an effort to bring the craft of the golden age masters into the present through application in our own work." http://www.cartoonretro. com/
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Eurovision Iceland
2007-04-11 19:57:00
My god, their years ahead of us! 
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How Will the World End?
2007-04-07 16:14:00
This gallery from (“the scientific romance role playing game”) offers a collection of scans from Herbert C. Fyfe's “How Will the World End?”.  I can't find any other references to the author or the book it's self other than this page.  Apparently Herbet C. Fyfe is also the author of "Curing Animals by Electricity", what enlightened times we live in today.  The book contains some brilliant illustrations not the least of which is featured to the left of this text.  I would kill to own an original copy of this work.  Just how will the world end anyway? Why, we will be over run be arctic ice sheets and giant man eating sea monsters of course! What is all this nonsense about global warming? Pish posh!The gallery can be found here.
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Holy Mother of God
2007-04-07 11:57:00
 I would like to personally call for the omission of freedom of religion from the us Constitution.
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Urban Dictionary: Abercrombie
2007-04-06 21:05:00
  abercrombie         "The type of clothing worn by Aberzombies, a peculiar specimin which infest college campuses and upscale suburban high schools across the North American landmass. Nominally a human being, the Aberzombie is easily identifiable by large advertisements worn on its chest and buttox. It tends to come from wealthy stock, drives an SUV and mates exclusively with other Aberzombies. The musical taste of the Aberzombie is limited to bands like Dave Matthews and O.A.R. Its SUV is typically emblazoned with a sticker reading "DMB" so as to communicate its bland taste in music to potential mates. The Aberzombie is not without its natural enemies, however. Most prominent among them are independent thought and a sense of style. The Aberzombie will go to great lengths not to face such horrific ideas, most often by associating only with fellow Aberzombies. I...
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Vintage Pulp Covers Featuring Octopi
2007-04-06 12:36:00
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Unsual Cards
2007-04-06 12:32:00
   Very cool. link
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Moby Porcelain
2007-04-05 18:01:00
Beautiful video.  Beautiful song.  Long take.
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Listen to Jesus Jimmy
2007-04-05 14:36:00
A clip from Showtime's musical version of "Reefer Madness"
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An American Astronaut
2007-04-05 14:21:00
The problem with this film is that when it comes down to it, its boring.  An America n Astro n aut loses it's self in the artistic mess the director has created. Beautiful shots and great music do not make up for the fact that the movie goes now where. The film is way to long, and with ridiculous homoerotic sub tones bubbling just below the surface but never surfacing, most viewers will be bored out of their skulls by the end of the film, if they are not already asleep. If you liked an “Six String Samurai” you may enjoy this film, if not its worth a look anyway.
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Bizare and Creepy Trailers for Retro Japanese Horror Films
2007-04-05 13:49:00
Tokaido Road Monsters (1969)Trailer for House aka Hausu (1977)Floating heads?  A man eating piano?  A painting of a white cat spewing blood from its mouth?  Awesome.   
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Outside the House
2007-04-05 13:44:00
Wow.  Just like a real pitch for a dream works animated film! 
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A Message from Dick Dale - Stay the Hell Away from Record Labels
2007-04-05 13:38:00
Good advice. 
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More Flickr Chicks
2007-04-04 21:27:00
      Jesus thats a big haul! 
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Helmut Newton Pinup and Fashion Shots
2007-04-04 21:26:00
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Ariel Pink
2007-04-04 20:11:00
The reigning King of modern Lo Fi.
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Cuban Tree Frogs
2007-04-04 18:18:00
 Back from Florida, ran into a massive Cuba n Tree Frog while there.  I'm trying to acquire a live one as a pet, for an invasive ecologically devastating species they really are quite beautiful.  
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Hand Painted Movie Posters from Ghana
2007-03-26 20:09:00
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Remember Those Egg Shaped Chairs?
2007-03-26 20:06:00
 neither do I.  link 
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2007-03-26 19:29:00
 Who is the genius behind this gem of an article?  To begin with as a kid growing up in the digital age, I have always found these "for kids" website obnoxious and pretentious.  Its like an adult looking down on you and giving you big gradually colorful buttons and text that is supposed to make information easier to absorb.  Kids are not idiots, wait...let me rephrase that... well at least some aren't idiots.    link
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Kick Ass B Movie Posters
2007-03-26 18:56:00
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Adopt a Squid
2007-03-26 18:48:00
I'm sure this is old, since it mentions the proceeds going to help tsunami victims. It's pretty cool anyway though.  If I had $400 to shell out on a squid, I would consider buying one.....or I might just blow all the money on a real squid and not have to worry about my money going to help poor Asian people, who god is obviously trying to eradicate from the earth via tsunami.  Yeah, if I had the money, I would do that.  Just to stay on god's good side.  See.  I'm using my brain! link
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Creation Science 101
2007-03-26 18:44:00
From the Skeptic's Society Conference, this guy is great!
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