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The latest updates on the Fotoviva website with news on new photo uploads, new photographers and tips for bettering your photography and Photoshop skills
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Photographers, do you need public liability insurance?
2012-01-13 12:38:00
Being a photographer, you put a lot of time and energy into your work, so you probably want to protect it anyway you can. This may mean taking special care of your photographic equipment, developing your images in the proper environment, and maybe even applying a copyright to make sure that their integrity is not compromised. But there?s another kind of protection that you may not have considered yet, and it?s just as important. As a photographer, public liability can help you take care of the financial side of your business by making sure that you don?t lose all of your money because of an accident that involves the public. If you were to accidentally damage someone else?s property or injure him or her whilst working, public liability coverage would help you pay for any expenses related to the incident, including legal and medical fees. This is a tremendous help to most small and medium-sized business owners since even having to pay a lawyer in such an incident would deplete them ...
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Social Media for Photographers
2011-11-02 13:58:00
Social media for photographers For a while now, I have watched emerging and established photographers tentatively dip their toes into the world of social media. Do I need a blog, a Facebook page or should I really have a twitter account? The list of connections and networks really can be quite daunting and of course, potentially unmanageable. Then there are the statistics, the number of likes, friends, tweets, comments?well you get the picture. I have spent the last few months on a mission, reading and finding resources about the use of social media, very specifically keeping in mind its use for photographers. I have also been watching how existing photographers use the mediums and tools that are currently available to see what works and what doesn?t for me. As soon as I write this article, the popular opinion on this is likely to shift and a new social media site will likely launch, such is the speed that things are changing and evolving in this space at the moment, but like any bu...
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Journeys and inspiration
2011-10-26 15:41:00
I am following the blog of photographer Martin Middlebrook, currently based in Kabul. Martin has upped sticks from his regular life, including friends and family in the UK, to experience, document and raise awareness of life in Afghanistan. I can?t even imagine visiting this country much less photographing there, but reading Martin?s blog I am entranced and captivated and already have experienced a sense of the country and the people, and importantly, Martin?s journey, through his writing and photography. As a developing photographer, my key priority at the moment is taking better pictures. However, to get there, technically, emotionally and physically, these needs all tussle with each other on a daily basis. My journey doesn?t involve guns and overhead Black Hawk helicopters, but it does get impacted by the weather, bureaucracy and money. It is fundamentally underpinned by that one source of driving inspiration and that end goal that keeps us all moving forward, whatever it may be ...
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1967 Ford Shelby Mustang Pictures
2011-08-18 18:02:00
We have just added some truly stunning Shelby Mustang images to the Automotive Art collection. Taken by Tim Wallace, these photographs show the classic American muscle car in its truest sense ? powerful, classy and timeless. The 1967 Shelby Mustang is a legendary muscle car built by Ford between 1965 and 1970 and the GT500 was the pick of the class. The name Shelby comes from Carroll Shelby who was famous for taking Ford cars and upgrading them into something powerful and exotic. Tim Wallace has always produced exceptional car imagery and these pictures continue the style that has made Tim such a sought-after car photographer. If you are a fan of American muscle cars and the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 then these prints will look great on your walls as either canvas print, acrylic print or poster print. Click on an image to see a larger picture and see our purchase options. Classic Muscle Mustang Muscle Shelby Mustang Shelby GT500
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Tips To Make Your Camera Battery Last Longer
2011-08-04 11:41:00
As our digital cameras get more sophisticated with new features and HD video you may find your batteries are running out quicker despite advances in battery technology. This can be a real pain when you are out on location, but there are some things you can do to increase the length of time your batteries stay charged. Let?s start with the four biggest sources of power drain… If your camera has video shooting abilities this can be very useful but it is a huge drain on battery life. Shooting the video and viewing it back is one of the quickest ways to empty your battery. The LCD screen also takes up lots of power. It is possible to turn this feature off unless you really feel the need for it and using the camera?s viewfinder will help conserve power. Another big power drain is the flash. Whenever you can, use natural lighting to take your photos and turn off the flash. This will help save your battery for times when you absolutely need the flash. A third drain on your batt...
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Guest Bloggers Required!
2011-07-20 16:03:00
Are you a photographer who loves to write? Do you have any big news to promote or some inspiring tips for fellow photographers? We are keen to share some fresh content with our readers and are searching for guest bloggers that can entertain and engage fans of Fotoviva Photography. We are looking for guest bloggers to write photography related articles on this site. Contact us if this is something you are interested in. We’re not going to pay you but it will give you some added promotion for your photography business or event. All photography press releases will be considered as long as they are well written and on topic. So what exactly are we looking for? Product reviews, tutorials for taking photographs, techniques and software/retouching, workshops, photography holidays, best of lists etc. So if you have some interesting words that would suit our photo blog then let us know. We can’t guarantee your article will be published but if we feel it is good enough for our rea...
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Photo Blog Makeover
2011-07-20 15:35:00
Times move on in all walks of life and here at the Fotoviva Photo graphy Blog we decided it was time for a much needed makeover. We’ve installed a new template to our Wordpress system which brings the site up to date in a cleaner and more legible way. We may tweak it here and there over the coming weeks but the general style is looking good. Let us know what you think, and if you come across any bugs along the way. We are going to be updating the photo blog much more from now on so stay tuned for a lot more juicy photography related articles and useful tips. Drop us a comment and let us know if you have anything you would like featured on the blog in the future.
Black and White Canvas Prints
2011-04-20 11:56:00
If you are looking for black and white canvas prints for your walls then take a look at Fotoviva Art Prints. We have a large range of photographic images for sale and a black and white canvas prints collection. This section offers stunning photographic images from our team of professional photographers who bring you artistic imagery with a black and white touch. Black and white images have a timeless appeal which can suit interior designs with strong colour themes. The simplicity of the black and white can enhance the features of the image, drawing the eye to see more details than if it was a colour print. Black & White Photography has its own place in the world of art and many of the greatest photographers specialise in this field. It does more to evoke an emotion and freeze a moment in time than any other medium and has helped elevate it to a fine-art form. Once you remove the colour from a photograph it’s like stripping a scene down to the bare bones, removing the laye...
Photography Forums
2010-07-26 17:49:00
With today’s 24/7 internet life there is an abundance of information ready at your finger tips for budding and pro photographers alike. Here we have put together a selection of the most active photography forums where you can join up and help out other photographers and learn new techniques yourself. It’s amazing what you can pick up with forums and you may just meet some nice online photo buddies in the process! ePhotozine sThis is a very active photography forum with a large amount of members (their record stats for members online at one time is 4074!). Together with the photography forum there are lots of camera equipment reviews, photo techniques, photography news and even an online store. The forum software isn’t the best though and we’d like to see it updated to make it more user-friendly. PhotoSig PhotoSig is another great photo forum with lots of members from around the world that helps c...
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Wilson Bentley Snowflake Prints
2010-01-22 13:38:00
Ten of the pioneering photos of snowflake crystals that American farmer Wilson Bentley began taking more than a century ago are to be sold in New York. Wilson A Bentley (1865-1931) is thought to be the first photographer to capture images of single snowflakes on camera. He made thousands of the jewel-like prints, and came to the conclusion that no two snowflakes were the same. This concept caught the public imagination and he published other articles in magazines, including National Geographic, Nature (Journal), Popular Science and the Scientific American. His photographs have been requested by academic institutions worldwide. Bentley poetically described snowflakes as “tiny miracles of beauty” and snow crystals as “ice flowers.” His photomicrography technique involved a microscope and a bellows camera. Snowflake expert Kenneth Libbrecht said the photos did not meet modern standards because of the “crude equipment” Bentley used. “But he did ...
Fotoviva Canvas Art now on Amazon!
2008-05-27 17:28:00
All our art prints are now available to buy online from the largest web store on the planet ? Amazon . The site offers just about anything you could possibly want from books to cds and dvds, iPods and garden furniture. There was a large selection of images on canvas already but we feel with our great collection we have a chance of becoming a strong seller. Due to limitations with their system we cannot offer bespoke sizes but do hope to add triptych canvas art options in the future. It’s still early days yet so we will see how things go over the next few months. You can find the main Fotoviva Storefront here.
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60 Minute Makeover
2008-04-28 22:45:00
Fotoviva have been approached by ITV television to supply several art prints for their ‘60 Minute Makeover ’ show. The episodes will be aired in September so we will post again when we know the actual dates. This popular daytime show gets over 1 million viewers each episode so stay tuned for more details in the summer!
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Panorama Art Prints
2008-04-27 11:42:00
We have just opened a new section devoted to panoramic art prints on the main Fotoviva store. The collection of images will expand over the coming weeks and feature wide-angle landscape and fine-art views from around the world which can be purchased in a range of sizes as either poster or canvas art for your wall space.
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Digital ProTalk
2008-04-19 12:45:00
Over at Digital ProTalk David Ziser posted a very complimentary article about our Art Prints on his highly respected photo blog. The title of the article reads: “Please place one hand, palm up, under jaw before viewing” David shows a picture of Graham Cormie’s ‘Hopeman Dawn’ photograph and says he particularly likes the Seascape Art Collection. “It showcases some outstanding images and is worth the visit just for the viewing of so many inspiring images…tons of inspiration available.” Thanks to David for rating our collection so highly. His blog is well worth a daily read. David Ziser is an internationally renowned portrait and wedding photographer. Studio Photograph magazine has extolled…”Award winning photographer, David Ziser, is showing the world how to take wedding pictures.” His ‘Digital WakeUp Call’ tour was acclaimed as one of the “best ever” seminars on digital photography.
It?s a Mini Adventure!
2008-04-13 22:39:00
  Tim Wallace has been busy adding new Automotive Art Prints to the Fotoviva Collection with some stunning Aston Martin and Mini Cooper S photographs. These are not just car pictures but works of automotive art that bring out the passion and beauty of these cars. Check out the new prints and see Tim’s own video from YouTube.
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Howard Goff joins the team
2008-04-06 18:11:00
We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Fotoviva Team , Howard Goff. With a collection of stunning seascape images Howard is a great addition to the contributors and a thoroughly nice guy! Howard told us “I am delighted to be joining the Fotoviva contributor team. As a long time admirer of the photography of Jacky Parker, Don Tiffney and Tim Wallace, I am immensely pleased my images will now be complimenting their fine work on the Fotoviva website. I have always viewed Fotoviva as a reliable, trustworthy and ethical company with high levels of customer satisfaction. Their current business strategy offers the perfect distribution channel for my needs. I look forward to forging a strong and successful partnership with the company.” Howard says his interest in photography started in April 2006 when he purchased a Canon 30D. Initially the aim was to capture images of the beautiful places he visited on his boat, namely along the south coast of England, the Chan...
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Earthshots 500
2008-03-13 11:18:00
Today marks’s 500th photo of the day! To celebrate they have created a special page with all 500 photos displayed as a mosaic… it is an impressive exhibition of photographic prowess. View 500 days of Earth Shots here: Looking back through Earth Shots’ first 500 photos, you can’t fail but be amazed by the sheer variety and quality of images that have featured. Earth Shots has transformed from a plain website into a thriving community of photographers who like to share their work with the world. If you would like to be featured in the next 500 days of Earth Shots then you can enter your photos here. If you look closely you will see the ‘Rising Swan’ picture in there. I could provide a direct link but it’s worth having a look through each image as there is some truly inspirational work there! Make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy 500 great shots from around the world
Nikon Calendar 2008
2008-02-16 14:50:00
A bit late for this but I have only just got some file copies from those nice people at Nikon . My ‘Rising Swan’ photograph was entered into a Nikon competition last year and although it didn’t win, they have featured it on the February month of the official Nikon Calendar for 2008 Must admit I’m quite gobsmacked by this but very happy, and to make it even sweeter they paid me to feature it! The print is proving very popular on the Fotoviva site and has had some great reviews by fellow photographers. You can find it in the Wildlife Art Prints section where it can be bought on gallery wrapped canvas or as a poster art print.
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Triptych 1974-77
2008-02-07 11:04:00
A Francis Bacon triptych painting has sold for more than £26m, just £160,000 short of breaking the artist’s auction record. Entitled ‘Triptych 1974-77′ and painted in response to the suicide of Bacon’s lover George Dyer, it made a whopping £26,340,500 at Christie’s Auction House in London. It set a European record for a post-war British or Irish artist, but failed to beat the £26.4m paid for Bacon’s Study from Innocent X in New York last year. Francis was a Dublin-born figurative painter who died in 1992. Triptych 1974-77 was the last of Bacon’s paintings created in response to his gay lover’s death and shows sequential images of dark, ominous umbrellas and his lover struggling on a near-deserted beach. The amount of money some art goes for is criminal really - I mean imagine what good you could do in the world and help charities, rather than having a £26m picture hanging on your wall! Kinda selfish if you ask me. Now if you are in the...
Image of the Month
2008-01-27 21:54:00
This month we are showcasing a wonderful black and white photograph by Andrew Gibson entitled ‘La Recoleta Angel‘. It was taken in the Cementerio de Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery in English) in Buenos Aires. It’s one of the cities main attractions and the cemetery is special because only the richest and most famous Argentines are buried there. It’s very expensive and they say it’s cheaper to live the high life in Buenos Aires than to be buried in Recoleta. One of its most famous inhabitants is Evita, otherwise known as Eva Perón, second wife to the Argentine President Juan Perón. This gothic styled picture is one of our favourites and can be seen in the black and white photography section of the website, where it is available in various sizes as either canvas or poster art print.
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Eco Friendly Canvas Prints
2008-01-24 13:12:00
Here at Fotoviva we are keen to help save the environment as much as we can. We are consuming the Earth’s resources 20% faster than they can be sustained, so we all have to do what we can - and as soon as we can. We now have our canvases made from wood which comes from sustainable forests, which means the trees are replaced by new ones and the forests, and their wildlife, are preserved as much as possible. We also use low vapour emitting sealant for the canvases which is better for the environment and your health. This sealant is used to protect the canvas surface and enhance the colour fidelity of the print. The next stage would be to use vegetable based inks but at present we have not found any that provide the colour range and longevity to match the normal inks. If you have any ideas of how we can reduce our carbon footprint and become even greener please let us know.
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Jonathan Chritchley joins Fotoviva
2008-01-08 23:19:00
We are pleased to announce the arrival of UK born Jonathan Chritchley to the Fotoviva Team. His black and white photography is simply astounding and we have a nice selection of his work in the monochrome art section of the store. Passionate about photography since receiving his first camera as a small boy, Jonathan studied photography in the UK in the mid-1990’s. Having assisted several fashion, commercial and marine photographers, he uprooted and moved to the south of France 9 years ago, finally fulfilling his dream of photographing the ocean and the people whose lives revolve around it. Jonathan is based in south west France, where the formidable Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic swell provide a dramatic backdrop to his photographs. He also spends much of his time travelling to some of the best water locations in the world for a growing list of clients, working in and around the ocean to create his trademark dramatic images. Emphasizing an ethereal, atmospheric quality is imper...
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The Don Tiffney Interview
2007-12-22 12:02:00
Don was one of our first photographic contributors and has a large selection of images on the Fotoviva Art Store. He has just developed his new website to showcase the exceptional work he has made so we thought it a good time to have a chat with him and see what’s going on. How long have you been taking photos and what is your camera history? I have been taking photographs since my early twenties after winning a camera in a sales competition (I was in the motor trade), it was my first ?proper? camera a Yashica 35mm GSN rangefinder. I was severely lacking in technique but was very impressed with the quality images the camera was capable of and I set out to improve my picture taking ability. Over the years I progressed to 35mm film SLR?s & medium format too, my images were nearly always slides and I still have a collection of several thousand that I periodically get out, dust down my projector & have a slideshow session! I have a collection of vintage cameras (all wor...
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RHS Photographic Competition Winner
2007-12-11 22:21:00
Our specialist flower photographer Jacky Parker has just had her wonderful ‘Rain Bells’ image awarded 1st prize in the Plant Portrait category of the prestigous Royal Hoticultural Society Photography Competition . It took the panel of judges two days to decide on the 19 winning photographs in the six competition categories but Jacky’s beautiful shot deservedly came through on tops. The competition is sponsored by the Medici Gallery in London, where it will be on on display in the middle of January 2008 for one week and also in the RHS gardens Wisley spring through to autumn next year. You can find the winning photo in our Floral Category and it is available to buy as a gallery wrapped canvas picture or ready to frame fine art poster print. Congratulations to Jacky!
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Happy Birthday Fotoviva!
2007-12-01 14:45:00
Today (1st December) is the first anniversary of the Fotoviva launch last year. Since those humble beginnings we have grown incredibly with nearly 200 images for sale now and many more site improvements such as gift vouchers and Triptych canvas art now available. When the site first launched it only had around 20 of my images available. Around April last year I decided to help other photographers sell their work on the site and since then the offers have come flooding in. The whole ethos of Fotoviva is to sell the best photographic prints so only a very selective few are invited to join. These photographers are chosen because their portfolios are of a very high quality and offer images that we at Fotoviva feel people will want to hang on their walls. If you have any suggestions for improving the site please write it down in a comment under this post - we love to hear from you!
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Latest Canvas Art Prints
2007-11-28 12:10:00
At the Fotoviva online store we now have a special page which shows all the latest uploaded photographic prints which are available to buy as poster art or canvas prints. This is a flash-based gallery which we think is rather funky with its animated resizing and ease of use. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest images to our art store this is the page to visit if you’re in a hurry! And if you are thinking about buying a picture for Christmas we will need your order by the 14th December to ensure it reaches you in time. Gift Vouchers are also now available if you are looking for gift ideas.
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Portugese Photographic Magic
2007-11-10 12:32:00
Pedro Bento is the latest recruit we would like to welcome to the Fotoviva photography team. Pedro is from Portugal and we are happy to have some of his great work available which includes some truly stunning landscape and seascape photography. He loves to take photographs in the extremes of the day, at dawn and dusk, when the ‘golden light’ appears for brief moments and shows the true beauty of a place. Pedro uses professional equipment by the likes of Canon and Manfrotto but always has in mind that cameras and lenses are simple tools and it isn?t the top gear equipment that captures the spirit of a place, but your knowledge and dedication. Pedro says “I have been in love with nature since I was a kid, and I started taking photographs simply as records of my outdoor adventures. However, when a friend introduced me to some books of American Landscape Photographers I felt awed by the way they played with light in their images. After that day I decided, my images wou...
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A Magical Interview with Fotoviva
2007-11-02 11:00:00
Our intrepid travel photographer Andrew Gibson has interviewed us at Fotoviva and the article can be found on his own photoblog at Magica l Places Fine Art Photography. Andrew was so impressed with Fotoviva that he thought an in-depth interview was needed to help spread the word. Take a look around his blog for more interesting photography news and interviews…
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The Last Supper Painting
2007-10-28 10:43:00
A 16 billion pixel image of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper has been posted on the internet, giving art lovers a detailed view of the 15th Century work. The image is 1,600 times more detailed than those taken with a typical 10 million pixel digital camera. Experts will be able to see segments as though just centimetres away and examine otherwise unavailable details. The posting comes amid claims a new system aimed at protecting the piece from Milan’s pollution is not working. The original work is displayed in the Italian city’s Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Art curator Alberto Artioli told Associated Press news agency the new resolution avoided the graininess when zooming in to regular photographs. You can see this work of art in all its 16bn pixel glory at “You can see how Leonardo made the cups transparent, something you can’t ordinarily see,” he said. “You can also note the state of degradation the painting ...
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Photo of the Month
2007-10-18 22:04:00
Our Photo of the Mont h is a new feature where we showcase photographs of outstanding quality and beauty. For October we are presenting an incredible image by Tim Wallace called ‘Northern Tide’. This is such a dramatic photograph with wonderfully vivid colours. Tim says “Northern Tide is part of a set of images that I’m working on to produce contemporary photography using an old weathered chair, basically in places that you would not expect to find a chair.” “This shot was taken just next to the pier at Saltburn on the North East coast at the very early hours of 4:50am as the sun was rising. The chair was placed in approx 3 inches of water as the tide started to wash in as I wanted a soft flow of water coming through the chair towards the viewer. It’s one of my favourite shots in the series and I think its quite peaceful overall with a gentle feeling of space.” You can purchase this photographic art piece on canvas or as a poster from t...
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