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The Truth About Writing

The Truth About Writing
A no nonsense guide to writing. I am currently using this blog to journal the step by step creation of a novel.


?Final Transmission?.
2007-09-06 02:04:00
Final Tran smission … Reactor leak… Engines dead… Danger… Communications system failing… Hallucinations…oxygen deprivation… Analysis complete…abort…abort… Retro jets screeching… Location unknown…. Emergency life support failing… S.O.S DOT? Where are we? On**#$ knows the truth Running Scan… Dark water… Please, no, not again….! Readouts are accurate Emergency landing… Something familiar… Something terrible….. DOT! Communication systems failing… Our final tran&mis%ion…. M*y#ay! Ma*day! I’v@ m&^ed @gai#!
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Technical Review?no spoilers
2007-07-31 17:04:00
Well, I just put the 7th and final (?) Harry Potter novel on the shelf next to the first six books. I wanted to write a review that was a bit different, so I’ve decided to review it purely from a writing point of view. J.K. Rowling is certainly a skilled writer. She has created a ...
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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Madness
2007-07-23 02:17:00
Wow! The country is once again going crazy over Harry . No surprises, since this is the final book in the series. I’ve actually been a fan of Harry Potter since the second book was released. I had never heard of Harry, until I saw a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, prominently ...
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My Return From Editing Hell
2007-07-05 19:18:00
Writing is a lonely business. Most of the times when you accomplish something, the only one around to applaud your minor victories is, well…YOU. I’ve been working on my novel for an embarrassing amount of time. I managed to type: The End over a year ago, but as we all know: The End is just the Beginning. Since ...
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Novel Writing Part VI: Scene Storyboarding
2007-06-04 19:24:00
I will try anything when it comes to writing at least once. Right now, my novel is just a bunch of random scenes in my head. The other night, I decided that I had to just write down what I had in some format. Writing into a journal was one alternative.  Another, was to write each ...
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Novel Writing Part V: Out with the Old
2007-05-31 16:36:00
First off, thanks to all of you who left comments on my last post. It’s great to see that there are writers out there who are able to think past what they are told by all the naysayers in the world. If you have some time, take a moment and read some of the comments ...
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Why Other Writers Annoy Me: The Self-Publishing Stigma and Other Ranting
2007-05-22 19:29:00
One of the reasons that I started blogging was to meet other writers. Many of the writers who I’ve met through this blog have been have been really cool, and open-minded individuals. It’s when I move into the general populus of writers, that I get into trouble. The more writers that I encounter, the more I ...
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Thinking Blogger Award and Meme
2007-05-14 20:28:00
I’ve been a bit lax with the Meme ’s lately, so I figured that I’d cover them today: I’ve recently been nominated by both Ben Solah and Allie B for the Think ing Blogger Award ! I really appreciate these nominations, especially from bloggers whose sites I admire so much. Thanks! So, now it’s my turn to list the bloggers ...
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Promotion: Promoting Your Blog
2007-05-09 19:27:00
I was trolling the forums at Absolute Write today and stumbled upon a post about Blog s VS Website, in regards to being an author. As an author, I prefer a blog because it’s more personal. I have direct contact with my readers, and I enjoy the feedback that I receive regarding my posts. The author of the ...
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Questions about Your First Story
2007-05-08 16:18:00
I’ve been doing a lot of file cleanups on my hard drive. Since I never delete anything that I write, I have loads of word documents to sort through. It’s always fun to open up some of these files, and read some of my older stories. I have a few quick questions for your writers out ...
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Novel Writing Part IV: Ready?Set?Slow Down
2007-05-02 14:10:00
    Novel writing is a long process, and frankly, it should be. I think that some writers are in a rush to get their first book written and published, but is that really a good idea? We all know that a poorly written book has very little chance of being published, but that’s not what I’m ...
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Book Publishing and Promotion: A Necessary Pain
2007-04-25 23:40:00
I’m still in the midst of organizing my ideas for the sequel to my first book. Since I’ve decided to write a sequel to my first novel, I’m doing a reread/rewrite of the first book. I’m planning to have the book 100% completed in the next 2-3 months or sooner. I’ve been doing a lot ...
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Violence in Art
2007-04-20 17:38:00
I’ve been thinking about violence in art. No doubt, these thoughts are tied into the Virginia Tech massacre that took place earlier this week. My thoughts are centered on the fact that the murder’s English teacher voiced concerns about his writings.  Whether it was the voilent imagery in this plays, or a combination of this ...
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Publishing With Lulu: Interview with Deborah Woehr
2007-04-16 15:44:00
Whether you’re a fiction writer working on a novel, or specialist working on a non-fiction book, the decision on how to publish your book will soon crop up. Some authors will take the traditional road by hiring an agent, who will shop their book for them, while others will opt to self-publish. These days, there ...
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Love Your Writing
2007-04-12 21:00:00
While browsing the forums at Absolute Write, I was amazed to see how many writers hate their own work. Some posters have gone far enough to say that they despise their own work. I think that it’s a shame that many writers feel this way. We have feelings of inadequacy. We think that no one will ...
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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Dies at the Age of 84
2007-04-12 17:50:00
Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 84, due to injuries from a fall. Vonnegut was a favorite author of mine, and I’m sorry to hear that he has passed. You can read the news article here.
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Novel Writing Part III: Organizing Your Ideas
2007-04-10 19:48:00
(Disclaimer: If you are new to this blog, please click the tab labeled Read Me First! at the top of the page.) It took me a great while to drum up the courage to dive back into writing a novel. I don’t care what any book tells you; novel writing is a long and arduous process. ...
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Novel Writing Part II: Clean up & Inspiration
2007-04-04 01:55:00
(Disclaimer: If you are new to this blog, please read the section entitled Read Me First before continuing) I’ve decided to write the sequel to my first novel as the project for this blog. I think I have enough ideas to get started soon, but first, I have the the clean up of the first novel ...
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Novel Writing Part 1: Sorting Through Ideas
2007-03-28 20:30:00
(Disclaimer: If you are new to this blog, please click the tab Read Me First, located at the top of the page)  Before I get started, I have three potential projects to decide between for my next novel. All of them have pros and cons. Selecting the right project is important because it has to  keep ...
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Novel Writing Experiment: Coming Soon
2007-03-21 20:22:00
I’ve decided to do something different with this blog. Instead of the normal routine of blogging about what is going on with my writing and my personal life, I’ve decided to chronicle the creation of my next novel. This experiment will detail every part of the creative process and every roadblock that I encounter. I want ...
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New Home
2007-03-20 01:58:00
I’m a drifter when it comes to blogging. I’ve moved around so many times that I can barely keep count. So here we go again. I packed up a few of my favorite posts from my old blogs and posted them here. Most of you who have been reading my blog for the last year have read ...
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Opening Paragraph Rewrites
2007-03-19 20:23:00
I’ve been doing this simple exercise over the last few nights in regards to writing the opening paragraph to a new story. I have an idea of how I want the story to begin, but I can’t seem to get intro right. Instead of soldiering on and fixing it in later drafts, I’ve become slightly ...
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What Makes a Book Good?
2007-03-02 19:02:00
What makes a book good? What makes a book compel you to pick it up again? I’ve been asking myself these questions over and over for the last few days in preparation for my Nanowrimo novel. I love to read but I have to tell you that I don’t finish 60% of the books that I ...
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The Truth About Writing
2007-03-02 18:59:00
Something occurred to me this morning and I’m not afraid to say it in print: Writing is a pain in the ass. Go ahead and say it because it’s true. It will make you feel better. Most of you who have been writing for a few years already know this secret. But for those of you, the ...
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Mystery Writer Story
2007-03-02 18:47:00
I swear, writers turn up everywhere. I take the train everyday into the city and often notice people writing into their Moleskine journals or notebooks. I always wonder what these people are writing. I write on the train sometimes and I can feel the eyes of those around me trying to figure out what I’m ...
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When Hollywood Strikes (out)
2007-03-02 18:45:00
Some of us get excited when we find out that our favorite books are being made into movies while others may cringe. I am one of those hopelessly optimistic people so I usually give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, unless it is one of the directors that form the Holl y wood Axis of Evil ...
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Forcing Creativity
2007-03-02 18:42:00
You can’t force creativity. Lord knows I’ve tried. For the last two weeks I’ve tried to write an outline for my next novel, a science-fiction satire, but it just isn’t working. I get two chapters in and I hit a wall. Part of the reason that I’m having such a tough time with this story is because ...
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Everything Needs a Name
2007-03-02 18:30:00
One of the challenges that fantasy and some science fiction authors encounter is coming up with names. Most fantasy authors create a world to set their story in and with this comes the problem of naming everything. That city the characters met in? It needs a name. The strange creature that they met on the road ...
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Exposition: No History Lessons Please
2007-03-02 18:18:00
Fantasy and Science Fiction writers tend to create their own worlds with new alien species and vast histories. A good writer knows the history of her world. She knows the make up of her races. The problem is, how to do plug all of this into your novel or story without it sounding like a history ...
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