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The War in the Pacific?A Retrospective
2008-06-04 21:52:00
The Indie Book Awards has named WWII veteran and author Leon Cooper’s work, The War in Pacific : A Retrospective , as a Finalist in the History/Historical Non-Fiction category of the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. His book will be listed among other finalists in the Indie Book Awards catalog to be distributed at Book Expo America in Los Angeles in June. This award means that Cooper is privileged to add “Finalist” gold award stickers on the cover. This outstanding new book is written from the point of view of a participant, one “who was there” in the battles the author analyzes. He was a Navy landing craft officer, charged with leading Higgins Boats carrying assault troops on to the beaches of Japanese island strongholds. In this capacity, he was able to observe firsthand the fatal mistakes made by area commanders, resulting in the needless sacrifice of American lives. Unlike other histories of the Pacific conflict, the author relies on personal e...
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This Library May Actually Save Your Life
2008-05-26 20:30:00
Back in the day, I spent half my time in libraries. Pre-Internet, there was nowhere to research those school term papers except for the local library. Even today, you could plop me blindfolded in the middle of a library and I’d know where I was, simply by the smell. Fortunately for all those students, writers, and bargain hunters out there, libraries are shifting more and more material to the Internet; getting sound advice and accurate information is as close as a few mouse clicks - - particularly at an online library I recently discovered - - The Heart Health Library . Whether you’re interesting in just getting a little anatomical education, or whether your best friend has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, the Heart Health Library can provide accurate medical informatio. Sponsored by St. Jude Medical, the library contains audios and videos of everything you want to know about the heart, including patient stories, heart diseases, and FAQs that answer questions about...
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Multimedia Books - You KNEW This One Was Coming!
2008-05-24 20:01:00
Today, mystery novelist Nicola Furlong introduced the Quillr, a revolutionary multimedia storytelling environment, as the publishing conduit for her latest novel, Here Ends the Beginning. The novel is a multimedia buffet of book, movie and soundtrack. In her press release, Glynne Turner, Quillr’s creator said, ?With the advent of the Quillr, books will no longer just be read; they will be experienced.” Here Ends the Beginning is much more than a conventional e-book. The text is punctuated throughout with video clips and photographs of actors recreating the characters and scenes. Music and sound effects further enhance this novel experience. The story is about the devastating consequences of manipulating science and desecrating the laws of God and nature. The first five sensory-enhanced chapters are offered for free, with the full forty-three-chapter entertainment package available for $12.95 Canadian. No Tags---Related Articles at books, art, entertainment, music:San...
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A Hidden Jewel in Orange, Texas . . . Stark Museum of Art
2008-05-22 03:24:00
As anyone who’s read this blog over the years knows, I’m a fanatic for the frontier west. I love reading books on western history (there are several reviewed on this blog) as well as writing about the artists who captured the frontier before the major influx of Europeans to America. Among my favorite artists are George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, Albert Bierstadt, and Frederic Remington. While Bodmer and Catlin captured the frontier of the early 19th century, later artists like Bierstadt and Remington painted (and sculpted) the iconic west of cowboys, Indians, and the grand western landscape. Once in awhile, I’m lucky enough to run across museums that focus on western art and American Indian art. One is the museum in Roswell, New Mexico (surprised?); the other is the Stark Museum of Art in Orange , Texas . The Stark Museum of Art is part of the Stark Foundation, an organization developed to improve the quality of life in Southeast Texas by encouraging, promoting and ass...
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Writer Getaway to the Yukon!
2008-05-22 02:40:00
I’m so ready for this. Great River Journey Inc. announced their inaugural season trips on the Yukon River, open to adventurers who will be the first to experience this totally unique journey through history and nature and who will become ambassadors for the experience in coming years. ?This is the most significant initiative in Northern Tourism in a generation? says George Asquith, President of Great River Journey. Guests will travel the Yukon River following the path of long ago gold rush pioneers, through First Nations? lands from Whitehorse to the Klondike claims of Dawson City. Dates range from the beginning of June to the end of September and are limited to a maximum of 10 people for each departure. For this patron?s season, guests will pay reduced rates; build lasting relationships and retain their Patron?s status receiving special consideration for their lifetimes. Can you just imagine yourself writing, while traveling by riverboat and floatplane, with frequent stops ...
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Keeping (this) Author Sharp With Pay Per Post!
2008-05-21 01:39:00
As the author of four books and hundreds of magazine and Web-based articles, I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to write reviews about news, products, and opportunities outside my normal area of expertise. For example, I typically write about history, genealogy, books, music, and technology - - but with a wonderful service called PayPerPost blog network, I now have the chance to broaden my professional experience. In case all you authors out there haven’t heard about PayPerPost - it’s a service that pays bloggers to blog about certain topics, items, opportunities, or services. Payment ranges from a few bucks to more than 100 bucks - with payments depending on the popularity of your blog; for example, the higher payment posts go to blogs with high Google Page Rank. Since Page Rank usually reflects traffic, it makes a lot of sense for high ranking blogs to demand higher payment. Why would a blogger want to blog for PayPerPost? Unless you’re prolific, I’...
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Mark Batty Publisher Launches Traveler?s Advisory, an Amusing New Book on t
2008-05-20 04:21:00
Whether heading out on vacation or recalling trips of the past, readers will find “The Travel er’s Advisory” amusing and entertaining, as it covers domestic and international journeys and the challenges that often go along with them. Featuring brief commentary side-by-side with clever and distinctive imagery, this new book provides much-needed advice for the inevitable confrontations with language, food, unexpected turns of events and much more. Written by Jessica Lehrer, Rick Lightstone and Alice Murray, “Traveler’s Advisory”proves that laughter is indeed a universal language, and the tidbits of advice they dispense on international travel would come in handy for any traveler. Those who have ever missed a bus, received a completely different meal than the one ordered at a restaurant, attempted to get medical attention without knowing the language of the local physicians, or (whether by design or compromise) brought the kids along on a lengthy, com...
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The Voice of the Sparrow: The Very Best of Edith Piaf
2008-05-19 05:04:00
Back in the day, I listened to Piaf incessantly. Of course then, I was enrolled in a high school French course, and Piaf’s tales of abusive lovers and heroin addiction were heady stuff for a kid coming of age in the 60s. Not long ago, I rolled into the bookstore and picked up a CD of Piaf’s best - -The Voice of the Sparrow: The Very Best of Edith Piaf - - as my vinyls were long-gone. Listening to her tunes was magic - not only did it take me back to my own coming of age days, it reminded me of how much I loved her gritty, no-holds barred music. If you haven’t listened to Piaf, get yourself over to Amazon or your local bookseller and pick up this CD. You don’t even need to know any French to recognize the pain and suffering of France’s legendary Little Sparrow. No Tags---Related Articles at books, art, entertainment, music:Interview with Author Susan Kaye BehmNew Novel of Abuse: The Journey, Beyond the SavageNew Novel Asks if It Takes a Lifetime to Know...
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World War II Book Tackles Touchy Subject of Sex at War and at Home
2008-05-08 16:28:00
Jane Mersky Leder hit one out of the ballpark with her well-researched, fascinating look at how World War II changed the way Americans viewed sex. You’ll find Thanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II an eye-opening read. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, young Americans knew instinctively that their lives would never be the same. The ?normal? sequence of events ? education or work, marriage, children ? had been blown to bits and, as they would soon discover, so had long held attitudes toward love and sex. Award-winning author Jane Mersky Leder argues that WWII challenged attitudes about love and sex and, in the process, set the stage for the second wave of the women?s liberation movement and the struggle for gay rights. Through interviews with members of the WWII generation, she tells the true story of how these men and women responded to the passions of war and how their lives and the relationships between the sexes were forever changed. More̷...
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Perfect Getaway for An Author . . . How About a Log House?
2008-05-03 02:31:00
Before I started writing fulltime, I used to read books and articles about writing spaces - - the houses, rooms, and offices that famous authors used to write their great novels. I remember a favorite author talking about her country home–and particularly the view out of the large office windows that looked out onto an open field bordered by a forest. Just imagining that house made me want to have something similar when I was a “real author”. During one of my dream trips around the Internet, I discovered a site called Home Plans and more. There, I found plans for Log home plans –just like the famous author homes I had envisioned. I couldn’t believe the varying styles of log homes, from the ski chalet (think Switzerland) to the Rustic Mountain Cabin (my favorite)–and the nearly 4,000 square feet family abode. Although that Rustic Cabin plan was for a house only 1,275 square feet, it had four bedrooms, a fireplace–all packed into two stories ...
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Now Get iTunes Tagging on Crystal-Clear HD Radio
2008-05-03 01:55:00
I used to think “radio was just radio” until I heard about the iTunes Tagging-enabled HD Radio ? receiver. Once used, I doubt you’ll ever go back to regular radio again. Why? Because I get really tired to hearing great songs on the radio and not knowing the name of the song or the artist. Usually it’s my luck to tune in 3 seconds AFTER the DJ gives all the song info. But with the iTunes tagging HD receiver, my “lost tunes” days are gone. Using these receivers, I can tag any song I hear on my local FM HD radio station by pushing a tag button; magically, all of the song’s info is saved to my iPod® so the next time I synch, the tagged songs are automatically loaded into iTunes, allowing me to buy and download any of them I want. I think the only thing I’m going to need after this is an iPOD with more memory! Of course the music is crystal clear digital, so listening is almost like a being-there-in-person experience. Plus, bunches of HD ...
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New (and Hot!) Social Networking Community Announced
2008-05-03 01:32:00
3GB Communities is one of the latest (and easiest to use) social networking communities on the Internet. Using 3GB, you can set up an account in about 20 seconds, and then begin uploading your own photos, joining groups, join group chats of interest, and listen to the lateset mp3 hits. Did I mention you can also start your own group - - so why not use 3GB Communities as a fan site for books or ezines you’ve authored? Or maybe even a new group for writers in your genre. As soon as I logged into my new account, I instantly joined a group of fellow bloggers, then listened to amazing music by Elisa–a singer I’d never heard of, but after tuning into a few tracks, I popped over to Amazon and ordered one of her CDs. In fact, I realized 3GB Communities also gives me a free blog - so I used that to let everyone in my group know about the music - - sometimes I get so hung up in listening to the same artists time and again that I don’t think about exploring - - and 3GB...
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Book Review Even for Readers Not Sophisticated in the World of High Finance
2008-04-15 20:08:00
Grady Harp is an Amazon Top 10 Reviewer The title of this first novel by Aseem K. Giri, IMPOSTERS AT THE GATE: A NOVEL ABOUT PRIVATE EQUITY, can be daunting to readers who are not comfortable with the vocabulary and workings of high finance. Being one of those uninformed money market folks, this reader had a tough time getting into this novel. Not that the style of writing is stilted or obscure - it actually flows well and the author has a great flair for written conversation and character painting - but the topic is like a foreign language, something that takes some work to follow. Very thoughtfully the author fairly early on recognizes the reader may not be as informed as need be to get the most from this story and he inserts the following ‘definition’ passage: ‘Ash had fantasized about private equity for so long. Private equity was the top of the totem pole for the financial services industry. A group of Partners would raise money from investors. They would use...
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Author Interview: Jennifer Cody Epstein, The Painter from Shanghai
2008-04-13 20:16:00
What prompted you to write The Painter from Shanghai ? How did you come up with the idea? It was entirely unexpected for me, actually. Ten years ago (yes, this project took a while) my husband and I were at a terrific exhibit on Modern Chinese Art at the Guggenheim. There was one Pan Yuliang painting there, a self-portrait, and it drew me over immediately–it was so completely lush and unique. When I read the accompanying bio summarizing her life I was just blown away–I couldn’t believe that no one had really heard of her in the US and I desperately wanted to learn more. I pulled Michael, my husband, over to show him, and he studied it a moment and then announced: “This is your first novel.” To be honest, I thought he was crazy at the time. But obviously the idea grew on me…. Does this book have a special link to something that happened to you in your life? Different things, in different ways. I spent seven years in Asia, mostly as a journalist, so ...
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Book Review: My Detachment: A MEMOIR
2008-04-11 20:04:00
Grady Harp is Amazon’s #7 Review er The tone of Tracy Kidder’s My Detachment: A Memoir , is an excellent memoir from his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 and 1968 is dour, full of resentment and disbelief in the value of war, and one of the stronger pacifist statements in book form. Rather than re-living the horrors of the Vietnam War and struggling to stay alive in a combat zone not marked by peripheries but rather by indistinct underground burrows where the ubiquitous ‘enemy’ remained hidden and disguised, Kidder’s ‘Detachment’ was an Intelligence unit, for the most part safe from assault attack, but a unit that suffered the psychological destruction that accompanies an isolated band of men living in filthy conditions and always under the threat of ‘inspection’ by commanding officers seemingly more concerned with polished boots than by healthy mental states. Kidder, who never believed in the concept of the war in Vietnam, was a Li...
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New Novel Gains High Praise from New York Times
2008-04-01 18:31:00
Based on the astonishing true story of one of China’s most provocative modern painters, The Painter from Shanghai, by Jennifer Cody Epstein,  is a luminous re-imagining of the life of Pan Yuliang, a one-time orphan and prostitute who escaped sexual slavery to become one of the pioneering post-Impressionists of her time. This debut novel (called “lush” and “sparkling” by Vogue, “luminous…an irresistible story” by the New York Times and “captivating” by Publishers Weekly) carries readers down the muddy waters of the Yangtze river and through the seedy backrooms of Wuhu brothels, into the raucous glamor of prewar Shanghai and the bohemian splendor of Paris in the Roaring Twenties. In the process, the novel paints an unforgettable portrait of one of history’s unsung heroines–as well as of a vast and ancient nation caught at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, and teetering on the brink of both World and civil...
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Unity out of Diversity
2008-03-01 20:18:00
Grady Harp is an Amazon Top 10 Reviewer A MOMENT ON EARTH is a fascinating ‘experience’: not only is it a project that is universal in concept and creation, a means to witness the contrasts and similarities of the peoples of the world at a simultaneous moment in time, but it is also a unique work of art - a film in the form of a DVD and a book that documents to myriad aspects of the preparation for this project and allows us to see stills of the creators and their ‘heroes’ who participated in this global fellowship. It is not only fine reading but it is also terrific entertainment and pause for reflection about the variations and similarities of the historically disparate, but in truth very similar, peoples of this planet. Credit Jereme Axelrod as the instigator of this art/philosophy/sociology project. A young man of wonder, Axelrod found a way to explore the people of the world, planned his project well, and invited 60 fellow camera persons around the globe...
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The Brutality of War: Utter Honesty Gives This Memoir Importance
2008-02-17 16:37:00
Grady Harp is an Amazon Top 10 Reviewer Gene R. Dark waited twenty-five years to write his intensely visceral response to his experience as a Marine in the Vietnam disaster, and then was forced to wait another frustrating twelve years to publish it. The author’s commitment to tell his story and his dedication to getting it into the publics’ hands was worth the wait: THE BRUTALITY OF WAR is the most honest recounting of the Vietnam War, both in its description of the brainwashing preparation of the kids that were sent there and the grisly realities of the ‘non-Hollywood’ version of the truth about the fighting men, and in the evaluation of America’s angry response to that war to the abuse of the soldiers as veterans that continues to this day. The cruel truth became obvious. America only accepts winners, and in the eyes of America, Vietnam was a loser, and those who fought were losers.’ While many very fine authors, such as Tim O’Brien, have ...
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Real Authors Wear Strappy Sandals
2008-02-15 19:47:00
Not long ago, I stopped by my local Borders to attend a booksigning done by a famous mystery author. I LOVED it because she dressed exactly the way you would expect a sleuth-writer to dress: flamboyant cap with a long feather, floor length cape, and for company she carried a stuffed toy cat. Mrs. Fletcher she wasn’t, but Agatha Christie-like she was! That signing got me thinking about what the best dressed authors should wear to book signings. Would western writers wear spurs, romance writers a sexy teddy? How about chicklit authors? As one of the most rapidly rising genres, chicklit has really blossomed in the literary scene - but what would the bestdressed chicklit author wear? I went searching. First, I considered a Rebecca Taylor mini dress (don’t you just love the raspberry one!), but on second thought, this screamed romance writer. Hey Jackie Collins! Get over her and get yourself into one of these minis! Next, I spun by the one-shoulder dresses; they were specta...
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Take a Minute and Pass This Message Along to Help Fight Breast Cancer
2008-02-14 19:14:00
A favor to ask, it only takes a minute…. Please  tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having  trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their  quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged  woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on  ‘donating a mammogram’ for free (pink window in the middle). This  doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the  number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here’s the web site! Pass it along to people you know. Thanks! No TagsBookmark to: ---Related Articles at Book Reviews, Author Interviews all Genres:The REALity Diet: Lose 2 Pounds a Week with Cardiologist’s Simple Proven DietChicklit at its Best: Sherry Brantley’s Best of FriendsOn the Wing of SpeedReview: Thirty Years of The Rockford FilesRachel’s Prayer
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Abraham Lincoln, The Illustrated Edition, The Prairie Years and The War Yea
2008-02-12 12:46:00
Abraham Lincoln , The Illustrated Edition: The Prairie Years and The War Years This magnificently produced and illustrated edition of Carl Sandburg’s masterpiece is the compilation of Sandburg’s original six volumes, which sold more than one million copioes. This illustrated edition, with an introduction by Alan Axelrod, gives readers a glimpse into Lincoln’s world as he journeys from country lawyer to the Presidency. The photographs, many in color, depict several of Lincoln’s personal effects, including his personal copy of the Gettysburg address. Of course, among the most interesting images are those of Lincoln himself–most notably the two showing 1860 President-elect Lincoln, and the 1865 image taken one week after Lee’s surrender. We all know the presidency ages a man, but the change in Lincoln is nothing less than shocking. In 1923, Representative Homer Hoch of Kansas spoke of Lincoln, and is quoted by Sanburg: “He was a mountain in gr...
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Reflections on a Summer of Love
2008-02-07 17:07:00
Grady Harp is an Amazon Top 10 Reviewer Call Me by Your Name: A Novel is one of those books so rich in story, in content, and in style of writing that it immediately becomes one of the great novels of the time. With this novel André Aciman steps into the rarefied air of writers such as Jamie O’Neill, Colm Toibin, Reinaldo Arenas, Constantine Cavafy, Edmund White, Michael Cunningham, and even EM Forster and Thomas Mann - a disparate group of luminaries, perhaps, but each with the ability to create an evocative, sensual love story beyond the limits of traditional tales. Though highly recommended by friends over the past year, this reader only now had the pleasure of reading this novel, and the result was to immediately read it again, so rich are the treasures this book holds. Agreeing with other reviewers that telling too much of the plot is unfair to those who have yet to read Aciman’s book, suffice it to say that CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is a meditation on the awakening of l...
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Rain! An author?s favorite in books, raincoats and movies . . .
2008-02-05 18:32:00
I guess a week of un-San Diego-like dreary weather was all it took to set my writer’s mind off on rainy day ramblings . . . including books, raincoats, and movies . . . Back in 1932, Joan Crawford came close to burning a hole in the silver screen with her sultry portrayal of streetwalker Sadie Thompson, in Walter Houston’s Rain . An adaptation of a W. Somerset Maugham piece, Rain is about a steamy seductress who tempts all the men of Pago Pago, including a fire and brimstone preacher played by Houston. The movie screams hot, humid passion, as the tropical Pago Pago seas crash into the shore, Crawford sizzles up the screen, the rain keeps falling, and Joan spits out at the pious preacher “You can tell them Sadie Thompson’s gone straight to hell!” It’s only my opinion, but I’m thinking that Crawford wouldn’t have had to turn all those tricks if she’d been wearing a Burberry Trench Coat, Tamara Henriques Rain Boots, and sporting a ...
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Fire Study - a Book Review
2008-02-05 14:08:00
Harriet Klausner is Amazon’s #1 Review er Fire Study (Study, Book 3), by Maria Snyder. After being raised in the Territory of Ixia and having gained the trust of Commander Ambrose and the love of his second in command Valek, Yelena returns to her homeland Sitia to study magic. Belonging to both countries, Yelena wants to become the liaison so that neither place will war against the other. Her studies are once again interrupted when she goes to find Ferde the Soulstealer and Cahill the pretender to the Ixian throne. It is believed they are hiding in the Avibian Plains where the Sanseed Clan (Yelena’s cosins) live. A splinter group of the clan has turned to the forbidden blood magic and Storyweavers dub them Vermin; whereas they call themselves the Daviian Clan. Their mysterious leader’s goal is to rule Sitia; no outsider has seen him. The Vermin take control of the Sitia government and prepare to conquer Ixia. Yelena and her Ixian lover Valek hope to prevent the carn...
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Book Review: Blasphemy by Douglas Preston
2008-02-04 14:49:00
Harriet Klausner is Amazon’s #1 Review er Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston. Physicist Gregory North Hazelius sold the concept of creating a humongous forty billion dollar “superconducting supercollider particle accelerator” based on finding a new source of energy. He knows not to tell anyone about his personal secret agenda behind why he pushed the Isabella project as it is called; he plans to duplicate the Big Bang of creation in order to speak to God. The Navajo Indian Reservation in the southwest is chosen as the locale for Isabella. Work begins inside the five-hundred-square-mile Red Mesa tableland. However, the project falls behind schedule disturbing DC politicos who bet on its quick success. Presidential science adviser Dr. Stanton Lockwood sends former CIA operative Wyman Ford to investigate why the delay and is there any way to propel the project back on schedule. At the same time, others strongly oppose Isabella fearing the wrath of God. Televangelist Reveren...
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How to Write a Memoir to Remember Nominated for Best Tutorial
2008-02-02 20:54:00
Blogging Authors post on How to Write a Memoir to Remember was nominated for Best Tutorial at Daily Blog Tips (we’re down under Other category).  There are some excellent tutorials here - - enjoy! Blogging How To Install WordPress - A Visual WordPress Guide by Jeff. Google Analytics for n00bs - Using statistics by Viraj. How To Run A Fantabulous Blog Contest by Vijay. How to make a Killer Blog by Honeytech. Backup guide for bloggers by Mehmet. What is a Blog and How to Read it by Lana. Tutorial: How to print blog articles the smart way by Jacob. A complete guide: How to make your post attractive using images by Vijay 5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog/Site/Brand name in your college by Ashfame. 8 Effective Ways to Increase RSS Readership by Tejvan. Backing Up Wordpress by Dan Cole. How to Feature Your Best Posts in Your Sidebar by Matt. Effective Linking With Your Old Post in 10 Steps by Dexter. Protect Your Blog And Counter Copyright Thefts by Tibi How To Launch a Blog Successf...
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Whidbey Island Writers Conference
2008-02-02 18:45:00
Just a reminder to sign up for the annual Whidbey Island Writers Conference , February 29 - March 2, 2008, with pre- conference Workshops February 28, 2008. Register for the Whidbey Island Writers Conference on their site. (If you’re traveling on the west coast, we suggest Alaska airlines for the best non-stop routes into Seattle). As the sponsors of the event write “After an energizing opening session on Friday, you’ll meet with a small group of writers for an afternoon of Author Fireside Chats. Led by authors who write in your chosen genre, these intimate gatherings foster in-depth interaction and encouragement. For dinner, choose your cuisine preference from a variety of restaurants, or for a more intimate evening, you can choose to dine elegantly with an author and a small group of literary peers, pampering your palate with high cuisine and your writer’s spirit with rich conversation. Close out the evening with rest in a homey bed and breakfast or an islan...
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Book Review: ?Ask again later??.It?s my favorite non-answer
2008-02-01 14:54:00
Grady Harp is an Amazon Top 10 Review er Jill A. Davis somehow manages to write hysterically funny stories about the oddest people in a manner so smart and lucid that the reader is left chuckling with every page - while at the same time falling in love with the zany heroine of her latest book, Emily Rhode (’or Road’ or ‘Rowed’ or even ‘Rode’, depending on the state of mind and at times acerbic patter of this marvelously created character). Ask Again Later: A Novel is a book that sparkles with witty prose, high and low humor, and surprisingly a sensitive degree of philosophy about the current condition of life we are all living. The balance between funny and touching keeps the scales even, making the reader laugh at situations that in themselves are not at all funny - unless you have the perspective of Emily ‘whatever’. Emily is a trained lawyer whose career is put on hold with the sudden hyper-dramatic news of her mother Joanie?s lump....
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An Eloquent, Mesmerizing Aria of a Story
2008-01-31 16:21:00
Grady Harp is Amazon’s #7 Top Reviewer Alessandro Baricco’s SILK is a rare extended poem or aria of a novel. The author’s background as a musicologist is evident in the way he fashions his tale of sensuality and eroticism: statements are made only to be repeated verbatim later in the story of four excursions to Japan as though having said it once merely requires a reprise; moments of visual senses and responses are in fragments, like breaths inhaling and exhaling the unspeakable quality of beauty and desire; the ‘chapters’ are brief, often one page in length, like an aside to the reader. It is a hauntingly beautiful song and Baricco composes it well (the translation from the original Italian by Ann Goldstein is equally as sensitive). Hervé Joncour is a silkworm merchant living in 1861 France in a town Lavilledieu whose wealth is dependent on the silk manufactured form the eggs and hatched larvae of the silkworm. He is married to Hélène Joncour, a beauti...
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The Illustrated Timeline of Religion
2008-01-30 15:33:00
The Illustrated Timeline of Religion : A Crash Course in Words & Pictures is visually stunning, as well as factually comprehensive. This “crash course in words and pictures” provides readers thumbnail sketches of the major religious events from the beginning of recorded time. I found it fascinating (as I do with all timelines) to quickly check what events were happening at roughly the same time in history. For example, within 30 years of Gutenberg’s bible, Pope Sixtus IV authorized the Spanish inquisition as a tool to suppress “heretics”. Or, the same year that Chris Columbus was sailing the ocean blue, Ferdinand II and Isabella ordered the expulsion of Jews following victory at the Battle of Granada. For me, understanding an event within a larger context makes it easier to truly understand the forces at work during that time. This book covers the classical religions from 3,000 to 800 BCE, the historical religions such as Christianity, Buddhism an...
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