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Screaming Weasel Blog - Pittsburgh SouthSide
Well, sort of. Me - I live in the SouthSide of Pittsburgh right smack in the middle of all the new stuff, but spent years hanging out in Nick’s, Lava and all the ‘old’ parts of the SouthSide ---- so I guess that means I’m a “well rounded” SouthSi
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SouthSide works Exposed 2007
2007-07-01 16:32:00
Allright, SWB is coming back! One of our counterparts will be coordinating the Artist?s Market at SouthSide Works Exposed 2007, July 13th, 14th, 15th. Please check it out at: http://www.southsidewo
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2006-12-14 16:00:05
My apologies for not posting lately. Lots of things happening - trying to start a gallery, lost job - so trying to find another, etc. etc. This is also the time of year I do my Christmas Poem - so
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Dormant World Pt.1
2006-11-06 19:30:01
Have you ever noticed a place or a person you have known for ten or twenty years suddenly change? You knew they had talent, or you knew the place had potential - but they, or it seemed to stand s
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Review: Venus In Furs at Diesel SouthSide
2006-11-03 19:27:01
Check out the review and pics from the VNF concert at Diesel : VNF Review
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Five Year Olds In office
2006-10-25 08:12:02
Ok, back to my favorite subject. If think it?s our local politicians, you are quite wrong! It?s adults acting like five year olds ...... hmmmm, OK ..... so it is our politicians. BTW, I am exe
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SWB First Wave Of Changes Over
2006-10-24 08:12:02
Alright, I?m sure your all tired of getting these messages about changes with SWB. Well, there is good reason. We wanted the blog to go back to being just a blog, but still wanted to provide serv
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It?s Cold ...... Darn
2006-10-24 08:12:02
After five years of the local Pittsburgh weather people playing pin the tail on the donkey (NOAA Pit included .... sorry Rich) they may have actually stuck it in the right place this year. I wish
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SWB is Upgrading!!!
2006-10-18 20:00:01
You may see what looks like us trimming down or deleting links from our navigation bar. We are not getting rid of things, only making them better. The ?departments? that were once a whole part of S
Gallery On grant Artists Listing
2006-10-18 20:00:01
Please check out the new Artist s listing for Gallery Keep checking back on it as it will list the artists showing when the gallery opens! GallerOnGrant/Millvale
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Building A Business and America
2006-10-18 20:00:01
Well, everyone in the world wants to go into business for themselves. Me too ..... that?s why I am opening a gallery. Although the storefront will be a gallery the business will also include even
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Events: Roberta Weissburg Leathers
2006-10-17 19:57:06
Check out the RWL Anniversary goings on October 20th, 21st, and 22nd along with other events at: SWB-Event s
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Review: M89 at ModernFormations
2006-10-17 19:57:06
Excellent event hosted by Art From Chaos and sponsored by HKan Hookah Bar, check it out at: M89 Review
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Priscilla Dining In Art - Closed
2006-10-17 19:57:06
FYI, We have done reviews on Priscilla as the food was excellent, but we are sorry to inform all readers, that as far as we know the location at SSW/Carson Street Commons in closed. If they reop
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Changes to SWB-PghLife
2006-10-17 19:57:06
All, Due to wanting to expand SWB-PghLife we will be giving it it?s own ?site?. The expansion will still include our listing of place, unique hot spots, and great local establishments. We will be
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Where Legends Were Made - CBGB?s
2006-10-17 19:57:06
Well, during my search for something to gripe about this morning (I haven?t griped in a while and really really need to), I found something. One of the greatest blows to the music industry in a l
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Call For Artists
2006-10-12 00:24:01
All, SWB and is opening a gallery in Millvale and we need artists!!!! Please e-mail us with examples of your artwork and where you are from, and good contact information.
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Swinging On A Pumpkin
2006-10-12 00:24:01
One of my favorite things about fall is all the good halloween stories. Sleepy Hollow, The Great Pump kin (yes, Peanuts, I don;t care how old you are, you still gotta watch it), etc. I do miss th
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EVENTS: Art From Chaos / M89 at Modern Formations
2006-10-11 12:21:01
Check out the newest event this weekend from Art From Chaos sponsored by the HKan Hookah Bar! While your checking that out ..... look at the other upcoming cool events! So ..... buy a Tivo and get
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What The heck???
2006-10-11 12:21:01
This is my favorite time of the year .... Fall. I?ve pulled out my jackets, tested the furnace and replaced the filter, my dog has removed her winter coat on my nice white carpet ........ and it?
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Updates: Lots Going On
2006-10-10 00:15:02
New Update s At Stock Photo Site New Sample Photos at SWB-Images Check Them Out We Are Opening A Gallery Next Spring Follow The Progress At
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Sienna Miller .... just get out of Pittsburgh Pt. 2
2006-10-08 12:12:02
She finally apologized, and it seems not entirely at gunpoint: 37-53.stm Considering our Mayor was inclined to forgive her, I think we have to give her th
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Sienna Miller .... just get out of Pittsburgh
2006-10-07 12:09:06
The Mysteries of Pitt sburgh .... a movie about Pittsburgh. Great, right? Good publicity for Pittsburgh, Right? Definitely ... unless you put Sienna Miller in the film. Here is a link to the stor
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Workin? ............ and Ummm, Workin?
2006-10-04 12:03:03
Work in? and workin? without getting anything from it? Feeling a little moody at work. STOP. Keep in mind your moodiness and general emotional swings provide endless entertainment for your c
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SouthSide Works Montgomery Gentry Concert
2006-10-01 11:57:03
Well, if you stayed home Friday night on Sept 29th, you missed a great concert presented by Chevy and hosted by South Side Work s. Unlike the typical free concerts that get done for promo purposes,
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No Smoking No More ..... Confusion
2006-09-27 23:51:02
For all those that are expecting it, this isn?t going to be a beating on those that smoke. Although I haven?t picked up a cig in 10 years I?m not one of those ?reformed and born again ex smokers?
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EVENTS: Art From Chaos, Conneaut Lake Park
2006-09-26 23:48:04
Please check out all the new events going on in and around Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville, Southside, and Millvale at: SWB-Event s
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Steelers Losing May Be A Good Thing
2006-09-26 23:48:04
Alright, I know the first words out of your mouth after reading the title of this post are probably something like ?What the F%$# are you talking about? ..... hang him, he?s a Cinnci fan!? I?m go
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Review: P&G Diner in Millvale, PA
2006-09-21 05:36:01
P&G is a ?must check out? place, see link: P&G Review
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EVENTS: Panza, Digging Pit, Plant Art
2006-09-20 17:33:01
Please check out all the new events going on in and around Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville, Southside, and Millvale at: SWB-Event s
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Updates and Info, and such
2006-09-19 05:27:02
Changes: Screaming Weasel Blog will be expanding it?s coverage to include the following areas: SouthSide (it?s current base), Mt Lebanon (As we have been doing casually for Planet Art Gallery), M
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