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PaxMuse is a blog site dedicated to exploring issues of peace and social justice from diverse points of view. The team of bloggers on this site are professional artists, lawyers, scientists, and writers.


Sometimes the Truth Burns Our Eyes
2007-04-18 03:31:00
Over the past few months there have been both successful attacks as well as failed attempts by suicide bombers on universities in Iraq, I wondered about the insanity of it all. Who would choose universities to target? I found myself empathetic to the plight of Iraqi students struggling to get an education amidst ...
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A Precursor to Freedom
2007-04-10 18:22:00
Iraqis marked the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to American military forces by mass demonstrations. They were apparently protesting the presence of the American occupying forces, rather than celebrating the ouster of Saddam. Although Iraqis were seemingly exercising a right that we enjoy in our own democracy, freedom of speech and assembly, it could ...
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Propel Them Home?
2007-04-08 04:54:00
According to an article in this weekend’s Washington Post, President Bush once again reaffirmed his commitment to veto the House and Senate versions of a bill that would create a deadline for U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq. This seems to be a daily ritual of his that we have all become accustomed to. For ...
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I found myself wondering, ?Hmmm, how old is Karl Rove anyway??.
2007-04-05 20:37:00
Offbeat, as usual, it was only very recently that I rented a DVD of the film, The U.S. versus John Lennon. I found myself surprised by my own reaction to the film. Much of the footage of John and Yoko seemed all too familiar to me, so there was no big surprise there. That the ...
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Global Citizen or Denizen?
2007-04-05 00:35:00
Nancy Pelosi, the strong-willed Speaker of the House, has come under attack this week for her diplomatic visit to Syria. Yes, that’s right, her “diplomatic” travels are under scrutiny by the current administration because President Bush doesn’t believe in speaking to people he doesn’t agree with. Fight them, yes. Speak to them, no. Ms. ...
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International Hard News: Just Another Casualty?
2007-04-04 01:34:00
During times of peace, our domestic media outlets often provide expanded coverage of international stories. It would seem that it has now become the sole responsibility of the individual to seek out information for themselves if they are interested in escaping the same overly analyzed and over reported news stories that the media exhausts ...
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Mother Earth?s Fury
2007-04-02 19:15:00
    Another Tsunami was reported to have occurred yesterday, again in the South Pacific producing both physical devastation as well as loss of life in the Solomon Islands. It?s difficult to comprehend how such large-scale natural disasters are so easily dismissed as an anomaly of sorts. Especially, with credible facts so widely available from ...
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The Dalai Lama Laughs, What about You?
2007-03-27 20:52:00
One of our most well respected ?peacemakers? is the Dalai Lama . I believe that part of his charm comes from his ability to laugh with ease and quite loudly! For me, this is significant since he deals with a hectically paced schedule, the burden that comes with responsibility of campaigning for human rights and the ...
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Artruism: The Art of Altruism
2007-03-27 16:19:00
  As we come closer to entering the full on political season, the media has already bombarded us with wannabe presidents readjusting their historical decisions to go to war in Iraq and creating addendums to previous statements captured in the media, all the while “youtube” creates a cyberspace “gothcha” reality show of the ‘08 presidential ...
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2007-03-27 02:58:00
“Lagniappe” is a category all it’s own for this blog.  The word means “a little something extra” in a good and unexpected way.  I’ve heard lagniappe described by others as a random act of kindness of sorts, like when you buy a dozen donuts and after arriving home your realize the baker gave you 13, ...
Wecome to PaxMuse
2007-03-26 07:38:00
Thank you for visiting PaxMuse blog. This newly created site will explore issues of peace and social justice from diverse perspectives (i.e. media, art, history, science, law, current events, etc). The overarching goal of this site is to provide information and space for positive discourse about peace-related issues. The aim is to allow for a ...
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