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Music... Love... Passion... Software Development... Linux... and Fun! The combination of those make up a whole different universe by itself... Join in thinking, loving and creating!
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Scala: Fun with CanBuildFrom
2012-05-08 23:56:00
As I found out through trying.. It may not be an easy task to explain Scala’s CanBuildFrom. Before I dive into a quick gist, I think it’d be helpful to mention the best explanation of what happens behind the CanBuildFrom’s scenes that can be found on Stack Overflow in this answer. The gist is, Scala ...
Clojure: Perfect Language for Perfect Numbers
2012-01-24 08:02:00
In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors, that is, the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself (also known as its aliquot sum). Equivalently, a perfect number is a number that is half the sum of all of its ...
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AKKA Scheduler: Sending Message to Actor?s Self on Start
2011-10-12 00:18:00
Akka has a little scheduler written using actors. This can be convenient if you want to schedule some periodic task for maintenance or similar. It allows you to register a message that you want to be sent to a specific actor at a periodic interval. How Does AKKA Schedule Things? Behind the scenes, AKKA scheduler ...
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ØMQ and Google Protocol Buffers
2011-09-10 01:47:00
Using ZeroMQ API, we can both: queue up and dispatch / route Google Protobuf messages with X lines of code, where X approaches to zero.. Well, it is ZeroMQ after all. Google Protocol Buffers Side Say we have a “Trade” message that is described by Google protobufs as: message TradeMessage {   required string messageType ...
One Small Citrus for Man; One Giant Leaf for Mankind
2011-07-28 12:30:00
– Who does not like fruits!? – Well.. that depends. Are you talking about “a structure of a plant that contains its seeds?” – No silly, of course not! I am talking about data bases! © by my brain The Right Fruit for the Right Job Now days in order to be competent in a ...
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Having Cluster Fun @ Chariot Solutions
2011-07-23 03:13:00
The best way to experiment with distributed computing is to have a distributed cluster of things to play with. One approach would of course be to spin off multiple Amazon EC2 instances, which would be wise and pretty cheap: “Micro instances provide 613 MB of memory and support 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on both Linux ...
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NoRAM DB => ?If It Does Not Fit in RAM, I Will Quietly Die For You?
2011-07-06 08:13:00
Out of 472 NoSQL databases / distributed caches that are currently available, highly buzzed and scream that only their precious brand solves the world toughest problems.. There are only a few that have less screaming and more doing that I found so far: Riak Redis Hazelcast Neo4j Choosing a Drink See.. Choice makes things better ...
Spock It Like You Mean It!
2011-04-06 19:45:00
So here we go.. Yesterday night we hacked our way into The Ancient Database where besides the data about ancients themselves, we found incredible stats about many different living species of all the planets ancients traveled to. So what do we do now? Well, we need a way to query/read this data. So we asked ...
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Mobile Devices Visiting Dotkam
2011-04-06 00:16:00
Looking at mobile stats I can conclude that Android users are most interested in my content ( number of users vs average 21 seconds on the page ), where iPhone users are most curious ( max number of visits ), and of course thank you the lonely “Sony” user who spent 4 and a half ...
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Spring Batch: CommandLineJobRunner to Run Multiple Jobs
2011-03-15 20:59:00
Sometimes this requirement may jump at you: “I still want to have them as several jobs, but I want no operational overhead, and need to run them in sequence via a single launch…”. So if you were using CommandLineJobRunner to launch these jobs, it would only be natural to aggregate those calls under your own ...
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Having Fun with Groovy Date Parsing
2011-03-10 23:24:00
How do you convert a String to Date in Groovy? Well it’s simple: Date.parse( "yyyy-M-d", "2011-01-15" ) Now, let’s say I would like to shorten this: yes, it looks to long, remember the actual data I am interested in is “2011-01-15″, everything else means nothing really.. datawise. Ok, so I can Date.metaClass.'static'.fromString = { str ...
Creating Public and Private Certificates/Keys
2008-04-23 04:27:00
Have you ever tried to communicate with somebody/something through any kind of technology? Most of the time "those" people/systems like privacy, in a way that they like their communication with everybody including you to be private. Hence once you want to communicate with them they give you something called a "public key" ( or "public-key ...
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Free Music Search
2008-04-21 21:10:00
Here is the tool that helped us to find lots of music to download that was not that easy to find before. We have already posted about when it came out about a couple months ago, but this time we'd like share the user experience and confirm that it is indeed a powerful music ...
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Gmail is a Little Devil
2008-04-04 16:37:00
Ok, so I travel a lot. Sometimes to places where when you say "Internet" people believe in it and bow, but as in any other religion, they have never seen the subject of believing... So today I finally got to my Gmail , after a long and exotic trip. Logged in, and what do I see? Instead ...
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Get Higher-Resolution YouTube Videos with a URL Hack
2008-03-09 07:21:00
YouTube announced in November that they would be testing out encoding videos at higher resolutions (and with higher-quality audio encoding). Now it appears that a small sampling of uploaded videos can already be seen at their higher resolutions, simply by adding a little tag to the end of the video's URL. To get a noticeable ...
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Install Maven Plugin for Eclipse
2008-02-24 18:04:00
Installing a Maven Plugin for Eclipse can be a bit tricky if you want to get the whole spectrum of features. By default you would go to "Eclipse -> Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install", then "Search for new features to install", then click on "New Remote Site", and enter the Maven Projects ...
Discover Owners of SVHOST.EXE
2008-02-02 23:16:00
Microsoft Windows (any flavor) is known to be very secretive and dishonest when it comes to telling its user/client/owner what is taking up sooo much system resources, and answer the question "why is my Windows so slow?". If you take a closer look at your Windows system you will notice that many CPU cycles and megabytes ...
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How to Setup a Hookah
2008-01-17 02:57:00
It is quite a challenge to setup a hookah (shisha/ sheesha/ water pipe/ nargeela/ nargile/ narghile/ nargileh/ argeela/ arghileh/ okka/ kalyan/ ghelyoon/ ghalyan/ goza...) correctly - in a way that it will produce a maximum taste, smoke, length of the session and overall human pleasure. Biggest problems usually come from a lack of experience. But ...
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Make Internet Explorer Behave Like a Standard-Compliant Browser
2008-01-12 21:04:00
If you have ever done web development, especially web design, you know that almost 50% of all development time goes to make CSS work for all the browsers. And, of course, Internet Explorer is the most non-complaint browser out there. Not only that, but it also lacks backward compatibility - so some features that work ...
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Word?s Thinnest LCD from JVC
2008-01-09 17:06:00
The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a trade show held each January in Las Vegas, Neveada. It is a trade-only show and is not open to the general public. At the show, many previews of products are introduced, or new products are announced. The 2008 exhibition is scheduled to occur from ...
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How does DIGG make money?
2008-01-09 07:49:00
    Just came home today and had a random thought "How does Digg make money?". Almost any unanswered question that I have I usually bounce against my friend Google. Even if I know the answer, I like to go there to see if there if there is any additional info. However to search information about ...
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Music + Google = Musgle! - Music Search Powered by Google
2008-01-07 19:10:00
Search freely and directly downladable music e.g. mp3, wma, wav, etc.. Give it a try! " Musgle originates from the idea of combining words Music and Google . The idea is simple yet very powerful. To see Musgle in action just type a song title, or the artist name, or both in a search bar ...
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Slow GMAIL Fix
2008-01-02 17:55:00
Since GMAIL changed its user interface from version 1.0 to 2.0, there were a lot of complaints from all over the world, from users of different browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, etc..), that their GMAIL works very and very slow. PROBLEM: The first and the most frequent slow behavior is discovered by gmail users during login in ...
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Disney Predicts The Future in 1958
2007-12-19 07:42:00
In 1958 "Disney land" TV Show episode entitled "Magic Highway USA" an exploration into possible "their" future Transportation technologies is made. It's hard to believe how little we've accomplished on this front since 1958, and how limited the scope for imagining such future technologies has become. Witness an artifact from a time where the future was greeted ...
More About: Future , The Future
X11 Forwarding with SSH
2007-12-07 07:15:00
Here is how to configure X11 forwarding with ssh. Takes under a minute to configure: 1. On the SERVER: set "X11Forward ing yes" in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config 2. On the SERVER in the USER's home dir: sudo rm -f .Xauth* 3. On the client: ssh -2 -4 -C -X -v USER@SERVER 4. ...
More About: Forwarding
Hang Internet Explorer
2007-12-07 07:00:00
Want to hang Internet Explorer ? Here is one way to do it:   <html> <script> for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);} </script>   <body onload="f()"> Internet Explorer is going down... </body> </html>   right from the source
More About: Hang , Xplorer
Russian Roulette in Bash
2007-12-05 10:56:00
# [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo "You live" * You either live or .... rm -rf /
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Windows Commands: Think You Know It All !?
2007-11-26 23:17:00
   Think you know it all, huh!? Talking about Windows commands...    Look at the list below and think twice!        Here is the list of Windows "keyboard" commands that come very handy when working with (mostly fixing or configuring) something in Windows. Quick example on how to run these commands: go to "Start -> Run" ...
More About: Commands
Windows Commands: Think You Know It All !?
2007-11-26 23:17:00
   Think you know it all, huh!? Talking about Windows commands...    Look at the list below and think twice!        Here is the list of Windows "keyboard" commands that come very handy when working with (mostly fixing or configuring) something in Windows. Quick example on how to run these commands: go to "Start -> Run" ...
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Add Launcher to ?Avant Window Navigator?
2007-11-21 23:12:00
    Lately it has become a very painful experience for many people (according to forums/articles/open tickets) to add new launchers to Avant Window Navigator . I have taken a look at it and figured out a rather hacky approach to make it work.     First I will manually create a "desktop" launcher. ( If you already have one, ...
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